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Friday, 24 Dec 2004, 17:18:49pm Mood: Delighted
Today reached school at 9.20am, I thought the 9am lesson was on, but it wasn't. Can only blame myself for forgetting to print out the lesson plan in advance. So I quickly called my mother who had drove me to school, to make a turn back. Then I followed her to Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 to buy something before she sends me back home. I went online for 1hr+ before going back to school for lesson at 12pm. Mother came back at 12pm, so I drove to school. It's just a 2 hour lab on "Internet Security". We are suppose to code out a program that can print out all possible password combinations of a 8character password with 80 possible characters usable for the password. Sounds easy but difficult to code, especially in that environment which I simply cannot concentrate. So did halfway, lesson ended, saved the work into thumb-drive.

As I had not have my lunch yet, my initial plan was to da bao lunch back home to eat. But Ivan wanted to discuss project idea, so stayed back instead. We went to Food Junction to discuss, but I did not eat. After discussing for an hour, I met Ah Bin to pass him CD, and he ate with me. Had laksa at 644, nice! Ah Hong called to say that he wanted to go out, so I suggested the recently opened Punggol Plaza since me and Bin had not been there before. Ah Hong said that we confirm will regret as there's nothing much there. And he was right, really nothing, except bought 4D from the Singapore Pools outlet there. Before we left Punggol Plaza, Hong asked me to introduce place for dinner, so I brought him to Selatar Road there - the actual road name is Jalan Selaseh. Finally I got the road name right, so difficult to remember or spell out. I told them if the Mee Goreng is not nice, I would let them punch me. I can't resist the temptation, so decided to share a bit of Mee Goreng with them.

After that, send Ah Bin home, then Hong and wife. I reached home at almost 9pm. Took a bath and had my dinner before going online. Worked on this afternoon's half-completed practical. With concentration, task completed in 1+ hour. A little long time for my liking. Ah Hong simply cannot stay at home during his off-days. So he suggested to wash my car (should be family's car but that's the vehicle I always drive when going out). So I left house at about 12am, bringing along 2 pails with me, drove to his house's multistorey carpark's washing area. 20cents for quite a lot of water, just enough for us to wash the car. After that, his wife and him met his friend, so I went home at 1+. Went online - chat, cleared emails as well as read Straits Times Interactive. My stomach is growling now, going to dig some food from kitchen.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 23 Dec 2004, 15:43:54pm Mood: Frustrated
School started on Monday. It is really boring and lonely. I'm the only one from my class to be mixed together with other students from other classes. Everyone seemed to be like a stranger. As the academic calendar needs to be cut short, our usual 16 weeks of academic had been shorten to 15 weeks. So now everything is like so packed, and seems to have tons of things to do. yawnz.

Enough on school... seems like I will have some free time, alone. Kopi sessions at North Canteen alone seem unavoidable. Anyway, I watched movie National Treasure with dear at Bishan on Tuesday. Not a movie, which I thought was boring before watching. After that, went home watch the recorded Zong Yi Da Ge Da till 3am before sleeping. Ate Tang Yuans while watching. Today is Dong Zi by the way. For those who do not know, Dong Zi is the day when we Chinese eat Tang Yuan (I think it is 'rice ball' in English?). Everyday slept at about 3am nowadays. And woke up at 7am or 8am in the morning, for lessons. Lessons simply drained off my energy within 2hours, daily, without fail. So I would always try to catch a sleep in the noon or evening when I return home!

Today, Wednesday - Early morning 8am lesson, I reached school at 8.20am. However, there isn't any lecturer in the lab, so I waited till 8.30am before leaving. I went to North Canteen alone, bought StraitsTimes and Kopi-O. Wanted to read, but got a SMS from Vivian, asking me why am I alone. She is doing her FYPJ now, and happened to be in Food Junction when she saw me walked past. So she came to accompany me chit chat in the canteen till 10am. Thanks Vivian, so nice of you Lesson ended at 1+ for the day, there was supposed to be a NAPHA briefing at 3pm, but I went home to sleep instead. Tired, yawnz.

Slept till 7+, watched Xi Ling Men, bathed, had dinner. Then went online for about an hour before going downstairs to meet Ah Bin first. Then Ah Tat, Hong and wife joined in. We left the coffeeshop slightly past 11. Rent a DVD from the CineNow automated video rental machine at Blk 644, Hougang Ave 8. Then proceeded up to Ah Tat house to watch. Chit chatted with his father for a while before starting to watch the movie, titled Decoys. In the end... a stupid and terrible movie. Thanks Ah Bin for the tidbits and drinks provided. After that, Ah Hong refused to walk home, so he took a cab, so I hopped on and alight at bus-stop near my house. Actually I wanted to walk home, but since the cab will past by my house here, so I hopped on. Thanks Ah Hong for the ride.. and Ah Tat for the DVD, though boring show. Anyway, time for bed now.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 20 Dec 2004, 15:06:36pm Mood: Pleased
Saturday, 18th December 2004 - BBQ with secondary school friends at East Coast Park. I set off slightly past 5pm from home, to Toa Payoh to fetch dear. Then to Chomp Chomp to collect satays for the BBQ. After that, went to Serangoon Stadium's bus-stop to pick up Yulun before finally making our way down to East Coast Park. Traffic was quite heavy throughout the journey. Reached East Coast Park at 6.30pm. (including time taken to walk from carpark D to pit 25 which is at area C). Weiqiang, Weiren and Chinhow were already there when we reached. Some helped to start fire, but the fire seems to be struggling. In the end, all 5 of us started it together, successfully. Each put in some effort, at least.

Started BBQ-ing and eating after that. Ningzi, Jessica and Xinyin joined us at 8+. We started getting a little tired after BBQ-ing for a while. I rested for a while before doing the cooking again. After that, it was non-stop, till almost everybody present was full. Kah Wei joined us from his cousin's wedding dinner at 9+. Making total attendance 11 people. Frustrated with those who put aeroplane at the last minute, if not there should be slightly more than that amount of people. Anyway, I left with dear at 11.30pm. Changed clothes at Macdonalds, before speeding off to Plaza Singapura to catch our movie marathon - Ocean's Elven at 11.50pm followed by Ocean's Twelve at 2.05am. A little late when we reached the cinema though. After the movies ended, I sent dear back home. My initial plan was to return to East Coast Park to talk cock with the rest (Yulun, Weiqiang, Weiren, Chin How and Kah Wei) as they were staying over night till morning. But when I was at Toa Payoh, it was nearly 5am already. So I called Yulun, and we decided that I do not go over since it's already so early / late.

With that, the annual BBQ with Secondary School friends ended for the day, for me. I think that this 3rd annual BBQ with Secondary School friends will be the last, because it's getting from to worse. Maybe no more of this next year.. maybe steamboat as suggested that day. We shall see how again, next year... Anyway, I went home with a bloated stomach, filled with so much BBQ-ed food and popcorn and Ice-Lemon Tea. Can't turn in immediately after a bath back home. So I watched a movie on the computer before sleeping at 7+ in the morning.

Sunday - Woke up at 2+ in the noon by Ah Tat. Me, him and Bin are going to Ah Hong's chalet, for his daughter's 1yr old birthday. I wrapped the gifts we bought for her before going out. Spent 15mins and got a paper cut. Went down to bus-stop to wait for Ah Tat to pick me up. He had bought 1 more gift, so we wanted to wrapped everything together. But I had already wrapped the previous 2 together, so it's difficult to squeeze a 3rd one in. Ah Tat with poor skills, tore off my beautifully wrapped's wrapping paper. Finally, we decided to take away everything and go to Downtown East to buy another wrapping paper. So all of my wrapping paper is being tore away. And worse is, we ended up putting all 3 gifts into the plastic bag, not buying a new wrapping paper. Just gave Ah Hong the whole bag. Wasted my effort! Frustrate.

Hist chalet was at Aranda Country Club, the one beside Downtown East. First time stepped into this chalet. We (Tat, Bin and me) slacked around before helping out to BBQ. They had a buffet in the room, so not much people came downstairs to have BBQ food. I ate a little only, because I am really tired of BBQ food. Also had a bit of fried bee hoon. Then Ah Tat went off to meet his friend, leaving me and Ah Bin at the pit. We sat around there, with Ah Hong coming to join us every now and then to chit chat. Then me and Bin went up to get beer. It's been a long time since I last drank beer. Always driving when going out at nights, can't drink. Yesterday did not drive, so I had 2 cans, only. At 9.30pm, Ah Tat had not returned to the chalet yet. And Ah Bin is in a rush to go back, so the 2 of us walked to Pasir Ris interchange to take 88 home.

After a bath back home, I worked on Foley's website again, till 1+. More or less completed unless there's changes from him again. What a busy end to my holidays. Last weekend had steamboat, this weekend had BBQ and chalet (BBQ food as well). Feeling unhealthy now. That's all for my holidays. The final semester of my polytechnic is starting tomorrow. I'm satisfied enough with this holidays already, can't ask for much. Sleeping, eating, watching TV and finished a HK serial (My Date With A Vampire 3).
- Chen Lim

Friday, 17 Dec 2004, 17:25:23pm Mood: Satisfied
Today woke up in the noon at 12+. Mother went out earlier in the morning, so I met her downstairs, then we went to Hougang Ave 7 for lunch. Wonderful Fried Oysters and Fried Kway Teow! Yummy! Best in Hougang (and a lot of places), at least to me. After lunch, I accompanied mother to Dr Tan. Waited more than an hour there! What a waste of time, but no choise, Dr Tan is too popular in Hougang! :p Also saw Ah Tat's father passed by, delivering letters! Haha

Went home, online for a while before going out again, to school to fetch dear home. Came back home at 7+, watched Xi Ling Men before bathing and having dinner. After dinner, worked on Foley's website for 2.5 hours. Finally completed the changes he required, hope he can launch his business / site real soon! Chatted online at the same time, as well as converting My Date With A Vampire 1.

I just logged in to my SSDCL (Singapore Safety Driving Centre Ltd) account as I Ah Hong just called me, telling me that he had enrolled. So I was curious if my account can still be used or not - it did allow me to login, but everything is expired. I can only view my past payments. There is a new feature on the website, stating all the 10 test routes. That made me realised that I had forgotten which test route I was given when I took my Traffic Police Practical Test back in February. I tried to find my result slip to check, but just can't find it, shall dig again tomorrow.

Haven't had the chance to try out new PS2 game, Viewtiful Joe 2 bought back by brother yesterday! The frustrating game is back with part 2! Shall try it out very soon. Meanwhile, it's sleeping time now.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 16 Dec 2004, 12:17:42pm Mood: Delighted
Again, long long time did not post. Been too busy sleeping and slacking these days. Did went to Marina Square's newly renovated food court for dinner. Also went to a state land with dear. The road is muddy and full of holes. Went all the way in with at a very, very slow speed. It's a great spot for star-gazing. Below us is the Singapore River (I just found out Singapore River is connected to Kallang River). Opposite us are the tall buildings, Esplanade, etc. It is just the opposite bank of the river beside Esplanade. Found this great location by chance. It's connected to ECP by the way.

And I do quite a lot of exercise this past week. Friday, met Weide and Junxian for jog at Yio Chu Kang Stadium. Just as we set off, it started raining cats and dogs. So we had our lunch instead of jogging. Right after lunch, the rain stopped completely. Off we go to Yio Chu Kang Stadium for our jog. Just before completing 1 round, there's slight pain on the right side of my stomach area, appendix I guess. Maybe it was due to jogging straight after a meal, or it might be too long never run. After 2 rounds, I can't continue anymore. The soles of my shoes came off completely! Too long did not wear that pair of shoes. So I walked 1 more round before stopping down and sat at the stands. Felt weak. After Weide and Junxian finished with their runs, we went to the opposite swimming complex for a swim. I swam 4 laps, shiver in the pool.

Monday - swim again at Hougang Swimming Complex this time, with Weide. I am suppose to meet Weide at the bus-stop outside swimming pool. I walked there from home. As I was walking, I suddenly remembered I forgot to bring a very important item! However, I ignored it and continued walking towards the bus-stop. A bus reached the bus-stop at the same time with me, but Weide was not in that bus. Hence, I decided to walk all the way back home again to take my important item. After that, walked all the way back to the bus-stop again. By then, I was very late and sweating profusely. Worse is Weide did not believe my story but I had no strength to explain any further. Anyway, I swam slightly more than 10 laps. Feeling fit and healthy! To be able to do that after walking so much before the swim. Wondering when can I go back to the past where I can easily swim 30 laps without showing any sign of tiredness.

Monday night - As Ah Hong suddenly wanted to have steamboat, so all of us (Ah Bin, Ah Tat, Ah Hong and wife and myself) went to Marina South for dinner. I drove Ah Hong and wife there together, picking up Ah Bin who had waited for quite some time at the bus-stop outside Marina Bay's MRT station. 4 of us started eating first, before Ah Tat joined us much later. Food was so-so, chickens are not , but the hums are poor, not fresh. After that, Ah Bin needed to book in back to camp, but I don't know how to go to his Clementi Avenue 6 from Marina. I showed Ah Tat the location for star-gazing. As it's beside ECP, I had to go up the expressway and showed him along the way. Then turned out to an Exit because we are no way near Clementi. Upon exiting from the highway, Ah Tat mentioned about a bridge which is very beautiful and near Kallang area. After asking a bit more from him, I knew where he was referring to, so we went in there to take a look. That's Cosy Bay, where I went with dear just a few months ago. After that, Ah Bin said his stomach not feeling well, so he did not feel like returning to camp, so I dropped them off 1 by 1 at Hougang before returning home just before 12am.

Tuesday - Actually wanted to go to the market with mother early in the morning at 7+. But she failed to wake me up and can't wait for me as she is in a rush. So can only ask her to da bao back Wantoon Mee from the coffeeshop beside market. Nice! I woke up at 9+, took a quick shower before finishing the wantoon mee. Then went to Daniel's condominium with Matthew and Zhihao. I asked them to alight at the bus-stop after Montfort, so I fetched them along the way. We went for Jaccuzi, Steam-bath and for a little swim. Simply love the Steam-Bath! Feel so refreshed after everything! By the way, it was my first time trying steam-bath. *thumbs-up* After that, Daniel's aunt cooked porridge for us as lunch. After eating, I quickly go to school to pick up dear for our lunch, at Pizza Hut. I was late as I told her I will be there at 1+, but I reached at 2. But really no choice, as it's impossible for me to reject Daniel's aunt's lunch as she's already cooking when we went back after the swim. Anyway, we shared a regular pizza (6 pieces) and struggled. I was confident that I can finish but... the wantoon mee and porridge in the morning took its toll on me. In the end I had 3 pieces, dear had 2, left 1 unfinished. Sigh, what a waste! If not for that porridge or wantoon mee, I am sure I can finish up the last remaining piece. :p

Wednesday - today, woke up at 12+ in the noon. Watched a bit of Ah Cheng on channel U. Repeat of long Taiwan drama shown last year. Then watched final episode of My Date With A Vampire 3 while having cakes and chocolates for lunch. The show had a lame ending, which is part of the trademark of the show. Throughout the whole series, there are also certain parts which are lame, but some are without doubt, interesting. So overall, still okie. Had dinner at Chomp Chomp with my parents. Then ordered BBQ Satays from a stall at Chomp Chomp. This stall used to sell superb Ngoh Hiang but had since changed to Satay after the upgrade / renovation of Chomp Chomp. Chatting and slacking (again) now... BBQ is coming soon! 3 more days...

Edited on Thursday, 16 Dec 2004, 16:53:11pm
- Chen Lim


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