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Monday, 29 Sep 2003, 11:35:21am Mood: Delighted
Saturday morning went for Cisco lesson, after lesson, came home to wait for friends to come over to my house for Mahjong. Started playing in noon till evening. Then we went downstairs to have dinner, losers paid for the meal.

After that, we went to Siew Wen's sister's house at Punggol to carry on 2nd round, with her sister. Played till around 1.30am and decided not to continue.

Her sister brought us down to take cab home but someone suggested going to the deserted house beside Punggol MRT to take a look, and we really went there, instead of going home. Walked a long distance in, glanced into the house from the outside but did not actually enter. After that, everyone became wide awake, still refusing to go home. So we walked all the way into Punggol End, extremely long journey which took us 30min! Stayed there for quite sometime, for mosquitoes to feed on us. Then walked all the way out again, to S-11 coffeeshop near Siew Wen's sister's place for breakfast at 5am. Stayed there till 6am before taking cab home.

Slept at 7am on Sunday morning and woke up at around 12pm. Went out to meet friend after that. Then dinner was taken at a Cantonese Restaurant at Tanjong Pagar, in celebration of brother's birthday. His birthday falls on 27th September. Enjoyable weekend yet again!
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 27 Sep 2003, 14:06:32pm Mood: Tired
Friday evening after lesson, I went to Scotts Shopping Center to meet Shaan regarding her company's website. Then went up to her house to design according to their requirements on the spot. Spent around 2+ hrs there and collected 15% payment. Then went back to Hougang Point to meet Lenz for my dinner. After dinner, I totally forgot about my Laptop! Left it at foodcourt's chair and left for Pasar Malam. While walking and talking, I suddenly realised something is missing. Without any delay, I ran across the road (with red man), back to the foodcourt! Luckily, the laptop is still there. After that, sat at void deck for a while before going back home at 1+am.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 24 Sep 2003, 14:50:45pm Mood: Delighted
Yesterday did not post because fell asleep while watching TV at 1+. Left lights, TV and Laptop ON until 6am in the morning! What a waste of electricity! I should not be so tired by right. Generally did nothing in school except went out to Ang Mo Kio central for lunch during a 3hr break, and playing dai dee after lunch. After last lesson at 5pm, my mother came to fetch me. Back downstairs, we went to Shop N Save to buy some thing. I also bought a lot of tidbits!

Anyway, no lesson today, so woke up late at 11am. Watched TV, then went downstairs with my mother to have lunch. Then went up to Shop N Save to help her carry things she bought. Then went back home to check emails and did a bit of work. Then set out for Johor Bahru at 4+. Reached Kranji MRT at 5.15pm. We (me, Matthew and Jayson) took bus 170 in. We've decided to only go in for dinner.

When we reached JB, we saw a girl from our school's diploma in business informatics student! Very surprised to see her there, she went in a car and left very quickly in front of us. Then we went to City Square to walk a round. Suddenly the thought of buying Mahjong Cards came to my mind. I suggested going to Holiday Plaza to search for it. So we made our way to Holiday Plaza, searched high and low, asked shop owners from level 1 to level 3 but ended up leaving the place without any Mahjong Cards. I bought some dried food instead.

When we were searching for Mahjong Cards, Khing Tat called me, phone rang once and got cut off. He hanged up very quickly after calling, for at least 3 times. The 4th time he called, I rejected the call, then he used his gf's phone to call another time while I was typing a SMS for him, telling him not to waste hp bill on overseas calls! In the end, all he wanted was to record channel I for him. He told me to call my mother to record for him. Tat ah, next time just call my home and tell my mother to record for you lah! I know you got call my home and my mother picked up the phone, you should tell her directly when she picked up the phone! Waste my time and money ah! I know you will read this message someday one, so purposely write it here! haha

Next destination is finally our dinner at Taman Seri Terbau. I went to the usual seafood stall that I always go to, but Matthew and Jayson said that I brought them to another stall on the previous occasion that we went in together. I was confused until Jayson reminded me that the previous time I did mention that it was not the usual stall I always went to, then I remembered. Anyway, the stall helper recognise my face already! I was quite shocked that he actually recognise me. memory!

We had prawns, had frog legs, vegetables and dou fu, costs us $68.00 ringget, cheap! Then I ordered a Curry Chicken KING BUN. The bun was superb, extremely LARGE! And it was only a small one at that stall, there's another bigger version! But it's nice, curry chicken wrapped inside a BIG BIG BUN! All can be eaten, (including the bun wrapping up the curry chicken). After dinner, we went back to City Square to buy some biscuits before returning to Singapore. Good Trip! Nice Dinner! BIG BUN!
- Chen Lim

Monday, 22 Sep 2003, 15:34:27pm Mood: Delighted
Had a terrible Saturday morning. Early in the morning, I have to crawl up lazily from my bed to go to school for CCNA1's practical exam. When I reached the bus stop, it started to rain cats and dogs, so have to run in the rain from bus stop to school. Then, waited more than 30mins before the practical started. Worse was that I had a hard time completing the exam, don't know what is going on! No interest in Networking, and yet still taking Cisco Certified NETWORKING Associate course. Really feel like quitting already.

Anyway, there's the fun part after a terrible morning. I went home, bought and had my lunch. After that, watched TV while waiting for friends to come to my house for Mahjong. Rested for a while, and at 4pm they still haven't reach. So I went for a bath, then they came. Matthew, Jayson, Michelle, Xiu Wen and Jerlyn. We all went to kopitiam first as the girls wanted to eat. Then went up to SuperCue for a couple of games before finally, coming up to my house for Mahjong.

My parents who went out for dinner, brought back Chicken Chop for me and Matthew. Only the 2 of us because the girls had already eaten and Jayson will dine back home later in the night. He went home at around 12am, after supper at kopitiam. After supper, we went back to continue 2nd round of our Mahjong session. We played in my room till around 4am.

Then Xiu Wen went home after that, while the 4 of us (Matthew, myself, Michelle and Jerlyn) went to the playground just below my block to chit chat. All of them went home just after 6am. Then it's sleeping time for me, as usual every Sunday. Slept till 2pm. Dig out almost every edible thing at home to eat and watched TV at the same time. I caught the movie, Bend It Like Beckham on SCV. After the show finished at 5pm, I went back to my room to lie on bed. Eventually fell asleep again, till 7+, then went out for dinner with parents at Jalan Besar.

After dinner, came home, watched TV again, switching between Channel 5 - The Haunting and Channel U this time. After that, logged online till now. Going to watch TV again now, still quite awake. What a wonderful weekend! Hoping for more of this kind to come...
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 20 Sep 2003, 15:43:00pm Mood: Delighted
Yesterday was a normal day except at night went to Kopitiam at Hougang Green. The SuperCue Pool Saloon had began business already. I and Lenz went in to take a look, the uncle at the counter who is very friendly started chatting with us. The SuperCue is under the company, Super, which own SuperBowl, Super Funworld and even Super 3 in 1 CoffeeMix. The uncle told us he had worked for Super for 15 years, and is now a senior executive. After a while, we left without playing. Then went to Ave 8's 7-Eleven, then to NTUC, then to a void deck. Simply doing nothing around the area.

Today's lesson starts at 3pm, so I asked Kah Wei to come over for lunch together and to play a few games of pool, since the uncle is so friendly, go support him. But he was not there when we went in. We played 2 games before having our lunch. Then Kah Wei came up my house to look at some photos. He went back home and I went to school after that.

At night, Teng Siong suggested that we (Khing Tat, Ribin, himself and me) come out to meet at Hougang Green. I told him I am free in the night but he did not reply my SMS, hence I do not know the meeting is still on until they call me last minute at nearly 9pm. Nevertheless, I still went down to meet them, since we've not seen each other for quite some time. Talk cock at kopitiam till 11pm, and we went up to SuperCue for pool, again.

The friendly uncle, (think his name is William) was there. I was quite surprised to see so many people in there at 11+. We went in to play till around 12.30am. Only myself, Ribin and Khing Tat played. Teng Siong went home after watching us play for 2 games. After we paid for our table, we stood there, chit chat with the very friendly uncle again. He told us a lot of things. friendly! Although the rate is a little expensive, but I'm sure people, including myself will still flock in there because of the friendly staffs. Going to sleep now, tomorrow early morning still has to take the optional elective, CCNA Practical Exam.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 18 Sep 2003, 14:58:44pm Mood: Delighted
Had been too tired for the past couple of days to post online. Had a long day in school yesterday, then went to M Hotel to attend cousin's wedding dinner. He and his wife now, had been going steady for more than 10 years, since Secondary School! Envy Them!

The dinner was not as nice as I would have expected. Anyway, had little beer, as compared to the previous few wedding dinners I've attended. Came home, watched TV till fell asleep. But woke up at 1 plus, then went back to sleep. Then at 2.30, I was awaken again! This time, just nice to catch the LIVE telecast Champions League match between Man Utd and Panathinakos. Was watching in half sleep mode and managed to caught 2 out of the total 5 goals which Man Utd scored.

No school today - off day! Woke up in the noon, had a bath then went out to meet Lenz for lunch. As I was making my way to meet him, I saw an old lady fell down from about 40m away! She was attempting to grab hold of a tree branch, but failed, and fell. I was shocked but anyway, I RAN ACROSS to her immediately to check on her. I asked her how is she (in hokkien of course as she's such an eldery). She told me in a weak voice that her slippers was lousy, and explained to me how she fell (which I actually witness from about 40m away). She then told me she stayed in the opposite block only, so I suggest that I accompany her home to ensure her safety. She rejected at first, but I just walked with her. Her head was bleeding from the knock, the eggs she bought were all broken. I carried her plastic bags for her and we cross the road to go up her house. She told me there's people back home, so I thought her relatives at home will know what to do when she reached home. However, there's no one in the house (as far as I see from outside). I told her to see a doctor for the cut on her head, but she told me it's ok as she will apply medicine back home. I then passed her the plastic bags and left, hoping the cut is not as serious as the blood earlier showed, telling her to take care and then I left to meet Lenz. She should be fine by now.

After lunch, went to Hougang Mall to meet Matthew, Jayson, Ming Hui and Han Boon to go Hougang Plaza's K-Box. Ming Hui and Han Boon left after about 2 hours - so fast! Leaving the 3 of us, we sang till 9pm. The new waitress there was friendly. Chatted with her a little and found out she's a new staff - no wonder never see her when I went there often in the past. Then walked home, had dinner, watched TV, chatted a lot online, again. (these few days seemed to chat a lot). Just spent 20min finishing my DBMS assignment, which is due tomorrow. Luckily, it was not too difficult. Going to watch Champions League now.. Arsenal vs Inter Milan.
- Chen Lim


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