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Thursday, 14 Aug 2003, 15:53:30pm Mood: Pleased
Was too busy to post yesterday. Woke up at 11am, went to Toa Payoh Central after a bath. Had my lunch there before meeting up with Foley to meet 2 clients around Toa Payoh area. Both projects can be done, but I would not know how to quote, so I'll leave it to Foley to quote them. The other project which I had created a little prototype, I have high hopes to carry on that project, now must wait for Foley to liase with that client first. Really want things to get moving quickly.

Took a cab down to Hougang Plaza after meeting the clients. Met up with Jayson at K-Box to join a few friends for KTV. Only allowed to sing till 7pm despite the both of us paying for adult package (adult package should allow us to sing till 9pm!). But the waiter said that we have people taking student packages in our room, so we must all leave at the same time. Very frustrated with that waiter's service! So decided not to give him a single cent of tips, by paying using MasterCard. Sign and pay and 0 cent tip for him. Still preferred the services of the night shift people. More friendly and helpful.

Came home at around 8pm, helped to burn incense with my father and brother for the ' brothers' on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month. Went online after dinner, then did a bit of school work before watching 'Zhong Yi Da Ge Da' and then finally sleeping at 4+.

Today 8am java practical lesson, reached at 8.40am. Read my own notes and printed some notes and did DBMS tutorial in the lab. Had a quick lunch at 11am before going for TCP/IP lessons. The MSBLAST.EXE widespread virus infected the computers during the lesson, caused a great commotion in the lab, which frustrates the lecturer of course! After that, there's C++ practical in another lab. The virus is worse in there! I attempted my practical, typed 3 lines of coding, the popup warning that computer will be shutdown in 1 minute appears. This happened for more than 5 times, leaving me very frustrated. Hence I packed my papers and file, and went home halfway through the lesson. Can't work properly in the lab. Hope this issue gets patched correctly by tomorrow.

Watched video tape upon reaching home, interesting documentry recorded from Discovery Channel earlier this week. Slept at 5+, woke up by Lenz's call at 8pm. Then had a quick dinner before meeting him to go to Hougang Mall's library, to return his books. After that, I went up to his house to help him with his project. Did a little only. Walked back home at 12am, went to kopitiam to buy a packet of tea. Had 'char bee hoon' and tea for supper. After eating, log on to the net, chatted a while, before continuing on my C++ practical. Had some problems with the practical, still not familiar with C++. Anyway, going to continue watching the documentry now before sleeping.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 12 Aug 2003, 15:59:45pm Mood: Pleased
Woke up late today, did not go to school early to read the chapter 4 notes on TCP/IP. Went to take the quiz straightaway, and struggled with the last 5 questions. Blame all the way back to last Friday for missing the tutorial because of the broken slippers. Then went out to Ang Mo Kio Central for lunch. After which, went to shop for Waixiong's birthday present. Lesson till 5pm, went to Toa Payoh for a failed deal to sell my digital camera.

Actually wanted to go K-Box for a ktv session but was cancelled at the last minute. Came home, watched Holland Village before having dinner. Then online for a while. Chatted throughout the night. Also edited the website for tomorrow as well as captured some screenshots to show to the client tomorrow. Hope everything works out well so that I can start working on it soonest possible. Then came the part whereby I edited and uploaded the pictures of ghosts, still feeling scary, doing this at 12+ in the night.

Khing Tat had sent me the photos 4th Head When 3 Persons Taking Photo? last night, so just now I edited them (added arrow pointing to where the strange face is) and zooming each picture by 250%. WARNING: Links to scary, ghostly pictures below, and I shall not be responsible for any nightmares that you suffer after viewing them.

FIRST OCCURENCE (1st Original Size Image)
Original Image Transferred Off From Khing Tat's Nokia 3650 directly. - 4th face spotted when only 3 people took the photo. The 4th ghostly face can be viewd as 3 faces from different angles. 1 of the faces has got blue eyes (see below for a bigger, zoomed image)
Bigger Image Of 1st Photo:

SECOND OCCURENCE (2nd Original Size Image)
Original Image Transferred Off From Khing Tat's Nokia 3650 directly. - The face (same face as above?) appearing again between my friends. Take a look at the enlarged version for a scarier look!
Bigger Image Of 2nd Photo:

Any comments regarding the images / photos, please do so in the 'Instant Messaging Box' on your left.

Now it's the 15th day of the 7th lunar month, this is the day when there are the most amount of spirits and hungry ghosts. Those photos were taken on the 13th day of the 7th lunar month (also Singapore's 38th Birthday) at Kallang Beach. My friends went there to watch fireworks from the parade, but ended up with something even more unforgetable!

No school tomorrow, but will have to go Toa Payoh to meet Foley, who will be bringing me to meet 1 of his customer as I will be the one producing the final work. Hope can work out well to earn a little money and work my way to a new Desktop computer. After meeting (there are 2 places to run to!), most probably will be going to Hougang Plaza's K-Box with Jayson and Matthew.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 11 Aug 2003, 16:44:23pm Mood: Pleased
Woke up at 11am this morning. Then went to grandma's house at around 1+ for lunch. Grandma house today pray for lunar 7th month and there's lots of food so me and my brother went up to eat, together with our parents who went over earlier in the morning. After lunch, had longan drink, sweet and nice. Nothing to do there and no nice show on TV, so I read chinese newspaper. Then grandfather brought 3 cans of Tiger Beer to the living room for my father, brother and myself. Each of us drank 1 can only, actually grandfather wanted to give us more, but we refuse. Came back home after lunch. Do nothing at home, then in the evening started studying for tomorrow's TCP/IP quiz while watching Real Madrid vs Thailand match on TV.

Halfway into the match, went downstairs kopitiam for dinner with family. Met brother's friend at the kopitiam, and he joined us for dinner as well. After dinner, I went to Serangoon Central's S11 to look for Yulun, Lenz and Weiqiang who were there to watch the Charity Shield match between Man Utd and Arsenal. Reached there just in time for the 2nd half. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, resulting in penalty shoot out. My brother also dropped by at the S11 during the spot kicks. Man Utd won the spot kick to clinch the Charity Shield. Then Yulun walked home, brother drove Weiqiang and Lenz home before going back our own home.

Watched WWE and Zhong Yi Da Ge Da upon reaching home. After which, continued to revise for TCP/IP quiz, only to find out that I do not have 1 chapter of the notes! So log on to my elective module, CCNA's CMS hoping to find some similar notes. Read on Routing and Subnetting. See what time can I wake up tomorrow morning, try to go school a little earlier to read up the notes that I missed. Also went to IRC while studying to receive the ghostly pictures from Khing Tat. Will try to upload them to the site by tomorrow. He found out 1 more image that's even scarier than all we had seen last night! We actually missed out on this photo last night! SUPER ERIEE!! Going to sleep now, hope can go to school earlier tomorrow, if not, I'll surely have a few problems for the quiz.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 11 Aug 2003, 04:34:23am Mood: Delighted
It was Singapore's 38th birthday yesterday. I slept throughout the whole afternoon after watching Lee Xin Jie's movie on Channel U. Slept till 7.30pm. Then went out for dinner with my parents at chomp chomp till 9.45pm. Then Ribin and Khing Tat who had earlier asked me to go Kallang together to watch fireworks said want to meet at kopitiam later in the night. So I went home after my dinner to wait for their call. But till 11.45pm they still did not call me. I called Ribin and they said they will be reaching in about 30mins time. As I had nothing to do at home, I went down to the kopitiam first to have kopi-o.

They finally reached at 12.15am. Then immediately, Khing Tat showed me the photos he had taken with his Nokia 3650 earlier on at Kallang beach with Ribin and AhGum. The 3 of them took a photo, but there are 4 heads in the photo! 1 of the heads is a floating head without any neck or body! Scary.. will try to post the image once Khing Tat transfer the image to his computer and send it over. At least 2 photos had this strange head floating behind them. The other 2 photos, after zooming in, will be able to see a skull and a face. But this may be due to the pixels being enlarged. Nevertheless, the first one with the floating head can be seen very very clearly. Khing Tat brought his phone to let 1 of the kopi kia see, and he agreed with us that it's something unusual as well.

After seeing all the photos, Ribin and me shared a big bottle of Baron Strong Brew. Khing Tat had Zapple. Then he mixed a little Baron with his zapple, trying to make it taste like E-33. After finishing all our drinks, Ribin complained of being hungry, so we walked over to the other 24-hrs coffeeshop to have supper. Only the indian stall is open at that time. So we had chicken mutarpak. $5 each plate, very big, and it was extremely nice! Next time will surely go back to eat again! I did not bring much money down, so all expenses were on Ribin, who just withdrew $20 earlier on. Then we take out all the money we had left, and it was just nice for another 3 glasses of Kopi-O.

We talked, chit chatted till 4.10am. Last night was the latest night we met and the latest night we actually sat at the kopitiam. Had yet another great night out - 2nd consecutive enjoyable night in as many days. Finally went home at 4.15am. I finished reading the book, < Bill Gates Speaks > before sleeping at about 5+.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 9 Aug 2003, 16:06:27pm Mood: Happy
There's a lesson at 11am today. As I was alighting from the crowded bus 159, the bus break out of a sudden. My foot moved in a weird position in order to balance myself. The next thing I know is that my slippers had broke! ! I tried to fix it after alighting but to no avail. Frustrated, I decided to give the lesson a miss, so I crossed the bridge and waited for 159 at the other side to go back home! Bump into Kah Wei and Weiqiang and Jianhui on the 159 back home. After alighting, I had to drag step by step all the way back home. What a afternoon!

Then finished watching Korean horror movie - Whiteroom, a boring show, nearly fell asleep. Had my dinner at 4+ at rivervale plaza with Kah Wei. After that, walked to Sengkang MRT to take train down to Plaza Singapura to meet Foley regarding a project that he's going to let me do. We met at 5.30pm and left Plaza Singapura at about 6.30pm. Came home, waited for my father to bath before going downstairs to watch GE TAI again.

Brother was there having his dinner and helping us reserve a nice seat. Then me and my father had curry fish head for dinner, watching the ge tai at the same time. As we were finishing our dinner, more people began to flock in front of us, worse is they are standing in front of us! Totally blocking our views for the performance as we are sitting and they are standing! The table beside us left after a while, so we switched tables. We were able to watch without any blockage, but not for long. The inconsiderate people stand nearer to the center, again blocking us!

Until I cannot stand it, I asked an uncle to make way for me. Very inconsiderate and selfish people! But still can't watch fully! Finally, changed table again! This time shifted to the back, it was worse there. But this time it's right at the side, so I can stand on the side and able to watch without any blockage and also not blocking anyone. Then my mother came down to join us. All these while, I've been drinking Tiger with my father, except for a kopi-o when we just reached. Then my parents met their friends, and ordered more. They ordered more, I also drink more. Nice one! Ge Tai gets much entertaining towards the end and I also drank more Tiger towards the end.

The GE TAI ended at around 11.50pm. The entertainment at least help to reduce the frustrations I had with my slippers in the noon as well as the frustrations with the selfish and inconsiderate standing people. Relieve stress, enjoyable, got to drink, eat, laugh, nice night. I think the GE TAI is last day today but will be back at the end of the lunar 7th month. Have to check it out with the kopi kia again.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 8 Aug 2003, 14:23:12pm Mood: Glad
Lesson starts at 9am today. I entered the tutorial room at 9.30am. After lunch, finished up the additional use case description that we have to submit by today. Then went for DBMS practical. Finished all questions in the practical worksheet and still have about 15mins to spare. So I called up Toa Payoh's Nokia Service Center to enquire about my missing keypad. The operator says 'I am sorry, I really cannot help you.' That means I suspect is the service counter's staff took away my keypad as the operator had double check with the technicians and confirmed that they do not see any keypad when they receive the phone. Prepare to wait for my complain email!

Came home after school to watch video tape, recorded last night on SCV. Then had a quick dinner before going to Hougang Stadium to watch Sengkang Marine vs Sinchi FC with Matthew. The match ended in a dull goaless draw, with Sengkang Marine winning the penalties. Walked home after the match, heard ge tai at the kopitiam while on my way home. Reached home ask my father if he want to go down to watch, he refused. So stay at home. A few minutes later, received a call from Foley. He got lobang for me!

Freelance project coming my way. Had just done a little mock up of the website, without programming for the shopping cart script. Will be meeting up with him at Plaza Singapura tomorrow evening for more discussion. Hope this can work out so that I can have enough money to buy a new desktop computer. Tomorrow is eve of National Day Parade, halfday lessons. Going to write complain letter now, then watch VCD - Korean movie, WhiteRoom.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 7 Aug 2003, 14:33:09pm Mood: Pleased
Last night came home late, so did not turn on computer to post any entry. In school only had a few lessons, finally understand how subnets for TCP/IP works.

At night, met at Marina Bay at 7pm for Waixiong's birthday celebration. We went to 'Zhen Fa Huo Hai Xian' for steamboat. Had a loooooong dinner, only left me and Matthew were still eating after everyone else had enough. Matthew ate tons of stingray, I ate tons of chicken and pork. Very full after more than 2 hours. After that, we sang birthday song and Waixiong cut the cake. Then each ate a bit of the birthday cake as well.

It was 11+ after eating the cake. Matthew and I decided to go for a little 'exercise' by going to the arcade to play DDR! So we went in for a game of DDR with our fully filled stomachs! Luckily did not vomit While waiting for bus / taxi to go to Marina Bay MRT station, a middle-aged uncle approached us, asking us how many people do we have in all. We were left with 7 by then, he charged us each of us $1.00 to fetch us to the MRT station in his mini-van. First time I travel and pay for this kind of transport in Singapore! Then took the last train to Dhoby Ghaut station for transfer to the North East Line. Daniel and me took the last train of the NEL back to Hougang. Then took the last feeder bus number 325 back home.

No school for today, so I helped my brother to upgrade his Nokia 6510's software at Toa Payoh's Nokia Service Center. I don't know why the keypad went missing after servicing. I can't remember exactly if the staff returned me the keypad before servicing. But as far as I can remember, I did not get back the keypad before and after the servicing. Only got back casing and battery. If is the staff attempted to 'eat' my brother's keypad, she can prepare to get complained from me. Will be calling up the service centre tomorrow morning to check with them. In the night after dinner, went downstairs with father and brother to watch ge tai again. A little nicer today, compared to Sunday's one. But the host is still the same, not as . Another performance on Friday, should be going down again then. Brother says he will book out early on Friday, maybe can go down with him to 'chop' a table and seat earlier. Now going to watch old movie on channel 8 by Hao Shao Wen. And at the same time, do a little C++ practical, left incomplete from the previous lesson.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003, 06:09:15am Mood: Glad
Yesterday lesson started at 12.05pm. The night earlier, studied for my C++ programming test till fell asleep. Woke up at 10+ in the morning to continue study a bit, nothing much to read up actually. Took the test with my half-recovered thumb which still causes pain when writing. Wrote very untidily on the paper.

Came home watched the recorded Taiwan Golden Music Award all the way to late evening, then fell asleep till 10pm. Had dinner at 10+. After dinner, I asked my father if he wants to go downstairs to watch ge tai again, but he said it's late already, so we did not watch last night. There's another performance on Wednesday night, should be going down then.

After dinner, went online chat for some time before logging off at 1+ to study for today's UML (Unified Modeling Language) test. Intended to study, but ended up watching TV while eating water-melon! Only started to read my notes at 3+. Half asleep while reading, anyway it was only 7 pages of notes but I struggled to finish reading them. Finally finished them in a sleepy state. After finishing, suddenly felt very awake, so stayed up to watch TV till 5.30am before sleeping. MediaCorp was showing the repeat drama of about 6 years ago, titled - 'Ma Ma Xian Sheng' (The Other Parent). I remembered watching this drama when I was in Primary 6.

Site update: Lowered the volume of music in the site.
Edited the top banner of the site as well.
Changed the 'whats next' box contents to alternate colours.
Changed the instant message box, bringing up the form for user input before displaying the messages.

- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 5 Aug 2003, 10:55:06am Mood: Happy
Sunday yesterday, morning had 'Kway Chap' for breakfast at Sembawang. Then came home to do a bit of work. At night went to Bukit Timah to have curry fish head for dinner. The lady boss asked me and my brother the same old question again... 'Never bring your girlfriend along?'. She had been asking this question consecutively for at least the last 10 times we went there to eat. Last time when she asked, I told her I have a lot, whole lorry! So from then on, she thought I have got alot. She said yesterday that I sure have but never bring only. But the fact is I do not have any - zero, nil, NA, don't have!

After dinner, went downstairs kopitiam to watch 7th month ge tai with my father. From 9+ watched till 11.45. It was only after police come then they stop for the day. But got another performance tonight and Wednesday night. The host is not as compared to last year's one. This year's host a little boring, it was only towards the end, when another hokkien singer came up that makes the mood more funny and comical.

Then came home logon to IRC. Only after seeing my class channel's topic that I knew that there's a C++ programming test today! So I off my computer about 15mins later to read up. But I only remembered reading a few pages of the book before falling asleep.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 4 Aug 2003, 03:30:50am Mood: Happy
Last night did not post again. Saturday went back to school for the optional elective, Cisco Certified Network Associate lesson. 9am-1pm, 4 continuous hours! I was late by about 15mins, when I entered the lab, the lecturer gave me 5 question papers and told me to finish it by 9.30am. It was my first lesson in this module cause I had missed the first lesson. I was shocked by the little quiz given to me. Luckily, all are multiple choice questions and had more or less learned before ones. After finishing the quiz, I surfed the net and checked my emails. I received yet another shock when I saw the other students in the lab reading online materials and notes for the course! Too hardworking for my liking. A little regret taking this course as I am not really into networking. But paid $150 already, so have to go on to finish it, take the certificate.

After the quiz, we did a practical - making and testing a RJ-45 cable. Cut out a Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable and straighten the 4 twisted pairs of wires inside to get 8 straight wires. Then according to a colour code, we have to align the 8 wires before pushing them into a RJ-45 connector. I was struggling with the cutting and straightening and pushing with my injured hand! Still manage to complete the practical, making a successful, functional and working RJ-45 cable.

After that, actually wanted to play soccer with secondary school friends, but after my lunch, I decided not to risk my injured hand. Give it more time to rest before getting back into action again (should be playing in the coming week again). So I went home.

At night, after dinner with family, we went to Serangoon to bought durians, then went up to grandmother's house to pay her a visit as well as give her some durians. After which, went to Compass Point to meet Kah Wei, Weiren and Weiqiang to buy some beer and tidbits. Then we brought the food up Kah Wei's house to enjoy while watching soccer. I had to used his computer to take my Cisco assessment first before everything. The schedule dateline for all the CCNA's assessments is very tight (24hrs only)! I had to leave 2 chapters incomplete so as to have more time to join the rest.

Then, we started to enjoy our E-33 and tidbits towards the end of the soccer match. After the match, we watched channel 8's horror movie while eating and drinking away! Weiqiang showed poor performance when rashes started appearing on his hands after drinking about half the bottle of his E-33. So I finished the rest of the bottle for him (free alcohol! ) At 1+, we all walked home, I had to walked the furthest distance, reaching home just before 2pm. Then still cannot sleep! Still have to logon to complete my Cisco assessments, if not many marks will be gone and may lead to me failing the module! I had already missed out 2-3 assessments as I joined the class only in the 2nd lesson. Tough one! Finally got to sleep at 4+.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 3 Aug 2003, 07:07:22am Mood: Pleased
Tired to post yesterday. In school, my personal mentor, Mr Simon Seetoh called me in the morning informing me that I was accepted in the module IT3820, Cisco Certified Network Associate. I had applied for this optional elective module last year but was not told if I were accepted or not. 2 weeks ago, I received an email from the module leader regarding this module's time table. I replied to his email asking if I was accepeted, but did not get any reply from him. Then few days ago, I received his email again. Hence, I asked him again, this time he replied me telling me that the email was sent wrongly and asked me to ignore it.

Then yesterday, I told Mr Simon Seetoh about this matter and he told me that I am top 10 student in year 1 so I should be able to get in this module. He promised to check it out for me. So he called me yesterday morning, asking me to go to student affairs office to make the $150 payment for the course by today. I made the payment and called the course coordinator to inform him. Then he had to register me for the course. I don't know is whose fault here because I was really not informed that I was accepted into the course. So I thought no more already. Don't know what are the lecturers doing!

Anyway, later in the night, went downstairs kopitiam to meet Lenz for coffee. Then we walked to Hougang Point at 11+ as he wanted to have supper. Sat there till 12.45am. Then sat at bus-stop trying to wait for 325 for me to go home, but no bus in sight, only lots of taxis. Sat there and talked till 1.30am before walking home. Came home watched TV till sleep.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 1 Aug 2003, 12:46:52pm Mood: Tired
2 hours of sleep last night only. Very tired for early morning's 8am C++ lecture. After lecture, went to lab to surf net, browse R: drive, then wanted to do some C++ programming, but it's lunchtime first. After lunch, we met up with our personal mentor, Mr Simon Seetoh at Macdonalds. He treated us ice-cream cones. Anyway, I complained about our course coordinator to him. A zho bo course coordinator!

Then we had our last lesson for the day. After lesson at 3pm, me, Matthew and Jayson went to hockey pitch to look for Marcus and his friends to play soccer. It had been months since I last played soccer. We, together with Marcus and his friends challenged the people who are already there when we reached. 7 a-side match. Halfway through, I was knocked down and rolled over by a big sized guy!

He was running towards goal and I chased him from behind. When I caught up with him, I intercepted his run from a 90degrees angle, cutting the ball off his feet. He then lost his balance and fell on me. I don't know how did I land on my right thumb and he was on top of me. Right thumb got factured, it's bloated now! The size of my right thumb is 1.5 times of my left thumb now. Paaaiinnn! Still considering to go to see chinese doctor tomorrow or not. Very painful, shall not type so much. VCD time!
- Chen Lim


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