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Tuesday, 30 Dec 2003, 16:37:54pm Mood: Satisfied
Yet another driving lesson in the morning. Now I'm left with 3 lessons before I can book my practical test date! Can't wait for it. After lesson, went to Hougang Ave 7 for lunch with my parents. What a nice duck rice - the nicest I have ever tasted so far in my life. I had been eating it since my early Secondary School days and have always missed it ly after my Secondary School days.

Came home after lunch to call up UOB regarding my application for the Campus Account's ATM/Visa Debit Card. I applied on the 4th of this month and was told that it will be sent to me within 2 weeks. But it had been almost 3 weeks. So I called them up to ask them if they are going to let me wait till year 2004 before sending me the card. I was then told that the application was only approved last week, so the card should reach me anytime this week.

After the call, I worked on the website as discussed yesterday afternoon. In the evening, my mother opened the letter box and there was a letter for me. I tore it open and there it was the ATM/Visa Debit Card from UOB - finally! Just before having my dinner, I checked on the status of SGFootball.Com domain name. And yes, the renewal for the domain name is successful. So SGFootball.Com will operate for another 1 year!

After dinner, I chatted online, listened to songs, and wrote tons of testimonials for my friends on friendster. I'm now going to organise my CDs into a proper CD holder before I sleeping.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 30 Dec 2003, 04:12:55am Mood: Satisfied
Yesterday night was talking on the phone till 4+ in the morning, so did not submit an entry before I sleep. Had breakfast / lunch with my family in the noon. After that, I went to a cake shop at Hougang Green (just below my house) to order a birthday cake for yl's birthday celebration on the 31st December 2003. (his birthday falls on the 2nd of Januray) The auntie from the cake shop was shocked by me when she know that the La Bi Xiao Xin cake is for a guy celebrating his 19th birthday. And when I specified the name on the cake to be 'captain', she found it very amusing once again.

After that, I came home for a while before going to town to meet up with Foley and a client. Met at the hotel lobby at Specialist Centre, we then proceeded to the restaurant for our meeting proper. Everything went quite smoothly, and I got the 30% deposit. So I shall start work now, anyway, they wanted it fast as well.

At night, I had dinner with my parents at 644 coffeeshop. Then I sat there for more than 30min, waiting for Lenz - who wanted to show off his new LG handphone to me! Anyway, it's a very nice phone, whatever number pressed on the keypad, the phone will say out the number! Impressive! We then walked to Hougang Point and sat at a void deck till 11.15pm.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 28 Dec 2003, 16:17:56pm Mood: Sad
I woke up in the noon today. Then went to ICA Building to collect our new passports. After which, we had our lunch and then we went to Metro at Paragon with my brother to buy Levis jeans. Metro is having their year end sales while the Levis outlet inside also has a 20% discount. Bought 517 boot cut for $110+. Then I went to Far East Plaza to meet up with jw for a haircut together. Got a neat and tidy haircut now. It's been months since I last cut my hair, so I think it will be another 2 months before I cut it again.

Then jw and I went to Hougang Mall to meet a few friends to stroll around. I went back home after a while, then out to Ang Mo Kio for dinner with my parents. After that, came back downstairs kopitiam to sit with my parents, and ate (again) yam ring with my mother and drank Tiger with my father.

Anyway, I think my mood is getting from baad to worse these couple of days..?
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 27 Dec 2003, 17:29:25pm Mood: Sad
I had my driving lesson at 10.30am this morning. After the lesson, had Ba Chor Mee for lunch with my mother at Yio Chu Kang Street 61 market. Then strolled around in Ang Mo Kio before going for my 2nd driving lesson of the day at 2.40pm.

I walked to Ang Mo Kio Community Library after that, while waiting to meet up with friends at S-11 coffeeshop. We went for pool after that, then for dinner. After dinner, once again walked around the area. Then sat at void deck with friend to chat till about 11pm. We chatted a lot of things, and I was reminded and thinking of a lot of things in the past. Now brain can't really function well. Well, I think I'm going back to think hard and deep on my bed again now.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 26 Dec 2003, 15:57:11pm Mood: Delighted
Had lunch with family after waking up today. Then went to Bugis to buy birthday present for a friend. Then met up with few other friends to have dinner. After which, we went to Thomson Plaza and I bought Ah Du's 3rd and latest album - Hello! Waited for a long time! I've just finished a little coding on a new web project. Will do it bit by bit everyday now. I will be listening to the album over and over again later, before bedtime. Meanwhile, it's VCD time now.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 25 Dec 2003, 14:50:22pm Mood: Bored
Learned 2 lessons of driving today. After that met up with ps to collect Christmas card from her. Then walk one round at Ang Mo Kio Central before going home to rot. Stayed at home this Christmas eve, waiting for my parents to buy dinner home for me. Had dinner at 11.40pm while watching Ah Du's new song on TV. Actually I've watched it before on SCV, but this time is on Channel U. About 15mins later, SCV channel 51 is showing this MTV again... and I watched again! Very nice song from local singer, Ah Du. Going to buy his album soon! Other than that, it's a boring Christmas eve 2003.
Changed bright yellowish feeling of the site to bright light blue now.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 24 Dec 2003, 13:30:12pm Mood: Tired
Yesterday was Dong Zi, time to eat Tang Yuan(s)! I ate quite a lot, very nice! Also renewed SGFootball.Com domain name last night - hope it's in time before it expires on 27th December 2003. Had been very tired these few days. Falling asleep at 2+ latest. Did nothing much except learn driving. Hoping to finish all subjects before my school reopen. Got a couple of new deals to work on now, so I think it's time to work again after playing and eating too much during this holiday.

Trying to spare some time for VCD as well. Inuyasha, now at Box 5 out of 6, trying hard to finish watching. However, I always tire easily these days. Maybe this is for the sleeping time that was lost a few months back?
- Chen Lim

Monday, 22 Dec 2003, 06:02:35am Mood: Delighted
The past few days I had been very busy, don't know busy with what also? I had driving lessons everyday from Monday to Friday. After lesson on Thursday, I meet up with ps for lunch. After that, we met some more friends and went to Bugis to pray Guan Yin. Then strolled around in Bugis Junction while waiting for jw to join us.

After jw joined us, we went to Lao Ba Sat for dinner. Then walked to Esplanade Then took a boat ride to Clark Quay Then took MRT back home What a long day, leaving my house at 8.15am in the morning and coming back at 1am at night.

Friday, again I had my driving lessons, after that met up with ps and ws for lunch / afternoon tea at Junction 8's Ya Kun Kaya Toast. The service there left a impression, seeing the way the staffs reply to customers! Although their attitudes did not concern me directly but I was really disgusted by their actions! I think shall not go back there again - 1st and last time.

Saturday was another long day, went to watch movie, then to bubble tea, then to Ang Mo Kio Central's S-11, then to another coffeeshop at Ang Mo Kio Ave 4. I was there with 2 other friends, and we very coincidently bumped into my parents, who were there for dinner! And of course my friendly parents ordered two extra plates of Hokkien Mee for my 2 friends. Even though they did not want to eat in the first place, but my parent's insist they do. It is the 1st time one of my friend saw my parents, so she's very very shy. The other friend still talked and joked with my mother. haha jw you know who you are! Attempt to sabotage me... What a day.

Then at 12+ midnight, I walked over to Hougang Point for supper with Lenz. It was drizzling when I went out but the rain got bigger that I had to run a little. While we were having our meals, the rain stopped. But just before we finish, it started to rain again. What a cooling night, and I had to brisk-walk home again, in the rain!
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 17 Dec 2003, 13:15:48pm Mood: Delighted
Alright finally found time to update on the BBQ now. BBQ on 13th December 2003 is a great one. At night, me and jw sent 2 girls back because they do not want to stay with us overnight at East Coast Park. The taxi driver is a little frustrated when he finally know that we are going to 2 different locations and then finally back to East Coast again. So me and jw listened to him telling us stories about his previous experiences, from Hougang to East Coast Park! Before we reached, I went to take away some hot drinks from a nearby coffeeshop. Just as I was alighting from his cab, he taught me how to buy the hot drinks, but I did not pay attention to him at all. I just told him I always buy and drink this kind of hotdrinks, no problem for me and walked off. After buying, I got back into the cab and we finally reached back East Coast Park again.

Talked and ate and talked at the BBQ. Me and wq even went to the beach to talk for almost an hour! And in this hour, we found out in the end that Louis was actually giving a mini-lecture near our pit! He simply loved studying, I've got nothing to say! From ghost stories to politics to American flying up to moon to his Physics law.

wq and yl went home early in the morning while the rest went to play pool. But only wr, ws and myself did not join in - too tired? No interest? Quit playing? Can see that those we played really enjoyed themselves a lot, especially so for the 2 girls.

After that, I have to be security guard to send ps home because her area is dangerous. Then I went home myself after sending her back. As I was still not really tired, I joined my family for Sunday's breakfast at Ang Mo Kio before coming home to sleep.

What a BBQ! I felt and afresh after that night. Hope the others enjoyed as well. Thanks everyone for their presence as well. Cheers!
- Chen Lim


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