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Saturday, 14 Aug 2004, 15:25:20pm Mood: Delighted
Industrial Placement Programme at PSA is over! I believe I will miss the place (including Seah Im Food Centre opposite HarbourFront Centre) despite the dust and noise pollution produced by certain people. No matter what, I was there for the past 12 weeks and life there is a combination of fun, work, play, watch, eat, talk cock and much more. However, there's an end to everything, so up next is back to school for Final Year Project. Still remembered the first day we reported for work at PSA, most were unfamiliar faces but we did well to create a bond to survive our IPP in a fun and easy way! We have our own blog, hosted locally in the office, which will be ported over back to school during our FYPJ, hope our spirits can continue there. Cheers to everyone!

Very busy with IPP's final report when I stepped into the office in the morning. Also had a last task to complete for my supervisor. He treated me to lunch at Pasta Mania, which sucked. Not nice at all. Ate togther with Ivan and his OIC and a few more of their colleagues. Pasta Mania was never a nice fast food restaurant to me all these while, so no surprises this noon as well.

Our final day at IPP ended at 5.30pm. With 1 minute left, Weilun, Ivan Lee, Meng Hao and I sat in front of my computer to start counting out the last 10 seconds! Initial plan was that all of us gather together to count down, but some went back early, while the others did not join in. Meng Hao was so committed in his work (which he's about to finish), refusing to go home, despite time's up! Aloysius, Weilun and me waited for him to finish his stuffs while we chatted among ourselves and talked cock. Finally, Meng How finished his job at 7.05pm! Our normal knocking off time is 6.30pm, meaning he worked 1hr 35min extra on his last day of IPP! I respect him for his superb responsibility displayed. This is the first time I left the office at such a late hour.

Together with Aloysius and Meng How, 3 of us went to Kovan's hawker centre to have curry rice. After dinner, we went in to Heartland Mall to stroll 1 round in the shopping mall before going back home individually. Upon returning home, I logged online for a while before bathing. After my bath, went to dear's place to fetch her to my place. She wanted to use my computer to transfer some files to her Nokia 6230, as her computer's O/S is not supported by the phone's software. Watched Zong Yi Da Ge Da while she's using the computer. Sent her back home at about 2.30am. Going to watch TV now.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 13 Aug 2004, 21:21:06pm Mood: Delighted
Wednesday: Went to Hougang Avenue 8 for Hainan Curry Rice with my brother. He picked me up at Hougang MRT after work and we went there to settle our dinner. Queued for 10min but we only spent 5min eating the small plate. After that, we went home, I took a bath, watched TV and went online. At about 11pm, I went to pick up Daniel, then to Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 to pick up Matthew and Zhihao. We went to Upper Thomson's Prata House. A little regretted that did not go in to Prata King. After eating 2 pratas, I felt that Prata House's standard had dropped. We chatted till 1+ before leaving.

Thursday: Yesterday after work, brother picked me up at Hougang MRT. I took a bath upon reaching home, then went to dear's place to pick her up. Actually I wanted to go to Bedok South Road to have $1 Chicken Rice, but the stall was already closed for the day. Eventually, we went to Bedok Central to have our dinner. Chatted till 11.30pm before going home.

Today is Friday the 13th! However, it's a day for me, it's the final day of my attachment at PSA... to or to ? Mixed feelings...
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 11 Aug 2004, 21:15:14pm Mood: Pleased
I had to wake up myself for work yesterday as my parents aren't around to wake me up this week! I set alarm on my hp, and I actually managed to wake up! Dear called to wake me up as well. Woke up lazily, wash up, took a bath before walking to Hougang MRT myself. Usually dad will send me there, but I had to walk this time. On the way there, I saw a stall selling vegetables, there's fried bee hoon beside, so I stopped to buy that for my breakfast. Suprisingly, I reached office earlier than normal!

After work, brother picked me up at Hougang MRT and we went to Hougang South (Kovan) for our dinner before going back home. I fell asleep while watching TV at about 9+, woke up at 10+, took a shower and started the washing machine. He did the hanging of the clothes after washing machine had completed its job. Meanwhile, I watched TV till about 2am before going into my dreams. Mother did call back home, told brother that they had just finished watching the recording of Zong Yi Da Ge Da live in Taiwan!!! That sounds nice..
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 11 Aug 2004, 06:29:35am Mood: Delighted
Yesterday morning woke up at 7+ in the morning, took a bath, had breakfast before sending my parents to airport. They will be having a holiday in Taiwan for a week. My brother fetch his gf over to our place early in the morning and bought breakfast back. His gf went along with us and he drove to airport. After seeing them off, brother sent his gf home and we went home to change our clothes before going out again, to wash cars this time. We each drove a car to father's factory to wash.

After that, I went home to watch TV and slept for the whole afternoon. Woke up just in time to watch the National Day Parade 'live' on TV. At 8pm, I went to Toa Payoh to fetch dear, and went to the S-11 beside Jalan Besar Stadium to have my dinner.

Going to be home alone for 1 week now.. with my brother.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 9 Aug 2004, 14:59:53pm Mood: Delighted
As I slept too late this morning, so failed to wake up at 10+ in the morning to join my family for breakfast. Sigh, they left without me. Brother da bao back, but I only ate it at 4pm! Watched the final episode of anime, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Damn nice and touching! Superb piece of anime! Went to Takashimaya to pick up dear at 7pm. We made our way to Marina Bay to watch fireworks, 2nd of the 3 to be displayed by the government in celebration of our nation's 39th birthday.

The traffic jam is the WORST I ever met since I passed my driving more than 5months ago! We took about 1hr to reach Marina Square's carpark, from Takashimaya!! Unbelievable!! We went out of the Pan Pacific Hotel's exit (carpark links to Pan Pacific Hotel), and from there walked towards Marina Bay. At the overhead bridge between Suntec and City Link Mall, there's jam again - HUMAN JAM this time! Finally, after a difficult time on the road (both by car and legs), reached a place where we're able to watch the fireworks. Just opposite Embassay. It's almost impossible to walk further in to Marina Bay as the human jam is again, unbelievable!

At 8.30pm sharp, the fireworks lit up the dark sky, many people screamed in delight! I began to take photographs of the colourful, beautiful firework! It lasted for about 10min. After that, we went to a carnival along Marina Bay. Dear tempted by the Music Dance ride, so we went for a ride. Superb ride, spinning from slow to fast to fastest, turning in circles in random direction. Exciting! But the techno beats started to take its toll on my head, began to feel a little giddy and headache. Sigh. The ride, though a little expensive, but is real fun and cool! Power~! After the ride, we bought something to eat and drink at the carnival. After that, walked all the way back to Marina Square carpark - it's a real LONG way back!

Then went to Toa Payoh Lorong 5's hawker centre to have Satay and grilled chicken wings. 2 of us ordered 20 satays, each took 10! I think that's damn much! But I suppose dear think otherwise. After that, I sent dear back before reaching home at about 1am myself. What a long but exciting, interesting day! Especially the ride on Music Dance, as it's been a really long time since I last took this kind of ride. The nearest was Clark Quay's I-Max Bungee on the 1st day of 2004. However, these are totally 2 different type of excitment! Similarity is both are superb? heh heh :p Lastly, Happy 39th Birthday to Singapore!

Edited on Monday, 9 Aug 2004, 03:11:58am
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 8 Aug 2004, 19:15:29pm Mood: Delighted
Woke up at around 12pm in the noon, then went for lunch at Hougang Ave 8 with mother and brother. After that, returned home, watched TV for a while before sleeping again. At night, went for dinner at Ang Mo Kio Central's S-11 with my parents. Had Lamb Chop! After that, we went to shop at four seasons shopping centre located near the S-11.

At around 11+ in the night, met primary school friends, SK for supper. I went to Ah Bin's block to fetch him, then across the road to fetch Ah Hong and wife. We reached Upper Thomson's Prata King at 11.30, Ah Tat joined us some 15min later. After we finished our meals and talking cock, Ah Hong and wife sat in my car, while Ah Bin followed Ah Tat. As we went different routes, suddenly Tat called to say that he wanted to race with me. So I waited for him at a petrol station off AMK Ave 6. As we were waiting, Ah Hong suggested going to Geylang to 'sight-see'. Once Ah Tat reached, we told him and he said he's 'ON', so off we go, crazily - as usual! Upon reaching our destination, we went in to different lorongs to sight-see, till slightly after 2am. Then left for home. Chatted with dear till about 7am before sleeping.

- Chen Lim

Sunday, 8 Aug 2004, 10:19:51am Mood: Delighted
Thursday - After work, went home for supper, then watched TV while waiting for dear to be home. Went to her house to pick her up to Bishan for tea. Reached back her house slightly after 12, but I suddenly wanted to have supper. So instead of sending her back home, we went off for supper at Geylang. Had Dou Hua from You Tiao Da Wang at Lorong 9. Reached home at 2+.

Friday - Went home for a bath immediately after work, then went up to dear's place to fetch her. We went to Nooch Noodles Bar at Wheelock Place for dinner. Parked at the FOC carpark again. Reached back home at 2am. Washed up and went online. Explained some java to vv till 5.30am! What a tough job! As I'm feeling hungry, I had some biscuits before chatting with dear over the phone till 6.30am.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 6 Aug 2004, 06:18:05am Mood: Confused
Did nothing except had dinner, watched TV and sleep last night after returning home from work. Slept at about 10pm.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 4 Aug 2004, 23:41:40pm Mood: Delighted
Took a bath upon reaching home after work, then went out for dinner with dear. We went to Bedok North Avenue 4, Blk 85 Fengshan Hawker Centre. Before we find a seat and order our food, we walked around the whole hawker centre twice in search of Fried Dao Gua, as dear wanted to da bao for her mother, whom had heard that the Fried Dao Gua is nice. However, we can't find any stall selling that. In the end, we bought porridge and I asked the stall helper about the Fried Dao Gua. We were told that the stall had stop business there already. Anyway, we had Ba Chor Mee, and Chicken Wings.

But I'm still not full, so after sending SP home, I went home to have Ang Kuey and Ice-Cream while watching TV and recorded tape - Zhong Yi Da Ge Da. As I have still not yet recovered from my flu since last week, I took a flu medicine given by the doctor last week. This medicine will cause drowsiness, hence I only took 1 since last week despite still having ongoing runny nose. I took it after my icecream at about 2+. And the effect came at 3+ when I just fell asleep. But this morning woke up, feeling quite ok so far, at least no need tissue for my nose till now! I'm now reading up on the effects of lack of sleep on a human being. I guess what I've read so far very much apply to me! sigh. Should I sleep more? But sleep too much is a waste of time, isn't it?
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 4 Aug 2004, 01:55:36am Mood: Satisfied
Very busy day at work yesterday. Went home for dinner. Watched TV, and fell asleep before 11pm. Woke up at 3+ but went back to sleep, till this morning 7+. Sleeping Monday night!
- Chen Lim

Monday, 2 Aug 2004, 21:31:57pm Mood: Satisfied
Friday - Actually wanted to go to Bishan's Sistic outlet to purchase tickets for the 933 Singapore Hits Awards. However, the traffic jam on the road made me reached Toa Payoh quite late. The Sistic outlet closes at 8pm and we reached Junction 8 at 8.10pm. So there goes our chance to be in time for the last day of privilege booking (for Radio Card Holders). We went for our dinner at Takashimaya's Breeks after that. This is the first time I found and parked at the free carpark at Orchard, as recommended by brother. :p We then left for home at about 11+

Saturday - Afternoon had lunch with mother, brother and uncle. Uncle treated us to Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Blk 453's Kway Zhap. After lunch, I went home, used computer till about 5pm, before leaving for dear's place. Used her computer to search for Sistic outlets' locations. In the end, we decided to go to Singapore Visitor's Centre's outlet. Reached at 7pm, but the staff was out for dinner and would only be back at 8pm. By 8pm, the outlet would have already closed! so we went across the road to Specialist Shopping Centre to get the tickets.

After that, we walked over to Plaza Singapura as dear wanted to dine at Snoopy Place. But the restaurant was closed since mid-July. As we bumped into my brother and his gf earlier on, I knew that they were going for their dinner at Pasta Cafe. I quickly called my brother, telling him to eat together. He was already in the queue, waiting for seats at Pasta Cafe at Takashimaya. So dear and me rushed from PS to Taka in roughly 10min! The 4 of us ate together, thanks brother for the treat! Nice food!

After the dinner, we went out separate ways. I went to buy some breads from Crystal Jade Bakery. After that, with the help of dear and Street Directory, we made our way up to Mount Faber. Stayed there till 11+ and SP suddenly said she wanted to have grilled chicken wings, totally catching me in surprise as she does not have a habit for supper. Dear wanted to eat, of course we went for it! I decided to go back to Orchard's temporary food stalls for the Singapore Food Festival to eat the chicken wings. Althought the Singapore Food Festival is over, but these food stalls will remain put till February 2005. This time, parked at Meridien Hotel's carpark, bought drinks froom 7-11, before crossing the road to the food stalls. Chicken wings must wait for about 20min, so we waited, ate, and then went home. Liked the surprise dear gave me. haha

Sunday - Went for breakfast with family at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10's market. Then went home, watched TV from about 1pm to nearly 7pm! Watched more than 6hours of Korean drama, Winter Sonata, recorded on tape over the past few weeks! Very tiring after watching such a draggy show. Logged online for a few minutes before going back to TV again. Then went for dinner at 8+ with my parents before coming home. Used the computer upon reaching home, chatted online as well. Also watched about 4 episodes of anime, Full Moon wo Sagashite before chatting on the phone with SP. I'm now left with 4 episodes of Full Moon wo Sagashite, should finish watching it by today. Meanwhile, back to work now.
- Chen Lim


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