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Tuesday, 14 Sep 2004, 03:51:34am Mood: Disappointed
Yesterday was a boring Sunday. My relatives came to over to our place. I woke up at 11+, bathed and went online to make some changes to my Mozilla Firefox browser. Had my lunch at 2+. Then went back to my computer again. Had an early dinner at 6+, then watched recorded tape - Acacia, a Korean horror movie recorded on SCV earlier this week. Then my mischievous cousins came into my room to disturb me. Played with them while watching the show till 7+. Uncle borrowed car to send grandparents back, then he came up to return us the car's keys. My father asked me if I am free to send my uncle back, since I'm watching tape, so I agreed.

On the way back, I had my debut car accident since getting my driving license 7 months ago. At Hougang Avenue 8, filtering in to Avenue 4, I bumped into a Honda in front of me. I was driving my broter's Honda at that time. The car in front of me moved a bit out of the zebra crossing filter junction, so I followed, but when I turned my head to check for oncoming vehicles, I saw a cab racing down, so I jammed my breaks! The Honda in front of me jammed his as well, but then, I already hit his back. sigh.

After turning out onto Hougang Ave 4, we stopped our vechiles. I got off my car and he was already checking the back of his car. He asked me if I have brought my driving license, I told him No. as I only send my uncle home at Ave 8, so I did not bring anything with me, not even my hp. I borrowed his hp and called back home. My father came down. Luckily this driver is not a GuaiLan one. He still asked me what happen in a friendly manner. I told him I saw him inched forward so I followed and when I saw the cab, I stopped. His response 'ya, I also saw the cab, that's why I break.'

This kind of situation bo bian. We agreed to settle privately. He called his mechanic to check the price for a car rear's bumper and my father check with his as well. Ended up with a $300 compensation to him. This guy is maybe in his mid-20s, a polite and friendly guy. He still came to see the front of my car to see if it's ok, and our tough Honda Civic is ok, just a few scratches, no dent. But his weak bumper is dented. He still showed us his hand, telling us that when he's just passed, he also had an accident. I'm a little surprised he did not explode into anger, cause that's for most of the cases when people's backside got knocked into? After passing him $300 at my house downstairs, he thanked me and my father.. shook hands and left. stunning!

My father did not scold me or say me a single word after that. He's supportive in this kind of situation. However, for smaller cases like dangerous driving on the road, he nagged. weird. This kind of things happened very often on the road. So he's not surprised. Driving so often and accident only happened after 7months, I believed it's not a record already, as compared to my brother in the past. :p Driving more frequently increases chances of accident, but gained more experience at the same time. Same thing, I believed there's a blessing in disguise. :p Although this time I'm disappointed I break my 100% accident free record.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 13 Sep 2004, 04:37:16am Mood: Delighted
Woke up at 2pm yesterday noon. Mother cooked instant noodle for me, adding in pig liver, meat and dao geh, damn nice! *Yummy!* Read book and slept in late noon till 7+. Went for dinner with parents after a bath. Father asked where to eat, I asked him if he is fine with Western Food at Balestier Road, he refused. And ended up going to Yio Chu Kang Road, near Searangoon Stadium there to have Teowchew porridge, which I do not quite like. So I refused to eat, just sat there, waited for them to finish. As I will be watching soccer later in the night with Lenz, so I might as well ask him to accompany me for my dinner before watching soccer.

I fetched him at about 9pm, went to Ang Mo Kio Ave 4's S11 for Ba Chor Mee before heading to Central's coffeeshop to watch soccer. Caught the last 15min of match between Aston Villa and Chelsea. As we sat in the middle of 2 TVs, we had the privilege of watching 2 matches at the same time. Bolton vs Man Utd and Fulham vs Arsenal. In the meantime, Weiqiang went to Serangoon Central to meet Yulun and they watched there. After the matches ended at 11.50pm, I drove to Serangoon Central to pick them up and we went for supper. Actually, we wanted to go for prata at Athira along Yio Chu Kang Road, but along the way, I spotted a new Prata shop between Athar and Athira, so I suggested trying that out, since the pratas at Athar and Athira do not taste nice.

Parked the car at road side, the 4 of us went for our supper. We shared 2 chicken murtabaks, which the Indian told us is very big as it costs $5. It's not enough for us afterall, and it's not that big as we expected. So we ordered some more pratas! It tasted nice! And the Indians were friendly, smiling all the way. I think most newly opened shops serve with a friendly and smile in the beginning to attract customers. Let's see if they're able to maintain this friendly attitude as time goes by. I will surely be back there for their pratas again for my future supper trips. :p

Talked to dear over the phone while watching Real Madrid match on Channel I. We ended conversation at 5. I continued reading book, borrowed from NYP library on Friday. Read till dozed off but not completely asleep, woke up before 6am, continued reading till 6+ before turning in. Found a new place not far away for supper this weekend.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 12 Sep 2004, 03:10:43am Mood: Delighted
Finally it's Friday. Went for breakfast at 9+, then to the school library to borrow 3 books. Then accompanied Zhihao and Daniel for their lunch at about 1pm. I did not eat with them as my I'm meeting my brother who wanted to come back to his old school, my current school for lunch. We settled lunch at Food Junction, then went to Ang Mo Kio Central. I bought JJ Lin Jun Jie's album and a PS2 game, titled Viewtiful Joe, recommended by Yulun earlier this week. Came home, played the game for awhile, listened to the newly purchased CD and slept, till 6pm.

Initial plans for the evening was to go for dinner with dear before heading to Suntec for the 93.3 Hits Awards 2004. However, just before I left house at about 6.35pm, dear called me, telling me that the tickets stated 7pm instead of 8pm (I always thought the awards night start at 8pm all these while). So I flew down to her house at top speed, and from there, flew to Suntec, reaching at 7.20pm. I thought that was quite fast, considering the traffic on the road on Friday evening.

Met Matthew and Vivian outside Suntec Convention Hall 601 and 602. Stood outside to chat for a while before going in. 7pm is the time where the artistes were introduced to the crowd gathering at Level 1. The awards ceremony itself indeed started at 8pm. It was a really nice awards night, being able to see so many stars gathered together. When S.H.E went on stage, their fans went wild, all rushing to the front, where there's a barrier separating the front seats and the 2nd most expensive seats. As we were on the first row of this 2nd most expensive area, they totally blocked our sight! Frustrating! Luckily, after some time, there were security officials who stopped them from rushing to the front, blocking the audiences behind. Very nice to see Energy, S.H.E, Eason Chan, Faye Wong, Zhou Chuan Xiong, just to name a few. I believe I will be there again next year! *thumbs-up*

The long awards ceremony ended just before 12am - lasting a total of nearly 4 hours! By then, all our stomaches are making noises, growling away. Matthew suggested going to Geylang but I refused. Friday night, there will surely be problem finding parking slot there. Then we will have to park far, and walk far in order to have dinner, which I do not want as everyone is really too hungry, including myself. So I drove to the S-11 beside Jalan Besar stadium. I had Ba Chor Mee and the superb Ah Long Pancake. Aloysius called, telling me to join him in Geylang earlier on, but I was still at the awards ceremony. So I called him back after my dinner, he was at Mustafa Centre at that time, around 1am. He asked me if I want t join him, but I can't, and do not like Little India.

After that, it's impossible for me to send Vivian back to her Woodlands. So I told her no. Dropped her and Matthew along Braddel Road, just in front of dear's place, before sending dear back. Came home, took a bath, listend to the new JJ's CD I bought yesterday, and fell asleep at about 5am. Nice awards nights!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 10 Sep 2004, 23:18:51pm Mood: Frustrated
Yesterday, went off at 11+ during FYPJ. Drove dear to buy her mum's birthday cake near Maxwell Food Centre area. Pettisier is the name of the cake shop, first time I heard of it. Had lunch at Maxwell Food Centre. I made a fumble, ordering Hainan Curry Rice when I saw the signboard, Da Jian Dao Hainan Curry Rice. I did not read properly, mistaken it for the popular Jian Dao Jian Hainan Curry Rice. And of course, it tasted terrible. After buying the cake, sent her back home to put it in the fridge before returning to the school.

Made a presentation in the noon for my FYPJ's critque session. This session is for lecturers to make sure we know what we are doing and why. But, there's this lecturer, supervsior of another group, who is not my marker nor supervisor who tried to be funny with my group. He said that my group mate, Diana's explaination on some bio stuffs (I'm doing a shit bio informatics project) was wrong. In fact, Diana presented what a senior research scientist at the National Heart Centre explained to us 2 weeks ago. Our project is done for this scientist, so he came 2 weeks ago to brief us of some specs. So is this fat lecturer trying to be smarter than a senior research scientist? He also attempted to ask me about my Perl coding's logic and algorithm - that is totally out of the scope for a critque session. After explaining to him how I did it, he still do not understand, suggesting that I draw on the whiteboard to explain. I was frustrated, so I scribbled untidily on the whiteboard but he finally understood what am I doing. And he knew what I did was right this time, so he tried to find another excuse to shoot back at me, claiming that my way of doing is uneffective and slow, even suspecting that some accuracy might go wrong as well. I retaliated to him, telling him that I'm confident that the accuracy is there. I nearly asked him to code out a same program to compete in terms of speed and accuracy of the output! *frustrating!*
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 8 Sep 2004, 22:03:53pm Mood: Sleepy
Yet another boring day in school for FYPJ yesterday. After lunch, went to atrium to take a look at 'Xiao Yuan Mei Nu' recording, a reality tv show by Mediacorp. Saw peishi there, first time seeing her in school after she entered NYP this July. Anyway, it was the latest I stayed in school since FYPJ started. Left at about 5.30pm, reached home, read TODAY newspaper before sleeping from 6+ to 8+. Took a bath after waking up, then had dinner and watched TV till 9pm. Wanted to watch Zong Yi Da Ge Da but my mother did not record at 8pm, so I watched the news on TV instead.

After the news finished, I switched from channels to channels, what a boring Tuesday night. Most of the time, I'm watching Pi Li Huo, a Taiwan serial consisting of the cast from Ah Cheng. Haha :p Watching it once in a while seems nice even though I did not follow this serial since it started last year. Yes, last year, a superb long Taiwan drama..

After that, watched Guess*3 and fell asleep again slightly after 1am. Superbly boring! Anyway, it's Lenz's birthday today, Happy 19th Birthday To Lenz!
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 8 Sep 2004, 03:12:57am Mood: Sleepy
Yesterday went off from school at about 10.45am. Initially thought of having breakfast with dear before she goes home, but decided to send her home and have breakfast at Toa Payoh Central. While having breakfast, I felt very sleepy, so I decided to sleep at her place instead of going back to school for FYPJ.

Sent her back to school at 2pm, then went to Balestier Road to meet up with my mother and brother to have lunch at Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice. Not that very, very impressive but it was enough. After that, I did not go back to school as it was raining cats and dogs and I thought it would be great to be able to return home for a nice sleep in the cool afternoon. Went downstairs with my brother for a while before going back home. Just before I wanted to sleep, dear called. So I went back to school to fetch her back home. Finally I reached back home for a nice sleep from 6pm to 8pm.

Took a bath and had dinner at home. After that went to Toa Payoh Central for movie - 13 Going On 30 with dear. After sending her back, I went home to watch TV, fell asleep before 2am.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 6 Sep 2004, 21:24:33pm Mood: Delighted
Friday - received news that our school will implement the 5-day week as suggested by new Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. So there's no need to go back to school for FYPJ on Saturday. Went for dinner at Balestier Road with dear. Had The Grill Western Food at 567 Balestier Road. Superb lamb chop with black pepper. Their black pepper rocks. Thanks to Jayson for suggesting this stall to me last month.

Saturday - Woke up in the noon, went to Hougang Ave 7 for lunch with mother and brother. Then came back, watched TV for less than an hour before sleeping again, till 7pm. Then went for dinner with my parents at Seletar Road's market. After that, returned home, online for a while till 11.30pm. Went to Ah Tat's carpart to meet up with him. He had picked up Ah Bin and Ah Xiong already. Ah Bin sat in my car while Xiong remained with Tat. I suggested going to Joo Seng for supper. Along the way, I picked up Ah Hong and his wife at Athar Prata Shop. All 6 of us sat at Joo Seng's market's 24hrs coffeeshop till 2.45am. Then I sent Ah Bin home, followed by Ah Hong and wife. Meanwhile, Ah Xiong went off with Ah Tat. Hmmm, it's been a long time since we had our meeting at Hougang Green's Fu Fa Foodcourt though. Maybe should return back to our old meeting place for our next meeting. Upon returning home, I watched TV and chat with dear till 5+ before sleeping.

Sunday - Woke up at 11+. went to Jurong for breakfast with family. Superb curry fish head! The stall which we always go to had took over half of a nearby coffeeshop to expand their business. Yummy! Came home after that, watched TV, slept, watched TV. Went for dinner at Ang Mo Kio with family at 8+. What a sleepy weekend, as usual.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 4 Sep 2004, 05:48:17am Mood: Delighted
I've not posted any entry for the past week, due to too busy and lazy. Anyway, just a quick summary, Thursday went to Comex Computer Sales at Suntec, bought thumbdrive and keyboard.

Friday went to Sammi's concert at Indoor Stadium - tickets thanks to dear who won them from a SMS contest.

Saturday, father's factory pray for 7th Lunar Month, went there to have buffet (Ordered from Hup Seng Hng). After that, went to Ang Mo Kio Central to watch soccer with Lenz.

Sunday early morning went back to Ang Mo Kio Secondary School for soccer. It's been a few months since I last kicked a ball! After soccer, went for lunch, went home for a bath before going t Comex Computer Sales at Suntec again. This time to buy wireless router with built-in ADSL Modem as well as 2 USB Wireless Network Adapter.

Monday, configured brother's computer to be able to receive wireless signal but the utility to monitor the wireless network for the USB network adapter failed to function properly.

Tuesday - attempted to reinstall the network adapter on brother's computer, but still the utility monitor does not display properly.

Wednesday - as living room's computer is too old, so it does not have any USB port for my wireless USB adapter. I asked Daniel to buy a PCI to USB converter for me. Collected it from him, returned home to try it. But failed, so living room's computer still not able to use the USB wireless adapter to access the network.

Thursday - Went to Sim Lim Square to check with the shop if the PCI to USB converter is spoilt, but there's no problem with it. So I returned home to try again, this time putting the motherboard flat down so that I can plug the PCI card in properly, and it WORKED! So it was my fault for being lazy to plug it in half-heartedly on Wednesday, that's why it won't work cause it's not fixed properly. After successfully installing the PCI to USB converter, I installed the wireless adapter, everything worked. Utility monitor came up, no problem with wireless signal! After that, I spent quite a long time to do a complete uninstallation and removal of driver for the same network adapter on my brother's computer. Then installed it all over again, finally it worked fine, with the network monitor utility up. Ultimately, my home network had gone Wireless now! Free of cables and wires, rocks! All secured as well. Delighted

That's about all for the past week... I shall update my blog everyday again from now on.
- Chen Lim


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