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Monday, 14 Jul 2003, 13:53:29pm Mood: Frustrated
Woke up at 10am still feeling very sleepy. But have to crawl out of bed for breakfast with family. Went to Jurong to have morning / lunch, slept along the journey there. After that came home for a while before going to Ang Mo Kio central.

Was on the phone while waiting for bus. When 88 comes by the opposite bus stop, I thought it was 159 (another bus which I can take to Ang Mo Kio at that direction), I ran across the road and board the bus. After a few seconds then I realised it was 88, travelling up to Sengkang! I alighted at the next immediate stop, wasted 63 cents. : Then I crossed the road, going to take the 88 from the correct direction but this time, the bus just passed by! Made me even : : : Failed to catch that bus, I straight away flagged for a cab to bring me to Ang Mo Kio! : and frustrating day!

Came back in the late evening, then had dinner at my favourite hang out place - Hougang Green's Fu Fa Foodcourt with family. We also have our dinner there quite often actually. Then I met up with Lenz at the Macdonalds beside the kopitiam. We did out tutorials for the coming week. But ended up talking more than working. Went home at 11+ at night, nothing much today, no mood also. Hope to have a better week ahead.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 13 Jul 2003, 15:43:21pm Mood: Delighted
Woke up in the noon today, online for a while. Then had my lunch and went to Parco Bugis Junction with Kah Wei for Cyndi's autograph session. Reached Bugis at around 3+ and it was really crowded there. We had difficulty walking!

Then we went to the backstage and realised that Cyndi will be entering the stage from behind. When the bus came, failed to take any photograph of her because we were blocked by the bus! Then we went to the side of the stage and managed to catch a few glimpse of her. Attempted to take a few photographs by anyhow aiming and shooting, hope at least can catch her face.

Then we went ahead a little but were blocked by two guys who were standing on a table. I tried to take photographs of Cyndi behind them. One of them turned around and saw me, he willingly offered to help me take photographs since he's high up there and is able to have a better view. He and his friend helped me to snap about 15 photos of Cyndi, wow very helpful! They sounded like Malaysian to me.

Then got our tickets for the PSC night. So we proceeded to MediaCorp's Studio after that for the PSC night, meeting up with another friend there. It was my 2nd outing at the MediaCorp Studio for a live show's recording. The previous time was when I was still in Primary School. The hosts were staying very calm when there's lots of moving and shuffling right beside them, preparing the props for the singing competition! Was also lucky to see my favourite local actor, Chor Chew Ming who attended the show as a game contestent. During the show, she only sang 1 song - less than 5 minutes. However, the performance by the kids in the singing competition is great and cute! Also not forgetting the other special guest, Fan Yi Cheng. Handsome guy with crazy fans. His fans sitting behind us bombarded our ears with their screamings and used strange words to attract their idol's attention, rude eh.

After the show, we had dinner at Prata House, then Kah Wei's brother came to fetch us and we went for supper at 'Chomp Chomp' after sending the other friend home. Nice food right, Kah Wei? I recommend one sure ! Especially the fried hokkien mee! Then Kah Wei's brother dropped me at my bus stop and we all went back home after that. Nice day.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 12 Jul 2003, 15:49:38pm Mood: Delighted
2nd day of school today, semestral briefing at 11.00am but I reached the school at 11.30am After that, had lunch and had a brain storming session with my group for our semestral project. Things are moving slowly but steadily on only the 2nd day of school! Actual lesson starts at 4pm today, so went to library after discussing for our project. Browse through 2 books on stress management and how to always win in a quarrel Borrowed 2 books, < Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant > and < I Moved Your Cheese >

After the lesson, came home in a heavy, heavy rain! Jumped down from a very high kerb while running back home, nearly fell down while landing. Luckily still manage to balance on the super wet and flooded ground. Rained cats and dogs and cows and horses!

Had a light dinner of 'char mee' cooked by mother before going out for Elva Hsiao World Tour 2003 Concert at Suntec City Convention Hall 6. I brought the book, < I Moved Your Cheese > along with me for reading while in MRT to City Hall. The book was totally crap, all rubbish inside, maybe it makes a humour book.

Reached Suntec at around 8.15pm. Had a seat a little behind the middle of the hall. Many Thanks to Anthony for the complimentry tickets. Elva appeared on stage at around 9pm and the concert kicks off in front of a full house crowd at Suntec City!!

The atmosphere is great and with Elva's singing, the whole thing is simply brilliant! Too no camera shots, all shots are captured in my memory, as what Matthew had said. It's really a wonderful concert with Elva even singing Ah Mei's < Ji De > and Jay Zhou's < Jian Dan Ai >. And one of my favourite songs, : After 2 consecutive encores, the concert ended at 11.00pm. What a fantastic and brilliant concert. Elva Hsiao ROX!

Today I will not do any work, leave it for tomorrow. Going to find some food to eat now and watch TV at the same time. After that, will read < Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant > or my ColdFusion MX before going to sleep. Tomorrow is Saturday, PSC night time! Cyndi Wang Xin Ling is the special guest... will get my tickets from my 'lobang' tomorrow and make my way down to MediaCorp's Studio for the live performance! Can also see little kids singing competition. Cheers!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 11 Jul 2003, 15:39:18pm Mood: Tired
Slept at nearly 5am in the morning last night. Today is the first day of my year 2, semester 1 in NYP. Lesson supposed to start at 10am. I set my alarm clock to 8.50am before I slept last night. However, I woke up at 8.00am and did not go back to sleep. So it's only 3 hours of sleep for me.

Went to school for the first time in more than 2 months, meeting some classmates at the Atrium to take our temperature together before going for lesson. First lesson was a lab session on Data Structure and Algorithms, we have to revise on java programming. I was staring at a screen, not knowing how to code in java for 1 minute before I really get things going on. Too long a break I suppose

Then we had our lunch and lessons after that. Was handed our semestral project on Object Oriented Analysis Design Project in which we have to develop a library system using Java! What's more important for this project is the analysis and design process, implementation do take up some marks but not as much - A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK! : :

After taking a bath upon reaching home in the evening, I continued my Java pratical and finished it fast, finally slowly picking up all over again. Later in the night, confirmed the availability of 4 tickets to PSC night starring special guest, Cyndi Wang Xin Ling. It should be more or less confirmed. Then went to Hougang Point to slack around with Lenz. We then walked to Blk 644, Hougang Ave 8 for drinks (had 'teh-gao' of course).

Came home at around 12am, updated JobAperture.Com as per requested by owner, again. Then updated my own website at Site updates today included: Monthly blog archive changed to half a month per archive; Automatically replacing any vulgarities input by user from the Instant Message box; Replacing ASCII emoticons with images like the following smilie ; Added admin section for editing and deleting of Instant Messages; Also added a few more new inspiring quotes into the random quotes database.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 10 Jul 2003, 14:37:14pm Mood: Glad
As I mentioned yesterday, I want to make my blog entries before 12am but I failed to do so. The time just don't come right. Will try again tomorrow... Anyway, woke up early in the morning today for an appointment at Tanjong Pagar. Scheduled to meet David from Marketplace Pte Ltd at 10am, but I missed the bus and was late for nearly 30min! Ooops! Anyway, managed to meet up with him in his office. Made the deal with him for transferring of his website's files to a new server.

After receiving his cash payment, I left his office, preparing to go back home to start working on his website. However, I took the bus in the wrong direction and instead of going to Toa Payoh interchange, I ended up at Buona Vista! Then took 74 from there back home, 2 hrs ride!

After I reached home, I had my lunch and read my loaned book on ColdFusion MX, till I fell asleep in the late afternoon. After waking up, I started to work on David's project (as I had promised to deliver everything on the same night). With the work almost complete, I had my dinner and then completed everything after my dinner.

Late in the night, did some modifications for Winson's JobAperture.Com. Nothing much today except for the project for David. Now, I'm preparing to return to school tomorrow, school finally reopen after more than 2 months of holiday!

I will stop writing here and go to dig some food from the kitchen as well as a cup of white coffee brought in from JB yesterday. With that, I will try out a bit of ColdFusion MX programming before I turn in.

Reminder for tomorrow: update for - blog entries showing smilies, new column for money left for my next target.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003, 15:36:21pm Mood: Delighted
Scheduled to go to Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia earlier this morning. Woke up by my mother, informing me of a heavy downpour. So I decided to sleep while waiting for her final decision to go or not to go. In the end, she went ahead with her friend, with me still sleeping at home. I woke up at 1.30pm. After washing up and bathing, I called my mother and told her I will be leaving Singapore to join her in JB soon!

We decided to meet up at Holiday Plaza, a shopping centre in JB. So I took MRT to Kranji and from there, took bus service number 170 to JB. At the Malaysia custom, I do not have a pen with me to fill up the white card. Luckily I met an old couple and I borrowed their pen. After filling up my card, I noticed that they have a little difficulty filling up theirs, so I help them along the way. (Luckily I met them - for the pen, and luckily they met me - for guiding them to fill up their cards )

Upon entering JB, I went to exchange for Ringget with SGD$50.00. Then I walked up to City Square to browse through. After that, I took a taxi up to Holiday Plaza to meet up with my mother and her friend. After buying some stuffs, we went to Ocean and The Store for more. Then, it's dinner time! (which is my main aim of travelling to Malaysia)

I became the tour guide and led the way to the hawker centre which I have been longing to go for dinner! We ordered 'Kankong', 'La-La', 'Crispy Prawn' and 'Gu Ru Yok'. This costs us a mere 48 ringget! Compare the price for the same food against eating in Singapore!

Then, we took a Malaysian taxi all the way back to Singapore's Queenstreet terminal, 28 ringget for this long journey back. What a nice trip, and this is the 1st time I crossed the custom all alone! Saw many pretty girls along the way in JB as well . See only but not interested cause my heart is only with a 1 and only girl all these while. Returned with a full stomach and lots of other food bought earlier in the day! There will be no problem for my supper for the coming days... hehe

Anyway, from tomorrow onwards, I will begin to submit my blog entries before 12am. This will make the days and dates(today, tomorrow) as mentioned in the blogs clearer and more accurate.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 8 Jul 2003, 13:26:24pm Mood: Satisfied
Same lifestyle as per normal. Slept at 6am, woke up at 1pm. After that had a quick lunch (mother da bao 'char kway' for me). After my lunch, I asked my mother to accompany me to ICA Building to extend my passport (cause need to go in to Johor tomorrow).

We took MRT via North-East Line to Dhoby Ghaut, then changed to City Hall, then changed to final destination, Lavender. The number of people in the ICA building is shocking, got 69 people in front of my queue number! Waited very long, finally got everything done and then we returned home by Bus service number 62 to Hougang South Interchange and finally took 328 back home.

I continued to develop my ChenLim.Com after reaching home. Had 'Char Bee Hoon' for dinner and then continue to develop my website. Then I finished up the leftover 'Bee Hoon' as supper and then returned to developing my website. Until now, I had finally finished my website! All the scripting and programming are working fine so far. Will try to add more dynamic stuffs when I have the time. For now, I will proceed to try out a new programming language - Macromedia ColdFusion MX before going to sleep and waking up tomorrow to leave for Johor Bahru.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 7 Jul 2003, 13:20:42pm Mood: Pleased
This is a test for my first entry into the blog system. Hopefully it works.

Today my relatives came to my house. I went downstairs kopitiam at 2.30pm with Lenz. Sat for a while, then we went to watch Hougang Green's Macdonalds 6th annivesary celebration. Then we walked to Hougang Mall.

He bought ear piece for his discman and I went to the library. I borrowed a book on Flash games and another on Macromedia ColdFusion MX. I will start to learn ColdFusion after I complete this current website. I had browse through the book and it seems quite easy so far.

Ok, just in case this thing do not work, I will stop writing here first.
Edited 7 Jul 2003, 02:25:17.
- Chen Lim


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