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Thursday, 29 Apr 2004, 15:42:45pm Mood: Delighted
Today woke up in the noon, met Lenz for lunch at Hougang Avenue 8. Wanted to have Muah Chee but they are closed today (again wanted to eat something but closed!) After lunch, we walked over to Hougang Point's Coffee Bean, wanting to revise for our coming exams there. But there's no seats available inside, and it's too humid outside, so I suggested going to Compass Point's Starbucks.

Reached there at 2+, purchased a large Rhumba, studied a little till about 5pm, before going back home. Studied a little only because I can't really concentrate when studying outside, shall stay at home to Bi Guan Xiu Lian tomorrow! Had dinner at home, watched channel 8's 9pm show. Went to Chomp Chomp with Daniel to meet Zhihao and Jayson at 11+. Had great food yet again - Hums, Stingray, Zut Zut and springroll. We were joined by Matthew just as we're finishing up everything. Then I am suppose to meet yulun and Lenz at Athar after my supper at Chomp Chomp. So at 1.15pm, I reached Athar, together with Zhihao, Matthew, Jayson and Daniel who all joined in. Talked cock, had pratas and coconuts at Athar before sending them home 1 by 1, reached home just before 3am. Going to watch VCD now. Not in the right mood to do revision yet again! Great day with great Starbucks and great food at chomp chomp and nice atmosphere at Athar Eating House! RoCkS!
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 28 Apr 2004, 13:48:04pm Mood: Frustrated
Yesterday did not post because I fell asleep almost immediately after watching Shi Zi Lu Kou. A boring Monday, slept till 12+ in the noon, watched recorded tapes upon waking up. Then went to Hougang South (Kovan) to have lunch with Lenz. After that, we walked one round in Heartland Mall before making our way to Ang Mo Kio Central, in an attempt to eat sea hums! But at 4pm, it's too early, so no hums for us. Slacked here and there before finally going back home.

At night, went to have dinner at Chomp Chomp (It's been 6mths since they closed for renovation and upgrading.) The food, especially the Hokkien Mee is still as nice as ever! But my favourite 5 xiang stall stopped selling 5 xiang and switched to Satay already. The auntie told me 'oh no, you can't eat our 5 xiang again...'. Sad to hear that they do not have enough helpers at the stall.

Today same slacking day yet again.. simply not in the mood to start revision. Went back to school for crappy and SHIT module - Human Computer Interaction's revision lecture. Then went for lunch and sat at North Canteen to chit chat for quite long before leaving school. Talked cock with chinese food's auntie as well. After leaving school, I felt that it's too early to go home, so called Lenz out for eating again. I wanted to eat Muah Chee at 681, but he insisted on me going over to Hougang Point. So ended up he ate Macdonalds meal while I had an ice-cream cone. Then da bao lunch for my mother back home and he came up my house to copy some CDs.

I talked cock with Jessica over the phone while he copied his CDs himself on my computer. LoL wanted to ask back my video tape from Jessica ended up talking so much. Anyway, it's been a long time since we chatted over the phone (Or did we ever chatted before over the phone? I can't remember). After Lenz went home, I bathed, surfed net, had dinner, watched TV, chatted online... till now... Now, I'm going off to watch Zhong Yi Da Ge Da, recorded on SCV just now... These couple of days had been boring and slacking! yawnz...
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 28 Apr 2004, 11:00:41am Mood: Frustrated
Continued from taxi driver leaving me 1 leg in and the other leg out of his taxi... So I quickly lifted my leg OUT of his taxi and almost jumped out. The next moment I heard a loud BANG! His door hit a railing on the pavement. After I went back into the taxi, he just brought us to our destination without a word at all! Stunned!

So we went to search for a basement area whereby they sell their s at wholesales price. After strolling there, we went to walk around the streets nearby where people sell those hand-made stuffs, etc. After a long walk, it's very late already, so we had our dinner at a food court at a nearby shopping / cinema complex. A bowl of chicken noodles costing $1+ at a foodcourt! Unbelievable. After dinner, strolled a little before returning to the hotel. I watched English Premier League match between Man Utd and Liverpool on ESPN at the hotel. Then took a bath, watched a bit of My Sassy Girl, also on hotel's TV before really feeling sleepy, due to the long day or the Thai language on TV which I totally do not understand!

The next morning, we had our breakfast at the hotel lobby, same as the first day. After breakfast, went back to Mah Boon Krong (AGAIN!) for some shopping... Then went back to hotel in about an hour time to pack up and check out. We were told to wait at the lobby at 1pm for our airport transfer - bringing us from hotel back to the airport. But the transport came only at 2.20pm! Superbly poor punctuality!

Next most stunning thing is on the return flight's plane. The plane's flight actually delayed for more than 1 HOUR!!! Initially, the captain announced that there's a passenger missing on board. About 45min later, he announced again that there's an extra luggage! These 2 sentences simply have the same meaning! So in the end, they checked and checked and kept us waiting and waiting. The plane was parked back at the departure hall after moving to the runway, ready for take off! Finally, after manual checks and all by staffs and captain, they concluded that 'It's a geniune error by the computer system.' We do not know if the error came from the Thai immigration authorities or from SIA's system itself. Anyway, we arrived back at Singapore at 8.45pm - It was supposed to be 7pm!!!

After taking a cab home from Changi Airport, I took a bath and went out immediately. For dinner / supper at Ang Mo Kio Central S-11 with Lenz. After dinner, at about 12+, we again agreed that it was still early, so decided to find some place to explore... This is the 3rd consecutive weekend that we went for adventures late at night! He called Diwei, and just nice Diwei is on his way back to Ang Mo Kio. So we waited for him to reach Ang Mo Kio before setting off to Macritchie Reservior together at 1+ in the morning. There's a Police Stop just along the road beside Macritchie Reservior. It was the first time since I got my driving that I have to drive through a police stop. But to all of our surprises, the police refused to stop the car, waving to signal me to move on. So I turned inside the reservior, thought there's a road that could lead us further deeper in, but that route simply lead us out of the reservior, and right infront of the POLICE STOP yet again! Again, the police waved for me to move on this time!

So this time, I parked at the carpark and all of us alight. We walked into the paths where we used to have our Cross Country Runs during Secondary School days. Inside the dark jungle path, all of us suddenly felt an unknown fear. 3 guys, 2 torchlights, but still we did not went too deep in as we do not really know the place well. Furthermore, we have totally NO IDEA where the tombstone that we're going to find is located at. After a short walk, we all went home. So disappointing. All 3 of us agreed that we have to know the place well and the location (if possible) of the tombstone before going late at night for adventure again. For the previous 2 weeks, we went to Punggol and Buangkok, both places I'm quite familiar with, so 3 guys with 1 torch, there's still no much unknown fear in the dark for us. This time, the feeling is just not right.

After the disappointing adventure at Macritchie Reservior, I turned in to Lower Pierce Reservior to 'eat wind'. Then passed by the entrance to Old Thomson Road aka The Devils Bend, so decided to turn in to take a look. For some facts, it's known as the devils bend because many motorbikers died there while racing through the deserted road with full of BENDS! And yes, indeed this road is FULL OF BENDS!!! The first time I went in, I thought I am turning and curving and weaving through a few same bends. But I managed to get out to the main Upper Thomson Road in about 5min. After coming out, they suggested that I try the road again, in another direction this time. So I made a U-Turn and went in to the Devils Bend again. This time checking on the clock before moving off! 2.25am at entrance, 2.29am upon exit! Moving at an average speed inside... but faster than the first attempt. Along the way, Diwei and myself saw a strange white thing which looked like trash bag. But there are 2 black/reddish dots near the top, which make it look like a pair of eyes. We can't confirm what is that but assumed to be thrash bag, under a tree.

Went to bed in a while after reaching back home at 2+ that night... What an exiciting night immediately after coming back from Thailand trip! And Thailand, I must stressed once again that it's like a Desert! Just can't imagine, 38-39 degrees is normal temperature in Bangkok in Aprils! I think the temperature easily shot over 40 degrees on that day when we went to Chatuchak Weekend Market. Terrible...

Edited on Wednesday, 28 Apr 2004, 00:32:42am
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004, 08:00:56am Mood: Tired
Just came back from Thailand with my family yesterday night. That's why these few days had not been posting. I tried to use GPRS to submit an entry from Thailand but the GPRS connection is unavailable because I need to use another settings for overseas GPRS connection.

Anyway, Friday early morning went to Changi Airport, flight at 10.35am. Reached Thailand in about 2.5hrs. Airport transfer available for us to Asia Hotel, at Bangkok. As we're on Free And Easy package, we can have our own time, own target all around Bangkok. Immediately after checking in at the hotel, we went to Mah Boon Krong shopping centre, a very, very big shopping complex with lots of stuffs.

After that, it was near evening already. So we made our way to pray to the 4-faced Buddha at Erawan Shrine. I think this is the main reason why we're in Thailand. After that, we went to a couple of shopping centres nearby to stroll around and bought whatever that could be bought. Then, we had dinner at a Chinese/ Japanese restaurant at a nearby Chit Lom Skytrain station. (Their skytrain is similar to our MRT but MUCH CHEAPER!) Superb dinner! After that, after a loooong and tiring day, we went back to hotel for a rest. I do not have the habit of sleeping so early at 12+ or 1+, so luckily I brought along a book with me to read. But as I read it, I began to feel tired and sleepy, due to a whole day of activities or a boring book or both, so that concludes the first day at Bangkok.

The 2nd morning, woke up at 8+, had buffet for breakfast at the hotel's lobby, real full, especially when it's included in the hotel package, the more we should eat! Then the activity for the 2nd day kicks off. First destination to Chatuchak Weekend Market off Mo Chit station. (I've just checked for some facts - Chatuchak Weekend Market contains more than 15,000 shops and stalls!) There's simply NO WAY that we can finished the whole of more than 15,000 shops and stalls! The stuffs there are really the cheapest that one can find around Thailand, especially the price after bargaining! Bangkok is popular for bargaining when buying things off these stalls. Under the terrible, extremely HOT AND SCORCHING SUN'S HEAT, I made a comparison between that place and a desert! It's really, really tiring and sweaty and sticky to walk in that kind of place, and to make things worse, it's so crowded almost in every street! (I read an article from Bangkok newspaper that a temperature of 38-39 degrees is normal in Bangkok during April!) So I believe that day's temperature is above average, 40degrees?!

After those hours of walking, all of us are real tired but it's only slightly half a day gone, so we went back to hotel for a little rest before continuing... After the rest, we went down to Emporium at another side of the city, for shopping in an air-conditioned place! Also had a late lunch there. After that, took a cab to their Chinatown which is boring... So within 15min, we were on our way back to World Trade Centre, another shopping complex.

To be continued... with a taxi driver attempting to move off his vehicle, leaving me 1 leg in and the other leg out of his taxi...
- Chen Lim

Friday, 23 Apr 2004, 13:23:23pm Mood: Delighted
It's been 2 days since I last posted an entry. Reason being I'm too busy with project on early Wednesday midnight. Wednesday morning is our semestral project presentation, but I decided to enjoy life on Tuesday night. Tuesday afternoon went to Police Academy with Ribin to support our Ah Hong for his Passing Out Parade with the Police Force. Cheers x 3 for Ah Hong! Luckily I did not lose my way to the Police Academy as it's the first time I drive there and there's only 2 gates for entrance at 2 inaccessible locations. After the ceremony, we had a little refreshments and Ah Hong and his wife and friends went to town, so left with me and Ah Bin. We decided to go Hougang Plaza's K-Box. Reached there at about 7.30pm and sang till 2.30pm! Superb! 1 day ahead semestral project presentation and I can manage to do this! heh heh After that came home to touch up on some final project report and coding integration for group members.

Wednesday morning reached school at about 9am. Still integrating some final changes to coding for the group and our group presented at about 10am. After presenting, our project supervisor Ms Phoon asked me to go for Best of Best Presentation on Friday noon. But too I'm flying to Thailand on Friday morning, so can't make it for the 2nd presentation.

That afternoon, weiqiang asked me out to Ang Mo Kio Central for lunch. We actually wanted to have Ba Chor Mee but the stall is not opened that day. So had char kway followed by the extremely HUGE Ice Mountain which 2 of us finished up! This is the first time I shared the huge ice mountain among 2 people only! The same day, in the late afternoon, went in to JB with Ah Bin, Matthew, Zhihao, Jayson and Daniel. First time so many people going in to JB together. I searched for the CD I wanted to buy but no much people seems to know about this Malaysian singer. Sigh, came home without the CD. We went to the regular place for dinner, but the stall was closed. We had our Zhi Char from another stall which really do not taste as nice, lose out a lot! Then found out from the drink stall auntie that the regular stall I go to got caught because they hired an illegal Indonesian to help out at the stall.

The same night, me and Ah Bin went to 644 for laksa. But laksa stall is not open at night. So went to Prata House for pratas, but upon reaching there, we saw a notice outside the shop. "Closed for renovation and upgrading for 2 days." Wth, so decided to go to nearby Casuarina for prata as well. But I was talking to Ah Bin along the way, then forgot to turn into Upper Thomson Road. Ended up going all the way to Farrer Park area. I asked him should we make a U-Turn back or find other things to eat since already gone so far. He don't know, I don't know, so I went on straight... all the way till we nearly reached Queenstown area before I decided to U-Turn back... He was feeling very comfortable in the car, eating air! While my heart ache for the petrol... So we finally reached Casuarina but at nearly 12am, it's already closed for the day. I quickly thought of going to Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, Blk 603 - Hup Seng Hng. Reached there, closed as well. In the end, we headed to Ave 4's Blk 538's S-11 for Kway Zhap. What a sway day! First, AMK Central's Ba Chor Mee is not opened. Second, can't find the CD I wanted to buy! Third, the seafood stall at JB we always eat is not opened as well. Fourth, 644's Laksa is not available at nights. Fifth, Prata House is Under Renovation! Fifth, went the Wrong Way to Casurina. Sixth, Casurina closed so early. Seventh, AMK Ave 5, 603's Hup Seng Hng also closed early! Whatever and whenever I wanted to eat seems to go wrong on Wednesday! Pui!

Thursday is today! Woke at up 1.45pm, took a quick bath and went to school for 2pm's Software Engineering tutorial. Only 6 persons (includnig me) were present. After that, went to the lab to submit semestral project to Q:/, which our group forgot to submit on Wednesday after presentation. Then came home, slept till nearly 8pm. Took a bath, had dinner and rushed out to Hougang Mall's library to return my books. Actually wanted to borrow a book to bring along with me to Thailand tomorrow as I predict I will be very bored at the hotel late at night, cause I do not sleep early! But I reached there at 8.50pm, the library close their lights at 9pm SHARP! Failed to get a book. Sigh...

Then received Ah Bin's call to come out as he's going in to Tekong tomorrow. Of course agreed, we called Ah Hong out as well. So I went to 645 to fetch Ah Bin, then to Yio Chu Kang road to fetch Ah Hong, together with his wife. We went to 603, AMK Ave 5 - Hup Seng Hng in search of sea hum, which I suddenly feel like eating! But they do not have sea hum, so we ordered some You Tiaos and fried chicken and 2 bottles of Carlsberg between me and Ah Bin. After eating everything, I still wanted to have my sea hums! So Ah Bin suggested going back to Hougang Green to eat. We went back to Hougang Green, but they also do not have HUMS! Ordered Dua Tao instead... btw Hup Seng Hng don't even have Dua Taos! After we finished with the Dua Taos, we decided to have more. So we ordered another plate of Frog Leg. Chatted and talked till 12+ before going home. What a nice day! Had been eating and eating and eating and enjoying for the past 2 days. This is LIFE! This is FOOD!
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004, 16:49:59pm Mood: Satisfied
Last night slept at 6am, woke up at nearly 2pm today, but refused to get out of the bed. So continued to laze there and fell asleep till 2+ by my mother's phone call, asking me if I need her to da bao lunch back for me. I organised the ringtones I've downloaded last night before sleeping on my Samsung phone till 3+. Took a bath and had my lunch and watched TV till 4+. After that, enjoyed watching the Luo Han fish. It got a New Condominium today! What a big tank! The old one is really too small for it.

After that, worked on integrating semestral project as one of the memebr sent me another version of his work. Had my dinner at 8+, watched channel 8 new serial La Xiong La Mei from 9-10pm. The previous drama, Da Nu Ren Xiao Nu Ren had already ended last Friday. Nice shows... Simply like channel 8's 9pm dramas.

After that, worked on Semestral Project's report for a while, before watching Shi Zi Lu Kou at 11.45pm. After Shi Zi Lu Kou, continued with project integration, this time integrating another member's modified version. Also watched channel 8 at the same time. Going to log off now and have some loti while watching the last episode of Korean Drama - Endless Love (Qiu Tian De Tong Hua).

By the way, I've just realised that the date now is: 20th April 2004. 20-04-2004, in short 20042004! Interesting...

Edited on Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004, 04:51:50am
- Chen Lim

Monday, 19 Apr 2004, 13:40:04pm Mood: Tired
No mood to update on exciting adventure yesterday... Anyway, what we found was some toys - 1 toy train, 1 doll, and 1 baby softtoy! The baby softtoy was very very eriee with blue eyes when I shine the torchlight over it to warn Lenz not to step on it - He's just 5cm away from it only! Very shocking... But I believe it was a prank played by people, dumping these toys there to make the place more eriee.

Last night came back home did project till 6am, did a bit of integration for our group. This morning woke up at 11+, went for breakfast/lunch with family at Toa Payoh. Then came back home to search for a song which I wanted to find at least 2yrs ago! In the end, all I can find out was that the singer was a Malaysian composer/ singer who also took part in movie, Shaolin Soccer. The song he composed titled - 1 Million (100 Wan in Hokkien) has got very interseting lyrics. At least I got the information on the singer and song title, and just nice I should be going to Johor on Wednesday. Hopefully can find the disc there since he's a Malaysian!

From 4+ onwards, again worked on integrating the group's semestral project. Having a hard time with the strange part given by 1 member. Most stunning was that he used his own database, totally out of syn from the group. I'm really having a difficult time now and expecting more to come in the next couple of days! It's really a very daunting task for me right now, very challenging indeed, integrating a part of the project (with different database structure) into a main project.. wth.

At night went for dinner at Ang Mo Kio with parents and brother. Then came home, watched a bit TV, downloaded a lot of midi onto new Samsung phone. After that, when I on my computer's monitor, I really has got no motivation to continue with any project... let alone discussing anything related to school work. But it's never ending, have to answer questions from classmate on Java... no motivation myself but still did not reject people's questions when I should have done so. Now seeing these stuffs suddenly make me sick and tired and giddy. I shall OFF computer and watch my 'left a little bit' Korean drama - Endless Love (Qiu Tian De Tong Hua)... Wonderful Saturday but tiring and extremely hot and humid Sunday! PuI!
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 18 Apr 2004, 17:56:29pm Mood: Delighted
What an exiciting Saturday! Full details to be updated tomorrow... I'm too tired and it's too late right now! In summary of Saturday - Morning went to school for Java Enterprise Development exam. Afternoon, after the paper, went to Paragon's Ding Tai Feng for lunch (dim sum for lunch - superb!) Next, went to stroll around Orchard. Next went home for a sleep. Next dinner at Ang Mo Kio with my parents. Next, watch soccer at Serangoon Gardens with Lenz and Weiqiang. Frustrated with the game, we left with about 20min left in the match. Went to 644 for supper, had char kway and caught last 10min of the game at the coffeeshop. Next is most exciting part of the day - we bought a torch from Hougang Point's Cheers and went to Buangkok Link for a midnight walk! Planned for a walk - the road which me and Lenz did not enter last week, we went in this time. But with the torch, I still drove in... the street seems brighter today, so I dare to drive in the deserted road... With the aid of high beam on certain bends, it's way too dark in there! Exciting stuffs... After that, we went to the deserted house located near Punggol MRT Station! Walked 1 big round around the perimeter of the house - stunning stuffs found on the ground near the house! Then, we went to Punggol End to see the night scenery and showed Lenz the 3 houses along the way in to Punggol End. Update on Punggol End's police, they are more friendly now! We don't have to write our name in their logbook anymore upon entering the beach! Lenz was extremely stunned and shocked by the scary looking stuff that he nearly stumbled upon near the Punggol deserted house! I was a little shock initially but upon further thinking, I think it does not bother me as much... He refused to calm down until we reach back into my car, but I can understand, because he nearly kicked into it! It's been like the 4th time I been to that house, long grass had grown on the land which used to look like a desert! Street lights are brighter right now that there's a road nearby... Atmosphere not as scary as it was last time, but upon seeing the stuffs, it was still quite shocking! EXICITING DAY!!!! shall update more details tomorrow!
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 17 Apr 2004, 14:27:58pm Mood: Satisfied
Slept till 12.20pm after watching movie Liu Lou Hou Zuo (6th Floor Rear Flat) till like 7am, again! Thoughts of going to school for lunch to find North Canteen's chinese food auntie are gone after hearing from Jayson that all of them already had their lunch. I decided not to go back as I don't want to trouble them to accompany me to eat again. So I took a bath, intending to go downstairs to da bao lunch back after bathing. But my mother called to ask if I wanted her to da bao back as she's coming back home from outside. So I do not have to go out at all.

After lunch at 3+, I read a book on stress management... and took an afternoon nap at about 5 to 7+. Still havent study for my Java Enterprise Development exam tomorrow. So I quickly get my notes to start revision when I woke up at 7+. Gone through the notes till 8+, had my dinner and watched the last episode of Da Nu Ren, Xiao Nu Ren on channel 8 till 10pm. Took a bath as the weather is too humid, then continued with revision. Although it's open book paper tomorrow, but still must read up to know where to find the necessary materials.

Stopped at 1am, almost finished reading. Went online till now, going to log off, watch TV and read up on tutorials before going to sleep. 9.30am paper tomorrow... will I be able to achive a Distinction? hehe
- Chen Lim

Friday, 16 Apr 2004, 17:28:46pm Mood: Busy
Been a busy day today! Woke up at 12+, quickly finished watching a video tape before bathing and going to school for lunch with Jayson. Only 2 of us ate at North Canteen today... failed to locate the auntie! Maybe I should go there for lunch again tomorrow... depends on what time I wake up. Anyway, after lunch was Software Engineering tutorial and we're suppose to present our case study after the tutorial but somehow there's not enough time, so our lecturer just collect our hardcopy report and that's it. Anyway, I've quite a sense of achivement for that as I did the mini-research on topic Outsourcing Management on my own...

After the lesson, I rushed home directly. At 7+, my mother is still not back home yet, so I decided to cook on my own without her guidance beside! Fried the vegetables without letting her know beforehand. Anyway during the process, I keep having a feeling that something is missing, there's a step which I forgot but I just did not think much, so I continued... adding monosodium glutamate (wei4 jin1), salt and water. When it's done, I still felt that something is not right, so I tasted it on the spot, tastes not . However, after I asked my mother to test, she asked me if I added onion before putting in the vegetables. It was then that I realised that it is onion that is missing! No wonder I have that weird feeling! Never mind, mistakes are meant to be learnt, it's still edible anyway. Now I can be sure that I will not repeat this kind of mistake ever again.

After dinner, watched TV, then worked on Semestral Project for logging in system while chatting. Chatted way too much and coding did not proceed as fast as I would like. So worked on it till now. Still haven't start revising for Saturday's Java Enterprise Development Exam... Friday already... but now at 5.30am, it's time for movie, not revision yet.
- Chen Lim


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