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Friday, 14 May 2004, 06:57:27am Mood: Delighted
Only post now because I only reached home at 7am this morning! Went to Pasir Ris NTUC chalet last evening and stayed overnight till this morning. It was Zhihao's class chalet but he asked us to go along, anyway we know some of his classmates. Matthew and Zhihao reached my void deck at 7+ in the evening, I went down to meet them, then went to Shop N Save to buy 2 packs of 6-can Tiger Beer. RoaR!

Then Daniel came down to join us and I drove to Pasir Ris, reached chalet at 8pm. BBQ already start, but felt a bit sian upon seeing BBQ food, gussed I've had too much BBQ this year already. Anyway, ate lots of Marsh Mellows and a plate of fried bee hoon brought there by their class personal mentor. Started having Thumbs-up brand Peanuts + Tiger Beer right after finishing the fried bee hoon at 9+. Can by can of beer, we (Zhihao and myself) drank, and packet by packet of peanuts we (Daniel, Zhihao, Matthew) ate. Sat outside the chalet room to chit chat, drink beer, eat peanuts, talked cock! Had real fun with all the laughters. Luckily the night was not as humid as the past few days.

After finishing 5 cans each, we went in the room to play Mahjong. Zhihao started talking rubbish, although he is still wide awake! Hahaha! I agreed with Daniel that he was not his usual self. Really super fun especially when we were still talking cock on the Mahjong table. He finished his 6th and final can while playing Mahjong. I finished half of my 6th can and totally forgot that there's still half left. Only realised it in the morning before going home, left open for so long, surely it had turned baad and sour already.

As my stomach is not feeling too well, I decided to go home first. So we all went back at 6+, sent Jayson home, followed by Zhihao and Matthew, then Daniel. Drove at top speed 120km/hr along TPE / SLE, as my stomach is really hurrying me! Normally I am a safety driver. Upon reaching home, took a bath, watched recorded tape of last night's channel 8's serials before sleeping. Slept at 8am till 4pm. Now fully recharged and ready to head back to Pasir Ris for 2nd round of havoc tonight!! Going off to prepare and have dinner now, soon will be off to NTUC Chalet again. Cheers!

Edited on Thursday, 13 May 2004, 19:02:59pm
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 12 May 2004, 16:33:52pm Mood: Delighted
Sunday is Mother's Day 2004! Whole family went to Jurong for Curry Fish Head for lunch and Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, Blk 603, Hup Seng Hng for dinner that day. Only started revision for Human Computer Interaction (last paper of Year 2, Semester 2 Exams) at 3+. After reading the notes for a while, got knocked out at 4+.

Monday spent the whole day revising for the crappiest module I've ever taken in my studies so far. And that is of course, Human Computer Interaction, shit indeed! Watched TV from 7pm to 10pm while studying at the same time. Dinner at 10+, TV plus revision again from 11.45pm to 4.15am. Today woke up at 7.30am to prepare to head to school for the final paper of Year 2, Semester 2 Exams. Drove off and reached at 8.45am for 8.30am paper! Went to the wrong zone of the exam hall somemore! Since it's a crappy module, I shall not mention anything else about the paper.

After paper, went to Bugis Junction's Siam Kitchen to have their lunch buffet with Daniel, Matthew, Vivian and Zhihao. Had a hard time locating Bugis Junction! This is the result of not going to town area very often! Been always hanging out at kopitiams instead? After the wonderful lunch, Zhihao and me went to Paradiz Centre's K-Box for KTV session. Daniel, while waiting for his friends, shopped with Matthew and Vivian for Evelyn's birthday present. Again, I had a hard time going to Paradiz Centre from Bugis Junction! Unbelievable, are these signs indicating that I should go to town area more frequently?!

Matthew and Vivian joined us at K-Box after settling the birthday present. After a short while, he sent her to off to work, leaving me and Zhihao, 2 persons in the KTV again. We were then joined in by Jayson, and Matthew came back again. 4 of us sang till 7.15pm, and left for Toa Payoh to Evelyn's house. She invited us over to her house to celebrate her 21st birthday. There are TONS of people at her house when we reached. Sang birthday song, cut birthday cake, take photos, had buffet for dinner and birthday cake, chit chat and talk cock with people we know there and finally leaving her place at 9+. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Evelyn Big Sister once more! Hoped you've enjoyed your day.

Reached home at 10pm, took a bath, watched a little TV, chatted a little online before going out at slightly after 12am. Went for supper with Lenz at Thomson. Actually we wanted to have our supper at Prata House but upon reaching, we saw a new stall right beside Prata House. Can see that this new stall, named Prata King had just opened for business from the bouquets of flowers outside their shop. So we went in to Prata King instead of Prata House. Their pratas tasted not too baad, can fight with Prata House, especially that they are 24hrs but not Prata House.

At 1+ while I was having my paper prata, suddenly a group of people walked towards Prata King and 1 came over to say 'Hello'. I was very, very shocked, it was her, Ningzi. The only other person I recognise from that group of people is her elder sister. The rest I believe are her cousins? Whatever... really too shocked to eat upon seeing her, but luckily still managed to finish my last big piece of paper prata, after 1 egg and 1 kosong earlier on... Still could not recover from the shock, I did not talk to her at all. Only 'Bye' to her when we're leaving. So it's just a Hi and Bye between us! I think if there's a next time, I would not have been so quiet again? Now, the distance between both of us is way, way off from last time when we were very close? Whatever it is, I still could not recover from the shock of her appearance at Prata King till now. Although I knew she always go for supper at that area in the past, but I really, really did not expect to actually bump into her there. Stranded...

Anyway, the uncle at the cashier of Prata King is friendly. He asked me if the food is ok. Of course I gave him the thumbs-up. I asked him since when did they open for business and if they open 24hrs. Very glad to hear that they are 24hrs! And that it's only the 4th day of their new stall! I believe I would be a regular customer there from now on. After returning home from supper, chatted online till now and helped Erin to get her desired picture into her Samsung X430 as wallpaper. It took me quite some time to figure our what's wrong and why is there an error in uploading. However, I refused to give up, and finally figured out the problem and of course the solution to it. Learnt something new again... One might learn something new when he helps others with their problems. Going to watch tape and sleep now! A great day except for the big shock which caught me off guard during supper!

Edited on Wednesday, 12 May 2004, 04:42:57am
- Chen Lim

Monday, 10 May 2004, 06:58:49am Mood: Delighted
Friday did not post as I was too sleepy. Woke up in the noon, it was a TV day for me. Caught a few episodes of Channel 8's 9pm and 7pm drama on video tape before having my lunch at nearly 4pm, went downstairs lazily to da bao Wanton Noodles back. After lunch, went online to research and read a lot on Internet Security and Privacy, Spywares, adwares, etc. I did not know why do I have the sudden interest in this area... maybe because the Internet is not a safe place afterall! Stopped at 7pm and 9pm to watch Xi Ling Men and La Xiong La Mei respectively. At 10pm, I started to feel a little hungry as I did not have any dinner after the lunch at 4pm, same goes for my mother.

So we went to Hougang Ave 8, Blk 644 for dinner. After we finished our meals, I suggested going to Chomp Chomp (haha yet again!) to have satays. She agreed, so I called me father to join us after he settled his late work. Sad to say, the Satay stall already closed for the day when we reached there slightly before 12am. Had no choice but to have Wu Xiang from a new stall, not really nice. After Chomp Chomp, went back home to continue my research, even discussed this topic over MSN with buddy Yulun! Haha watched movie - Brothers by Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Zeng Ziwei after that till 5+ before turning in. It was a boring show, made me felt so tired and sleepy after watching.

Yesterday, Saturday was a great day which I really enjoyed! Despite havent started revision for the last Semestral Exam paper on the coming Tuesday, I went out the whole day! Received call from Lenz in the noon to have lunch together at Ang Mo Kio Central. Took a bath and went out at 12+, as we were late, so we took a cab to have dinner at AMK Central's hawker centre with Kenny and Junxian. Yaoguang joined us after we had finished our meals. After that, someone suggested going up to Yaoguang's place and so we went. Helped him to format his computer while playing an interesting 5-men Dai Dee, introduced by the host. It seemed weird at first but it got more and more fun as we played along! LOL! Then kicked a small plastic soccer ball around his living room while he's fixing his computer. Kenny and Junxian went to town to watch soccer while Lenz, Yaoguang and myself took a cab back to Hougang. They went to friend's house to watch soccer and I went home to take a bath.

After bathing, went to Toa Payoh lorong 5 hawker centre to have dinner with my parents. Then came back downstairs Hougang Green's FU FA FOODCOURT to meet up with primary school friends, our SK family! Chatted at the kopitiam from 10+ to about 1am. All our members were present, it had been a long time since ALL of us are able to sit together at the same table! The long lost Ah Xiong joined us, along with Ah Hong and wife, Ah Tat and Ah Bin! An Indian uncle came to our table asking for a cigaratte at 12+.

Ah Hong gave him 1 but after thanking us, he refused to return to his table. He was quite drunk, but kept telling us his story that a taxi driver gave him a bottle of Whiskey and he wanted us to join him. Telling us that he drink so much because his wife just passed away. We believed that this was real as his tears almost rolled down while saying these..? Kept saying we are man, etc. Repeating a lot of his own words. Only Ah Tat and me replied to him on certain occasions. I said bye to him a couple of times but he turned back again just as we thought he wanted to leave us alone. Don't know to laugh (at his silliness) or to feel sad for him. Take care, my friend!

After he went back to his own table, we also left, fearing that he will be back to 'haunt' us again. We went to playground to continue our chats. Really had many chats with all of them. We left the playground at 2+. I went home, took a bath and watched TV again. Watched Taiwan Jing Qu Jiang, recorded on tape earlier in the night. Watched till 5+ before sleeping. Wonder Saturday! Even though had not started revision for Tuesday paper, but who cares!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 7 May 2004, 14:49:06pm Mood: Satisfied
Yet again a few days did not post... boring days are not worth posting! Tuesday did not start revision for my 2nd paper either. I ate and slept that day. Only started at 4am on Wednesday, for 1hr+ before going to bed. Wednesday continued revision but left a bit till late in the night at 1+. 12+ went to Chomp Chomp (again!) with my parents this time... to have dinner. Yes, dinner after 12 midnight, cause my mother and myself had a very late lunch whereas my father had Kang Tao, so worked till very late at night. I did not bring out my driving license with me but my parents allowed me to drive! What a surprise! Anyway, only continued Software Engineering revision after coming back for Chomp Chomp, but watched TV after a while.

Today Thursday, woke up in the noon. Actually switched on computer, wanting to read some notes left in the computer, but got a big shock when I went online to check my email. To my disgust, I got an email from Pacific Net... the details, shall not be mentioned! Very piece of news. So I can't really concentrate on my revision any futher. In the end, did not read any of the tutorials. Had my lunch (da bao back by mother) at 3.30pm and went to school straightaway after that.

Went to North Canteen to meet up with many people, in an attempt to do my final revision. However, ended up drinking Kopi-O and telling them my Pacific Net email details. So went in for the Software Engineering paper between 4.30pm - 6.30pm. Average paper I should say...

After the paper, drove over to Yishun to have dinner with Daniel, Zhihao, Matthew and Vivian. We had a sumptuous dinner at a Thai restaurant near Chong Pang Green, as suggested by Zhihao and Matthew who had went there before. We had their popular fish cooked in Thai style, lemon chicken, Tomyam soup, Kangkong, Claypot dou fu, etc... Quite reasonable price as well. But the Kangkong is not nice. After that, dropped the couple off at Khatib MRT, then dropped Zhihao at Ang Mo Kio along the way back before coming back to our (Daniel and me) area...

Chatted online for a real long time upon reaching home - for like 4hours! With quite a number of people, it's been a long time since I chatted so much online. Now, going to do some research on IP Address before watching many recorded tapes later on. Semestral Exams for Year 2, 2nd Semester: 2 Down, 1 Last One To Go!!!
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 4 May 2004, 16:12:42pm Mood: Tired
Past 2 days did not post... been lazy and studying and watching movie, so not really at my computer. Saturday was basically study and sleep and chatting online. Broke record this week by going to Chomp Chomp 4 times in 6 days!

My relatives came to our house on Sunday, I slept at 7.30am on Sunday morning and woke up at 2+ in the noon. Had lunch and since I can't concentrate on revising as my house is so crowded, I laid on my bed and watched movie on my computer - The Slender Lady by Gigi Leong and Liu Qing Yun. Not a show, quite funny! At night, studied a little but fell asleep from 7 to 10pm - after studying 1 tutorial. After that, was awaken as I'm feeling too warm so went for a bath before having my dinner. After dinner, studied and watched TV. At about 4+ in the morning, I shut down my computer, switch off the lights in my room, preparing for atmosphere to watch horror file - Koma by Li Xin Jie and Lin Jia Xin, 2 queens of movie industry! Finished watching by 6am, it's really a very, very nice show!!! A MUST WATCH!

Today Monday, woke up at 12pm. Took a bath, brought along all my Operating Systems lecture notes with me and went out to Hougang Avenue 8 for lunch with my mother. After that, she need to go to the Post Office at Hougang Mall to collect a letter, so I drove over and waited for her at the super small carpark beside Hougang Mall. After that, I dropped her at the bus-stop in front of Hougang Green as she wanted to go to Shop N Save, and I drove to school after that. Meet up with Matthew, Vivian, Zhihao, Daniel and Jayson in the library because there's still more than an hour to our exam. First paper of our Year 2, Semester 2 Examinations. It's a struggle to study this module... had a terrible time doing the revisions, kept falling asleep.. Luckily there's all the movies to accompany me through this lonely and boring period.

The Operating Systems paper was crap. Awarding so little marks for questions which needed really TONS of calculations! And lots of marks for questions that can be easily completed in less than 3minutes. Don't know what the hell are the lecturers up to. Anyway, after the paper, we (Zhihao, Daniel, Jayson and myself) went to Ang Mo Kio Central S11 for dinner. All of us had, what else but Western Food. It's Lamb Chop once again for me and Daniel! LoL After that, rushed home to watch channel 8's La Xiong La Mei, reached home slightly after 9pm.

Mother already cooked fried bee hoon back at home, so I ate another big plate of fried bee hoon at 11+ while watching Shi Zi Lu Kou. Continued watching Channel 8 till now since 1+ when Shi Zi Lu Kou ended. Going to watch Zhang Jia Hui movie - My Computer Can Talk now. No revision for today! Maybe tomorrow then start... 1 thing most frustrating tonight is my course coordinator, really a c***b** guy! Shall not mention his ***e**e actions here! What a f****r! PUI!
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 1 May 2004, 15:25:42pm Mood: Glad
Woke up in the noon today, watched TV, bathed, surf the net, had chicken rice for lunch. Then continued to read through Operating System's lecture notes - managed to finish reading all 11 chapters (FINALLY!) but had yet to go through the tutorials. In the evening, went downstairs to meet Daniel to pass him the tutorial solutions for Operating Systems for him to zap. They are not my tutorial solutions, I got it photocopied from Agnes - our class most hardworking student! Thanks Agnes!

Came back at 7+, surfed the net, read Straits Times online, had dinner at 8+. Watched channel 8 at from 9-10pm. After the show ended, I immediately flew to Chomp Chomp, picking up Lenz along the way, to meet up with Yulun and Junxian who were there since 8+. However, just before we reached, they had already left the food heaven. My initial thought was to meet them and then go in again as I want to have Satay. But I made a 180 degrees change to my plans upon reaching there. As Yulun phrased it: 'The number of people waiting for seats is as much as the number of people who are eating!'.

Yulun then suggested to me to drive around to 'eat air'. I actually wanted to find another place to grab a bite but I drove without a destination, passing by many places whereby we could have just eaten great food there. Junxian also needed to catch the last train / bus back to Woodlands, so we can't really eat at places where we passed by like Joo Seng, Geylang. In the end, I made a big turn at Geylang area and returned to Ang Mo Kio Central S11, so that Junxian can easily take a train back at the last minute. Lenz had fish and chip while I only drank Kopi-Si, despite being tempted to eat. We left the S11 slightly before 12am, Junxian went back, left with Yulun, Lenz and myself. I decided to head back to Chomp Chomp for my SATAY!

At 12+ compared to 9+ or 10+, it's way easier to find a parking lot and seat inside the food heaven!!! The difference is really HUGE! I ordered my Satays, but the 2 of them simply refused to share the 10 sticks with me. 1 said he is too full, another said he don't enjoy satay. So I finished them all by myself, with a glass of tasty Watermelon Juice. Then sent them home before going back home at 2am.

Trying to get back into the mood of revision now, but still struggling! More tempted to watch VCDs than revising... Maybe go through Operating System's tutorials first before watching VCD.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 1 May 2004, 05:14:19am Mood: Sleepy
Very sleepy last night to update before sleeping. A very boring day, waking up at 11+, went to Seletar's market with my mother to help her carry the stuffs that she bought. We had lunch there as well. Then came home, watched the 2nd disc of Korean horror movie [Into The Mirror]. This movie is another disappointment for Korean Horror movies. I've always find that Korean Horror films are really not up to the mark yet. Took an afternoon nap from 2 to 5+ as I began to feel tired upon seeing the lecture notes.

Only began to continue revision for Operating System at 5+ till 8+. Had dinner and went downstairs to meet Daniel as he wanted to zap some tutorial solutions. I walked over to the photocopy shop before he reached. It's only 9pm and the photocopy shop is already closed, so I called him asking him to go back and I went back myself to watch channel 8's 9pm show - La Xiong La Mei. Continued to watch news at 10pm... then switched from channels to channels till 11+. Back to lecture notes from 11+ to 1am.

Watched an old local movie on TV and studied at the same time till 3.15am. The movie and another variety show ended and my eyes can't help but close when staring at the notes. Can't concentrate while watching TV earlier on, so I tried to read them over again but my brain simply cannot take in anything else and my eyes just wanted to zzz. So I lazily sat up from my bed, switched off my computer before lying back on bed! Super sleepy these few days when doing revision for semestral exams. Yawnz...
- Chen Lim


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