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Tuesday, 29 Jun 2004, 01:21:02am Mood: Glad
Saturday - posted the previous entry at dear's house in the noon. After that we went to Goldhill Plaza's Sony Ericsson's service center to service her phone. Reached there at 4.30pm but the service centre closes at 5pm, she did not want to leave her phone there, so we went for lunch opposite the road, at Novena Square's Burger King. Lunch at almost 5pm, so dinner will be very late. We went to Toa Payoh Central to check the prices of handphone she wanted to sell and buy. What a tiring walk, going in to almost EVERY handphone shop at Toa Payoh Central, and it's a lot, at least more than 10 of them!

Then I saw my 2nd auntie with cousin and his wife shopping there. So I stopped to call them, haha my they are the first relatives who saw SP before even my parents. Anyway, we went to Bedok North, Blk 85 Fengshan Hawker for dinner at 9+. Ordered Ba Chor Mee from 2 different stalls, and Carrot cake and Tang Yuans. We shared the carrot cake and tang yuans, finished both, she finished her ba chor mee. I finished my teh and kopi-si but my ba chor mee haven't come. So I went to the stall to check with the auntie, and told her that I've waited for an hour (it's about 45min actually) already. She said coming, but after about really 1 hour, still haven't come. Frustrated, I do not want to eat anymore, so we left. I send her home at slightly after 11pm, before going back to downstairs kopitiam to meet up with Ah Tat, Ah Hong and his wife. Ah Xiong joined us at 12+. We chatted till 2.30am before I tried driving Ah Tat's van. It's been a few months since I last drove a manual vehicle, but still can do it, and it's FUN! haha I drove that van, sent Ah Hong and his wife home. Then Tat took over, sent me home. I think I did not have enough fun with it, but we all stayed in Hougang, cannot go too far.

Sunday - woke up at 11+ in the morning, went for breakfast / lunch with family at Jurong, we had curry fish head. Delicious! Then went back home, watched 1 disc of La Bi Xiao Xin before sleeping from 3+ to 7+. After waking up, went for dinner with my parents at Ang Mo Kio 451's S11. Had Kway Chap and I ate a lot as well. Delicious meal yet again! After that, went back home, I attempted to colour my hair, with Wella's conditioner cream. After that, went online and talked on the phone. Watched Euro 2004 quarter final match between Denmark and Czech Republic. After having some Di Zhangs during halftime break, chatted on phone for the remaining of the 2nd half. Went to bed at 5.30am even though match ended at 4.45am, cause we continue to talk and talk. Hair colour now is not too obvious that I've tried to colour it, but at least there's a little brown in it. Hopefully it will turn more brown over the next few days? heh heh

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- Chen Lim

Sunday, 27 Jun 2004, 02:33:32am Mood: Pleased
Thursday - went back to work after 2 days of MC. Found out that my OIC is on course for 1 week, work on a little of the things he briefed me about 1.5 weeks ago. Slept at night after watching the news at about 10+. Woke up by dear's call at about 2.45am, just nice in time for me to watch Euro 2004 match. Watched and chatted at the same time till 6am before sleeping again, and waking up at 7.30am for work.

Friday - yesterday was a boring day at work, so there's nothing to write on. Knocked off early at 5.30pm (Fri: 5.30, Mon - Thurs: 6.30pm). After a bath back home, went to Toa Payoh to pick up dear, we went to Old Airport Road to have our dinner. I ate quite a lot as I'm very hungry. After that, we da bao some goreng pisang to East Coast Park. Enjoyed the night and sea breeze till 12.20am before sending her home. It was the first time I sped at 130km/hr along our way back!

Then I went back to Hougang to pick up Lenz, and we made our way to Upper Thomson Road for supper. Finally managed to meet him after a couple of attempts earlier this week, because I kept falling asleep in the night, before supper time. Anyway, we went back to Prata King. A few weeks ago I was still saying that I won't go back there again. However, we went there yesterday as we saw the chinese boss. haha He asked us how come so long did not patronise them, and we told him the reason. The reason why he was not there last time was that he worked till frustrated and went Missing In Action for 3 days. Lenz and myself had a very light supper only, and we went back to watch Euro 2004 after that. I did not join my primary school friends to watch at 644 because it's way too late. But it's quite surprising that ah bin SMS me to tell me that FFY jio us to watch the match together, but the match started at too late a time!!

Edited on Saturday, 26 Jun 2004, 15:12:42pm
- Chen Lim

Friday, 25 Jun 2004, 05:36:56am Mood: Happy
Monday night went to Kinokuniya with dear SP. After buying our books, strolled along Orchard, then went to have an Earthquake at Swensen's. Planned and decided to pay the doctor a visit on Tuesday so that I can take MC, and can watch soccer at night, do not have to sleep early, and on top of everything, Tuesday can go out to enjoy.

Tuesday - all go according to plan. Morning 9+ went to clinic to visit the doctor, the same doctor who helped me removed a weird tumor-like thing on my back last year. There's another weird thing on the other side of my back now, but smaller one. I think I am abnormal? Dr Tan said that he will remove it for me on the spot this time round, by 'burning' it away. so yup, I think from start to end it took him only 5min to remove, and I got 2 days MC! haha After that, had breakfast with my mother at 681. Then went home, helped her to copy some photos from Digital Camera into computer, then to CD, prepare to burn it out for development. After that, went up to my grandma's house for a while. As my uncle needed to borrow our car that day, so I did not drive. He sent me to Toa Payoh, I went up to dear's house.

Then we went to Lorong 8 for a quick lunch before going to Cuppage. Went for about an hour of pool first before going to Sunlight KTV from 5-9pm. After KTV, had dinner at Ramen, before going to the back of Irish Bar, near Winsland House there for a chat. Sent her home just before 12am, and my parents picked me up at Toa Payoh along their way back, just nice.

Wednesday - asked my mother to send me to Toa Payoh in the noon. I did not drive again as my uncle needed to borrow the car also. So I drove to Toa Payoh, and my mother drove the car back. Met SP and had lunch at Toa Payoh Central, after which, we went to K-Box Toa Payoh. Sang till slightly past 7pm, actually wanted to walk to Lorong 5 for dinner. But we took a rest at a little park along the way, ended up in the park till 11.40pm! So no dinner, sent her back before taking the last bus 153 to Hougang interchange. Upon reaching there, I'm lazy to walk home, so I waited 10min for the last bus 325, reached home at 12.45am. Took a bath, had ba zhangs before watching TV and falling asleep.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 21 Jun 2004, 22:50:48pm Mood: Bored
Boring Monday morning.. Anyway, Friday night I still did not sleep despite less than 2hr sleep on Thursday. Lenz came to my house at about 11.45pm. Watched both Euro 2004 match till 4.45am. I kept falling asleep throughout the matches, cannot take it. After the match, talked to dear till dunno what time before sleeping.

Saturday woke up just before 12pm, my brother and mother already called Pizza Hut's delivery when I am awake. So I washed up and took a bath, after that, we shared the pizza for lunch. After which, I bao ba zhang (dumplings) with my mum. Struggled at first but managed to get things going after some time. Although some were a little out of shape, but I believed the shape is somehow still there. We bao until we run out of leaves. So I went for a rest, laying on bed while waiting for my mum to get ready for round 2. However, I fell asleep till the evening, I guessed I've not sleep enough after the serious lack of sleep for the past few days. By the time I woke up, she had already finished round 2 herself, with astonishing pace due to more than 20yrs of expereince.

I accompanied my parents to Ah Seah for teowchew porridge, which I do not want to eat, so I brought along the You Tiaos my mum bought in the morning, ordered teh to go with the You Tiaos. At night, Lenz came to my house at about 11.45pm. We watched Euro 2004 match between Germany and Latvia till about 2am. An extremely boring game! Then went to Blk 401, Hougang Ave 8 to have fishball noodles and kopi and return home just in time for the 2nd match of the night between Holland and Czech Republic.

Interesting event happened, siaokia spotted when I'm turning out of my carpark towards Ave 8. There's this couple crossing the road with 2 lanes. The guy suddenly stopped in the middle of the left lane, refusing to walk up the kerb. As I've just turned out of the carpark, I'm on the left lane, so I changed to the right lane. As I went past them, I glanced over at them, and the guy suddenly showed his middle finger! I guessed he's drunk as he can't even walk steadily and needed his gf to push him up to the kerb. Lenz still told me to reverse back to show them back the finger! haha siaokia also? Anyway, the Holland vs Czech Republic game is a superb, highly entertaining game! After the game, Lenz ate a ba zhang before going back. I chatted with dear SP till 7+ in the morning!

Sunday morning went to Blk 628, Ang Mo Kio Street 61 to find my 4th auntie who worked at the wantoon mee stall there. My mother passed her ba zhangs and we had breakfast there. Then went to Singtel's Hello Shop at Orchard as my mother wanted to buy Samsung E700 with her $225 voucher Singtel send her earlier this month. After that I went home, read book, slept. At night, whole family went to Blk 6023 at AMK industrial park there to have dinner at Hup Seng Hng. My brother and I shared to treat our father as it's Fathers' Day 2004! =)

After dinner, went to Bishan Park with dear SP. It's been a long time since we last met, 1st sight of her since the weekend and the weekend is going to be over. BUSY girl? Send her back at 12am, got some more Dou sa bings from her as she can't finish them and they're expiring on 23th June. Read book and watched TV after returning back home till fell asleep, all the way till this morning.

- Chen Lim

Friday, 18 Jun 2004, 22:38:19pm Mood: Sleepy
Wednesday night failed to stay up late at night as the previous night's 2hrs of sleep is simply insufficient. I fell asleep slightly after 10pm while waiting for Matthew to come over to get a video tape from me. My mum came to my room at about 10.30pm, telling me that my friend is at the door. I told her to help me pass the tape to him before returning back to sleep. I actually woke up at 2.30am but thought it was 15min too early for the 2nd Euro 2004 match of the night, so went back to sleep but never woke up again till 7+ in the morning.

Thursday which is yesterday, felt very fresh early in the morning! Same routine in the office, but had lunch with cl at hawker centre just beside Harbourfront Bus Terminal. While waiting for a new computer to be delivered to my place, played pool with Ivan till about 1.30pm before returning to office. A manager who asked a few of us to help him with some ideas for improving a new application's GUI had agreed to find me a new computer as my current computer is impossible to install Adobe Photoshop - Too SLOW and LOUSY Intel Celeron with 128Mb RAM memory! Anyway, the new computer is a Pentium 3 with 354Mb RAM - I can only be more than satisfied as compared to the previous one. There're 2 Harry Potter EBooks in this computer and there's even Warcraft3 game installed! Since he's given such a great computer, I will try my best to do the work for him, although a little running out of ideas.

Father picked me up at Hougang MRT station and we reached home together at about 7.30pm in the evening. Had fried rice (Best fried rice I've eaten so far is my mother's fried rice!) before going to Bugis to pick up my dear SP. Went to Cineleisure to watch Jack Neo's latest movie hit in town - The Best Bet. It's really a Hilarious movie! About half the show is in Hokkien and the many terms they used simply rhymed so very well! hahaha I shall buy the VCD to watch it again when it's out. Maybe even going to the cinemas to watch 1 more time, provided it's a $6.50 time slot? LoL Anyway, after the movie, went to Toa Payoh Lorong 8 for prawn mee as dinner for her, supper for me, before sending her home and letting her bullied.

Called Lenz while I'm on my way home from Toa Payoh but he did not pick up my call. Initial plans was to came to my house to watch Euro 2004 match between England and Switerzland but I did not expect the movie earlier on to last for so long. So there's only the 2nd half left, but he fell asleep. So I watched myself back home, with my mother watching a bit as well, haha but she went to sleep before the match finished. Lenz then called me back, and scolded me for being so late. Everything seems to be my fault last night? After the match, called and talked to dear SP till almost 6am before sleeping. Only went to living room to check the result between France and Croatia once in a while because I'm talking on the phone in my room. Maybe I should dig out a cordless phone so that I can chat in the living room while watching the games late in the night live? Anyway, my initial headache in the evening died off after watching the Best Bet, (actually go out with SP sure cure lah, haha!) real funny show Best Bet!!! As usual, only 1hr plus of sleep this morning, I am feeling ultra sleepy right now. Just now slept from 9.20am to 9.50am in the office but I guessed it won't last me too long...

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- Chen Lim

Thursday, 17 Jun 2004, 04:07:20am Mood: Sleepy
Went to Pearl Centre's Singapore Pools outlet after work with friend together. This is the nearest outlet near our attachment's workplace at Harbourfront. Helped Lenz to bet on draw between Germany and Holland. Just as I'm leaving Outram for home, SP called to confirm that we'll be meeting up later in the night. So I rushed home, took a bath and dinner before going to Toa Payoh Library to meet her. 3 of her friends were waited together with her, so they saw me.. I'm a shy boy haha so did not talk to them despite 1 of her friend talking cock with me. Maybe next time... haha

We went to Ang Mo Kio Central S-11 for her dinner. I only drank Teh-O as I've already had my dinner back at home earlier. Saw Marcus with his friend walking to the same S-11 at 10+. He drank TIGER with his friend! bro, drink TIGER never jio? heh heh next time we go drink together! I send SP back just before 12am.

Then went to Lenz's void deck to pick him up to come over to my house to watch Euro 2004 as I've asked my mother to re-activate our SCV Sports Channel for this tournament! But it's a boring game between Czech Republic and Latvia, so we played Winning Eleven on PS2 during halftime, then went back to watch the last 25min of the game. After that, played another game with him before calling SP. Chatted till the 2nd match between Germany and Holland ended Lenz went home and we're still chatting. Went to sleep finally at 5am. =)

But have to wake up at 7+ for work! This morning in the office really very, very sleepy!! Slept on the computer table at 10+ after a fire drill exercise at 9+ in the morning - which all offices in HarbourFront Centre must take part in. After lunch also slept for about 45min again. Too tired and sleepy... yawnzzz

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- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 16 Jun 2004, 02:27:29am Mood: Delighted
Too long never post already! Friday went up to SP's house to get PS2 which she bought for me in Msia. Thanks Dear! for the trouble and for the adapter and Dou Sa Bings! After that, brought her to Hup Seng Hng at Ang Mo Kio Industrial park area, block 6023 for dinner. After that went to Jubilee to check if there's any movie to watch, but all are screenings available are too late so we went to nearby park to talk.

Saturday she went for class gathering with her Secondary School friends so we did not go out. I had dinner with my parents at Seletar, went back home, watched TV and online for less than an hour. Totally do not feel like turning on computer at home nowadays - due to having to face a 21 inch monitor for more than 9hrs in office everday! At 11+ in the night, I went to somerset to pick her up and we went for supper at hawker centre near her house. =)

Sunday morning went for breakfast / lunch at Serangoon Circus with family. Then came back home to play PS2 till evening before going out with SP. Initial plan was to go to library, have dinner before going to Causeway Point to meet up with vv and matthew. But we can't make it on time. So I brought her to Hougang Ave 8 to have Curry Rice! Lenz have been telling me this stall at Blk 682 for at least 2 weeks and of course it's nice! However, too that they do not have any vegetables left, all meats, but it's still very delicious! After dinner, we went to Causeway Point to watch Harry Potter with vv and Matthew. I admit I do not understand what is going on with the movie, and by the way I did not watch the previous 2 parts!

After movie, sent them all home before going home myself. Talked on phone till 4.30am before sleeping.

Monday yesterday, boring day in office. Went to library at Hougang Plaza after work. Reached home at 8+, had dinner, watch channel 8's 9pm show before falling asleep at 10pm. Lenz is suppose to come to my house to watch Euro 2004 on SCV (I've asked my mum to call up Starhub to re-activate our Sports Channels for this Euro 2004 tournament). But I missed his call due to sleep. I woke up at 2.30am, too late for the first match, but too early for the 2nd one, so I went back to sleep, till 3.30am - just in time to watch 2nd half of the 2nd match. Luckily there're 4 goals in the 2nd half! Chatted on phone till 6.45am, then catch about another 45min of sleep before waking up for work again.

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- Chen Lim


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