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Tuesday, 13 Jul 2004, 14:30:28pm Mood: Satisfied
It's almost been a week since I last posted an entry. Reason being I can't go online in the office for the last week. At night, I'm lazy to turn on the computer back at home, most probably due to facing the computer for too long a time in the office in the day.

Anyway, to summarise what I've done for the past week - finished watching 3rd box of Anime - Naruto. Today finished watching 2004 version of La Bi Xiao Xin.

Thursday - Early morning sent brother and his gf and family to airport. They're leaving for China on a 4days 3nights trip. I took M.C from Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic later in the noon, accompanied by SP. After that, went back to NYP. Really missed the school while having my industrial attachment now. Went to have vegetable rice at North Canteen Chinese Food stall. Talked cock with auntie, finally. It's been 2 months since I last seen her. She shouted very loud upon seeing me 'Lai Liao Ah!' 4+ weeks to go before I will be going to school everyday!

Saturday - went to Renn Restaurant with SP at Takashimaya, where Matthew is working there. He gave me student price.. thanks brother! After that, went to the open area outside Ngee Ann City, Civic Plaza to watch a free mini-concert. Heard Zhang Yu sang about 3 songs before the concert ended. 2 other singers present are Xin Xiao Qi and Huang Pin Yuan (1 of my favourite! But I missed his performance... sigh.)

Sunday - went to Changi Airport to fetch him back from China, together with his gf's family. While today, Monday had a boring Monday blue at work.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 8 Jul 2004, 11:36:11am Mood: Delighted
Tuesday - Yesterday, after knock off, went home for a bath before going out for dinner with SP. Went to Chomp Chomp for a great dinner, Hokkien Mee, Satays, Tang Yuans. Superb! After dinner, sat there till 10+ before sending her home and then going back home myself. Nothing much to do at night, so I slept early, just before 3am.

Wednesday, 7th July 2004 - Today is the official one full year annivesary for this website ChenLim.Com! Thanks to everyone who has make this site a success. I've renewed the domain name for another 2 years, accidently. (Actually, I only wanted to renew for 1 year, but it's alright.) Cheers!

This afternoon, dear came to Seah Im Hawker Centre to meet me as her lessons ended early. So I did not go for normal lunch break from 12pm-1pm. Instead I went out at about 1.30pm, but returned some 2hrs later. However, who cares? As long as I'm able to finished the tasks given to me, which I always did, before my OIC requests for it. So I've done my job responsibly. After work, father picked me up at bus-stop outside Hougang MRT. Went home, had dinner, installed Visual Studio on my computer, before going to bath. I installed Visual Studio because I have plans of defragmenting my computer soon, it's starting to get a bit slow these few weeks. Can't remember when's the last time I degrag it.

Finally, Happy 1 Year Anniversary to ChenLim.Com! Cheers! =)
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004, 11:49:13am Mood: Delighted
It's been almost a week since I last posted! Blame it on the office computer, these few days can't really log online in the office. And at nights, I seldom on computer, so did not post. Anyway, Thursday was a normal routine day.

Friday after work, went home for a bath before meeting dear. We went to Orchard Road for the Singapore Food Festival whereby the open carpark opposite Centrepoint is coverted into a little street with temporary food stalls. The government is trying to bring back the old days of the 70s where hawkers sell fantastic food there. As it was only the 2nd day of Food Festival, the crowd at the foodfare was way more than a lot! We had a very hard time looking for seats and I struggled my way through the long queues to get BBQ Chicken Wings and Fried Carrot Cake and Stingray, while SP went over to the Macdonalds across the road for our drinks. After that, went to Cenileisure for movie - Chronicles of Riddick. I actually dozed off in the cinema. Maybe I'm too sleepy as I only had 3hrs of sleep the day before, or maybe the show is boring. After the show, we went to the same foodfare again for drinks. Sat there from 3+ to 4+ before going to Esplanade. After which, we had breakfast at Prata King at Upper Thomson Road in the morning. Sent her back at 9+ before reaching home at 10.15am! What a night - celebrating our 1 month, although postponed by a few days but it's nice and sweet. =p

Saturday - So slept on Saturday morning till 5+ in the noon. Woke up for a while before going back to sleep as there's nothing much to do, till 7+. Had dinner with my parents at 644. At night, watched wrestling on TV and chatted till about 5am before sleeping.

Sunday - Woke up before 12pm, had breakfast / lunch with family at Hougang South. The chicken / duck rice is getting worse nowadays. Watched tape and surfed the net for the whole Sunday afternoon. Then went for dinner with family at Tiong Bahru Temporary market / hawker. Nice Pork Chop and Zhui Kuey are still as nice! :p Went out again slightly after 11pm to Toa Payoh Central to fetch dear for her dinner and my supper. We went to Bedok North Avenue 4, Blk 85, Fengshan Hawker to have Ba Chor Mee and Char Kuey then sent her back slightly after 1am. At night, watched Euro 2004 Final between Portugal and Greece. Underdogs Greece were crowned Euro 2004 champions! I dozed off while watching the match, but woke up and dozed off again, repeatedly.

Monday - Poly start school but I can't go back to school because I'm still having my Industrial Attachment. Sigh. Monday blue at the office but the thought that it's already the 7th week out of a total of 12 weeks made me more awake. Had dinner at home, then watched TV till 11.45pm. Went to Prata King to have supper with Lenz. Thanks for the treat Lenz! =) Came back home, chatted with dear till almost 4am before sleeping.

That sums up and summarised what I did for the past week.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 2 Jul 2004, 01:52:36am Mood: Sleepy
Tuesday night went to Jalan Besar for dinner with SP. After dinner, we went to Esplanade but on the way there, some traffic lights are not working and the streets are in darkness as the street lamps are all not lit up. It was later when my mother called me then I realised that many parts of Singapore had a blackout! Luckily we already finished our dinner. All electricity was restored in about 2hrs time. We went back at 12+.

Wednesday went back home to have dinner after work. At 10pm, went to Ang Mo Kio to pick up nz and ps, we're supposed to go to Bedok North for early supper (for me) and dinner (for them). But the troublesome ps wanted to go home early, and suggested that we go Thomson for pratas. As it's too early (For supper because I had my dinner at 8pm) and I'm quite sick of having pratas, so I only had a glass of teh-chino. After chatting for awhile, we left before 12am and we sent ps back first, as usual troublesome mah. :p I'm complaining that it's the right time at 12+ to have my actual supper but Lenz just finished his meal, so I thought of going home to dig biscuits and cakes.

But nz is nice enough to ask me if I really wanted to eat my supper and where. So ended up she accompanied me to Aljunied there to have fishball noodle at Joo Seng Market's Hawker. She did not drink or eat anymore, while I had meepok and kopi. Thanks nz! Hope you read this hor.. forgot to thank you last night. keke... Suddenly become so 'on'... for you! =) Talked a little before sending her home at 1+.. I reached home at about 2am myself. Wanted to log on to MSN Messenger but the connection kept failing on me. Stopped trying at about 2.45am, to watch Euro 2004 semifinal between Portugal and Holland while chatting on the phone.

Slept at about 5am, really cannot take it anymore. 2hrs of sleep on Tueday night, long Wednesday without any sleep at all somemore! Actually sleeping at 5am is not much better, just 2.5hrs of sleep, making it a total of less than 5hrs of sleep in 2 days! This morning slept for 1hr in office, really, really very, very, very tired and sleepy and weary. Just came back from lunch and finished reading TODAY. ZZzzz
- Chen Lim


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