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Sunday, 17 Oct 2010, 03:23:43am Mood: Relaxed
Badminton early this morning. Followed by lunch. Followed by resting lying on bed watching TV till fell asleep. Woke up, worked a bit, then went for dinner with parents at Seletar. Went back home, worked a bit more. Then went car washing session with Ah Hong and Ah Bin for 2+ hours! Shinier and smoother again.

Going to eat dao huey (dabao yesterday) and relax a bit with TV now! Yummy dao huey!

Anyway, came across an interesting and inspirational quote so I shall share it: "No one will manufacture a lock without a key. Similarly, there will be solutions to problems."
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 9 Oct 2010, 14:48:01pm Mood: Tired
What a long day yesterday.. becoming Ah Tat's assistant and helping him with his wedding photography. At night had some drinks at Sengkang and Hougang. Just finished minton session a couple of hours ago. Working at customer's place now. Long day again today!
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 7 Oct 2010, 03:50:32am Mood: Tired
Long day today.. tiring..! Time to rest and another 2 more long weekdays to go, and 1 busy Saturday to go too!
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 5 Oct 2010, 13:48:19pm Mood: Delighted
Lai Liao! Back! This place should not be left blank. Shall keep up to date as frequently as possible.

Recently, seems like the Singapore Pools Opening Odds & Movement Monitor @ is getting more popular, at least that is what Google Analytics told me. I've also created a Mobile Application of the Odds Monitor last month. Do contact me if you are interested.

Going to have instant noodles now! Should be filled with a lot ingredients as it's prepared by laobu.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 26 Sep 2009, 17:27:51pm Mood: Delighted

I am finally back! Past few weeks website got brought down by previous hosting provider for no reason! And they say I violate their terms and conditions. Cheats! Wasted my 1 year hosting fee with them. Anyway they are a bunch of cheaters from NEVER get yourself involve with this cheating hosting company.

More updates to come...
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 4 Jul 2009, 01:31:10am Mood: Delighted
Demo entry.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 10 Nov 2008, 02:02:33am Mood: Tired
Did not post before I sleep last night as I was a bit tired. A relaxing Saturday. Woke up at 10+ in the morning, did a bit of work before going back to sleep again?! Then woke up at 3pm to have my lunch (da bao back by mother and brother who went out for their lunch earlier on). Then worked till about 8pm, before going for dinner. Parents went to Toa Payoh Lorong 8 for western food. So I joined them after fetching Dear.

After dinner, we all came back home together. Watched Guess x3 till 1+. Helped dear to find research journal / article after that.. till sleep! Waiting to go for breakfast / lunch now.
- Chen Lim


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Buy a new optical mouse - 26/07/03

Lunar 7th Month Ge Tai at Hougang Green - 03/08/03 - 08/08/03

ZPOP Concert - 23/08/03

1 Week Term Break - 01/09/03 - 08/09/03

Hongkong Trip with friends - 03/09/03 - 07/09/03

My Birthday - 11/10/03

Driving Basic Theory Test - 28/10/03 (Passed!)

Semestral Exams - 04/11/03 - 13/11/03

Operation For Removing Of Strange 'Tumor' On My Back - 18/11/03

Driving Advance Theory Test - 19/11/03 (Passed!)

Removal Of 6 Stitches Off My Back - 04/12/03

BBQ At East Coast Park With Secondary School Friends - 13/12/03 (2nd annivesary)

Yulun's 19th Birthday Celebration - 31/12/03

Class 2/5'99 Gathering - 11/01/04

Chinese New Year 2004 - 22/01/04 - 05/02/04

Class 3 Driving Practical Test - 17/02/04 (Passed!)

1 Week Term Break - 01/03/04 - 08/03/04

Class Chalet - 02/03/04 - 03/03/04

BBQ At East Coast Park With Poly Friends - 06/03/04

3 Days 2 Nights Thailand Trip with family - 23/04/04 - 25/04/04

Year 2 Sem 2 Semestral Exams - 03/05/04 - 11/05/04

12 Weeks Industrial Placement Project At PSA - 24/05/04 - 14/08/04

12 Weeks Final Year Project In School - 16/08/04 - 06/11/04

Lunar 7th Month Ge Tai at Hougang Green - 22/08/04

My Birthday - 11/10/04

BBQ At East Coast Park With Secondary School Friends (3rd annivesary) - 18/12/04

Medical Checkup at CMPB for NS 28/12/04

Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.4 Exam - 18/03/05 (Passed!)

Sun Certified Web Component Developer Enterprise Edition 1.4 Exam - 01/06/05 (Passed!)

National Service Enlistment - 11/06/05

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New Desktop Computer
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Sun Certified Web Component Developer Enterprise Edition 1.4

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