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Monday, 10 Nov 2008, 02:02:33am Mood: Tired
Did not post before I sleep last night as I was a bit tired. A relaxing Saturday. Woke up at 10+ in the morning, did a bit of work before going back to sleep again?! Then woke up at 3pm to have my lunch (da bao back by mother and brother who went out for their lunch earlier on). Then worked till about 8pm, before going for dinner. Parents went to Toa Payoh Lorong 8 for western food. So I joined them after fetching Dear.

After dinner, we all came back home together. Watched Guess x3 till 1+. Helped dear to find research journal / article after that.. till sleep! Waiting to go for breakfast / lunch now.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 8 Nov 2008, 16:11:29pm Mood: Tired
Yet another long day. Woke up early in the morning before 8am. Sent car for servicing at Kah Motors @ Ubi. Ah Hong joined me. After leaving the car there, we went to Kah Motor showroom and another Parallel Importer's showroom. Chit chat talk cocked with the agent. Tried sitting inside the Civic Type R.. and the all new Type RR! Only 300 units available worldwide and it looks very nice from the exterior.. and of course the has better specifications than the normal Type R.

After collecting back the car, headed over to their Body and Spare Parts centre. Wanted them to touch up a bit of my paint, but the admin girl at the counter gave me a small bottle of paint instead, and told me that I have to do the touching up on my own. So we went for lunch at Kovan after leaving Ubi. Since I had craving for Kovan hawker's laksa for a few weeks, I went for the laksa without hesitation!

At night, went for dinner at Amici at Holland Village with gf. Bought a member card some 3 months ago and this card will expires at the end of November. Cardholders are rewarded with a 1-for-1 on every visit and 1 free bottle of wine. As I had not claimed my free bottle of wine, we asked for a bottle of white wine just now.

White Wine @ Amici Restaurant
White Wine @ Amici Restaurant

Beef @ Amici Restaurant
Beef @ Amici Restaurant

Since my gf does not like the wine, (and indeed it does not taste too nice) I finished the rest of the bottle after she had 1 glass. Therefore a bit blur now. Night time everyone!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 7 Nov 2008, 18:09:58pm Mood: Delighted
Yet another long and eventful day. Woke up in the morning, went to father's factory at Sin Ming Drive to meet up with him. Then we walked over to LTA office to have his company's LTA account password reseted. After that, met Foley for lunch at New Ubin Seafood over at Blk 27. They served nice Salted Egg Sotong! Very impressive. Thanks Foley for the lunch.

After lunch, went over to Dear's place, rested for awhile before bringing her to Lucky Plaza for lunch. She wanted the Fish Soup there lor. While i go and have my Killiney tea. The standard of their tea dropped already! After that, accompany her to Neighbourhood Clinic at Blk 683 Hougang Avenue 8. Her eyes were infected but was not getting much better despite paying 2 visits to the Raffles Medical doctor. So have to bring her to see our current age's 华佗 Hua Tuo, Dr Tan Heng Kwang! (for those who doesn't know, Hua Tuo is the best doctor back during the 3 kingdoms era.) Of course 华佗 has got better advice! After that, sent her back home and I came home myself too.

Had our baths, preparing to go out for Ribin's birthday celebration. Khing Tat helped to fetch Dear as he's coming down from Lornie, while Ah Hong fetched me to buy cake before heading over to Crab Party, at 1 Yio Chu Kang Road. Just nice both vehicles reached at the same time. Cut long story short, here are some pictures of the crab.
Crab Party - Butter Cream Crab
Butter Cream Crab

Crab Party - Javanese Curry Crab
Javanese Curry Crab

A bit disappointed with today's standard because during my previous visit, the crab meat was real juicy and sweet! Anyway, after our sumptuous dinner, head over to a cafe at Simon Road. Wanted to drink and cut birthday cake there, but this cafe does not allow outside food. I recommended them to 1 of my favourite beer - Erdinger Ah Hong's wife does look like a real drinker! hahaha After talking cock chit chat session, went over to one of the HDB void deck near Ah Hong's place for cake cutting. Photographs below copyrighted by our big photographer - Ah Tat aka Thomas Ang!
Birthday Boy, Ah Bin
Birthday Boy, Ah Bin

Group Photo, Black and White
Group Photo, Black and White

Group Photo, Sui!
Group Photo, Sui!

Ok, gotta sleep soon as need to wake up early later to send car for servicing.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 6 Nov 2008, 16:15:42pm Mood: Delighted
Woohoo here am I again! Did a bit of work in the late morning to mid-afternoon. Then went out to Avenue 8 for late lunch with my mother. Kueh Zhap not leh. After that, came home for a while before going out at 5+ again.

Went to pick up gf before heading to Prima to fetch cl. He brought me to his friend's spectacles shop. Yeah, finally got myself a pair of spectacles with transitional lens. The testing of eyesight process is so troublesome. Went through at least 3 - 4 tests! But they are professional about this. For some of the tests being done, I doubt they will be conducted at those normal spectacles shop. I was quite impressed actually. In fact the shop occupied at least 2 units in peoples park shopping centre. WoW! Anyway, I spent quite some time choosing the frame for my new specs. Finally got it settled.. 40% off for the frame! I was thinking.. 'wah so much.' Then came the more power one.. the boss (who is cl's secondary school friend's father) said: "lens plus frame overall, deduct another $50 bucks! Weeeeeeeee! So steady! Excellent!

The boss told me remember to give cl a treat. Of course lar! We proceed to fetch Boon Wee at Alexandra before heading to Astons at Blk 134, Jurong East Street 13 for dinner. Since so happy to get the thick discount earlier on, I treated everyone. cl opened 2 bottles of Carlsberg (1 normal one and another Carlsberg Gold) to share among 2 of us. Haiya, then refused to take $ for the thumbdrive which he bought for me a few weeks ago. End up the beer + thumbdrive became slightly more expensive than his meal leh. I feel not nice become never treat him dinner. Next round JB will have to be my treat then.

After that, since I drank, so got Dear to drive instead. Sent Boon Wee and cl home before going to recee a resort at Neo Tiew. D'Kranji Farm Resort at Neo Tiew Lane 2. After driving quite deep into Neo Tiew Drive, dear wanted me to take over. So I took over.. found the place, drove in and see. Seems like some of the construction is still going on. The beer garden is a bit disappointing, just like an open-air style cafe. Never had a chance to look at the inside of any unit. I guess I will be back to recee this place in a few months time. If not, the $200 per night doesn't seem worth it, unless there are other benefits or privileges which is not advertised. Had a loooong journey drive back after this site survey in the Western Singapore.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 5 Nov 2008, 15:25:38pm Mood: Delighted
I am back! I guess I will start try to start writing on a regular basis for now! Many reasons.

1. I have completed my part-time degree back in August. Now waiting to get the certificate this coming November.

2. I have left my previous company and am doing fulltime freelance now. Being self-employed, I will have my own time own target.

3. Just suddenly have an urge to write.. especially after watching movie "REC" about an hour ago. This movie is really non-stop horror after about 10mins. The 80mins movie seemed very, very long! Scary scenes non-stop action! POWER! So by writing, is a way to share my daily experiences too.

By the way, just read 2 posts before this entry, saw that I wrote about this zi char stall, Tian Ting at Defu Lane. I had praises for it some 1+ year ago? No doubt the food is , but the service is a big no no no! I had stopped going there for about a year already. All I can remember is that we made reservation at 8pm but reached there at 8pm, still have to wait another 30mins for a table. NO WAY I will go there again.

Back to work now... will be back tomorrow!
- Chen Lim


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