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Wednesday, 25 Aug 2004, 21:07:04pm Mood: Pleased
After lunch at North Canteen in school yesterday, I drove to Thomson Plaza's Swensen for desert. Thanks Zhihao for the treat of Topless 5. After that, we returned back to school for our FYPJ, till 5pm before going home.

Had my dinner at home, then ooked a pair of tickets online for movie Stepford Wives at Marina Sqaure's Golden Village. The show's rating is Drama / Horror but the real thing is a little comedy and boliao show. Wasted money and time. sigh. Anyway, reached home at 1+, slept at 2+. Too tired to watch any TV.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 24 Aug 2004, 20:58:15pm Mood: Satisfied
Yesterday reached school just before 8.45am. Mother called at 11+, saying that she wanted to use the car in the noon, to go to Loyang Dua Beh Gong temple, with my cousin and auntie. Immediately, I decided to join them, with the intention of not going back to school after that. So I left school at about 12.20pm, fetch my auntie at Ang Mo Kio Street 61. Then came back to Hougang to meet up with my mother, and finally to Punggol Marina to pick up my cousin, who worked there. With my mother giving directions, I drove to the temple at Loyang.

After praying, we went to Rivervale Mall for lunch. Another auntie of mine worked in the food court there, so we had our lunch there. Went to NTUC to shop after lunch. Then mother and cousin and auntie wanted to go to Compass Point. Of course I did not want to join in, so I walked home myself from Compass Point. Long 25min walk! Went online till about 8pm before going out for dinner. Went to Hup Seng Hng at Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 with family, it's been a long time since we had dinner there! Yummy!

After dinner, came back home, surfed net, played around with firewall, as well as helped brother and his gf to search for a wav file splitter as she needed to split a wav file of more than 3hrs of lecture. Anyway, went to sleep at around 4am.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 23 Aug 2004, 22:15:57pm Mood: Delighted
Friday - Yet another boring day in school for FYPJ. Slept in the evening from 6pm till 10pm. Had my dinner and watched TV at the same time from 11+ till about 2+, then turned in for the night. Sleepy Friday night.

Saturday - Came to school for halfday for FYPJ. Then went home took a bath, had instant noodles for lucnh, while watching recorded tape, Mystic Investigation Files. Fell asleep at 2+ till 6pm. Went to Toa Payoh to fetch dear for dinner at 7+. Initially, I wanted to go to Balestier Road for Western Food, but can't find the stall. So we ended up having chicken rice, kang kong and fried you tiaos at Thomson Road. This is the stall I've always spotted crowded with people, even late at nights. I thought it will be nice, so tried it - not indeed. After our dinner, she suggested watching movie at Plaza Singapura, but there's no showtimes available for the movies that we wanted to watch. The earliest were all after 1am. In the end, went home at 1am.

Sunday - Had curry fish head for breakfast at Jurong with family in the morning. Reached home at 1+. Finished watching the recorded tape before using my computer. Tried a new firewall, Sygate and spent quite a lot of time on it. Went out for dinner at Ang Mo Kio, just before 8pm. Had Hokkien Mee at Blk 453, saw Waixiong and his gf while dining halfway. After dinner, went downstairs to watch 7th month Ge Tai with my father! The annual Ge Tai is back again at Hougang Green's Fu Fa Foodcourt. It's as entertaining as the past few years! Rocks It was the second consecutive night, but I doubt there will be a third this time round. Last time there used to be at least 3 nights of consecutive performances. The Ge Tai ended just before 12am. Actually supposed to meet Lenz to watch soccer at 11pm, but cancelled it with him. Paiseh hor Lenz, next week then we watch. Slept at 4am after watching the next 2 episodes of Mystic Investigation Files on tape. Superb night, the mood for 7th month hungry ghost festival is here.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 20 Aug 2004, 21:36:58pm Mood: Satisfied
Tuesday - Just another day at FYPJ, but after my lunch at North Canteen, went to Swensens for some ice-cream. I drove to Bishan's new Swensens outlet, together with Daniel, Zhihao and Kuan Min. Daniel and Kuan Min had main course while Zhihao and myself had a Topless 5 each. There's a promotion for Topless 5 which costs only $1.39. We left Bishan back to school at 1+, then for home at 5pm. Had dinner, did nothing much except TV, chat online and TV again.

Wednesday - Yet another routine day at FYPJ. Went back home at 5pm, took a bath before going back to school again, to fetch dear. We went to Ang Mo Kio Central's Jubilee to catch movie - Collateral. Not a very nice movie, average only. Then bought 2 wafers from Prima Deli. After eating 1, we left Ang Mo Kio. Just before sending her home, went to Toa Payoh Lorong 5's hawker as dear wanted to da bao grilled chicken wings back home. After that, I went to Hougang to pick up Lenz, then along the way on AMK ave 5 towards Thomson, picked up nz. We went to Prata King for dinner / supper. Despite not having any dinner tonight, with only 1 wafer in my eaten about 2hrs ago, I still cannot finish my 1 piece of cheese prata. I did not know why is this so either. Left the place at 12+, sent nz and Lenz home before going home myself. Nice talk and supper although I did not fill my stomach.

Thursday - Reached school at about 8.45 for FYPJ. Went to swim at 11am, swam 12 laps lazily and left the pool at about 12pm. Had lunch at Ang Mo Kio Central, the hawker centre beside Courts. I drove over and a total of 6 people squeezed in the car. Dear, Vivian, Daniel, Zhihao and his friend (Hui Hui) and myself. After eating, strolled around in Central till nearly 2pm before returning to school. Knock off at 5pm, went to my uncle's office to help him check his computer which was infected with virus. Settled everything and reached home at about 8pm. What a long day! After my dinner at night, I went online for a while. Then watched Garfield on the PC. I fell asleep at about 12+, I think. Too long a day...
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 18 Aug 2004, 08:43:10am Mood: Angry
Sunday - Slept till 2pm, head a few biscuits with Milo as lunch. It's been a long time since I mixed biscuits with Milo. As for dinner, had a superb full one - 1 regular Pizza from PizzaHut! The current promotion is buy 1 get 1 free, so my brother ate 1, I ate 1. After dinner, I went online till 11.30pm, then went to Changi Airport with brother to fetch my parents, coming back from their 1 week Taiwan holiday trip. Chatted online, on phone and watched TV till 5+ before sleeping.

Monday - It was the first day of my Final Year ProJect aka FYPJ. After 12 weeks of industrial attachment to PSA, I had to go through another 12 weeks of FYPJ! Have to go to school every weekday from 8.30am to 5.00pm and Saturdays from 8.30am to 1.00pm. Sigh, boring! Anyway, I'm assigned a project related to Bio-Informatics. Again, I smelt foul play behind the scene, assigning me this kind of project. I had never take any electives related to biomedical, and my final year specialisation is also NOT bioinformatics. However, there's xiao ren who wants to bring me down, by giving me unrelated project. Too , all I can say is that this fucker will not get what he wants to do to me. Anyway, the project description was a short paragraph describing very briefly about the project. But in this short paragraph, there are tons of medical terms which I think I do not understand 10 out of every 20 jargons!

Whatever that is, I do not care for now as we are still clueless on what to do, what's expected of us, what's the expected final product. No project specs, no expected product, want us to do project? This is BULLSHIT. Anyway, my team has got 3 members, I'm grouped with Diana (malay girl from my class) and Faisal.

I went downstairs to help my father pray for 7th month hungry ghost festival at 7+. Came back had dinner and went online. At 11.20pm in the night, went to Prata King off Upper Thomoson Road for supper with Lenz. It's been quite some time since I met him for supper. I only had a cheese prata and teh-chino. After our meals, Lenz suggested going to Old Upper Thomson Road aka Devils Bend for a detour. So I drove in, took 4-5 mins to come out of the road. A little tension sets in while we're inside as the fact is that it's the 1st day of the 7th Month Hungry Ghost Festival.

Lastly, for FUCKER JC: FUCK is you, JC! Maybe you should see this and come and approach me, call yourself a man. No, you are FUCK.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 16 Aug 2004, 05:28:10am Mood: Bored
Yesterday slept till about 2pm. Watched TV for a while before going to Ang Mo Kio Central's S-11 to meet Matthew and SP. Had my lunch with dear, Matthew left first while we were eating halfway. After we finished our meal, I sent her back home to take a bath while I went to Toa Payoh Central's Shop N Save, wanting to buy some vegetables back to cook dinner at night. Met Lenz at Toa Payoh Central, he accompanied me to Shop N Save but in the end I did not buy anything as I've called my mother and found out that there's actually vegetable back home that can be cooked.

So I accompanied Lenz to bus-stop as he wanted to take bus to Kovan to meet his friend. After that, I went back to pick up dear at her carpark. We went to Imation's warehouse sales at Toa Payoh Lorong 8. Bought 50 pieces of CDRs for $18.00 only, but without a casing. After that, we came back home. I cooked dinner only at about 11pm. Did not taste as nice as I would have expected. Anyway, this is the first time I prepared, cooked, washed up, all alone, without my mother's supervising beside. Improvements will be made the next time! After dinner, watched Olympics on TV till I fell asleep at 2+. Meanwhile, dear watched till 3am before waking me up to send her back.
- Chen Lim


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