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Friday, 30 Jul 2004, 21:09:55pm Mood: Sleepy
Wednesday - On MC, so went to Hougang's K-Box with SP. On my way to Toa Payoh to fetch her, an old malay guy driving an old car turned into the wrong lane and scratched my car. We were both turning out of the Bradell Road exit of CTE. I'm on the right lane and him in the middle. But when we turned, he turned into my lane. I horned at him non-stop but he simply turn to where-ever he like! Too old, can't hear the horn? Too blur? I jam my break but still car got scratched by his. I heard a soft sound but did not know there's actually contact between our cars until I came down to check at the carpark. #%@^$^$&$@*@ Blur fu*k old malay guy! After KTV finished at around 10+, I went to dear's house to eat fried bee hoon. Left her place just before 1am.

Thursday - Went back to work after 2 days MC. At night, after dinner, watched TV till 10. Then went to Toa Payoh to pass dear's lecture notes (she left with me a few days ago) back to her. It's a boring and sleepy Friday morning now, I guessed I will be sleeping very soon.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 28 Jul 2004, 16:39:56pm Mood: Frustrated
Monday had a terrible flu before lunch in the office. Runny nose sucks, struggled for the whole afternoon in the office. But launched PSA blog for attachment students, managed to complete coding, with Weilun's help in the UI. We made it! The 'live' counting down wallpaper had been successfully ported into a Javascript version for those whose computer will be laggy after setting an Applet as wallpaper.

Tuesday - today went Hougang Polyclinic in the morning, wanting to consult the doctor. (Went to polyclinic because PSA does not pay us for MC issued by private clinic's doctor.) I was told that consultation started at 2pm, so I decided to head down to Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic instead. I went to Hougang Point with mother as she bought our daily necessities. After that we had lunch at Hougang Ave 8 together. Then after registering at AMK polyclinic, I was told that consultation starts at 3 again. So I went back to school for tea with Matthew.

Reached back at the polyclinic slightly past 3pm, my number was over, so I asked the nurse. Eventually I got called in, by a Guai Lan old lady doctor. She thought I Chao Keng and went there just for a MC. She attempted to somehow scold me, so obviously I will not let her do it, I shoot her back more than what she said me. As she's taking my body temperature using the thermometer under my tongue, she asked me not to speak first, so I kept quiet. After the temperature is taken, she aplogogised to me for being too harsh earlier on. I had a slight fever. There're many exchange of words between me and her which I do not want to elaborate here. Anyway, I purposely asked her a lot of strange questions and answered some of them myself.

She said my resistance is low now and I was given Vitamin C and Vitamin B. After that, I went back to school to have Kopi-O alone, till 5pm. Went to movies at Yishun with dear SP and Matthew and Vivian. After movies, sent Matthew home, then dear to Marina Square, before going home myself, before 10pm. I think the medicine for runny nose (which will cause drownsiness, as written on the packaging) is beginning to take effect now, so it's bedtime now! Frustrating time at Ang Mo Kio polyclinic, she's afraid that I might complain her and I believe that's what I will do soon, if I have a little time extra to spare!
- Chen Lim

Monday, 26 Jul 2004, 06:41:13am Mood: Satisfied
Friday night went to Changi Village with SP for her dinner. After that went to Changi Beach. Went home at 1+.

Saturday slept till 1+ in the noon. Had pratas bought back by brother earlier in the noon. Then watched a lot of tapes, recorded earlier in the week, managed to finish about half of them. Evening went for dinner with dear. Went to Parklane to pick her up, then to Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Blk 453 hawker centre. Had superb hokkien mee with very hot chilli! *Yummy!* Then went to Bishan Park before going home. Continued to watch tapes back home, then chat on phone till nearly 6am.

Added new feature for editing blog. Now I can choose to show 'Edited On DateTime' or not, when editing an entry.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 24 Jul 2004, 08:14:47am Mood: Glad
Wednesday - Anime day at work. Watched movie Korean war movie, Brotherhood. Not a movie. Came back at night, watched a bit of recorded NKF before falling asleep.

Thursday - Anime and coding day at work. Code what? NYP Attachment Students at PSA blog. I intend to host it in my office computer after completing it so that everyone can start posting soon. This idea came to my head when I saw Weilun's text file named 'Blog.txt'. So I thought since some of us are quite free, why not try help out to code a bit each. So I start the ball rolling. Meanwhile, Weilun created the txt file out of frustration of doing some unknown and weird C programming documentation. While I'm coding the technical aspects of our new 'system', Weilun started work on the User Interface! Coming soon... Nothing to do at night, watched TV till fell asleep at around 10pm, woke up at 4am, but decided to go back to my dreams. And indeed had some weird dreams.

Friday - Actually wanted to carried on coding the blog in the afternoon, but a new idea came up... Morning watched 2 episodes of Anime. After lunch, started working on a Countdown Java Applet. This applet is to be placed inside a HTML page so that we can set as our wallpaper! The thought of counting down till the completion of our attachment really gave me mixed feelings about leaving PSA. Anyway, the applet idea was suggested by Ivan when he heard that we're intending to countdown in a 'live' and ticking dynamic wallpaper, after the initial static wallpaper I had created. With Ivan's help, he managed to get my logic up and ticking on the applet with no bugs. After that, I proceeded to add on more stuffs on the applet.

I added a bar which will be filled by another colour as each second goes by. When 1min is up, the bar will be emptied back to original colour and then filled up by another colour as the seconds tick by. Also added animations behind time remaining, added some moving forward and backwards 'dots.dots.dots.' to make it more attractive. At the end of the day, the applet is up, 2 of us set as wallpaper and it looked fantastic. Another 2 set it but the applet took up a little too much memory on their computer, thus causing it to be a little laggy. The Threads in the program are already well managed by Ivan. So we believed it's due to their Windows 2000 Operating System which runs more processes at any 1 time...? Anyway, Ivan is .
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 21 Jul 2004, 13:59:46pm Mood: Frustrated
Saturday slept till 3pm. Only had breadtalk's breads for lunch. Then went to Upper Serangoon Road's Ponggol Nasi Lemak for dinner with my parents. After that, met up with SP. Came back home to download ringtones and upload some of the midis onto my own wap site for my family and friends to download.

Sunday morning went to Hougang Ave 8 for breakfast with family. Then went up to grandma's house for a while, before going to father's factory to help wash brother's car. Sunday night went to Bukit Timah for dinner with family. We had the usual curry fish head, the stall which we've been patronising since I'm in Primary School. The auntie talk cock again, saying why only 2 (me and my brother) came... why never bring girlfriends along. I talked cock with her, asking her if we do bring, will she give us discount.

Monday normal day but frustrating at night. Do not want to mention it. Just hope that the f*cker who did the 'job' will get his/her retribution! But dear, we must be strong. 'Tough Times Should Make Us BETTER and NOT BITTER'

Tuesday normal day at work. Watched TV after dinner at night. Then went to Upper Thomson Road at 11.15pm with Lenz to have supper. He had Ba Chor Mee at a recently opened shop beside Prata King. I had You Tiao. After that, we went to Prata King to have a couple of pratas each, and I had Teh-Chino. Went home at around 1am. Chatting online now, going to watch tape soon.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 18 Jul 2004, 05:41:34am Mood: Delighted
Superb day at work yesterday. Most funny day since I started my attachment at PSA. Weilun's OIC saw the countdown wallpaper I created and he said that I'm a lucky bastard with potential, can even countdown till number of seconds left. He told my OIC, who happened to come in about my 'potential'. My OIC said that he thought he had given me enough work to do... So I quickly defend myself saying that I'm doing the work fast enough! So Weilun's OIC said that he wanted Weilun to challenge me. I asked him to give Weilun more tasks to do so that we can challenge.

More to come later in the day when I demo the prototype I've completed to my OIC and his colleague, Sara. The program cockup because I shifted in into another folder. Then my OIC told me 'next time before you demo anything on the computer, do not do anything funny to it till you have finished the demo'. Ok! Lesson learnt! But I shifted it because I do not want too many icons on my destop, blocking my countdown wallpaper! Anyway, it worked in the end. Sara asked me if I know C Programming. I shook my head, and immediately my OIC defended for me, saying that 'In my time, all start from Java, where got C?' Sara asked me how much time I have left with PSA, my OIC Randy took a look at my wallpaper and told Sara 20 days ONLY. However, Sara said 20 days is sufficient. But my OIC simply refused, he told Sara to pass the work to his next batch student, not to me! Industrial Attachment students, let them enjoy a bit lah - quoted from my OIC, Randy! Thanks a lot Randy! You the man, now then I realised he is so steady!

At night went out with dear. We Bishan's Golden Village for movie - Sister (a Thailand horror movie) at Bishan's Golden Village. Not too a show.. after that, we went to Ang Mo Kio Central S11 for dinner. Had western food, and Lamb Chomp of course! Yummy! Saw Zhihao and Matthew there at 11+. After that, I sent her home before going home myself. Burned a few more episodes of Anime - Full Moon Sagashite while watching TV. But I think I fell asleep with computer turned on at about 3+. Really superb day at PSA!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 16 Jul 2004, 14:50:40pm Mood: Satisfied
Created my own wallpaper this morning in the office. It's a countdown to the completion of my Industrial Attachment with PSA. Personally, I think it's very impressive. I'll try to post it up here as soon as possible. Bought M&M and Vitamin Drink (it's been a long time since I last drank this vitamin jelly drink, forgot what's the brand) back to the office after lunch. Also watched 3 episodes of anime - Full Moon Sagashite later in the afternoon.

Slept in the MRT back home as I'm really sleepy, reason being I only slept for about 3hrs last night. Father fetched me back from Hougang MRT. Watched TV upon returning home, followed by video tape 'Zhong Yi Da Ge Da'. Then I think I dozed off for a while before continuing to watch till 10pm. Took a bath and had my dinner after that. Then went online and watched TV. Tried to install Sygate Firewall, but it seemed very complicated to configure. A bit sick of firewalls already. ZoneAlarm Pro kept hanging my computer since last week, so I deleted it and tried Sygate, but Sygate is not as user friendly. I wonder what would be next...?

I'm going to burn a few CDs of anime Full Moon Sagashite now before going to sleep. Thanks Weilun for the source!
- Chen Lim


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