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Sunday, 7 Aug 2005, 16:36:16pm Mood: Delighted
Just came back from 7 days, 6 nights field camp of my BMT. To me, I think it's mentally tired more than physically tired. Just go through it with a positive mindset and there should be no problem. I think my Falcon company, platoon 3 is welfare enough not to 'tekan' us so much during this field camp. I can say it's memorable but I would not want to go through it again! Another news is that 1 day before my field camp, I got a silver for my IPPT.

Now more on the field camp, I've seen a lot of things over these 7 days. Staying in rubber plantation for the first 2 nights, seeing fireflies in the night. It was the 1st time in my life that I saw a firefly. Then there's this beautiful sight of lots and lots and lots of stars in the sky - outstanding! I even picked up some rubber seeds and brought them back home. :p

The 3rd morning, our commanders threw thunder-flash and smoke grenade around our tentage areas. This is part of training - a 'turn-out' and we must be able to evacuate and pack everything and fall in within the shortest time possible. It was exciting. Then we march off to oil palm plantation. Training there was on engaging with enemy fire and stuffs like that. We get to shoot blank rounds with our rifle. The rounds were like free-flow. Shoot so much of it! But each round costs only 30cents to the SAF, so who cares, I just shoot as much as I can!! heh heh

4th day of field camp is technical break whereby we had no training from afternoon till the night and we were given shelter in a building. However, the unfortunate thing was that it rained damn heavily on our 5th day. Our tentage area was flooded - with muddy water. The little drainage system that we dig was not able to contain the thunderstorm. So we had to suffer and train in wet uniform that day - demoralising. There's nothing that can be done, except to endure and tahan.

6th night, we set off to another location again, this time to a reclaimed land for our trench digging exercise. Each individual had to dig something called a shellscrape for our ownself to sleep at night. The trench must be deep enough for us to lie down, flushed to the ground. Uniform wet with sweat after the digging exercise. At night, some do not dare or do not want to sleep in the trench that they had digged for themselves. As for me, I thought it was something that I want to experience, so I just lie down in and sleep in the soil / sand. It was also due to putting in so much effort earlier on, so might as well do not waste my own digging effort.

The last activity before we march back to our company line was the BIC (Battle Incolation Course). In this training, we had to crawl about 60m - 70m. There are only 2 crawling techniques allowed - leopard crawl and backcrawl. Need to crawl because there are barbed wires above your back. It is to simulate a wartime experience or something like that. The crawl is tiring indeed, physically. And the stress of live rounds firing over your head by GPMGs (General Purpose Machine Gun) did not help.

Fieldcamp was something like that, in short. The other thing worth mentioning is that I did 4 nights of sentry duties of a total of 6 nights, for some stupid reasons. Luckily, each sentry duty session only lasts for 1hr. So I still can take it. 1 hour passes very quickly, as I always tell myself 'The longest hour is only 60 minutes.' After the fieldcamp, I've really learned to appreciate the cookhouse food and the bed in our bunk. They are so luxurious as compared to outfield where we have to sleep in tents with mosquitos, ants, insects and frogs around you; eat combat ration which tastes horrible, etc.

There was a weird encounter during the field camp, but I do not want to mention here. To me, I just thought it was something which I hear wrongly. But there was another weird encounter before our fieldcamp. It happened in our own bunk. My section mate's cup flew and hit his buddy's hand at 10+ in the night. Very stunning and difficult to put into words. So I shall not type the story in. Anyone who wish to know, maybe I can re-enact for you when we have coffee together next time.

That's all for my entry. So long never post any entry here, but will try to post via GPRS when I have time in camp. Otherwise, wait for me to pass out from my BMT! I will post regularly.
- Chen Lim


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