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My Port Folio Showcase

Listed Below Is The Port Folio Of Websites Completed By Me:

  • SGFootball.Com -

  • This is the website for mIRC channels, #S-League and #Sleague. This website alone has been revamped many times in its history. From a free hosting + domain name website, Click Here For Bigger Image Of Screenshot For SGFootball.Com it had grew into a website with a own domain name and hosting, which is being sponsored. It is a soccer portal concentrating on news and results from our local soccer league, the S.League.

    The news system of this website is coded by myself using PHP with a MySQL database. The same goes for the fixtures / results system as well. Click Here For Bigger Image Of Screenshot For 2002 Tiger Cup Portal When there are special tournaments such as the Tiger Cup, I will have the site converted to cover news for that particular tournament only. Take a look at the 2002 Tiger Cup Portal which I had developed during the 2002 Tiger Cup competition here. The forum of SGFootball.Com now boasts a huge community of people and we sometimes do have outings together. It is being run successfully with the help of operators from #S-League and #Sleague and volunteers who had contributed in one way or another. Latest Update for 2004 season, new system had been implemented successfully - match fixtures and results and league table are now connected with one another. Whenever a match result is updated, the league table will be automatically generated 'real-time' to reflect the latest result!

  • ATC-Treatment.Com -

  • Corporate website for a electroplating company. Touched on many tools for this site, which has gone through many, many layouts and designs to Click Here For Bigger Image Of Screenshot For ATC-Treatment.Comfinally have its current look. Adjusted according as per client requests. Flash was included in this website as well. There was a very heavy usage of Photoshop for images, especially for all the different banners across the top of the pages. Was initiated as a static website but ended up having a bit of PHP scripting as well.

    Used PHP for 'Recommend Us' form as well as a counter which was only added after project completion - treated it as a value added service for ATC Treatment Pte Ltd. Another interesting technology used for this website was AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) programming. This is to eliminate page refresh for their services page.

  • Female50GP.Com (Voting System) -

  • The website for popular magazine, FEMALE. I worked on the website's voting module, for users to cast votes. This is Click Here For Bigger Image Of Screenshot For Female50GP.Com (Voting System) for their 50 Most Gorgeous People 2006 Competition. The voting system consists of 3 categories.

    Two of the categories require users to select 1 male and 1 female contestants. Upon choosing the 3rd category (which only requires users to vote for 1 female contestant), the set of photos will be updated - to show only the female contestants instead of all males and females. Each voter can only cast a vote for each category per 24 hours time frame. Standard form validation for user input have been applied as well. Results page also include data of all voters for the organisers reference.

  • Official Sengkang Punggol FC Site -

  • Official website for Singapore's professional soccer club, Sengkang Punggol FC (SPFC). Site layout was deisgned by a 3rd party company. I took over the skeleton design and updated, maintained as well as changed a bit of the layout whenever necessary. The club stopped participating Click Here For Bigger Image Of Screenshot in the S.League since since 2004. They were named Sengkang Marine FC previously. I was also the one in charge of their website back then - see below for Official Sengkang Marine FC Website.

    Then in 2005, a new club, Paya Lebar Punggol FC took over their homeground, Hougang Stadium. However, Sengkang Marine FC made a come back in 2006, in a collaboration with Paya Lebar Punggol FC, to form the current Sengkang Punggol FC. The manager for SPFC is the same person back during the Sengkang Marine FC years. He contacted me to help out with their website, which I agreed. Therefore giving birth to this site. However, time is not on my side for this website due to National Service. Hence, this website is not updated as frequently as the previous Sengkang Marine FC website.

  • SmartBabyShopping.Com -

  • Click Here For Bigger Image Of Screenshot For SmartBabyShopping.Com A website for Foley to introduce his products. Baby products is one thing, the other thing is the shopping cart. He will use this little site to demo the shopping cart to potential clients. Foley and me work together very often. Shopping cart was set up using an open-source software with some modification, especially on the look and feel of it. Website designed in 1-2 days using Adobe Photoshop and a text-editor. No server-side programming - pure HTML + CSS.

  • ParentsResource.Com.Sg -

  • Click Here For Bigger Image Of Screenshot For ParentsResource.Com.Sg This is the 2nd version of Parents Resource website. The first one does not look too good, so they decided to revamp everything. I did it according to a design agreed on togehter. No server-side programming for this website. Everything done using a text-editor, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop. Pure HTML + CSS. They provide the contents while I come up with the final website.

  • SoccerMinistry.Chenlim.Com -

  • Previously known as SoccerMinistry.Com but I did not renew the domain name after 1 year. This is a gaming website coded and programmed by myself. It's a online soccer fantasy league game. Or some call it a soccer management game. The database of clubs and players in this game is based on the S.League. Click Here For Bigger Image Of Screenshot A participant will select his team of players from the database. Of course there are restrictions such as a tight budget and a limit to the number of players each manager can get from a club. Points earned by a participant / manager will be based on their players' performance on actual match days.

    This whole gaming portal is coded and programmed in PHP with a MySQL database. Programming is needed for the automatic calulations of points scored by each player, sorting out of the points for each manager, and much more. This game is opened to the public Free Of Charge. SoccerMinistry.Chenlim.Com had just switched server, so it may take awhile for me to restore everything back to working condition as I do not have much free time nowadays.

  • Official Sengkang Marine FC Site -

  • This is the official website of local soccer club, Sengkang Marine FC (previously known as Marine Castle United FC). In 2000, I created a website for my favourite local soccer team, and included match results, reports on that site weekly. In late 2000, I was approached by the club's management to maintain their official website for them.

    I started to be their official webmaster from year 2001 onwards. I was in Secondary 4 and it was my 'O' Level year at that time. However, I ignore my teachers' advice to concentrate on my academic studies then. Click Here For Bigger Image Of Screenshot I rather spent more time to pursue my interests than to study those boring textbooks. I think my achivement now simply proves those teachers who had advised me against doing it WRONG.

    The site was rated the best among all S.League clubs' website. I was 1 of the 4 fans who were nominated for the S.League Fan Of The Year Award in the same year, 2001. I had two O' Level papers on following day after the S.League Awards Night, hence I did not attend the glamourous, once in a lifetime award ceremony.

    Over the years, I had been maintaining this website during my free time. Earlier in 2003, before the 2003 season kicks off, I developed an automatic News System for the site in ASP with an Access database. Been volunteering my time and efforts with Sengkang Marine FC since 2001 (official).

  • StampCreators.Com -

  • Click Here For Bigger Image Of Screenshot Online shopping for users to buy and customise thier own self-inking stamps for personal or business use. Ability to upload own images to the system to create a new purchase request. Stamps come in lots of different models and handles. Admin Interface for administrator to handle all purchases as and when necessary. A dynamic web application system. Take a look at the website for more.

  • Jobaperture Advertising -

  • Click Here For Bigger Image Of Screenshot Website of Jobaperture Advertising. Designed and programmed the whole system within 5 days of work to rush for the client. System allows site administrator to update site easily, simply by filling up a form. Site consists of different categories of advertisings. Advertisings will not be displayed on site after a 2 weeks period. Check out the website for more information on the company.

  • AMKSS NCC (Land) -

  • Click Here For Bigger Image Of Screenshot I created this website in 2001 for my secondary schools' co-curricular activity (CCA) - National Cadet Corps (NCC) unit. The main purpose of this website is to allow our cadets to view details of upcoming trainings and events online. I was awarded a certificate of appreciation for my work put into this website. The website was then left unused and not updated after I left the unit.

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Quick Site Info []
Whole site created from blank and scratch (ie. Using a text editor to code out everything myself). There is no downloaded or remotely hosted script / system throughout ChenLim.Com. Everything is coded by me bit by bit. Over time, these scripts will be improved or new scripts may be added when I am free.

What's Next []
Buy a new optical mouse - 26/07/03

Lunar 7th Month Ge Tai at Hougang Green - 03/08/03 - 08/08/03

ZPOP Concert - 23/08/03

1 Week Term Break - 01/09/03 - 08/09/03

Hongkong Trip with friends - 03/09/03 - 07/09/03

My Birthday - 11/10/03

Driving Basic Theory Test - 28/10/03 (Passed!)

Semestral Exams - 04/11/03 - 13/11/03

Operation For Removing Of Strange 'Tumor' On My Back - 18/11/03

Driving Advance Theory Test - 19/11/03 (Passed!)

Removal Of 6 Stitches Off My Back - 04/12/03

BBQ At East Coast Park With Secondary School Friends - 13/12/03 (2nd annivesary)

Yulun's 19th Birthday Celebration - 31/12/03

Class 2/5'99 Gathering - 11/01/04

Chinese New Year 2004 - 22/01/04 - 05/02/04

Class 3 Driving Practical Test - 17/02/04 (Passed!)

1 Week Term Break - 01/03/04 - 08/03/04

Class Chalet - 02/03/04 - 03/03/04

BBQ At East Coast Park With Poly Friends - 06/03/04

3 Days 2 Nights Thailand Trip with family - 23/04/04 - 25/04/04

Year 2 Sem 2 Semestral Exams - 03/05/04 - 11/05/04

12 Weeks Industrial Placement Project At PSA - 24/05/04 - 14/08/04

12 Weeks Final Year Project In School - 16/08/04 - 06/11/04

Lunar 7th Month Ge Tai at Hougang Green - 22/08/04

My Birthday - 11/10/04

BBQ At East Coast Park With Secondary School Friends (3rd annivesary) - 18/12/04

Medical Checkup at CMPB for NS 28/12/04

Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.4 Exam - 18/03/05 (Passed!)

Sun Certified Web Component Developer Enterprise Edition 1.4 Exam - 01/06/05 (Passed!)

National Service Enlistment - 11/06/05

My Wish List []
New Desktop Computer
Class 3 Driving Licence
Wireless Network at Home
− Class 4 Driving Licence
Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.4
Sun Certified Web Component Developer Enterprise Edition 1.4

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