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Friday, 29 Aug 2003, 15:30:01pm Mood: Satisfied
I did not post any entry last night as I'm really too tired and busy! It's been a very busy week thus far! Had C++ debugging quiz yesterday, and it does not seems to be going smoothly for me whenever I do C++. Really can't get used to the syntax and strange coding techniques. When I was at home in the night, I read the textbook, hoping to get used to it soon. Then did a C++ practical question out of 2 before turning in. Looked up into the sky, trying to see Mars. Yesterday, 27th August 2003, Mars is supposed to be closest to the moon in the sky, at least for the past 60,000 years. This is really a rare scenario! However, the 'Mars' I saw was the same as what I saw a week earlier - a little orangey, bigger than a star, does not blink. But the moon was nowhere to be seen

Had 9am lesson early this morning, slept for only about 3hrs. Met Marcus to return him his CD before going for lecture. He passed me the photograph, (heard people say I look nice inside, heh) taken at Felicia's chalet last month. Lesson ended at 10am, and we had a long 4hrs break. Matthew, Jayson, myself and Huixiong (who joined us in the last minute) went to Jubilee to watch horror movie, The Tales Of Two Sisters. The whole cinema was totally EMPTY, except for the 4 of us!! This is the first time I watched a movie without any strangers in the same cinema. The show seemed a little boring at first, but started to get more and more scary and shocking as the show continued. I wanted to scream for fun at 1 particular moment, but got stunned by the scene and I really screamed out! All of us jumped up from our seats a little, for at least 2 times in the 2 hour show! Very exciting and scary, plus a bit confusing! The lunar 7th month ended yesterday, so no fear.

Then went back to school for lunch and lesson. Lesson ended at 3pm, went to the lab to print some tutorials and project. After that, it's sleeping time back at home. Took an afternoon nap as I'm really too tired from lack of sleep last night, or rather this whole week. Was supposed to watch S.League at Toa Payoh Stadium with Matthew and Jayson, meeting them 7pm at Ang Mo Kio bus stop. But when I woke up, it was already 7pm, so I told them to go ahead first. I quickly took a bath and went out immediately. Reached there at 8.15pm, halftime whistle was blown within 2min of my arrival.

After the match, we went to Toa Payoh central for dinner, I had a light one as my mother already cooked my share back at home, so have to go home to eat 2nd round. On our way to the bus interchange, we walked past 'Cake History'. Their mooncakes were on offer - Buy 1 box, get 2 boxes FREE! The banner caught our attention, we ended up buying 1 box, and getting 2 boxes for free. We split the 3 different flavours with one another, each paying less than $10 to get a box of 4 big mooncakes, CHEAP and GREEN!

Reached home just before 12am, had my dinner, before coming online, till now. Will try to finish my C++ practical before going to sleep later.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 28 Aug 2003, 09:07:24am Mood: Tired
Another long day yesterday. Although there's no lessons for the day, but we had an extra lecture on Java's JDBC bridge, which is used for connecting to database using Java Programming. I thought it will be an interesting lesson, can learn something new, but to my dismay, the lesson lasted LESS than 30min. After that, a total of 5 of us who were planning to go to HongKong went to another tour agency, which we thought had a cheaper deal for us. It was only after we reached there that we found out that the package is actually more expensive than what we already found. So we ended up confirming with the tour agency (Kent Holidays) at Tanglin Mall, beside Matthew's workplace, Thai Restaurant Patara.

After that, it was already around 6pm. I made my way down to Loyang's Aloha Chalet, my cousin's chalet which is still on! Mother and cousin and her friend had already started the mahjong session over there. When I reached there, I took over from my mother to play. Played for a while, before my father came with my dinner. Had my dinner, had Tiger, of course. After that, it was back to Tiger + Peanuts + TV. Stayed there till 10.40pm before going home.

Watched TV, log online to check emails after 2 days of inactivity online. Was tired, so laid on bed but did not sleep until 4+ in the morning.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 27 Aug 2003, 11:59:21am Mood: Delighted
Two days never post any entry cause was really too busy. Sunday was sleeping day again. Slept till 3pm in the noon, woke up, ate a little, then went out for dinner at night. After dinner at Toa Payoh, Kah Wei and his brother and Weiqiang came up my house to watch EPL match between Aston Villa and Liverpool. While Lenz came up to do his project with my help.

The match ended at 11pm, Kah Wei, his brother and Weiqiang went home while I was still on my laptop working on Lenz's project. Finally after a long struggle, we finished at 3am. And the following Monday, which was yesterday, I was supposed to have a Java quiz, 3am still doing other people's project. At 3am, we went downstairs with our hungry stomachs, hoping to get some food, but the 24-hrs kopitiam only have the drink stall still open. Nothing to eat, he walked home, and I came back home to eat bread. After that, watched Real Madrid's match and browse through some notes on Java.

Yesterday was a super busy and long day! Lesson at 10am, ended at 5pm. During a 2 hrs break, we went to the tour agency in school for updates from them regarding our trip to Hong Kong. They failed to book any hotel for us, so we had to cancel the booking from them. Due to some funny circumstances, we ended up joking and laughing away with the students on attachments in the tour agency.

School ended at 5pm, we went to Tanglin Mall to book our trip with the agency which offers a cheaper deal. As we had cancel our booking with the school's agency, so we had to book outside. After everything, my mother gave me a suprise phone call, telling me that my cousin had a chalet for her son's 1 year old birthday. So my family came to Tanglin Mall to fetch me to Aloha Loyang Chalet together. I had BBQ food as my dinner there at 9+.

That was a government chalet, it can only be booked by Civil servants. The chalet was very spacious with 1 living room, 1 pouch, 1 spacious place for BBQ, 1 kitchen and more astonishing, 4 BIG ROOMS with toilets in every single room! My other cousin told us to play Mahjong at 11+. Since my brother don't have to book in that night, and I have no school today, we stayed and play. However, I did not play, I was very tired after the long day. My mother and brother played with cousin and her friend. Meanwhile, I accompanied my father in the living room, drinking TIGER BEER, eating peanuts and watching TV. My father then went to sleep in his car. After watching them mahjong for a while, I went into the car to sleep as well. Got mosqitoes bites, never really got to sleep, just a little rest.

Then at 3+, their mahjong session ended, and we all went home after that. Finally got to bath back at home after such a long and tiring day. Then watched TV for a while before falling asleep. What a start to the week!
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 24 Aug 2003, 16:00:08pm Mood: Delighted
Had CCNA lesson from 9am-1pm today. After lesson, had my lunch bought home, then sleep. Slept till 3.30pm, prepare to go for ZPOP Concert. Left home slightly before 4pm, got my biggest shock of the month! As I was walking to Hougang MRT, a police patrol car stopped by the road side and stopped me! Both police officers get off their car, interviewd me stupid questions, such as 'Where do I stay? Did I bring my I/C with me? Am I involve in a fight before? Where am I going? Have I served NS? Where am I studying? What do I have with me in my pocket, etc..' I was totally caught by surprise! 1 of them took some details from my I/C, as well as my answers to their strange questions. I still started to chit chat with him. Telling him I am going for the ZPOP Concert. He asked me how I got my tickets, I told him all the ways which tickets could be exchanged, where is the even being held at, etc. After they finish, they thanked me and went off. I wanted to ask them what is all these for, but I'm in a rush and they were fast also. Reason being a few days ago, I also saw a guy got checked at the multi-storey carpark near my block.

I then meet up with Jayson and Jin Keat at City Hall MRT. Bought breads from BreadTalk and drinks. Then it started to rain quite heavily. Nevertheless, we rushed across the road towards Padang (ZPOP concert 's venue) in the rain. Then we joined the queue to enter. Most people were sharing umbrellas except for the 3 of us. Then we managed to borrow an umbrella from an auntie behind us. So the 3 of us shared a little umbrella. Upon reaching the ticket usher, we realised that our tickets were with Anthony (who actually is giving us but haven't meet up with him). Jin Keat only had 2 tickets with him and there're 3 of us. Just as I was asking the ticket usher if we could stand nearby to wait, the auntie who borrowed us her umbrella offered us 1 extra ticket she had. Really BIG THANKS to this kind and helpful auntie! If not, I think we can only enter at a much later time.

There were security checks at the entrance, with security guards stopping us from bringing our breads and drinks into the place. So we stood there to finish our breads. But I bought a 1.5litres mineral water, can't possibly finish it, so I smuggled it in, or rather walked in with it openly. At that time, the rain had already stopped, so we returned the umbrella to the auntie and went sperated ways. We managed to get quite view, near the stage. However, after standing for about 15min, the rain started pouring down again! Again, and very luckily, we met another friendly and kind couple who borrowed us their umbrella. 3 of us shared a little umbrella for more than an hour in a super heavy downpour, half my body was wet when the concert officially started! In fact, it was still drizzling at that time, but we had stopped using any umbrella cause we do not want to block people standing behind us. But people in front are very inconsiderate to be still holding their umbrellas. As the concert begins to take off, more people stopped using their umbrellas despite the rain pouring down.

There's a couple standing very much in front, and only 1 out of so many thousand people, they are still holding their umbrella after a long time. People jeered at them, threw things at them, signalling them to stop using it as it's blocking the view of people behind them. Finally they kept it, clear view! Concert lasted from 7pm - 12am! Although most were drenched, but all were happy to be able to see their favourite artistes! The hosts said there's an estimated more than 2 million spectators in the Padang! Great atmosphere for an outdoor concert with 16 groups / individuals, making up a strong contigent of about 30 artistes in all!

After the concert, the 3 of us went back to Ang Mo Kio Central's S11 for dinner and kopi. I took a cab home after that, reaching home just before 2am. Had a long shower, and here am I making my entry for today. That's all for today, written too much on the concert, but there are still a lot of details being left out. Will be keeping them in memory for a long time to come, unforgetable concert! The biggest chinese concert ever organised. It's organised by ZaoBao to celebrate their 80th annivesary and main sponsor is Hang Ten. Hang Ten's model this year is Li Xie Jie, very sweet girl, saw her at the concert in a Hang Ten fashion show as well. Sweet and nicee Going to sleep now.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 23 Aug 2003, 14:19:33pm Mood: Tired
Was super tired yesterday! Rushing everywhere like mad. Lesson supposed to end at 6pm, but lecturer was absent, hence I left at around 5.30pm, I thought I have enough time to go home, and then reach Scotts Shopping Centre by 6.30pm (which I had an appointment with a client to further discuss a project). But I reached home at 6pm, hence I told the client to delay 15min to meet at 6.45pm. Still I do not think there's enough time, so I took a cab to Kovan MRT, instead of walking to Hougang MRT as usual. From there I took North East Line to Dhoby Ghaut, then transferred to Orchard MRT. However, in a madness rush, I took the train in the WRONG direction! Alighted at City Hall to switch back to the correct direction back to Orchard. Was late for about 10min in the end.

Anyway, managed to meet up with them, and discussed more on their website. Things are starting to get started now, at least they have told me what colours and stuffs they want. Will be making the changes for them over the weekend and let them see the product next Tuesday. Went straight home for dinner after meeting them. Dinner at 9+ so late after such a hectic day!

Read some Cisco Networking notes online before watching VCD, then sleep. Woke up at 11am today. Went to school for a swim with Matthew and Jayson. Swam for slightly more than an hour, then had our lunch, and then went for lessons. Only 2 hours lessons from 3-5pm today. Relaxed!

After lesson, Matthew and I went in search of the 'Amphi-theatre' which was actually located beside the Stadium at SBM! Initially still thought it was the Theatre of Arts but it's under renovation now. The reason why we are searching for this place is because there's a mini-concert by Fan Yi Cheng, Zhang Zhi Cheng and Melody Chen. All of whom will be performing in the ZPOP Concert tomorrow. Zhang Zhi Cheng was very, very funny, cracked some nice and funny jokes!

After the concert, went home, then went out again for dinner. Then go back home again for awhile, before going down to kopitiam again. Talked on phone for an hour++ after coming back from kopitiam. Now going to check some emails, before continuing to watch VCD and movie, recorded earlier this week on SCV. Tomorrow early morning 9am have lesson for CCNA again, yawnz. But after that, will be going to the ZPOP concert! That's all for now...
- Chen Lim

Friday, 22 Aug 2003, 11:08:32am Mood: Delighted
Had an enjoyable day yesterday. No lessons, woke up in the noon, bathed, and went straight to Hougang Mall to meet Khing Tat. Bought a curry puff for lunch, then we walked to K-Box at Hougang Plaza. Reached there at 1.45pm, took the adult package which allows us to sing till 7pm and if there are rooms available after 7pm, we will be allowed to sing till 9pm! Ribin then joined us at around 4pm.

He then ordered a jug of Tiger Beer, which he said he will treat. I drank a couple of glasses, and he drank most of it. Halfway through our singing, a waiter came in, asking us to take photo. As we do not want to take, so we told him 7th lunar month cannot anyhow take photo, telling him of Khing Tat and Ribin's experience with the photos last week. He did not seem to believe, so Khing Tat showed him the photos and he was shocked. But he asked us why do we have such kang tao?! He still said he wants also don't have!? I think he's crazy. Anyway, we took the photo eventually. Khing Tat paid the $6 himself for the little photo.

We left the KTV at 9pm and went to a nearby coffeeshop for dinner. Actually not really hungry because had free flow of tidbits in K-Box already. But we ordered Mutarbark. As for drinks, the auntie tell us to order beer, again. Hence we ordered 1 bottle of Tiger and 1 bottle of Hieneken. I told them not to order Hieneken but they said want to try, so they go ahead with it. I paid for both bottles. We finished our dinner and Khing Tat, who usually don't drink finished the last half-filled glass of Tiger. Then we dragged our heavy footsteps and walked home.

Reached home at 10+, went out for a while at 11+. Came home just before 12am. I spent my whole day outside on a no-school Wednesday, tired but enjoyable. Sang till sorethroat. Drank and eat till very full and tired.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 20 Aug 2003, 17:17:24pm Mood: Disappointed
Had a 9am lecture for C++ early this morning. Got back my quiz results, fared ok for programing part, but for theory wise, got some mistakes. Then had OOAD tutorial, after which, we have a 2 hours break. We went to the North Canteen for our lunch before proceeding to 'Travel Connect' to enquire more about our coming Hongkong trip during the 1 week break. Stayed there till 1.30pm, was late for 30min for our TCP/IP lesson. Anyway, we had more or less confirmed the date and time of our flights. Will be flying to Hongkong for a holiday with Matthew, Daniel, Han Boon and Min Hui (if there're no other changes) during our 1 week break. More on the trip next few days.

During lesson, got back our quiz results as well, this result is even worse than the C++ results. Getting from to worse. But the questions I got wrong are the questions which he explained during the tutorial I missed. (due to broken slippers last week) After lesson, printed the some notes before going home. As usual, I went looking for my bed after coming home, slept for around 4 hours again. Recently had been sleeping way too MUCH! Watched TV after waking up, then had dinner and continued TV again. After that, log online, was super busy in replying emails and answering phone calls. Anyway, 1 of the calls was from Khing Tat, asking me to go KTV tomorrow. Since I have no lesson tomorrow, I'll go to sing.

Then watched Guess, Guess, Guess on TV, after that, finished up my C++ practicals. Did a little VB.NET as well. Will be going to watch Zhong Yi Da Ge Da, recorded earlier just now. And I have to 'rub' my thumb, injured 2 weeks ago, still had not fully recovered. I have to get it fully recovered before going to Hongkong just in case...
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 20 Aug 2003, 11:59:04am Mood: Tired
Yesterday was a boring day. Had lunch at Yio Chu Kang 600++ market with my mother, then went to school. 12-5pm. Came home sleep. Woke up for dinner, watched TV, log online a while and then continued watching TV again. Watched till around 2am, then fell asleep again all the way till this morning. Tired and boring Monday blue...
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 19 Aug 2003, 07:43:09am Mood: Bored
Woke up at 11am on Sunday, went out for breakfast. Then went to Compass Point's Hang Ten with my brother to exchange tickets to the ZPOP Concert, organised by Zao Bao in celebration of their 80th year annivesary. However, the tickets had all been given away already! The only way to get the tickets now is to buy $38 and above at Hang Ten to receive 1 free ticket.

Then came home, watched VCD - 'My Left Eye Sees Ghosts' and slept for the whole afternoon, all the way till 7.30pm. Went up to grandma's house for a while after that. Then went to Ang Mo Kio for dinner with my parents. Checked 4D results from my mother's handphone on our way dinner, I shouted out LOUD! My mother thought I striked. However, the number for 3rd prize opened 7602, and I bought 7603! $500!! Missed by a mere 1 digit! I've been buying this number for quite a number of weeks already. Hope it open soon!

Came back home, waited for Kah Wei and his brother to come to my house to watch English Premier League match between Liverpool and Chelsea. After they went home, I sorted out my notes, thought there's DBMS quiz the next day, hence studied for it. But study till fell asleep, don't know why I sleep so much on Sunday.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 17 Aug 2003, 16:36:45pm Mood: Delighted
Had lesson for optional elective module, Cisco Certified Network Associate early this morning at 9am till 1pm. That indian lecturer kept thinking I was new in his class, kept noticing me, strange guy! After that, I went to Kah Wei's house to teach him PHP and MySQL web development. Hope he understand what I've done for him to see for about 2 hours. Empty stomach from morning till 4+. Then I went to my father's factory to help out in praying for the 7th lunar month. Every year at this month, it'll be a big occasion there. Prayed with lots of food layed all over a real big table!

They started only at about 6+, so I did a bit of work on the CCNA module first. Then my brother and his friends reached. We played mahjong in the office. Played halfway, we went down to help burning the large amount of incense paper to the ' brothers'. I left my handphone in the office when I went down. By the time I came up, I saw 2 missed calls on my handphone! 1 was Charlotte, 1 was 'HER'! I missed the call again, 2 times in as many days!

Went home after that, Kah Wei, his brother, and Weiqiang came to my house to watch the first day of the 2003/2004 English Premier League season. After the match, we went to Blk 644, Hougang Ave 8's 24hr coffeeshop for supper, with Kah Wei's brother driving. Had char kway and wanton mee. After that, Weiqiang still ordered french fries from Western Food and we all shared. Sat there till 2am before coming home. Had a wonderful day except that missed call.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 16 Aug 2003, 15:46:34pm Mood: Delighted
Had a 4hrs break in between yesterday's lesson. Matthew and I went to Jubilee to catch Jack Neo's latest directed movie, Home Run. Show lasted for 1hr 40min. Nice show which combines both humour and touching story. Very nice! Lesson ended at 3pm. I came home for a while before going to Scotts Shopping Centre to meet Foley. He brought along 1 of the clients to meet me. This is regarding the shopping cart website and web application. All talks went smoothly and the client was impressed with the mock up / prototype that I had done. This deal should go through soon, waiting for them to get a couple of customers before proceeding. Hope everything can be completed soon, get the money, go to Hongkong for a travel.

Later in the evening, went to Jayson's house there to have 7th month dinner with him. Had lots and lots of Carlsberg! The food was not as well. People were friendly also, talked with an uncle before I left. He told me to come again next year, and wished me luck before I left. Very friendly.

Slept at 5+. Woke up at 7+ for today's lesson. Started at 8am, I reached at 8.30am.

After 2 hours of lesson, we had a 2hrs break. Matthew suggested we go out for lunch, we went to Breeks for lunch, after he went to collect money for his winnings from Singapore Pool. Then he treated us for 20min of pool, and paid for all our expenses in Breeks! Thanks a lot, brother! And we were late for 45 minutes for the next lesson, but our project supervisor did not care at all. She even left 30mins earlier before the lesson ends.

I went home at 2+ for a sleep. Slept from 4+ to 8+. Waken up by brother's friends who came to our house for Mahjong session. Log on for a while after my dinner, before going downstairs kopitiam to meet Lenz and Junxian. Sat for a while before sending Junxian to bus-stop to take bus home, then me and Lenz went back to the kopitiam.

Something strange happened before I went downstairs. 'She' called me using another person's hp, faking as that person. But obviously I knew the difference. However, very surprisingly, it was 'her'. I nearly failed to recognise 'her' voice. Too long never talk to 'her', can't blame me after all. But I was really shocked and stunned and was caught off-guard by 'her' call. After that, I found out that my reputation was being ruined by Charlotte. She told lots of untrue facts to 'her'. Now no point explaining, more explaining will only make 'her' think that I am trying to deny. But if I do not explain, I'm afraid 'she' will think that the untrue words are true. Brain full of ??? now. Going to dreamland soon after a series of failed attempts to get my JBuilder working nicely. Shall give it a shot again tomorrow.
- Chen Lim


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