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Wednesday, 29 Oct 2003, 15:52:53pm Mood: Delighted
Back to 21st October 2003, my group is scheduled to present out Semestral Project - WISE Library System. It seemed to be a usual routine, taking place once every semester - burning midnight oil through the night just before the day of presentation! Worked through the night on our codings and system integration. The details, I shall not mention.

Even till the very last minute on the day of presentation, we were still rushing to complete the final report. Struggling all the way. Nevertheless, I shall not make any excuses for the poor display of work. The presentation for my individual part went on quite smoothly. But I guessed the overall grade is somehow affected. Again, details shall not be written as I won't want to remember.

Anyway, as scheduled earlier on, we went in to Johor Bahru for dinner on the same night. I did not know where I get the energy from, after 1 whole sleepless night. We went in quite late that day, traffic jam on our way in. When we reached the hawker centre I always dine at, it was nearly 10pm! The usual stall which went to regularly was closed already. The KING BUN stall was also closed. It was only after we asked the owner of another stall that we knew it had shifted to Kuala Lumpur. Too , the previous time I ate it was the first and last time.

The meal was not as delicious as expected, and we went back to Singapore after eating. Quite a wasted trip. Went back to Ang Mo Kio S-11 upon reaching Singapore at 11+ at night. Matthew, myself and Michelle sat and talked cock at the coffeeshop till 1+ before returning home.

I then went up to Lenz's house to try to help him with his project. But I'm of not much help due to weary eyes and tired brains. In the end, I went home at 4+ for my long awaited sleep. Finally, projects are all over. Left with final semestral exams now.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 25 Oct 2003, 14:53:05pm Mood: Pleased
It had been a long time since I last posted an entry here. I was extremely busy for the past couple of weeks! Anyway, long story cut short. The New Paper's weekly S.League pullout featured an article on Sengkang Marine FC dated 9th October. I was in the article as well. The article talked about how the club's volunteers helped to keep the club afloat in recent difficult times. I was interviewed by the reporter over the phone on 7th October night. He took a few photos of me on the 8th. Will try to scan the article to post it here soon.

Now back to my birthday on 11th October. Thanks to everyone who had wished me and celebrated with me.

Special Thanks to Kah Wei, Chin How, Matthew, Jayson, Michelle, Siew Wen and Jerlyn for showing up at Lao Ba Sat on 11th October evening for me to treat. And also thanks for the present and treat from Michelle (which I had to go down to Simei to collect personally). And also the presents from Siew Wen and Jerlyn. Not forgetting the ANG BAO from Kah Wei and Chin How. Had a great night. :-) Also thanks to Siew Wen's sister who joined us later in the night, for the birthday cake.

The following day, 12th October, I have to thank Cheow Lin aka lcl and Weiliang aka fergy for bringing me to Boat Quay's HotStone. The almost frozen 'live' lamb chop which I had to cook on my own on the spot was fantastic. It was the first time I ate something like this. Thanks lcl for the recommendation and of course not forgetting the 2 jugs of beer we had at the quiet (Sunday night) Mohd Sultan after dinner.

On the 13th of October, special thanks goes out to Lenz for treating me to a superb steamboat at Golden Mile Complex after our lessons.
- Chen Lim


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