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Friday, 12 Nov 2004, 03:24:26am Mood: Delighted
Tuesday noon managed to wake up at 12pm to watch Ah Cheng. Weide called at about 12.15pm telling me that he wanted to come up to my place to copy some movies over to his new external harddisk. Meanwhile, I waited for my mother to come back, she brought lunch back for me. Weide left at 2+, I watched and learned some magic tricks using poker cards, from a video downloaded last week. Some interesting tricks. :p Went to fetch dear from school at 6pm. Then we went to Balestier Road to have western food for dinner. Yummy! Went to Junction 8 after dinner. At night, nothing to do at home, so watched recorded tape of taiwan variety show hosted by Kang Kang, Jian Jian Kang Kang. I really laughed till stomache!

Yesterday woke up at 12pm, watched Zong Yi Da Ge Da, had a late lunch brought back by mother at 2+. Somehow fell asleep again at 4+, woke up at 5+. Mother cooked curry chicken, so I had a big bowl for my dinner, without rice. After that, rushed to Junction 8 to watch movie. Dear went there herself after dinner with her family. I was late by 15min, when we went in, the movie just started. Luckily, just in time! I find that everytime watch 9pm plus movies, I tend to be in a rush! Anyway, we watched Thai Horror - Shutter! Good show!

After movie, went to Toa Payoh Lorong 5 to have satays. After that, sent dear home, before going to meet Ah Tat, Bin and Hong. Ah Tat brought his new remote control car, which can go up to 35km/h. This reminded me that I also had a remote control car bought when I was back in lower secondary school. I shall go and dig it out and bring it out to play together the next time. Before going home, I went up to Ah Tat's house to get back my Windows 98 CD from him. Then sent Ah Hong back. Checked emails after reaching home, chatted with dear and watched another episode of My Date With A Vampire 3 before sleeping at 6.10am.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 9 Nov 2004, 13:31:19pm Mood: Satisfied
Today woke up just before 1pm. Took a bath before going out for lunch with mother and brother. Had Jian Dao Jian Hainanese Curry Rice. After that, went to father's factory with brother as he wanted to photocopy some stuffs. Upon returning home, I wrote a long complain email to Town Council regarding the dog shit issue yesterday. Very frustrating!

After that, learnt some magic tricks with poker cards from a video. Very useful and interesting ones. Watched Xi Ling Men at 7pm. Actually wanted to go for a jog with Weide but ended up not going anywhere. He also fell asleep I guess. When will I find the strength to exercise, especially training for my 2.4km run! haha lazy.. Anyway, had dinner at 8pm after a bath. Chatted online with a lot of people after dinner while working on some technical updates for my website. Shall go away from keyboard (afk) to watch Shi Zi Lu Kou now. Might try to get up at 12pm tomorrow noon to catch the repeat telecast of Taiwan drama Ah Cheng!

Site updates: added PHP functions addslashes and stripslashes for inserting and extracting data from database. A very coding habit for PHP with database.
Also edited admin control panel for insert blog - Now the RSS feeds will be automatically generated and updated upon a successful new blog entry.
Also removed glowing effect for random quote, because that effect is only optimised for Internet Explorer, but I want to move away from Microsoft products.

- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 9 Nov 2004, 09:19:04am Mood: Angry
Friday - Last day of Final Year Project in school. Cleared up everything before deleting contents in my C: then went home with Daniel. In the evening, went to dear's place before going to Toa Payoh Central Swensens. Had Chicken Baked Rice which was really superb! Much better than n.y.d.c. After that, we went to Cosy Bay near the National Stadium. Dear's friends told her the scenery there at night is nice.. but after going there, I thought that it isn't really that special afterall. Sent her back at 12+. Then I went to Ponggol Nasi Lemak to meet Ah Tat, Bin, Hong and his wife. It was Ah Bin's birthday after 12am that night. After chatting for a while, we went back home.

Saturday - BBQ at East Coast Park organised by Zhihao for our Final Year Project people. I met Zhihao and Weixiang at Hougang Point's NTUC to buy food and stuffs before we head to East Coast Park. I did not really help to buy the things, only deliver them to East Coast together. On the way there, I went to Serangoon Central to pick up May and Sheng Pei as May prepared fried bee hoon and she can't possibly bring it all the way to East Coast herself. There was a little drizzle but luckily it went away after a while. BBQ was not that fun, in fact a little boring. So I went back quite early. Ah Tat drove, together with Bin, Hong and wife to East Coast Park. We met up and went to Joo Chiat to have Fei Fei Wantoon Mee together. Ah Hong also bought a little cake for Ah Bin. That's becoming our tradition, a cake whenever there's birthday. After eating, we went for a little walk along Joo Chiat Place, experiencing the night life and activity there.

Sunday - I slept for the whole day till 3+. Woke up for a bath and had my lunch, da bao back by brother earlier in the noon. Less than 30min after I finished lunch, I fell asleep again! Sorry to everyone who tried contacting me that day! I was really too tired to hear the phone ring! Anyway, my phone's ringing volume is always at level 2 when I'm at home. At midnight, went to Serangoon Central to watch soccer match between Man Utd and Man City with Weide. As I stepped out of my house, there was a very, very smelly odour near the lift. As I turned around trying to locate where this stench come from, I stepped on something slippery. It was Dog Shit which I stepped on, and that explains why it's so smelly. CB was my first word if I did not remember wrongly. And I think I know who is the culprit and fucking owner of the fucking dog. They better pray hard that they do not take the same lift as me in the future. If not, I'm sure I will suan them upside down! Tulan!

I went downstairs grass area and sandy area to rub away the shit that sticked onto my slipper. After that, went to car's boot, took out water and washed. Then I suddenly thought of throwing away my slippers. However I did not think of that when I stepped onto it at first. Anyway, no seats available at Serangoon Central's S11. So at halftime, I suggested to Weide that we leave for Joo Seng. Had Dim Sum - Xiao Long Bao at Joo Seng. After that boring match ended in a goal-less draw, I wanted to grab a bite. So off I drove to Geylang Lorong 9's Yong He You Tiao Da Wang. Had a you tiao and dou hua before going back home. I threw my slippers down the rubbish chute after changing to another pair of slippers at my doorstep. Fucking Dog!!!

Anyway, sites updated last week: I added a rss feed for my blog entries so that I can use it in my friendster's account. It was my first time touching RSS feeds, and it seemed interesting. The RSS feed will now be generated and updated whenever I insert a new blog entry. URL of the RSS feed:
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 4 Nov 2004, 11:42:54am Mood: Satisfied
Monday night went for supper at N.A Zabeer at Yio Chu Kang Road with dear. Pratas there are really getting worse. I think there's change in management as well, they have uniform now. However, the interesting thing is when we saw a group of kids should be secondary school kids, acting bengs. One of them disturbed the Indian waiter, raised his voice when asking the waiter why his order is not being served. Me and dear also waited quite long, in the end I asked the waiter, he told me it was because the chef did not take out the flour from the freezer. When the current flour run out, those just brought out from freezer cannot be used immediately. However, the act-beng kid raised his voice at the waiter - Uncle, do business not like that one! Why people come after me already eating but I waited for 45min still havent come? He even demanded to see the manager. He thought he's eating at a restaurant. In the end, they left without eating upon being served. There's no waiting for 45min for some of their orders because as their friends came 1 after another, they added more orders again. So obviously have to wait. After they left, I asked the waiter what exactly happened. After telling me what happened, he said, 'I am only working here, I never lose money, my boss also never open the shop for them only. Siao ah! hahaha Well said indeed, the manager also did not care too much if they want to eat or not.

Yesteday went to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) with Ms Ng, my project supervisor, to install my final year project onto the client's (Dr Moe) PC. She told me that if I finish the installation early, I can leave SGH myself, or if I want to wait for her, I would have to wait till 5+, after she finished visiting her attachment students. Of course I chose to leave early from there myself. As I drove to school yesterday, so I had to drive to SGH in order to go home from there. We're going to National Heart Centre, which is located inside SGH, but we had a terribly hard time trying to find that ulu place. When I parked in their carpark, which has bricks build up in a staggered manner. It is U-shaped, with 1 side of the 'U' sticking out more than the other side. As I was reversing, I noticed the bricks, so I opened my door to check behind to make sure I do not knock into the bricks. Suddenly I heard a 'crrrik' sound - my car's bumper had striked the other side of the unbalanced 'U'! Shit man, 3 scratches with a little knock, all because of the many staggered bricks behind, which is unbalanced as well! I should stop blaming this kind of structures. Now it's a lesson learnt for me - When parking in this kind of situation, NEVER reverse too much! If there's too much space after completely stopping the vehicle, then reverse again! It's better to do it twice or even thrice than to scratch the car! Frustrate.

When I was doing the installation halfway, Dr Moe and Ms Ng suggested that we have our lunch first before continuing. Dr Moe wanted to treat the project team to lunch, but the my 2 other project members are Malays and they are fasting, so they can't eat, that's why they did not follow us to SGH. Dr Moe treated us to Country Mana at Great World City. Nice chat with them over lunch, especially criticising NYP's excessive marketing tricks! Installation was a success, Final Year Project is coming to an end soon. However, I still need to write a simple documentation in terms of how the project work, technically, for Dr Moe.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 2 Nov 2004, 09:32:03am Mood: Delighted
Last Friday night was a long one, so I decided to post in a separate entry. Went to Wheelock Place's n.y.d.c for dinner with dear. Their baked rice is not nice! Zhihao told me is nice so I went to try, but I think Yabbe and Swensens are definitely better. Human have different tastes.. After that, went to the restaurant opposite of n.y.d.c to have ice-creams for dessert as dear has a $10 voucher. After ordering 2 ice-creams, they served only 1. In the end, I asked the waiter to check for me, he gave me what I ordered. But after paying for the bill then we realised that it's too cheap - my order was not in the bill. Anyway, very, very full that night!

After that, I went to 99wan (99 bends) near Science Park and Pasir Panjang area. The road is full of bends indeed! It's confirm worse than Devils Bend at Old Upper Thomson Road. The bends and sharp corners at 99wan can be in almost 90 degrees and continously bending left and right throughout! As the entrance to Kent Ridge Park is along 99wan, so I turned up to take a look. The slope leading up to Kent Ridge Park is worse than Genting or Cameroon Highlands - super steep! The poor car struggled its way up. Nothing much there, but there's a wooden bridge in the park leading to somewhere. Actually wanted to take a walk with dear, but there were 4 guys near us making a lot of noises. Frustrated, I do not want to walk further in. Maybe next time try again...?

After coming down from Kent Ridge Park, it's 99wan again, this time in the opposite direction as when coming in. I tried to step on the accelerator a bit more this time, negotiating the sharp corners at 50km/h. Then there's this 90 degrees sharp corner, there's no way to see if there is any vechile in the opposite direction until both vehicles are very near. I suddenly saw a cab in the opposite direction when I'm negotiating the sharp corner at 60km/h! I step quite hard on the break and there's a screeching sound! I think the car drifted just like Intial D? worse is my dear said that it's fun!! I think that is Dangerous. I don't think I will try that again though... After that, turned in to Mohd Sultan Road, driving past to see the Friday night clouds at the pubs. What an exciting Friday night.

By the way, I saw an accident that night, a taxi reversing bumped into an oncoming car. I bought the taxi's vehicle plate number on Sunday... and all 4 digits jumped on the 2nd prize! How I hoped I've bet a system roll on these 4 digits. heh heh
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 2 Nov 2004, 09:30:33am Mood: Delighted
Final Year Project Presentation is over today! I believed my team did well. The independent marker was trying to test me, asking me why must we use Perl Programming for the project, and why not Java. Definitely Perl is faster in processing and files io as compared to Java. Also Perl does not use object oriented, so no passing of references around, obviously it will be faster. I also told him I read many benchmarking articles that says that Perl is faster than Java. He still wants to argue back, saying that it's how I write my program. Whole load of bullshit. Whatever, anyway, quite relaxed now already.

Just to update what happen last week. Supper at N.A Zabeer Prata off Yio Chu Kang Road. Not nice anymore, think their main cook was not around. Anyway, I've concluded that Prata for suppers is Expensive! Decided that pratas for supper will not be as often as in the past from now on. Another supper outing was to Joo Chiat for Fei Fei Wanton Noodles with Weide. Saw a insect, should be a housefly in my bowl just before I started eating! Yucks! The wantoon mee tasted very nice when I went there 2 weeks ago, maybe because that's the first time eating. That time already felt that it was a little salty. Same salty and small bowl of wantoon mee again last week. It's not that fantastic afterall. Hougang here definitely has got better ones, but not at nights. Sigh, have to hunt for new spots for suppper soon. Anyway, after supper at Joo Chiat, we attempted to search for where the notorious quarreling neigbours stay, but can't locate it, for the 2nd time already. Joo Chiat is so small yet so difficult to find their units. I've realised that I love to write about my suppers. hehe

Edited on Monday, 1 Nov 2004, 21:02:56pm
- Chen Lim


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