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Wednesday, 27 Oct 2004, 08:19:40am Mood: Delighted
Last week was a very busy week in school doing Final Year Project. Week 11 this week, next week is the final week. My personal mentor asked me for lunch through email, saying that he wants to talk to me as a 'personal mentor' but he did not speak about anything that I expected him to say (I had a little argument with my project supervisor earlier in the week, so I thought it was regarding this matter). We just had a normal lunch, and he even lent me a book to read! Maybe it was because Daniel tagged along. Whatever it is, I do not care and will not think any further. And I have got no problem with my friendly supervisor now. After that day, she started to follow my progress quite closely, but I still can manage. I pressured her back with the results / outcomes achieved, almost daily. Till now, we are progressing very well, I showed her pace, she showed me satisfaction.

Friday had meeting with Ah Tat, Ah Bin, Ah Hong and his wife at Hougang Green. At 11+, we decided to catch movie - The Grudge, it's a English version of Japanese horror Ju-On. We watched a 12.50pm show at Yishun's Golden Village, after that, went back to Hougang Ave 8, Blk 401 for supper. After supper, Ah Tat parked his van at his carpark. So Ah Bin and him switched over to my car. All 5 of us went to Old Thomson Road aka Devil's Bend as Ah Hong did not want to go home. So I suggested this idea. After making 2 rounds in there, I sent all of them home before going back myself.

Saturday Went to Ah Hong's house with Ah Tat and Ah Bin to see Ah Hong's cute daugter. She is simply cute!!! Later in the evening, went to Toa Payoh Lorong 5 to have dinner with ex-lecturer, Mr Choo Yew Beng. He's a really lecturer, is all we can say. Met up with him and Jayson at 7+, Daniel joined us at 8+. He treated us to quite a lot - Thanks Ah Beng for the meal! After that, all of us agreed that it was still early to go back, so we went to Toa Payoh Central's food court to have dessert and continued our chit chattings. Went back home at 11+. Actually wanted to go to Clarke Quay to meet dear, but did not go in the end.

Sunday Went for breakfast with family, then came back home, read book and fell asleep. Woke up at 7+, had dinner with family at Ang Mo Kio. When I reached home, I received a stunning call from Ah Bin. He told me that Ah Tat is very depressed, and he's on the way back to Hougang to meet up with Ah Bin. Actually I was supposed to buy dessert for dear's mum, and then fetch her to Serangoon Central to watch soccer together with my Yulun, Weide and Weiqiang. But Weide called me, telling me that it's full house at Serangoon Central. So after passing the dessert to dear, I left for Hougang, to meet up with Ah Bin, Ah Tat and the Hongs. Out of a sudden, Ah Hong called me, saying that Ah Tat wanted to watch soccer, so we decided to meet up at Joo Seng instead. I called dear, asking her if she wanted to watch the match together. In the end, I turned back to Toa Payoh to fetch her to Joo Seng. We watched the big match between Man Utd and Arsenal and had supper as well. But I think for us, our minds are not set on watching soccer, but to accompany Ah Tat. He looked fine that night, but I knew he was not. On Monday, he called me to tell me about his troubles. I really do not know what to do except to lend him my listening ears.

Message for Tat: Brother, Do not think too much, you have a bunch of steady brothers here for you. Call us anyday, anytime, should you need a listening ear. We'll always be here for you. Smile ok?
- Chen Lim

Monday, 18 Oct 2004, 14:07:47pm Mood: Delighted
This morning woke up at 11+. Went out for breakfast with family at Ang Mo Kio Street 61. After that, met Ah Tat and Ah Bin at Hougang MRT. We went to Holiday Home KTV at Tanjong Pagar. Cheap cheap $35 only, still can order extra nuggets. I had a $20 voucher sent to me a few weeks before my birthday. Good KTV with promotions for members, unlike K-Box which does not have promotion for members.

Our KTV session ended at 6pm, we walked to Chinatown from Tanjong Pagar. Then saw Tiong Bahru Hainanese Chicken Rice. Ah Bin said his mother told him before that it's cheap and nice. So we waited for seats in that crammed place. It was only when I went in to order that I found out that it's recommended on TV by Channel U's food variety programme before. Anyway, the 3 of us shared 1 big chicken, a plate of Dou Fu and Vegetable. Very, very full and the chicken is excellent! *YUMMY!* After that, we went past a few streets in Chinatown. Ah Bin suggested walking to Suntec, so we walked, a long journey.

When we reached somewhere near Fullerton, we walked across to Boat Quay instead of Suntec. From Boat Quay, we walked to Clarke Quay before taking MRT back from Boat Quay station. We then walked home from Hougang MRT station. A day full of walkings! After taking a bath, I went online. Then Weide asked me to watch soccer at Serangoon Central with Yulun. So I went out again.

Match between Charlton and Newcastle is highly entertaining! 3 of us shared some fries during halftime, down with a glass of Kopi-Si makes my night. Very long and nice weekend.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 18 Oct 2004, 10:28:26am Mood: Moody
Woke up at 2pm yesterday. Went to 644 for lunch with mother and brother on a humid Saturday afternoon. While having my lunch, Weiqiang called me, asking me to book BBQ pit together later in the noon. So after lunch, I drove to his house to pick him and Yulun who was already at his house. After booking the BBQ pit for our annual BBQ, we 3 guys got nothing better to do. So we decided to rent a bike to cycle for an hour. It's quite congested on the bicycle tracks, especially at an area where there are constructions works going on. A group of Ang Mohs just stood there blocking the whole track. Me and Weiqiang managed to squeeze our way through but after that, we lost Yulun. We are really weak, 3 people cycle together can also lose a guy. So Weiqiang and I went back, go around in circles for 2-3 times, near the area where we lost Yulun. But we simply cannot find him. Weiqiang decided that we go back to the bicycle kiosk as that's the place where we have to go at the end, and when we reached there, we saw him there. Simply poor.

Went to Ang Mo Kio Central for dinner with my parents at night. Then went to Hougang Green coffeeshop to meet up with Ah Tat. Ah Hong joined us about 30min later. Ah Bin came with a cake in another 30min time. They celebrated my birthday for me. A belated birthday celebration cause we normally only meet on weekends. I'm glad and really happy to have this bunch of friends for more than 12 years! Then the kopi-kia asked us why did not order beer when there's birthday celebration. So me and Ah Bin shared a bottle of Carlsberg. We wanted to get another one but I'm afraid of Police Stop later in the night when driving, so we did not order another bottle. Then Ah Hong's wife joined us, followed by Ah Xiong and his gf at about 12am.

After coming up to my house for a little while, we set off to Little India's Mustafa Centre to take a walk. A little regret suggesting going there, nothing much really, but what makes it interesting is that this shopping centre sells all kinds of stuffs and is opened for 24hrs daily. After that, we went to Geylang for supper. And there's really Police Stop along the way. After supper at You Tiao Da Wang, reached back home at 3.20am. Settled some serious issues with SP over the phone from 4 to 6am before sleeping. A very long and tiring day. :|
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 16 Oct 2004, 12:28:09pm Mood: Satisfied
One week had passed since my last entry. Too lazy and tired to post. Everyday is almost like a routine. But for the whole of this week, I went for supper except for Wednesday. Went to Yio Chu Kang Road's prata shop (I will get the full name of the shop next time, just can't remember it as it's too long!) on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday slept at home. Thursday went to almost the end of Thomson Road. A new stall I noticed last Sunday. Prata Place is the name of the shop, it's just like a restaurant when I saw it from outside. When I went in, I expected the pratas to be cost more than normal, but nope, they are the same. And I also noticed that they are a branch of the famous Casuarina further up Thomson Road. It's quite far from my place, so I think I won't be going there often. Even though it's air-conditioned, but I'm not used to it. Just now went to have dinner with parents at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. Came back, watched TV, surfed the net, read up something more on PHP. I've just found out that I can actually encode my email address so that those 'spam spiders' will not be able to detect the email address stated on my website. This is definitely a great way to avoid spam. Oh yah, except for the day of my birthday, I'm not having a time this week. In school or outside school, things are frustrating.

Before I do further reading on PHP, I would really like to thank all my friends for giving me your wishes for my birthday. Special thanks to those who celebrated for me. This year is the first time in my life that I got a little cake with candle, made a birthday wish, had a birthday song sang to me, all on the DOT at 12am sharp. Very touched. Shall elaborate in another entry later. That's all for now. Oh by the way, I got my hair cut on Wednesday, look like a little boy now. Haha! =x

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Edited on Saturday, 16 Oct 2004, 03:33:03am
- Chen Lim


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