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Saturday, 13 Dec 2003, 17:06:31pm Mood: Pleased
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- Chen Lim

Saturday, 13 Dec 2003, 15:30:18pm Mood: Satisfied
Just now went to Rivervale Plaza to buy somemore BBQ stuffs with jw. Nothing much to be bought, I walked home after buying - this is the 1st time I tried walking home from Rivervale Plaza! Quite far, had to passed by Compass Point on the way. Normally walked home from Compass Point already quite far. Nevertheless, walking is a form of exercise

After reaching home, I tried to do something more regarding WAP on ChenLim.Com. In between, there's lots of discussions and chats regarding tomorrow's BBQ. So I was like concentrating more on talking rather than the WAP development. Finally I got to settle down at 3am. Everything worked in the right till this moment! To add on to Sunday's email sending, I had figured out a way that I can update my website by submitting blog entries via GPRS! I shall try out this feature tomorrow!

I have to catch some sleep now, because there will be no sleep tomorrow after BBQ. But before that, I can't stop watching the VCDs, so a little TV time before I turn in. Still have to wake up early tomorrow morning.
*Days to BBQ: 0! 13th December Night Is BBQ Night!
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 13 Dec 2003, 08:30:07am Mood: Tired
Wednesday morning had my 3rd driving lesson at 8.35am again. I got to go out to the main road for this lesson, yeah! In the noon, I fixed my own computer for about 2+ hours but had to leave it half-fixed because I'm meeting Ah Tat, Ah Bin and Ah Hong for our activity at night. Went to Punggol End for crab-catching and fishing with Khing Tat, Ribin and Yew Hong. Only Tat and Bin fished with their fishing rods. Me and Yew Hong did nothing much except walk here walk there and going out to Rivervale Plaza's 7-11 to buy something at 11+. We stayed overnight there watching the sea, the moon, the stars, the sky, a superb scenery. After packing up everything on Thursday morning, we went to Rivervale Plaza to have breakfast before going home.

While waiting for my friend to reach Compass Point, I actually fell asleep for around 30min! At around 10.50am, she called me when she reached Sengkang, and I'm still at home - so sorry, pardon my for a night without any sleep! I then quickly rushed out and managed to reach there at 11.15am. We had our lunch there. I should and wanted to treat her but she paid for the meal first. Then went back to Hougang Green Bubble Tea, this time my treat, but the price is too little compared to our lunch. Furthermore, her birthday is coming soon, so I thought to myself - I shall treat her today. Went home at 3+ in the noon, finally got a chance to have a proper sleep! Till 10pm.

So today, I managed to treat her lunch. Actually I intend to head for Crystal Jade but she refused. So we finally settled in at Cafe Cartel. Somehow I still think it's not quite enough. Maybe after this weekend then think of something else.

My cousin came over to help me fix my half-fixed computer, finally everything is working agian, but the operating system is not installed yet. I'm going to have my dinner now. After dinner will be meeting jw to buy somemore stuffs for our BBQ tomorrow. Last night actually wanted to join them at Hougang Point, but the heavy downpour stopped me from going out. And I think the amount they bought last night, with wq, ch and wr is way not enough! jw wanted to buy more but was stopped by the other 3. Now it's time we buy what should be bought!
*Days to BBQ: 1
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 9 Dec 2003, 15:48:43pm Mood: Sleepy
Last night did not submit an entry because I went downstairs kopitiam to meet up with my primary school friends. Sat there till 1+ before going to nearby friend's house to take a look at his wedding photos. Reached home at 2+, watched VCD, then sleeping at around 4am. Had to sleep a little earlier as I have to wake up early for my driving practical lesson today.

I had my first driving practical lesson today. Everything went quite smoothly. After lesson, I went back to Nanyang Polytechnic and slacked there till 4pm. Met up with Marcus to collect my motherboard and Power Supply Unit for my new computer. But I will be too busy to fix it now because out of a sudden, I have got a lot of things to do. Struggling for time to sleep now. But I have to really sleep early because there's another driving lesson at 8.35am tomorrow. Tired - Yawnz.
*Days to BBQ: 4
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 7 Dec 2003, 13:26:47pm Mood: Moody
Woke up at 1pm today. Went out to Avenue 8 to have lunch with my mother, then came back home to watch VCD, followed by SEA Games soccer match between Singapore and Cambodia. Finally the Singapore side won their first match in the games, but still got knocked out of the group stage after the two losses in the first two matches.

After that, went online for a while. Then went to Chinatown to buy digital camera with my parents. After buying, we went for dinner and then came back home. Boring day.
*Days to BBQ: 6
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 6 Dec 2003, 13:32:44pm Mood: Moody
I had been waking up at after 12pm nowadays. Nothing much to do except watch VCD and TV and sleep, or else going out to eat. So I decided to sleep a lot more to make up for what's lost for the past few months. Continued watching Inuyasha for till 2.45pm. Then went for a bath and took a cab to school.

Stayed in school till 5pm, spending most of the time at North Canteen drinking tea before going home. Again, watched VCD and log online for a while. Then I went downstairs for my first meal of the day at 8pm! Dinner with my parents. I met my primary school friend, now same course as me in NYP, Pauline while I was walking back home after dinner. We stayed quite near each other but this is the first time I actually saw her at Hougang Green. Chatted online till now.. and it's time to go back to my VCD now!
*Days to BBQ: 7
- Chen Lim

Friday, 5 Dec 2003, 13:11:18pm Mood: Sad
Slept at 5+ and woke up at 8.45am. I went to visit the doctor to remove my 6 stitches. I thought that it will be a painful removal but to my surprise, it actually did not hurt. Maybe I had become numb to it already? Finally, the 6 stitches are out now, left with a scar.

After that, went to UOB to open a Campus Account - the debit card is nice! Then had noodles for breakfast with my mother at a nearby coffeeshop. Came back home to watch VCD and had a 30min nap. Woke up, feeling very hungry as I did not have my lunch after the breakfast at 10am. Had a couple of biscuits.

Then yh called and he was feeling bored. So I accompany him at our usual kopitiam, chatted a lot with him. Then I went to Thomson to meet up with few friends for prata. I ate 4 pieces, and half a chicken drumstick. Then we went to Thomson Plaza's Swensen for Ice-Cream! Giant Earthquake was superb! I was extremely hungry before eating, cause the only proper meal I had for the day was the noodles in the morning.

After Swensen, me and yl went to Ang Mo Kio Central's S-11 for chinese tea to help digestion, cause we were really too FULL! But at the end of the day, I was not feeling really happy afterall. Going back to TV and VCD now.
*Days to BBQ: 8
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 4 Dec 2003, 14:58:08pm Mood: Satisfied
I slept quite early at 2+ last night. I then woke up at 6am in the morning, checking the clock and realised that it was too early, so I went back to sleep. At 9am, again I woke up, but still thought that I can afford to sleep somemore. Finally woke up at 1pm. I finished reading the final library book that I had with me - a boring book this time. I think it's time to go back to the library to borrow somemore. It took me less than 1 week to finish the 2 books.

I had my lunch, which was brought back by my mother, while watching TV. Then captain yl called, so I went to 644 to accompany him have his lunch and we watched SEA Games soccer match between Singapore and Malaysia till 6pm. We left the coffeeshop at 6.20pm. Came home to try my J2ME test application on my brother's Nokia 6100 but it can't work on the phone. It worked perfectly on the emulator but not on the phone itself. Tried to figure out the problem but my brother left home at 9pm. So no chance to try again.

After having my dinner at 10pm, I walked to Hougang Point to meet Lenz to stroll at the Pasar Malam there. Then slacked at a nearby playground till 12.40am before walking home. Going to watch VCD now.
*Days to BBQ: 9
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 3 Dec 2003, 13:05:07pm Mood: Delighted
Woke up at 11+ today, then watched VCD till 12+ before going out to Kovan to meet up with jw, yl and wq. After having our lunch there, we made our way to Tanjong Pagar MRT to meet ch. Then ran across the road in a heavy downpour to Holiday Home KTV (Cha Ren Zi Jia's branch), as recommended by yl.

We sang from 3-8pm. Then we (except wq) went to Lao Ba Sat for dinner. Had 'Zhi Char' and satays.

Went back home after that. Had a bath and log online. Then watched Guess x3 while chatting. I'm going to start reading my other book borrowed from the library later after Guess x3 finished. What a great day!

And thanks to captain yl for introducing the fantastic KTV, which is really cheap! I even registered as a VIP member just before we left the place. $11 lifetime member registration fee. 10% off the bill for members, plus some discount vouchers. It's really worth it. Cheers captain yl!
*Days to BBQ: 10
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 2 Dec 2003, 15:27:53pm Mood: Pleased
Woke up at 1+ today. Then read a library book regarding J2ME and had my lunch, which was brought back by my mother. After that, my mother drove me to take my passport sized photographs for Singapore Safety Driving Centre's enrolment purposes - Went to the driving centre to enrol for my driving practical lessons after taking the instant photos. Paid $98 for enrolment fee and a compulsory theory lesson. Then went up to my grandmother's house with my mother for a while. Came back home, watched TV and took an evening nap.

Woke up at nearly 9pm. Had a quick dinner before going to Serangoon Central's S-11 to meet yl and wq. We then take away kopi to a nearby void deck to sit and chit chat. Stayed there till around 11.45pm, then took bus back home with wq. I watched TV again after reaching home, till 2+.

Then logged online to try to start booking my driving practical lessons. Almost all the non-peak hours were fully booked! The earliest off-peak session that I managed to find was on 26th December. So I immediately made the payment online. The lesson fee was $56 but included GST total up to $58.24! These lessons are really overwhelming as compared to the rates charged by a private instructor!! But I want to get my driving licence earlier, so this is the only way out. What had been done was done, it's not time to feel regretful now. It's time to work hard to get my driving license as soon as possible! Now, it back to VCD time.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 1 Dec 2003, 15:49:55pm Mood: Satisfied
Woke up at 1+ today. Finished reading the book - How To Be Happy before going downstairs to take away my lunch. After finishing my lunch at home, the washing machine is also done with the clothes that I had put in earlier to wash. So I hanged the clothes to dry during the commercial breaks while watching TV. After that, folded the dried clothes.

Then went online while waiting for my parents to return from their Malaysia trip. We went for dinner at Blk 644. After dinner, I waited at the coffeeshop for Lenz, as we wanted to watch soccer at that coffeeshop. We watched the first match till 12am. Then continued to watch until the first half of the 2nd match finished. The 2nd match was quite boring, so we left for Hougang Point for supper. Finally walked home at 2am. Then I read some online tutorials on J2ME. Tried out a little application which worked on the emulator. Shall try on my brother's Nokia 6100 tomorrow. Meanwhile, it's back to TV time now.
- Chen Lim


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