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Tuesday, 29 Jul 2003, 16:49:17pm Mood: Angry
Lesson till 5pm today. Last lesson was Data Structures and Algorithms (Java), the lecturer like seems to keep aiming me since day 2. Cursed me last week, today called me 'Dr Lim' while I was trying to explain something to Matthew. And before the lesson starts, she said she give me another task since I had finished all my practicals this semester. She asked me to teach Matthew should he have any problem. I told her I've always done that.. Just finds that she does not have a impression of me Actually, alot of things have to ren, tahan and endure in school. Many thought I am having a nice life and enjoying myself with results (just a tiny portion to me, cause I don't care as long as I know I've did my best) in school, all of you are wrong. If I had not endured for so many things, I don't know what will happen...

Anyway, things got worse after school. I tried to auction a digital camera at interauct, a girl enquired about it since last night. We agreed on a price and place to meet to pass her the camera. I asked my mother to rushed my home and then drive me to her blk at Blk 113, Hougang Ave 1. After seeing the camera and asking a few questions, she told me to wait while she go upstairs to take something. I waited for around 5-10mins, she is nowhere to be seen. And when I called her, her phone was off. So I left cause was in a rush.

Never mind, let's see how long can she off her phone... She better wake up her ideas and not to let me see her again. And she had better off her phone at night when she sleeps. I will surely play her back. I mean, if she do not want to buy, she should just inform me. I did not have a gun pointing at her forehead, forcing her to buy. Very, very irresponsible and childish actions! Guessed the most she also 16yrs old, still do not know how to think.

Anyway, at night had dinner at downstair's kopitiam. Saw the setups at the kopitiam already. Setups for 'Ge Tai' to celebrate the coming Hungry Ghost Festival, Lunar 7th month. Had a great time watching at the kopitiam last year, I'll be looking forward to the coming one this year, this Sunday, right here at Hougang Green! Heard from the kopikia Saturday is the dinner, Sunday will be the 'Ge Tai'. I foresee it to extend at least a couple of days for the 'Ge Tai'. Last year extended for almost 1 full week. We shall see... And while I am writing this, it's the 1st day, 4th hour, 48mins into the lunar 7th month. Had a frustrating day earlier in school and after school!

Site Updates (many small scaled ones): Fixed the instant message box, the design will go way off when the box gets too long. So now I limit it to show only the latest 15 entries, the rest can be viewed on another page whereby all entries are being displayed there. No need to create a brand new page from scratch for this, simply used back instantMessaging.php file by adding a little twist to how the data is being displayed.

Next is the archives page. Now then I realise that my smilies / emoticons aren't showing in the archives, fixed this as well.

Another fix is also on the archives page, the archives are only showing limited 7 entries per page, but it should show all entries for every half a month. Removed the 7 limit.

- Chen Lim

Monday, 28 Jul 2003, 15:11:14pm Mood: Satisfied
Did not post last night as I came home very late, hence did not turn on the computer. Anyway, yesterday was a long, long day.

Went back to Ang Mo Kio Secondary to witness the passing out parade of my previous CCA, NCC (Land). Those boys whom I took when I was sec 4 are now taking over as specialists, time really flies! When I graduated, they were only sec 1, now they are sec 3 and ready to take over the unit! Heard Mr Tan's speech, reflected back on my days when I were still with NCC. I always told people that I joining NCC is like getting conned! But that is not the case, I got to know lots of friends, buddies of all kinds in the unit. We enjoyed together, suffered together, marched together, sang together, camped together, ate together, trained together, under rain and sun, etc... Doing all kinds of things under all kinds of conditions.

From a little boy in sec 1, we all joined the CCA and grew up together. Although we had all gone on to carry on the next part of journey in our lives, we still bump into each other in the streets and still remembered each other. Lots of feelings which cannot be expressed in words or too much to do so. Anyway, had buffet for lunch, catered for the guests and the unit, before going home.

Continue reading the book, 'Bill Gates Speaks'. Then went to Downtown East chalet to meet up with Jayson for Felicia's birthday. Talking about Felicia, she's a year 1 DIT student, actually we do not know each other. Jayson happened to be her Orientation Group Leader (OGL). I happened to go for her chalet to accompany Jasyon? to eat BBQ for free? no, I will pass her birthday present in school tomorrow.

Nice food, BBQ-ed by myself, ate myself. Nice birthday cake, really nice chocolate cake. Actually intended to go home at 11+, but heard that there're only 4 persons (including herself) staying overnight, hence I told Jayson, if this is the case, we try to stay back, and he agreeed. So we made a U-turn back to her chalet. Went in to play some card games with her classmate and herself. Her bf was entertaining guests outside the room. In the end, my brother came to drive me home while he was on his way home at 2.30am. On the way, also dropped Jayson back home.

Sunday is a sleeping day for me, HAD A SWEET DREAM! Happy to see her in my dreams, but hope she can appear in front of my eyes instead of in my dreams. Managed to install operating system - FreeBSD on my old computer late Sunday night. Will explore more tomorrow, now going to do my tutorial for tomorrow's lesson, then sleep, looking forward to new challenges in the coming week.

Site update: Instant Message Box had been abused with vulgarities. But I will not close down the box, I've added more sensored words to the list now. Words detected from the list will not be replaced by the word 'sensored' automatically. I do not know who did it, suppose it's just someone who's too free.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 26 Jul 2003, 16:17:01pm Mood: Tired
Woke up in the noon, had char bee hoon for lunch, then went to school for a swim myself. Bump into Anthony while I was on my way to the swimming pool, he accompanied me to the pool but did not swim with me cause he never bring his swimming trunks to school. Swam for about 50mins before washing up and going for me lessons.

After 2 hours of lesson, I went to Compass Point to buy a new optical USB mouse for my laptop. The previous mouse bought about 6 months ago spoiled too sudden and out of nothing! : Cost me $30 for the new mouse, waste money but no choice. Then went to god mother's house (walking distance from Compass Point) to meet up with my mother before returning home together.

Read newspaper back home and fell asleep before having my dinner. I think the swim this afternoon tire me out. Had my dinner at 10+ then turned on my laptop to try out the new mouse. Worked perfectly fine, hope this one can last for at least a few years. Read some notes on Visual Basic.NET. Just finished 2 practical questions. Still can take it so far by self-learning. The weekend is here again!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 25 Jul 2003, 17:28:05pm Mood: Happy
Busy day today. School starts at 10am. But my semestral project group spends most of our time doing our project proposal instead of following the lessons. Also took some time off to play games to relax.

Anyway, managed to submit the proposal at 5+. Lesson ends at 6pm, came home, had a bath and some snacks, then rushed out again. Went to meet Ribin and Khing Tat at Jalan Besar Stadium to watch Singapore Under 23 vs Home United FC. Tiring day but still went to watch with them, glad that I went to the match also. Wake me up, enjoyed the match, tired became active again!

Came home helped Marcus solved some of his PHP-Nuke and Java problems before finishing up my final java practical for this semester. Although all has been completed, but some sections towards the later part of the practicals should be and must be done again to be more familiar with it. They are still not exactly very clear in my head.

Now clear these practicals, hopefully will have more time off to do Visual Basic.Net. Having C++ and VB.Net to choose from, I chose C++. But is also quite interested in VB.Net, so will try to squeeze some time out for it. Going to watch TV now before sleeping, tomorrow lesson is in the afternoon, might go to swim in NYP's swimming complex before lesson. See how again, TV time!
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 24 Jul 2003, 15:30:59pm Mood: Frustrated
No school today, woke up at 10am to watch TV (Zhong Yi Da Ge Da), recorded on SCV channel 56 last night. After that, did my final practical while watching soccer friendly match on channel give - Manchester United vs Celtic. Entertaining match (WITHOUT David Beckahm!) which Man Utd thrashed their opponents by 4-0.

Then had mixed vegetable rice for, which was da bao by mother from the coffeeshop outside my old Secondary School. She had her lunch there and said is nice, so bought for me, really nice! After lunch, I read my ColdFusion MX book while waiting for friends' call to go JB. They are at went to Lavendar ICA building to extend their passports. Then in the end, due to miscommunication and some unforseen circumstances, I did not travel with them.

Took an afternoon nap till 6.30pm. Had char bee hoon for dinner at around 8pm. Then went to Hougang Mall's library with Lenz. I returned my ColdFusion MX book. There's no IT-related book of interest or need to me for now. Afterall, I've picked up PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion MX already. PHP is quite , ASP.NET intermediate and ColdFusion MX needs more practise when I have the time. I am more interested in Visual Basic.NET now. Will try to do something about it soon. Anyway, while Lenz is checking out his books at the machine, I saw a book lying there - Bill Gates Speaks. I immediately borrowed this book to see what this Microsucker owner has to say, maybe can learn from his success? hehe

Came home to do my semestral project's proposal. And just before I want to start, my optical mouse start giving me problems! Now I have plugged it off and used the laptop's touchpad to navigate around. Simply frustrating! Then suddenly had a flu, very uneasy to work now. Still thought of continuing my java practical, but I think I'll go to sleep soon, continue tomorrow.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 24 Jul 2003, 02:16:02am Mood: Tired
Yesterday fell asleep early, so never enter any entry. I only had 2 hours of sleep the previous night, hence yesterday night at 10+, I fell asleep while running a full system scan for my laptop.

Yesterday only 4 hours of lesson. The TCP/IP technology lecturer is a new part-time lecturer in NYP. We chatted with him after his lesson and then went to south canteen to have afternoon tea. He also had his lunch there, after he finished his lunch, he sat down with us to chit chat with us for 1 hour! I think he's a nice person after talking so much with him.

Came home tried on ColdFusion MX, took very long for my application to finally work. Maybe I was too tired, so I shut down my brain for a rest. That explain why entry for today is only submitted now. Going to have my lunch now, will be going in to Johor Bahru later in the noon with my Matthew and Jayson. Be back tonight.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 22 Jul 2003, 16:31:16pm Mood: Pleased
Woke up at 10+am this morning. Left house for lunch with my mother at Yio Chu Kang Blk 600++ market. Then went to school for first lesson, started 12 12.05pm. Reached about 10 minutes later, when we (Matthew, Jayson and myself) entered the lab, the China lecturer was still taking attendance for another class. She refused to take our attendances and said we were late! So stingy! (Actually is my fault for causing Matthew and Jayson to be late cause I was late for meeting them at the Atrium for taking our temperatures, pai seh!)

It was frustrating throughout this lab lesson, especially the way the China lecturer teaches and speaks! Had 2 hours of C++ practical lesson after that, C++ does not seem to be a easy programming language to me so far. Lessons all the way till 5pm. Then went to Hougang Ave 8's kopitiam for afternoon tea with my mother. Went there eat muah chee and la kopi.

Came home to continue with my Java practical 7, which I could not solve since yesterday noon! Still can't find a solution to why my array of 6 objects all contained the same values! It was till 10.50pm, then I knew what is causing this problem! I had actually have my variables declared as static, thus, a change in 1 object causes the same change in the rest of the objects! This explains why all my 6 objects have the same values! Irritating and stupid error! Feel like hitting myself!

Then help Jessie with her Republic Poly's 1st year tutorial. Their tutorial is super chim. I do not actually know how to go about doing it till I get her friend's solution. Then I edited from it and had just send out a copy of my version to her. Hope it helps.

Anyway, I had just finished reading the lecture notes for week 8 (last week of this semester) for Java, will be finishing up the final practical tomorrow. Only thing I do not understand clearly is the sorting (insertion sort and selection sort), quite confused even though I can do the practical. Will be deframgmenting my Hard Disk while I go sleep now... Hope the process will be finish by the time I wake up at 8am. Left another 3 hours of sleep only, again!
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 22 Jul 2003, 06:49:16am Mood: Happy
Forgot to submit blog entry last night before I slept at 5++am. Anyway, yesterday woke up at noon, had Nasi bryani for lunch. Then continue with my Java practicals, now at week 7 already. 2 more practicals before I finish all practicals for this semester.

In the evening, went out with Kah Wei, weiqiang and chin how for dinner at chomp chomp. Reached there at 7pm, was TOTALLY FLOODED with people! We waited for an empty table for 30mins! Even though each of us stationed at a corner in the hawker centre, we still failed to find any seat. Finally I found one with the help of drink stall's auntie. Then we ordered our food, waited another 40mins for our fried hokkien mee!

I think we went there too early, that's why so many people. We ordered beer to somewhat celebrate Kah Wei's birthday. I think this yesterday was the day he had the largest consumption of beer in his 18 years. He and chin how shared a bottle of Carlsberg, meanwhile I had 1 bottle of Tiger for myself. They left half a glass of their Carlsberg in the end, so I finished up that half a glass before we left. Nice dinner... Had char kway teow, fried hokkien mee, satay, etc.

Then went home, watched tv, do practical, and also edited my laptop's services settings, all those crap which might have slowed down my computer while booting up. After which, read a bit on ColdFusion MX before going to bed.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 20 Jul 2003, 16:46:02pm Mood: Happy
Woke up at 12pm today. Had the most amount of sleep in a night for the whole of this week - 6 hours! After waking up, called Kah Wei to inform him so that he can come over to my house to watch Zhong yi da ge da, which had Cyndi on the show for this episode.

Then brother went downstairs to buy PS's controller at 1+, so asked him to buy lunch back for me. Had chicken rice while watching Zhong yi da ge da with Kah Wei. After the show finished, he used my laptop's infrared port to transfer image of Cyndi to set as his phone's wallpaper. Then I showed him a a few movie clips in my computer, including the recent RJC teacher saga..

He went home at around 6pm. Then I carried on to with my java practical for week 5 (week 4 is the assignment I completed yesterday). But went out for dinner at Old Airport Road Hawker centre with family halfway through my work. After dinner, we went to my cousin's new house (almost complete renovated) to take a look. Situated opposite Lavendar MRT station, it's a really location for viewing nice scenery. His unit is on the 14th storey, and we can have a few nice view of Singapore's nightlife in his house. He told us that the view is even better on the 30th (last storey). We went up and the scenery is simply superb! Front is city area, Suntec, shaw towers, bugis, etc. The other side is jalan besar stadium, another side is singapore indoor stadium! VERY VERY NICE! Especially the vehicles' headlights on the roads, it's really a wonderful view!

Came home to continue after that. Actually wanted to meet Kah Wei at his house late at night, but 7-11's selling of alcoholic drinks ended at 11pm. So no beer, no go. Hence, I went on to continue with my java, java and more java. Finally managed to finish week 5's optional practical question.

Moving on to week 6 now, will be reading the lecture notes before I sleep later. Then tomorrow will start on week 6's practical.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 19 Jul 2003, 17:17:02pm Mood: Glad
8am lesson very early today. My brother drove me to school for my lesson. First lesson had Database Management System, had a little arguement with my lecturer on our different views to a practical question. Then there's a 2hr break before lesson resumes at 12pm. We went to have our lunch and then went to library. Actually wanted to borrowed 2 CD-Roms on Flash Tutorials but realise that the CD can only be borrowed for 2hours instead of the 7 days which I thought initally. Because this disc is with a red tag. 2 hours, I might as well don't borrow, so i return on the spot.

Then went for Object Oriented Analysis and Design semester project class. This is week 2 and we are suppose to hand up our list of group members, which had already been done last week. Next week we'll need to submit our innovative use-case proposal, today discussed and brainstormed on this issue, preparing for the proposal submission next week. Should be able to make it without much stress this time.

Then I saw Marcus after my lesson, saw his book on FreeBSD, an operating system. Borrowed from him for an hour to flip through, seems like a O/S and a book. Will try it as soon as i can grab hold of some free time and disk space in my computer. Then brother came to fetch me home, but before that we went to Macdonalds to buy the Shake fries together.

Came home listened to Cyndi's album for the first time, while I coding for my Java Assignment 1. Coded halfway went out to Machperson for dinner with family. Had crabs!! Then went straight to Kopitiam downstairs to meet up with Lenz. 12.04am, called Kah Wei to wish him happy birthday. It's his 18th Birthday today! HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY TO KAH WEI! Tomorrow night then we'll go chiong for supper. I went home at 12+ to finish up my java assignment. It's totally completed now. Good sign that I'm ahead of schedule, must and will keep it going this way. Weekend coming, it's 5.12am now, time to watch TV - Ma Ma Xian Sheng, old TCS 8 show...

Anyway, site update today: had a hidden flash movie in my page which visitors will NOT be able to view it. The purpose of this movie is just for playing music though, so there's no need to view it, no animation. Finally got this working after 1hr+ because I have to convert my midi to wav files before I can import the wav file into the flash movie. And I have to search for the software to do the conversion. Then have to face the problem with FlashMX. But still manage to get it done.

Song Title Now: Ni Zhen Me She De Wo Nan Guo by Huang Pin Yuan - A song which I will NEVER not sing in the ktv each and everytime I go. It's one of my favourite songs and I knew it happen to be one of 'yours' too...
- Chen Lim

Friday, 18 Jul 2003, 16:24:37pm Mood: Tired
Yesterday too busy to post my entry. Anyway, also not much things to write for yesterday. Just woke up, go to school, came home, online, work on assignment.

Today is an early day. Lesson starts at 9am, C++ Programming lecture. The ang moh lecturer seems to be and funny. Then had a long 4 hour break! During the break, I went down to Orchard's HMV with Matthew and Jayson to buy Cyndi's album. The album costs $22.95 at HMV, way too expensive. So I crossed the road to Cineleisure's Sembawang Music Store. The price for the same CD is $19.90 at Sembawang Music Store! Cross 1 road can save $3.00!

We then had our lunch at a staff canteen behind Somerset Mrt, recommended by Jayson before making our way back to school for the next lesson which starts at 2pm. At the MRT station, there's a slight delay which causes the train to be late by 15mins. Luckily we still got back to school before 2pm. There's still time for my and Jayson to go to Macdonalds to buy the new Shake Fries. We ate in the tutorial classroom, and the tutor from China is very very very boring! She made me feel very tired during the class! Before the class I am still wide awake although had only 3+ hrs of sleep last night. Then we finished our fries before going home.

My brother took leave from his NS today, when I reached home, he also just reached home. Two days ago, he mentioned that want to watch movie this week, so I just ask him for fun whether he wants to watch now. He said yes and we made our way down to Bishan's Junction 8. The movie, < Too Fast And Too Furious > was supposed to start at 4.15pm. We left home at about 3.55pm and my brother drove fast to Junction 8. However, when we reached there, it's still not time for entrance yet. After we enter at around 4.20pm, the show did not start until 5pm! What a long wait, again made me even more tired and sleepy.

I nearly fell asleep on a few occasion during the early stages of the show but after a watching for a while, I managed to keep myself awake throughout the show. Quite a nice show, quite funny. Then came home after the show, I watched the Cyndi's VCD at 7+pm. Watched till fell asleep (really toooo tireddzz). Woke up at 10.45pm, then had my dinner. After dinner, turned on my computer, chat a bit, and worked on assignment again.

Till now, then I have time to insert my entry for today. Anyway, there's a little site update. I've added a 'To-Do List' on the left side of the page, just below 'Quick Site Info'. Better turn in now, 4.30am... tomorrow 8am lesson, super early!
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 16 Jul 2003, 15:39:35pm Mood: Busy
Woke up at 4am after sleeping at 5am last night. After a long KTV night, had a nice sleep today. No lessons today, scheduled trip to JB was cancelled as Jayson cannot go. Left with myself and Matthew only, so we did not go.

After waking up, had my 'char bee hoon' for breakfast or lunch or afternoon tea or early dinner. Then had my actual dinner at 9pm. Intended to do a bit of Java assignment but was unable to squeeze time out for this.

Most of the time spent today goes to updating and enhancing ChenLim.Com with more new features. There are now more links on the left side of the page under the Navigation Menu. These links can be shown or hidden simply by clicking on the ' + / - '. This is done in DHTML, picked up from another website. Added in 2 items - wish list and quick site info.

Also downloaded a few of Cyndi's video clips in the evening. Time flies, now it's already past 3.30am and I have to wake up at 7am for 8am lesson tomorrow! Will be a long day tomorrow: 8am - 4pm! Siong siong TIME NOT ENOUGH!
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 16 Jul 2003, 06:24:45am Mood: Glad
This entry is for last night. Cause forgot to enter my entry yesterday night.

School ended at 5pm yesterday, I went home immediately as usual. Then waited for Lenz's call to meet up to go KTV.

We reached Hougang Plaza's K-Box at 8.30pm and sang till 2am. At around 12.30am, there's a game organised by K-Box. They have a game everyday for their customers. The other time I went there was in the noon and they had another kind of game.

Anyway, last night one was drinking competition - Compete who can finish a glass of beer in the shortest amount of time. I looked around me, all are older than me, I had only 1 thought in mind at that moment - SURE LOSE. The manager started the game and I started to drink as fast as I could. However, there's a big-sized guy who finished his glass of beer in 2 seconds! (I think he drinks beer faster than any normal person drinks plain water. Simply superb!) Then the another guy finished his glass. Myself and another guy finished ours at around the same time, estimated 5-6 seconds. I think this is my first time finishing a glass of beer in such a short amount of time but I still got completely beaten by a big margin! He is simply sheer class. hehe

Then we all returned back to our room to continue singing till 2am. This is also the first time I sing continuously for 5.5 hours! Sang from Chinese songs to Hokkien songs to Malay song to Cantonese song. hehe And finally Lenz and me walked back home. I reached home at about 2.30am, he at about 2.45am. What a long day yesterday.. but enjoyable.
- Chen Lim


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