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Saturday, 29 Nov 2003, 14:50:59pm Mood: Delighted
Woke up at 11+ today. Went downstairs for a cup of teh with friend, before returning home again. I cooked instant noodles back home for our lunch. Then waited for Kah Wei to come over to pass CD to friend, and I passed him the video tape that he wanted. After that, we went to downstairs kopitiam again to accompany Kah Wei for his lunch. I had kopi with a kaya wafer.

At night for me and my brother's dinner, we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. The delivery took less than 45min to reach. We ordered a LARGE pizza, with 10 chicken drumlets and 6 garlic breads and a 1.5litres of green apple juice. Costing a whooping $40.00! 2 crazy brothers eating a meal which is supposed to serve 4-5 people. We cleared the extremely large 13" pizza and 10 drumlets with my brother having a greater share cause he's very hungry. I did not touch the garlic breads, left with about 4 of them. Till now, I am still not feeling any bit of hunger, very different from nights which I had a normal dinner.

After 12am, I immediately (because the server will get seriously laggy in a very short while) tried to log in to my school's server to check my examination results for my Year 2, Semester 1. Very, very happy with the results. This is the semester that I got the most number of Distinctions among all 3 semesters that I had gone through in Nanyang Polytechnic. Really delighted with the results! I shall maintain this standard for the coming Year 2, Semester 2 in 2004. Cheers! Now it's time to go back to my library books and VCD.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 28 Nov 2003, 14:34:38pm Mood: Glad
Woke up at 11+ today, had my bath, hanged out the clothes to dry and watched VCD for a while before going out to Ang Mo Kio Central for lunch. After lunch, my friend and I went to the library to borrow some books. Then to Courts to look around. Actually, I wanted to wait for Kah Wei to finish his final 'A' Level paper so that I can pass a video tape to him. He wanted to borrow it so I bring it along with me when I went out earlier in the noon. But somehow he just did not manage to get the tape from me. So I went home after going back to Nanyang Poly for a glass of tea.

At night, waited for my brother to come home, then we went to Ang Mo Kio to have our dinner together. I saw Matthew walking past (AGAIN!!!) while I was eating. It seemed that I will always bump into him when I go there to eat.

Came home after dinner to play game and chat. Going to read some books and watch VCD before going to bed.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 27 Nov 2003, 13:03:14pm Mood: Delighted
I was too frustrated to post on Monday because my new computer still failed to boot up after 1.5 months! Something was wrong with either the Power Supply Unit (PSU) or the motherboard! Had to trouble Marcus again. Went to Tampines that evening to have dinner. And then supper at Hougang Point at 2.30am.

Tuesday was Hari Raya, I slept at home till 3pm. Then went downstairs to have breakfast/ lunch with my brother. That night had 'Yong Dao Hu', bought home by my parents. Watched soccer till 6am before going to bed.

I was digged up by my parents within less than 2hrs of sleeping. They asked me if I wanted to go in to Malaysia with them, for a final time. A couple of days ago, they had already asked me, but I can't make up my mind. Initially I said no, then yes, then maybe. So I told them I shall let them know on the day itself. Finally, this morning, I decided not to join them for this trip. I do not know if I will regret doing so - as I have got nothing much to do in Singapore at this time of the year. However, since I had already made this decision, so I shall try to make these few days more interesting, starting right from today!

I went back to sleep at 7+ and woke up at 11+. Went to Hougang South for lunch. Then to Tampines for movie. Then to Bedok North for dinner. Then walked to Bedok Central from Bedok North. Slacked at the pasar malam there till 10+ before returning home, with a bidded stal ball at the pasar malam.

A day today! Thanks to a great friend's company. Hopefully, the next few days will be the same, if not, better! Reading and TV time now.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 23 Nov 2003, 13:54:28pm Mood: Frustrated
Yesterday friends and I played Mahjong overnight at my house. We started at around 11pm and ended at 5.15am. They took a rest while I watched TV till 6.30. Then they all went home, before I went to my dreamland.

I slept till 11am, woke up for around 30min before going back to sleep till 12+ again. Shut down my computer and cleared the Mahjong stuffs after that. I bathed and went to Jalan Besar to meet Kah Wei, Chin How and Weiqiang. We purposely went down to eat the pancake at S-11. It was their first time eating, and said nothing except praises, cause it's simply delicious!

After that, I went to Yishun to meet Marcus, to pass him my motherboard's screws. 1.5 months since I bought my parts for a new computer but till now still not ready yet! All because of a damaged motherboard! Anyway, it will be ready for me to collect from him tomorrow, Thanks Marcus!

At night, my grandfather came to our house. Sat for awhile before we went downstairs to have our dinner together, with my parents. As usual, kopi-kia talked cock with us. Anyway, nowadays, I don't quite feel like having my meals. Reason being very restricted - this cannot eat, that cannot drink. All because of the operation. Shall eat, drink, play after 3rd December, the day of removing the 6 stitches! Very frustrated! Going to watch VCDs now.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 21 Nov 2003, 11:59:38am Mood: Frustrated
Slept at 6am early this morning, been busy watching video tape. Well, 2 days had passed since the operation. After taking the pain-killers twice, I'm not feeling much pain now, except for some moments when I stretched my hand. So, enough of pain-killers for now! Left with anti-biotics. But the pain is coming from the removing of cotton wool. The cotton wool protects the wound but the other plaster which is so sticky caused my skin to be painful when tearing it off.

So after my bath tonight, I had decided not to put the cotton wool anymore. Instead I shall leave the wound open tonight. fergy and cl still ask me to go in to Johor Bahru this Sunday for dinner. I can't eat seafood because of the wound! So I can't go! What a waste! Hopefully all these go off as soon as possible so that I can be back in action actively again! If not, life is really boring! I have to go back 2 weeks later to the clinic to remove the stitches. Hopefully, by then, all are well and fully fit again.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 20 Nov 2003, 12:04:39pm Mood: Glad
19th November 2003, it is the birthday of two of my friends. Wished them on the dot 12am sharp last night. Anyway, woke up at 10am this morning. Continued my revision for my driving Advanced Theory. Then went back to the clinic to the doctor at 11am. The patients before me took longer than expected, so my turn came only at 12+. Luckily I brought along my guide to study for the test tonight. Seemed like a lot to study for the Advanced Theory. Anyway, had to let the doctor check my wound, he changed the cotton wool for me, and pressed quite hard on it - PAIN! He said it will be for some blood to come out instead of all inside the wound. That is the reason why he purposely left a little gap open in the wound while the rest are all stitched up nicely.

Bought the cleansed cotton wool from him. Then bought lunch back hoome. After lunch, I watched TV for about less than 30min before falling asleep. Woke up at 5pm and realised that I had not finished revising for the Advanced Theory. I quickly finished everything before bathing and having my dinner. My mother drove me to the testing centre, reached slightly after 7.30pm (the scheduled test time). She waited for me outside while I took the test. Came out at 8.05pm after checking through all the answers. Hopefully can pass on the first attempt!
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 19 Nov 2003, 11:25:06am Mood: Tired
Had the minor operation to remove the little tumor off my back on Tuesday, 18th November 2003. Operated by Dr Tan in the Neighbourhood Clinic, the doctor I consulted since young. Went in slightly before 6.30pm, and came out with 6 stitches at 7pm sharp.

My mother was with me to witness the process. She told me afterwards that the 'hole' the doctor cut open is about the size of a 50cent coin. I can't feel much pain throughout the process but there's feeling to what he is doing. Only in a few moments, there will be a sudden pain to it. I do not want to describe the process in too detailed on the website.

After that, came home to revise for my driving Advance Theory. Can't really concentrate. A memorable day in my life going under the knives of the doctor!
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 18 Nov 2003, 11:57:20am Mood: Tired
Today is NYP's Linux Day. I reached school at 11am to have my lunch. Then, it's time for the games in the lab. At around 1.45pm, I attended the lecture on Intrusion Detection Systems conducted by an outside speaker, a boring one.

After that, I went back to the labs and happened to see my lecturer Ms Tay, conducting a workshop on installing Linux on desktop computers. I went in for the small presentation. After which, I went for another workshop on Linux Security. Over these few days of using Linux, I have gained further knowledge on this Operating System. Shall use it when my new computer comes soon.

Stayed on in the lab to play mahjong till 7.30pm before going home. We waited for three bus service 72 before we're able to board. Earlier 2 buses were fully loaded!
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 16 Nov 2003, 15:20:57pm Mood: Delighted
Woke up early in the morning today, reached school at 9am, preparing to help Ms Tay install games for the coming Linux Day on Monday. But the lab with the Linux machines is not yet opened yet. Hence I went to the other lab to surf the net and cleared my mailbox.

After that, I had my breakfast, then went back to the lab to start work! I worked on the installations and at the same time try out the games till nearly 2. Then went to Selegie with Michelle to meet up with Chin How and Kah Wei. Accompany them play billiard. They played while I ate 'kachang puteh'!

Went to Compass Point to have a light meal with Michelle in the evening. I then walked home from Compass Point. I will be going to have my proper dinner / supper now, cause after the meal in the evening, I had not eaten anything yet. Luckily my parents bought back Hokkien Mee earlier at 11pm just now. Shall heat it up and fill my stomach! A long day today!
- Chen Lim


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