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Sunday, 10 Oct 2004, 09:14:48am Mood: Satisfied
Friday - Went home very late, FYPJ suppose to end at 5.30pm but I left school at 5.45pm. Reason being waiting for brother to come to fetch me, then together with my mother, we went to Sin Min Road area's workshop to collect back my brother's car. His car got knocked by people on Thursday. Went home after that, took a shower and watched TV till 8pm. Then went for dinner at Cactus Road near Yio Chu Kang Road with family. We had Qi Mee. The same stall which we always patronise at Seletar had shifted there as government wants back the land, so they had no chice but to shift.

After dinner, father brought us to see where our old kampong was, as it's just the small road in, beside Cactus Road. Our old kampong was near the current Amoy Quee Camp. Mother and brother remembered exactly the location of our kampong, given its current state. I could not remember, as I was only less than 1yr old back then. We shifted to HDB when I am 1yr old. We even went out of the car to take a closer look, my father remembering the durian trees, reminiscing how he walked out to the bus-stop below a durian tree to take bus. Life had changed... there's always a need to move on in life.

Today Saturday, slept till 11+. Went to Ang Mo Kio Central's market with mother and brother, we had our lunch there as well. Mother ordered meat from a stall there - this stall was also from the Seletar Market which had been forced to move out as the Government wants back the land. My brother ordered chicken rice but even after my mother went to remind them that we had ordered, they still did not serve us. Frustrated, my brother ordered Western Food instead. Even after he finished the chicken chop, chicken rice still did not come. Tulan, I shall condemn that chicken rice stall from Ang Mo Kio Central Market's Hawker from now on.

Reached back home at 1+, fell asleep at 2+, woke up at 6pm. Took a bath and had Mee Sua for dinner. Mother cooked Mee Sua for me as today is my Chinese Birthday on the lunar calendar. For the actual day, it's coming soon, in 2 days time to be exact!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 8 Oct 2004, 08:17:06am Mood: Frustrated
Tuesday - Went for dinner at Chomp Chomp with my parents. After that, went to A1 Roti Prata along Yio Chu Kang Road to meet Yulun and Weiqiang. Lenz joined us at 10+. Left at 11+, taking away a packet of fried rice for dear. Sent her dinner to her before going back home.

Wednesday - Mother picked me up at 4+. Went home, watched Zong Yi Da Ge Da till 6+. Took a bath and had dinner. Actually wanted to dine outside with dear, but mother already cooked my share so I ate at home first. Picked her up at 7+, went to Chomp Chomp (again) for her dinner. I only ate 1 stick of Satay. Satay's auntie asked me if I went there with parents. At night nothing to do, so watched Japanese Horror movie - One Missed Call on computer. I think it's boring, as I watched till I fell asleep. Shall continue watching it again tonight or tomorrow night.

Today had a Frustrating day in school. FYPJ getting more frustrating these days, I only enjoyed the times when I go for meals and breaks. Staying in the lab simply sucks. We're supposed to have a little presentation / demo at 9.30am, but my supervisor came in a little earlier than the independent marker. She came to me and told me 'I received complaint that you keep wearing slippers to school, and got caught more than once already.' I told her 'No, I only got caught once before only!' She asked me not to give her trouble. When I tried to stress that it's not me and the complain is not on me, our independent marker came in. So we started the presentation, and my supervisor forgets about it. And I got mis-understood, Yuan Wang! TuLan! Although I admit that I do wear slippers to the lab everyday, but as a matter of fact and principle, I have NOT got caught more than once! TuLan! So throughout the presentation, I kept quiet, even when our independent marker, Ms Teo talked cock and joke like her usual self, I did not smile. Only spoke when asked a question after the presentation. After that, I went straight off for breakfast with Zhihao and Daniel. Unhappy with environment in lab as well.

At 12pm, a lab technician came in, told us to put on our landyard as there are important visitors from Microsoft coming. I immediately got myself a Linux wallpaper and hide desktop icons, hoping that those visitors can see the Linux's penguin sucking Microsoft's soft drink! There're still other things that cause my unhappines in the lab, but I do not want to go on any further. Waste of energy and time, shall not be bothered by that since I'm back at home already. Work should never be brought back home, unhappiness is unnecessary, so I chose to be happy

Went for lunch with Zhihao and Daniel at about 1.45pm. Chit chatted till 3.30pm before going back to our labs. I went back with Daniel just before 5pm. I sent him home to his new Condominium near Hougang Ave 7. Seems nice! Haha! Going for my dinner now.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 6 Oct 2004, 07:38:03am Mood: Delighted
Had a normal weekend, except I learnt something new in PHP. Especially PHP5 (This site is coded in PHP4) as well as some security issues with PHP. Yesterday reached school at 9am, went to picked up dear to Jubilee to buy movie tickets at at 1pm. Then had lunch and went back to school for FYPJ. Left school at 4+, went up to dear's house to help her with her computer's 'missing quick launch' toolbar. Then went back home for a sleep in the evening. Slept all the way till 8.20pm. Was supposed to have dinner at home first before going to Jubilee for movie, but it's too late, so I left house after taking a bath. Watched movie, Art Of The Devil, a Thailand horror, average movie, not extremely nice or lousy. After that, sent dear home before going back home for my dinner. Slept at 1+ again, but woke up at 4am, so watched last week's Zong Yi Da Ge Da till 5+ before going back to sleep again.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 1 Oct 2004, 22:56:42pm Mood: Delighted
Yesterday after lunch, my project group members were supposed to go to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) to install our FYPJ Project into the client's computer. I came back a little late from lunch, so Ms Ng left with my group members first. Meanwhile, Ms Teo waited for me and we went there in her Honda City. Talked cock with her along the way! She's friendly and chatty. :p I definitely can communicate well with auntie.

Anyway, we have to install J2SDK, Jakarta Tomcat, MySQL and load all the database data into the scientist's computer. After that, have to install tomcat and MySQL as a service so that they will start automatically when the computer is boot up. Together with Ms Ng, my project supervisor, we searched the net on how to install tomcat as a service. Then when I found a link with about 6 lines of command, she said that it should not be so long, it is a 1 line command only. So I do not have any chance to try that long command. After a while, when she used the other computer to search on her own, I went back to that same page to copy and run the long command, and it worked! That long command is to install as a service, whereas the simple 1 line command is for starting the service only.

After that, came back to school in Ms Ng's Nissan Sunny, exactly the same model and colour as what I'm driving to school. Went for tea break and returned to the lab. Along the way, I called my FYPJ Coordinator, Mr Simon Seetoh who is also my Personal Mentor. I told him about the Security Flaw in the web application that we use to sign in our attendance daily. Last week, I figured out how to view everyone's profile with their admin number. Earlier this week, I found out a even more interesting thing - I can change my role from a Student to a System Administrator or a Staff and I can waive off any demerit points given to students! Nearly can't change back after I change myself to a staff. But there's a certain step to follow to make everything work successfully, thanks to Aloysius for the idea.

Reached home at 6.30pm, bathed, read book on PHP5, had dinner at 9pm. Suddenly, my gastric caused me so much pain. Luckily, it got better into the night. But cancelled supper with Lenz. Fell asleep before 12am. Delighted to Hack into school's poor system! Maybe there will be more to come in the future?
- Chen Lim


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