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Friday, 11 Jun 2004, 04:59:56am Mood: Delighted
Had lunch with cl at Siam Im Food Centre yesterday. Now then I know that his office is nearby Harbourfront Centre (where I'm having my attachment now). =) From initially wanted to go in to JB to eat together till now eating at Singapore during office hour, lunchtime. *Wonders when will be our next trip in to JB together again. haha

At night, had dinner at home, watched TV, then went out just before 11pm. Daniel suggested having a 'reunion' since we had our IPP and FYPJ. 2 of Matthew's FYPJ friends (1 guy, 1 female) joined us at Prata House together. The guy is simply a joker! But I like! Although 6 of us squeezed in a small table, but we laughed a lot! Hopefully the next time we meet again, I'll be able to start talking cock with that guy! SP called from Genting slightly after 1am, so chatted with her for nearly an hour till her pre-paid card $ run out again. Reached home at 2+, watched Winter Sonata till nearly 3am before sleeping.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 9 Jun 2004, 21:49:47pm Mood: Delighted
Sunday night went to Aljunied for supper, superb fishball noodles, but smart pricing by the stall owners. Morning - $2, $3; Nightime - $3, $4.

Monday evening went back home after work, had a quick bath before going out at 7.45pm. Met yl at my void deck then I drove over to 53 Mimosa Road (near Seletar area, some ulu apartments) for Melissa's birthday. Strange place with strange parking inside the apartment area. It's stated 'Covered parking for residents only' Then there's about 6 lots which are stated 'No resident parking..' WTH I anyhow parked at a covered parking lot but Erin told me to shift, damn troublesome. Anyway, feeling a little out of place there. actually know almost everyone there but I guess there's nothing much to talk, just feeling weird. so me and yl had pizza ourselves while the rest are playing some funny games. Then phone rang at around 10pm, long distance call from Msia. hehe Chatted till her pre-paid card's left RM$0.18.

After that, Erin invited us to her new house at Sengkang, so Erin, Melissa and yl went there in my car while the rest of them followed Erin's father's van. The new 5-room flat at Sengkang is so small! After walking 1 round in the flat, me and yl decided to leave - stay there also nothing to do. So I sent him home before heading home myself. Then after watching about 30min of TV, I fell asleep at 11+, simply nothing to do. Yawnz..

Tuesday same routine - worked, went back in evening, dinner, watched TV and video tape. Fell asleep at 11+, woke up at 1.30am, SMS a bit, watched TV till 2.15am, sleep again!
- Chen Lim

Monday, 7 Jun 2004, 11:08:21am Mood: Sleepy
Friday night actually wanted to meet Lenz for supper before going p to his place to help him configure some stuffs for his computer but I fell asleep at 8+ that night! I guessed it's due to the fact that I only had 1 hr of sleep on Friday morning. I did not even have my dinner that night. Woke up at 4am in the morning, saw the food in kitchen, but was somehow lazy to eat, so I watched 15min of TV before going back to dreamland again.

Yesterday Saturday, went to Malaysia with my parents after a last minute decision in the morning. Father drove in and we met up with his friend at JB's carrefour - He had already drove in with his family earlier in the day. Went for lunch at 3+ at a chinese restaurant along the way before going to Kota Tinggi's waterfall, a dirty waterfall. I think I went there before last time, but this time round, it's much more dirtier, dirtied by human's activities. After that, drove to Desaru beach. What an empty beach. but I guessed the activities are all concentrated at the area where all the resorts and chalets are. Well, along the way, I used Hi! Card to SMS her all the way. After that, we went back to JB for dinner at 9+. Superb dinner - chilli crab, Heineken beer = SUPERB! We reached Singapore at 11+ in the night.

Then went out at 1am for supper with Lenz. Actually I wanted to go to the market/ hawker centre but I missed the entrance into carpark, so went further up to Geylang, in an attempt to search for You Tiao Da Wang again. This time I make sure I open my eyes wide enough - and indeed manage to locate it!!! It is not red colour signboard which I remembered wrongly for such a long time. So I turned in to Lorong 9 for parking, just nice there's a car coming out - parallel parking! Luckily I've improved over all these months, parked in nicely without any problem! What's worse is that the people eating around there were all staring at you when you park, luckily I did not sia suay. It was the first time I tried the beancurd with peanuts. It tastes a little weird, so most probably that will be my first and last try. Had you tiao as well. Very nice!

Went back home after that, I watched video tape, korean show Winter Sonata till fell asleep. Sunday morning did not go for breakfast with my family. Frustrated early morning got nagged by mother that I refused to get up, so as to not let them wait for me, I decided NOT to go with them! I woke up at 11+, continued to watch Winter Sonata till 2pm before getting up lazily and having my lunch, which was brought back by brother. The zhu zha tang is very nice! Continued watching Winter Sonata and continue falling asleep all the way in the whole Sunday afternoon! I think the show is beginning to bore me. At night, went for dinner at Ang Mo Kio 453 hawker centre with my parents. We had superb Hokkien Mee. Very bored now, shall go out for supper with Lenz, after much hesitation from him! Anyway, countdown to Thursday: 4 days to go!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 4 Jun 2004, 23:21:33pm Mood: Delighted
Yesterday after knocking off, rushed back home for a bath before rushing out again. Went to parklane to pick up SP and her friend. Dropped her friend off at Somerset MRT before we go up to cineleisure for movie - Troy. What a nice show, this is the 2nd time I watched it, even though watch before, but accompany her watch again and the show is nice also, so it's alright. After the looong movie, we went for dinner at Chomp Chomp. Sat there chit chat till 1+ before sending her back and then yi yi bu she at doorstep. keke.. Bu She De as she had left for Penang early this morning. Wanted to accompany her before she leave Singapore so we chatted till 6am before I go to sleep and then waking up in merely slightly more than 1 hour time. Yes, I slept that little only! In fact, over the week, I've been sleeping for less than 3-4hrs per day, except on Vesak Day. Time flies at night and we must treasure time!!!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 4 Jun 2004, 06:33:07am Mood: Delighted
After knocking off on 1st June, I rushed home for a bath and then went out for dinner with Lenz - owed him a meal! Went to his old house area at Ang Mo Kio for steamboat buffet but they stall is closed. So we went further up to Hup Seng Hng at Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, but was not open either! We argued there that who's the suay person among the both of us - concluded late in the night that he is the one! Finally, I remembered Hup Seng Hng main branch is at Ang Mo Kio industrial park area, so we went there for a superb, delicious dinner! After that, went for a stroll at Pasar Malam near our house - simply a waste of time, totally nothing there.

Yesterday 2nd June 2004 was Vesak Day, woke up at 12+ in the noon, went to Bukit Timah to have curry fish head with family at 2+. Then came back home to drive my brother's car out. Picked up SP at Toa Payoh at about 4.30pm, then we went to Suntec's Bookfair 2004. Then went to Parklane to play pool. If I did not remember wrongly, it was the first time I played pool since 2004. Lost to her a lot!

After that, went to Lao Ba Sat for dinner, but we only had 5 sticks of satay each. So after finishing satay, I suggested going to Tiong Bahru for an actual meal. I did not eat much there, after that, went to Toa Payoh for a little tour, till 11.45pm before sending her back home. Chatted back at home till 4.30am before sleeping.

Anyway, it's time to knock off now! So I shall stop typing here!

Edited on Friday, 4 Jun 2004, 11:14:37am
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 2 Jun 2004, 02:04:26am Mood: Delighted
This Is A Private And Confidential Entry... It Has Been Disabled For Viewing.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 1 Jun 2004, 01:50:13am Mood: Sleepy
Again 3 days did not post. Friday celebrate Matthew's birthday at Suntec. Before that went to Thomson Plaza's Swensen to buy a 1kg ice-cream cakes. After he treated us to the buffet, we cut the cake there. 5 persons managed to finish the 1kg icecream cake, each with 2 pieces. After that, went to PartyWorld KTV. Sang till almost 3am before going back. I'm suppose to send SP and Zhihao back, but after I got out of the CTE tunnel, Vivian called SP, saying that Matthew's rented car could not start up. So I immediately made a U-turn back to the carpark (Carnhill Place). His car battery was dead. What's worse is that the bonnet can't even be opened!

So I ended up sending all of them home - SP at Toa Payoh first, then Zhihao at Ang Mo Kio, then Vivian at Woodlands, then Matthew back to Ang Mo Kio and finally reaching home at 4+ myself. Chatted online till 7+ in the morning.

Saturday my parents went in to Malacca in Nissan, so I drove my brother's Honda Civic when I go out, while he drove his gf's car. At night went to Toa Payoh Lorong 8 for dinner with Lenz, then we went to Ang Mo Kio Central kopitiam to watch soccer - English Division 1 Playoff between West Ham and Crystal Palace. After that, we headed back to Hougang Ave 8, Blk 644 for supper. But after I parked my car, Kah Wei called, asking me where is the prata I always eat at Thomson. So we decided to go over to Thomson to join him and his brother for supper instead. But before that, I went up to Lenz's place to help him install and configure Apache + PHP on his computer.

Prata King the usual place where me and Lenz had our supper so very often for the past 3 weeks is now in deep trouble! Their service nowadays sucks. The chinese boss had left, everything is in a mess right now. Slow indian staffs who do not understand English, only the boss himself can understand. Orders had to be make at counter and pay on the spot instead of staff coming to take your order and then paying after finishing the meal! Kah Wei and his brother ordered 2 teh-tarik, but they were served 2 kopi instead. Lenz ordered ice teh-cino but was served a hot one instead! Poor One!! I promise that it will be the last time I will be there again... it's really a 360 degrees change as compared to last time when there's this chinese supervisor (according to himself, the indian boss is his friend and that he is suppose to help to oversee the staffs in the shop only). To friends whom I kept recommending Prata King to you over the past few weeks, now that is invalid and void already! Please do not go there! Head for Prata House which is just beside only, but much more established and nicer!

Went back home, chatted till 7am again before sleeping. Woke up at 1+ in the noon, had lunch with my brother at Hougang South. Then came back home at 3+, watched Korean Drama - Winter Sonata which was recorded on tapes for the past few weeks. Managed to watch four 1.5hrs episodes continuously, till about 7pm. At 8+, my parents already returned from the Malaysia trip, so I had dinner with them at Blk 401, Hougang Ave 8. Went back home after dinner, chatted till 4am before shutting down computer. However, continued to talk on phone till almost 5.30am before finally turning in for the night! It was only after hanging up the phone that I realised we both were chatting on handphones.

Edited on Monday, 31 May 2004, 13:52:05pm
- Chen Lim


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