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Friday, 28 May 2004, 21:13:13pm Mood: Sleepy
3 days did not post! First of all, now is 28th May, Happy Birthday to bro Matthew! I'm in office at HarbourFront Centre now. Past few days in office did nothing much, super boring and sleepy here! Shall not want to mention what I did here. Yawnz! At night also too sleepy and lazy to post, but anyway there's nothing much going on - woke up 7am, reach office at 8.30am, left office at 6.30am. Most of the time at night will be at home watching TV or chatting online.

Only went out for supper on Tuesday 12+ at Prata King. Wednesday night slept very early at 10am, but woke up at 4am Thursday morning, so switched on TV to watch Champions League final 2nd half. Thursday night went for dinner at Old Airport Road, of cause can find the way there with SP's help! After that, I'm still not full, actually wanted to go to Geylang's You Tiao Wang to eat second round, but after going down the stretch of lorongs 2-3 times, still can't find it. I guessed they're close or stop business there already? Asked fergy, the Geylang eating king, he also told me it's been a long time since he went there. In the end, we went to Selegie Road for some Dou Hua. Wallet left no $ when I'm buying Dou Hua at Selegie Road. I had forgotten that after purchasing the MRT concession stamp on Tuesday, it's $45 cash gone. Should have use ATM for the stamp on Tuesday, struggling with cash-flow problem now. But nevertheless, it's fixed! haha

Anyway, sometime on Wednesday, managed to complete ParentsResource website and handover to client. Also uploaded all contents to their hosting server. Everything is cleared by now but I allow for any final amendments up till this weekend. Back to work now... yawnz...
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 25 May 2004, 15:18:36pm Mood: Delighted
Yesterday Sunday morning went out for breakfast at 8+ with family. Did not sleep the whole night, reached back home at 9+, watched VCD - La Bi Xiao Xin till 10+ before falling asleep... Till 7+ in the evening. Finally got back 9hr of sleep after more than 24hrs awake! After waking up, took a bath, then went to Lao Ba Sat for dinner with family. Later in the night, came back home, chatted online till 3+, watched VCD till 4am before sleeping.

Today 24th May 2004, started 1st day of Industrial Placement Project (IPP) or attachment at PSA. We were supposed to reach PSA Building at 8.30am, but me, Jermain and Ivan met at HarbourFront MRT before going over, and the 3 of us were a few minutes late. After a short briefing by the HR staff at PSA Building, we were told to report to HarbourFront Centre where another of PSA office is located.

We were briefed once again by the HR at that office, then introduced to our Officer-In-Charge (OIC). I'm under this guy named Randy. He seems friendly, introduced a lot to me and bring me for a tour all over the office! Wooo After that, he gave me some instructions and I left me with a computer which has a 21 INCH HUGE monitor! Will is spoil my eyesight? 12 weeks at the 21 inch monitor? As for task assigned to me, well I'm lazy to type out. But it's something I am confident that can be done.

Knock off at 6.30pm, took North-East Line back at 6.45pm, reached home at 7.30pm after walking back from Hougang Station. Watched TV and had dinner after a bath. Then worked on Parents Resource website (finished by 12+) and chatted online from 9+ till now. Going to sleep soon, last night only had 3hrs of sleep. I am left with 3+ hrs now only. Not much difference... sigh.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 23 May 2004, 18:04:51pm Mood: Delighted
This Is A Private And Confidential Entry... It Has Been Disabled For Viewing.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 22 May 2004, 17:31:56pm Mood: Glad
Woke up at almost 4pm today after sleeping at 7+ in the morning! Finished watching the last available VCD of Naruto before going to my 7th auntie house to fetch my mother. She had went there earlier this morning for Mahjong session with my aunties. Went to Hougang South with my mother for kopi session... I had a little dim sum as my lunch / teabreak. The xiao long bao I ate there totally can't be compared to Ding Tai Feng's version! However, the price also can't be compared..

When we reached back home, the time is already nearly 7pm. So watched Xi Ling Men on channel 8 till 8pm. Then watched LIVE S.League telecast on Channelnews Asia, for the first time.. But also did not watch the full match. Still prefer to go to stadiums for S.League games rather than on TV. Had dinner at 10+, then chatted online. Asked Lenz to go for supper at 11.50pm. We both agreed that we're too bored at home, so off we go 12.10am! Ready! STEADY! GO! Went to Prata King but business seems to be roaring for them, so we decided not to go in upon seeing the crowd. The indians are slow enough when there are not much customers, let alone a fullhouse! But glad for them that business is picking up steadily.

So I drove over to Toa Payoh Lorong 5 hawker centre. Not much stalls left opened at 12+, so I had Laksa. Surprisingly, saw Siew Wen and Jerlyn with Siew Wen's sister in law at a nearby table when I went to order drinks! It's been a long time since I last saw them, haha supper these few weeks seems to have keep letting me bump into friends! Anyway, after I had my 2nd spoon of Laksa, I suddenly got choke by the curry gravy and started coughing like mad! My cough had not yet totally recovered, so this choke really kept me coughing NON-STOP! I thought I was about to be choke to death, really struggling!

Went back after that at about 2am. Chatted online and worked on Parents Resource website at the same time, till now. No more VCD of Naruto left, so I gussed I'm going to watch La Bi Xiao Xin, just 1 piece before sleeping.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 21 May 2004, 15:34:27pm Mood: Happy
Did not post yesterday as I did almost nothing except sleep! Woke up at 2+, went back to bed till almost 3+. Took a bath, had 2 pieces of bread and went downstairs to buy 4D. Came back home, watched VCD for about an hour before sleeping from 6+ to 8+. Actually wanted to have lunch with my mother, but she can't wait possibly for me, so she just had instant noodles. She asked me if I wanted some, i refused. I do not understand why I slept so much as well. Maybe it's because of the coughing mixture that I drank before sleeping. It was like poison!? At night, went to Serangoon Road's Ponggol Nasi Lemak with Lenz at 12+ and came back at 2am. Chatted online for a while before chatting with Lenz over the phone for more than an hour. Watched VCD till 6am before sleeping.

Agreed to go to the market this morning with my mother, so she woke me up at 9+. We left for the market at about 10, same fishmonger auntie talked cock with me. Then went to Blk 682 for Wantoon Noodles as breakfast. Coincidently, saw Ah Xiong with his parents after I finish my noodles. Went back home after finishing my Teh. Helped my mother carry everything bought at the market back home while she went up to my grandma's house.

I watched anime - Naruto on VCD from 12+ to 6+! I'm now left with 1 disc out of the box of 8 VCDs. Surprsingly, with only 3+ hours of sleep last night, I did not fall asleep while watching the VCDs. Maybe it's because the show is too exciting or that I had really slept too much the day before! Had dinner at 8+, went online from 8+ till now. No wonder I'm feeling that today's time is passing a bit slow, because I went online at a much earlier time today! Furthermore, did not go out for supper! Chatted till now, maybe going to continue with the last piece of VCD - Naruto before sleeping. Cough is not as worse as 2 days ago! I do not want to drink that western doctor's cough mixture again - so I drank the mixture bought from Chinese Medical Hall aka Yao Cai Dian. Tasted much, much better!

Edited on Friday, 21 May 2004, 03:39:45am
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 19 May 2004, 16:57:20pm Mood: Glad
Woke up at 1+ by my mother's call. Agreed to go to bank together to change to a new bank book as the old one had been fully used up already. Dragged for more than a month before finally going to the bank to change it. The bank teller (who recognised my mother) act friendly with me, but I'm already very frustrated by the long queue in the bank, so not in the mood to talk cock with her. After that, actually I do not feel like having my lunch as I'm really tired of the food around Hougang Avenue 8, had been eating too much of it for the past few weeks. In the end, I suggested going over to Ang Mo Kio Street 61 to have wantoon noodles (The stall which my 4th auntie is working at).

But that taokay of the stall faked us, when we reached there, he still asked us what do we want to eat - when he already close for the day already! Talked a little with my auntie and the taokay (actually is only mother talk with them while I just smiled smiled beside) before going over to the coffeeshop beside the market. Had Ba Chor Mee and Teh. After that, crossed the road to the barber shop (which had just shifted there) to have my hair cut. This barber shop was previously located at Seletar area. My father, brother and myself, all of us usually have our hair cut by them. My brother and me are their customers since we were borned! They only shifted to this Ang Mo Kio Street 61 some 2months ago. The last time I had my hair cut at the Selatar shop was in March - cut botak then. This afternoon was my 1st time cutting in the new shop.

Came back home after that, watched TV, slept for a couple of hours till 8pm. Woke up, watched TV, had my dinner, watched TV till about 10.30pm. Then went online to chat till now. I had been struggling with cough after coughs since this morning! Took an ice-cream in an attempt to Yi Du Gong Du at 12+ just now, but to no avail. Going to drink the cough mixture soon, and dig something to eat while watching Naruto before sleeping.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 18 May 2004, 17:37:42pm Mood: Delighted
Woke up at 1pm this afternoon, had lunch with teh which were da bao back by my mother earlier on. Left home at slightly after 2pm, picked up Daniel and went to school for our Industrial Placement Project (IPP) briefing. Briefing was supposed to start at 2pm, but we reached at around 2.20pm, marked our attendance and colleted our Student Log Book. After almost 2hrs of briefing by our course coordinator and DBI's coordinator, we finally got a chance to meet up with our Liaison Officer who gave us further instructions regarding our Attachment. This liaison officer is supposed to be our lecturer in charge who will liaise with our attached company's Officer In-Charge (OIC). Well, my liaison officer is Ms Fua Min Huey! She was my Year 1, Semester 1's java tutor, and she still remembered me! Well, very happy to be able to under her again. hehe

The long briefing ended at almost 5pm! And I finally got to know that I'm attached to PSA. Task included: Development of project for Vessel Operation Controller (VOC), need strong Java coding skills, and a lot of criterias were checked in the list! Pay is $500 monthly. It's really low, but compared to a few other friends, I guessed I can't be complaining.

Chatted online back home, read Straits Times online, watched TV, had my dinner just before 9pm. Then wasted time in front of computer after that, till about 12.15am, left for Prata King! Actually, I do not have any plan to go there again tonight, but since Zhihao suggested going over for supper, of course I agreed since I'm so 'ON'? Picked up Daniel, Zhihao, Matthew and Kuan Min along the way. I really lost count of how many days I've been there since their opening!

Well, no Mee Goreng today, so I only have 1 kosong and 1 egg prata + Teh Cino! However, to my surprised, they served me a cold Teh Cino, I told the boss and he changed for me immediately. hehe Really gam with him already because I guessed I'm too REGULAR a customer there. I'm having a slight cough today, so I do not feel like eating too much. And their delicious Ice-Cream Prata is a big NO for me, can only see the rest eat. After finishing everything, we sat there to chit chat till around 3.45am! All of us got a shock when we found out that it was really late after my mother called me at about 3.30am. We actually sat there from 1am till 3.45am, chit chatting away, and I believe there's a lot more that we can continue if we did not leave the place. However, time do not permit us to do that, so we left. Reached home slightly after 4am, continued to chat online with Kuan Ming, Zhihao and Daniel till now. Going to watch Naruto before sleeping. What a day! Simply loved passing time chit chatting outside... Especially these few days at Prata King.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 17 May 2004, 18:04:45pm Mood: Delighted
Sunday afternoon slept till almost 3pm after turning in at 6+ in the morning. Realised that I actually watched the last episode of Endless Love till I fell asleep. So I continued and finished watching the serial before having my lunch (chicken rice da bao back by brother in the morning I guess...).

Then watched Anime - Naruto, after about 3 episodes, my eyes got tired again, so layed back on bed, sleep again, for about 2hours till 7+. Had a couple of dreams. Awaken by my father, asking me to get ready for dinner. Took a bath and went to Bukit Timah for curry fish head. Again the lady boss asked me and my brother the same old question as she always does... 'Why never bring along girlfriend?' I guessed my brother should answer this question now! we just smiled to her. Unlike last time I often talk cock with her cause she seemed busy today.

Came back home, went online for a while to read Straits Times Online and chat. Then went to Prata King (again) for supper with Lenz at 12am. The boss again tell us story and complained about his slow staffs. Wanted to have mutton murtabak but sold out. He asked me to try their Ikan (fish) Murtabak, left me totally stunned. He still said it will be free if it's not nice as this is the first time they try to make this kind of Murtabak! I did try, tasted normal, but not as nice as the mutton version. Again, saw actor Zhang Yao Dong slacking there with his friend, the Xiao Xin of TCS8 drama Holland Village. 'Xiao Xin' drove a BMW!!

At 1am, I thought it was still early to go back, so I took a turn down Yio Chu Kang Road, then realised that I could go to Mimosa Road (near Seletar area) to search for Erin's house - where Melissa had invited me to her birthday party next month. Was surprised that I could find that place very easily! After that, went up to Jalan Kayu to take a look at Prata King's main outlet named Jalan Kayu Roti Prata House or something like that. Then made a U-Turn outside Seletar camp before reaching home at about 2am.

Chatted from 2am till now!! Going to watch a bit of Naruto before sleeping. Sleeping Sunday!!!
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 16 May 2004, 17:38:54pm Mood: Satisfied
Woke up at 11+ this morning. Went for lunch with mother and brother at Hougang Avenue 7. Came back home after that, my mother brought my 2 little cousins back home, buying Macdonalds for them. Kah Wei and Weiqiang came to my house to meet me and I drove them to Junction 8 together with my mother and 2 cousins. But of course, dropping them at my grandma's house before proceeding to Junction 8 for our movie - Troy. Movie started at 6.15pm, lasted more than 2hrs till nearly 9pm! Went to Toa Payoh Lorong 5 with Kahwei, Weiqiang and Chinhow to have dinner. After dinner, send them to MRT / Bus Interchange before going to Lorong 8 to pass video tape to SP.

Her block is extremely difficult to locate, especially a turn into a smaller road is needed before being able to reach her block. Went in to lorong 8 a total of 3 times before finally being able to find the exact location! There's this little temporary road sign signalling drivers what blocks are accessible within that stretch of small road. It's really dark there and super hard to spot it.

After that, went back to Toa Payoh Central KFC to meet up with Ah Bin, Ah Tat and his gf. We were supposed to go to Toa Payoh's KBox. However, they close at 1am and we only reached there just before 12am, so it makes no sense for us to go in for our KTV session. The manager suggested that we go to Hougang branch or Marine Parade branch as they close at 3am and 4am respectively. He booked a room for us at Marine Parade branch but I don't know the way to go there. Neither do anyone in the car know. So instead we went spinning and eating air. Happy for them, heart pain for me yet again due to the petrol wasted..? Anyway, I really do not know where to go then, was thinking of Tanjong Pagar KTV or Sunlight at Cuppage Plaza in my mind. So ended up in town area. Went past Orchard Road, Newton Circus, River Valley Road, Scotts Road, Maxwell Road, Tanjong Pagar, Everton Road (weird road name), and finally managed to locate the Tanjong Pagar KTV which I always go to. But we did not went in due to no parking lots, too many people and too late at 1am.

So off I went, intending to go home, so went past Chinatown, missed CTE exit, go further up to Lavendar, Kallang, Geylang, Paya Lebar and finally back to our Hougang. Actually Paya Lebar could easily lead us to Marine Parade, but well.. it's too late by then. Reached home before 2am, surprised my mother! cause it's too early a time for me to reach home. But in fact, I often try to go home early.

Chatted online and worked on Parents Resource website upon reaching home. Chatted till now. Going off to watch final 40min of Korean Drama - Endless Love aka Qiu Tian De Tong Hua on VCD.
- Chen Lim


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