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Tuesday, 7 Dec 2004, 17:57:08pm Mood: Delighted
Thursday - Watched movie 'Alexander The Great' at Bishan's Golden Village with dear. Lousy 3hr movie, which is crappy and boring. A big No No!

Friday - Went to Dua Zui Gu (I do not know the actual road name but this is the hokkien road name made known to me by my parents) to have dinner with family. Nice western food, shifted from Seletar market. The old Seletar market is no more in business now as the government wants back that piece of land. So the hawkers start shifting all over the place. Anyway, this Western Food stall is now sharing a coffeeshop with a Zi Char stall. This Zi Char stall's Mee Goreng is superbly delicious! At night, met usual friends at Hougang Green Kopitiam. Ah Tat, Bin, Hong and wife.

Saturday - Went to Holiday Home KTV near Tanjong Pagar MRT. Met dear at the MRT Station as my mother was out with the car since morning. We sang till 7pm, before returning home to take car key. Then my mother called to say that father's pick-up broke down as they were on their way to dinner. My father managed to drive the vehicle to a carpark near his factory. So I went there to fetch them back home, before going for my dinner with dear. I wanted to have the Mee Goreng at Dua Zui Gu but when we reached there, Mee Goreng was sold out. So we have to make do with 'Hongkong Fried Noodles' and 'Samba Fried Rice' and 'Salad You Tiao' instead. After that non-filling meal (we did that on purpose), we went to Crown Prince Hotel's Swensen to have a regular Earthquake. Yummy 8 big scopes of ice-creams! :p Took a very little stroll along Orchard after finishing the Earthquake before going back home.

Sunday - Sleeping day again. I enjoy Sunday afternoon naps these days. After breakfast/lunch with family at Ang Mo Kio Central, came back home, watched TV, read book, slept. Evening woke up, bathed and went out for dinner with family at Dua Zui Gu Again! I shall get the actual road name soon as I'm developing my web application on food now. This time we ordered Deer's meat, egg, salad you tiao, fried chicken wings and kang kong. Everything is nice! This stall will surely be in my database for my up-coming nice food application. Anyway, it's off a small road along Selatar Road.

Yet another relaxing week had just passed. Enjoying it.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 2 Dec 2004, 12:36:34pm Mood: Delighted
It's been more than 1 week since I last updated. For the past week, I've been busy downloading, installing, configuring, and playing with an operating system - Red Hat Linux Fedora Core 3. I've re-formatted my laptop into 2 partitions, 12gb for Windows XP and 8gb for Linux. Also went in to Johor Bahru on Saturday with Ah Tat, Bin and Hong. That's all for now, will be updating more frequently from now on.
- Chen Lim


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Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.4 Exam - 18/03/05 (Passed!)

Sun Certified Web Component Developer Enterprise Edition 1.4 Exam - 01/06/05 (Passed!)

National Service Enlistment - 11/06/05

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