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Wednesday, 14 Apr 2004, 16:41:13pm Mood: Pleased
Watched movie, < Lian Ai Gao Ji > (Love On The Rocks) led by Gu Tian Le and Gigi Liang Yong Qi last night till fell asleep at around 5am. Woke up at 12+, continued watching till 1+ before having my lunch at 2+ and driving to school for Operating Systems revision lecture at 3pm. Went back home immediately after the lecture ended at 4+.

Then I did the research and report alone for Software Engineering's mini project - case study on Outsourcing Management. Was not a difficult task, so I just do it and I shall not complain about projects tonight. Chatted and listened to Tai Zheng Xiao's songs at the same time, that's why it took me quite a long time to finish the report. Anyway, Tai Zheng Xiao's songs are really really very nice!!! I had my dinner at 8+, watched channel 8 from 9-10pm, channel 5 from 10-10.30pm. Then came back to my computer to finish up the report and chat online as well. Went back to TV again for Guess Guess Guess at 11.45pm till 1.30am.

Back to computer again after that for semestral project, trying to integrate Jayson's part into the whole system now. So far so , except I need his updated version of database structure and datas to test out data to check that the integration works.

Not feeling as today, because I at least managed to catch up a little with her online. But mostly is I typed more, got very little input from her, very minimum, but it's better than nothing..? I've been longing for a phone chat to catch up on the many things that I've lost track of. I found you in my heart but I'm still searching where are you in my life? Anyway, it's now time to watch another movie again...
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 13 Apr 2004, 14:41:26pm Mood: Frustrated
Forgot that last night was a Sunday, there's no TCS repeat drama at 5.10am. So I watched another piece of VCD - Endless Love before sleeping. Woke up at slightly before 1pm this noon after sleeping at 6+ in the morning. Had Mee Hoon Kuay, cooked by mother for lunch... Then drove me auntie who had came to our house earlier in the afternoon back home. I came back to work on a little bit of project, then finished up some tutorials before going to school for an hour of Java Tutorial - the last tutorial for Java Enterprise Development this semester.

Dropped Daniel at his void deck before going home. I took a bath, then continued working quite a lot on project before having dinner and watching Da Nu Ren, Xiao Nu Ren. After that, continued again on project while watching TV till now.

Talking about project, it's really been frustrating! I am wondering why some people can just relax all they want, do things their own way, making things difficult for their group leader. As a group leader myself, I totally understand how difficult it will be when integrating the different parts done by different members into 1 whole system! Why people can have this kind of attitude... An interesting quote from my 36yr old friend: A leader assigns his members to do all the difficult tasks and shits while he will take the easy way out doing simple stuffs. How true is this line! I guessed I'm not a leader and tend to do too much stuffs! Even helping friends from other groups, and even other schools with their assignments! Am I really doing too much?

I gussed the person who shared my joy (joy upon successfully solved all kinds of problems in this case) and sorrow (sorrow upon facing tons of tasks waiting for me to solve in this case) in the past is no longer there available for me again. I used to share almost everything with her back then - happiness, anger, sadness, disappointment, and all... An important person who meant so much to me since those Secondary School days seem to be further and further away from me... Although she's still in my heart and will continue to stay there, but where's she in my life right now? Heart and Life do draw a big difference.

Well a project can lead me to these thoughts so unrelated to project... I guessed I have to stop, if not this will go on as the longest entry! Whatever the case, project has to carry on and I have full of confidence I can clear my individual part with grades... life though difficult, has to carry on as well, but I've got no confidence how and when can I find her back into my life again like in the past...... as for now, TV and VCD time and stop having wandering thoughts!

Edited on Tuesday, 13 Apr 2004, 03:01:22am
- Chen Lim

Monday, 12 Apr 2004, 18:25:15pm Mood: Delighted
I was supposed to wake up in the morning to have breakfast with my brother and mother today but they went out at 11+, after failing to wake me up. Same old reason why I can't wake up: I slept at 6.30am after watching 3 VCDs at a shot in the night. Anyway, my brother bought chicken rice back for me, which I only consumed at 3+.

Then I went online to read Straits Times Interactive and cleared emails. Wanted to continue work on project but when I haven't really gone into full swing working on it, my father came back. He asked me if I wanted to trade-in handphone. Even though we just traded a Nokia 6510 for a Nokia 6100 less than 1 month ago, but we're trading in the other Nokia 6510 for a Samsung X430 this time round. The reason being my brother and my M1's contract had passed the 18 months mark, meaning we can upgrade our phone set.

Off we went to Compass Point's M1 shop with my brother. We queued for about an hour before being served! Very business there. So I got the Samsung's X430 (topping up an addtional $138 cash + trade in Nokia 6510 + renew 2yr contract plan - Sponsored by my father! Thanks father!). Stocks for this phone are limited and I have no choice of colours left, so I can only take white instead of silver as planned. I'm wondering if this white will become some yellowish colour over time but my father's response to this: It will be time to change again after another 18months from now... so why worry? What he said is indeed very true! haha

After that we went to Seletar for dinner before coming back home. Watched NKF charity show on Channel 8. I think NKF is extremely rich enough! Makes no sense to donate to this kind of RICH organisation claiming as a charity organisation. Where in the hell in this world can we donate to a charity and the charity offers you a chance to win cash prizes, big cars and condos as rewards? I played around a little with the new Samsung phone while watching. After the show ended, I really worked on the semestral project, at a slow pace, but better than others who might not be working on it at all... Now it's time for TV, old drama repeating on channel 8. I guessed I shall sleep at 6am later...
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 11 Apr 2004, 15:59:21pm Mood: Satisfied
Just reached home, too lazy to turn on computer to post. My day started at 12+ in the noon after sleeping at 6.30am. I was woken up by mother's phone call. A few mins later, received lecturer CYB's call. He informed me a news - that the school had found another organisation for him to work in. Really happy for him, but will still miss him after he leave the school.

Played mahjong with my aunts and mother in the noon, had baos and Thursday's fried bee hoon while mahjong-ing. We finished 2 rounds by 7+ and I lost $10. After my aunts left, I had a light dinner at downstairs kopitiam with my parents.

After that, I went to Serangoon Gardens's Jap restaurant Momiji with Lenz. Then went for supper at Thomson's Prata House. After that, we went for exciting adventure at deserted road near our area...
Entry posted via GPRS

Here's the update on our adventure... We decided that it was still early after our supper at 2am, so we agreed to go the deserted roads behind Buangkok Green (behind Old Woodbridge Hospital). I told him to go back first to bring a torchlight along while I waited at his block downstairs BUT he failed to find any workable torch back home. Then I parked the car at a nearby HDB multi-storey carpart before crossing the road (Buangkok Green) to our destination. After walking for a while, Lenz realised that there's a carpark even nearer, but we were both gasping for air after crossing the overhead bridge.

So we reached the road whereby there's no more street lamps. Without a torch, it's almost impossible continue walking as we can't see what's in front of us. He's afraid of wild dogs while I'm afraid of the long bushes jugging out onto the road, who knows what lies beneath... snakes, wild dogs, etc. So we turned back. There's another road which I thought I had walked before, so I thought that road could lead us to Yio Chu Kang road, but I was wrong. [The road I walked last time was the one which we just turned out from... and there's no way we could enter without any light source.]

Now back to this one which we are about to enter, it's a bit strange. Because there's street lamp (on 1 side of the road), so we could walk in without any problem. HOWEVER, upon walking in, both of us smelt something similar - the smell of a lighted joss stick! I don't know where it came from, despite looking around lorries parked at both sides of the narrow road. Nevertheless, we continued to walk, after walking for about 50metres, I heard some noises coming from a far distance away, beneath the slight slope on our left. I thought it was some dogs barking. But after hearing it again, Lenz stopped walking. He asked me to stop walking as well, telling me he heard laughter/ cries of a little girl. I told him it was dogs and that I've also heard it but he refused to believe, so in the end, we turned out. Again smelling the same joss-stick scent at the road's entrance.

Then we walked on the other side of the road (on top of the slight slope), cutting across HDBs. Having a clear view at the top of the slight slope this time, I see no dogs anywhere near the slope. So maybe I was wrong earlier on regarding the barking of dogs, or the dogs might have been even further away or ran away... Who knows... The next time I will bring along a torch with me when going out late with Lenz, so that we can explore the dark road without street lamp... Till then, the story shall end here.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 10 Apr 2004, 16:56:31pm Mood: Sleepy
Good Friday today. Woke up at about 6am early in the morning to join my parents, grandparents (father side) and uncle to Sao Mu. First destination of the day was at Bishan area - Bright Hill. After praying, we went up to the area they called Gratitude Hall to take a look at the urns of my great grandmother and another whom I forgot the relationship. The next stop was at a cemetry near Thomson area, great grandfather's tomb if I've not remembered wrongly.

The 3rd and final destination of the day was at the cemetry along PIE - Mount Pleasent Road area, just beside the Police Academy. It was about 10am at that time, but the sun was really scorching hot, it can really bite our skin! To our disgust and anger, the tomb there was not maintained, as agreed last year by a keeper there. So my grandfather, father and uncle had to clear the bushes and wild grasses themselves. The tomb was totally covered by long grasses, making my grandfather and uncle having a difficult time while trying to locate it initially. So they managed to find another keeper who agreed to maintain it for $30 per year. They were complaining about the prices for these maintence, when we're at the first cemetry. What kept my wondering was that this is only once a year, why so calculative over it? Maybe there's a reason which I don't know. Whatever...

We spent quite a long time there due to having to clear the bushes. The heat from the sun was really horrible, really biting into skin. Huge ants kept crawling onto my foot while waiting for the bushes to be cleared. Anyway, still managed to endure everything and prayed and left the place sweating profusely. Luckily we were well prepared beforehand, bringing an extra T-Shirt.

All of us went to Jurong Town Hall area to have Curry Fish Head. A big meal for everyone after the hard work in the morning! All of us were very thirsty as well, so without hesitation, my uncle ordered 2 bottles of Tiger Beer and 2 bottles of Carlsberg, shared between himself, my grandfather, father, brother and me. The feeling is shiok when you drink it, so cooling all of a sudden down your throat! haha! My brother ordered tea as well, so he did not drink much, but still with 2 heavy drinkers (grandfather and father) there, and I drank a lot as well due to thirst, these 4 bottles are simply insufficient! So we got another 2 bottles of Tiger Beer for ourselves. 1 curry fish head, 1 steamed fish, few dishes of other vegetables, 6 bottles of beer for a wonderful lunch! Went home after the meal, took a bath, and slept from 1+ to 7+!

Took a bath and at 8+, went for dinner at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Blk 530's S-11 for dinner with my parents. We had frog legs with porridge, yet another delicious and tasty meal! But I'm still very warm - affected by this morning sun till now, so I finished my tea very fast. My father ordered some fried chicken wings after we finish the frog porridge. After I finished my tea but not chicken wings, he looked at me and asked me if I want some more drinks. Of course I want and I told him TIGER. I guessed he already predicted what I want, so he can share the 2nd bottle with me after he finish his 1st. At first, he still offered me his last glass and told me not to order anymore. However, just before I wanted to drink it, he stopped me decided to order 1 more! Haha I knew it! He had 1 glass from the 2nd bottle and the rest was finished up by me.

Came back home after that to watch the recorded Da Nu Ren, Xiao Nu Ren, then went online for a while. Then watched wrestling special - WrestleMania XX on TV till 3am. Slept too much in the noon, now wide awake! Going to continue watching Korean VCD - Endless Love aka Qiu Tian De Tong Hua soon! Really had a wonderful Thursday and Friday, enjoyed the meals since Friday evening's Fried Bee Hoon! (The fried bee hoon and fried rice my mother cooked are sheer class by the way! Gonna pick up these skills from her soon, anyway I'm learning all these while. hehe ) Hope these wonderful meals and beer will carry on to the weekend... haha SHUANG!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 9 Apr 2004, 14:57:36pm Mood: Delighted
What a day! Lesson started at 12.05 and I took over the driver seat from my mother at 12pm at our house downstairs. I filled my empty stomach with breadtalk's bread while driving to school. Lecture lasted 40min, we went to North Canteen for my proper lunch after that. Next lesson was Software Engineering tutorial, which was so interesting - doing path testing. We shot our tutor with all kind of questions till he said we shall terminate the tutorial for today till here. He was really confused, so are we. Haha

Reached home at 5+, had fried bee hoon at 7pm and went to watch sleague at Hougang Stadium with Zhihao and wx, joined by Jayson towards the end of match.

After match, I went to fetch Daniel and 5 of us went for dinner/ supper at AMK Central S-11. What we ate was SUPERB! Although some of us had ate a little at home before coming out, each of us ordered a LAMP CHOP, only Matthew had Salmon. Zhihao suggested ordering some sea hums after we finished our western food and I was the first to agree! I have no idea why I can eat so much despite having a large plate of fried bee hoon back home earlier in the evening. So the hums came, Zhihao and myself ate most of them. I suggest having some beer to go with the hums would be fantastic and Jayson was the first to agree this time. So we ordered 2 bottles of Tiger Beer, Daniel had 1 glass and the rest shared by me and Zhihao.

After finishing the two bottles, Jayson wanted to drink. (he did not drink the first 2 bottles because he talked cock, saying he had quit drinking.) So now he cannot tahan anymore, and decided to order 1 more bottle. 3 of us shared this bottle. Also Matthew had ordered Wu Xiang before that. But that was not really nice, I only ate a little bit of it. We talked and chatted for a few hours, with me doing most of the talking. The reason being I was telling them 2 of my most colourful stories when I was in Sec 4. Smashing of glass bottle; chased by a friend who's holding a metal pole, etc...

We left the S-11 coffeeshop at about 1am. 10pm till 1am, not ... I think this is the first time I sat so long at a coffeeshop with my poly friends. (The longest record is of course at Hougang Green with my usual primary school friends.) So I sent Jayson back, then Matthew and Zhihao, then back to Hougang, dropping Daniel off before going back home myself. Watched an hour of recorded channel 8 drama, Da Nu Ren, Xiao Nu Ren before falling asleep. What a day indeed!
Entry posted via GPRS
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 8 Apr 2004, 15:12:00pm Mood: Glad
Wednesday, a relaxing day yet again. Drove to school at 8+, lesson ended at 11am. Met up with my mother at grandmother's house downstairs and we went for lunch, duck rice at Hougang Avenue 7. I've been eating this delicious duck rice since Sec 1 or Pri 6 till now, still as tasty! Then we went to Compass Point to buy something, then to Hougang Ave 8, then to VCD shop at our house downstairs. From NYP to Ave 8 (grandma house) to Ave 7 to Compass Point to Ave 8 to Hougang Green! What a journey!

After that, came home with tea bought from coffeeshop at Green. That accompanied me while I watched last night's Zhong Yi Da Ge Da on video tape. Fell asleep for a short while, and really short... it was like 5min ONLY. Then took a bath, worked on Semestral Project's website till 8+ while chatting online at the same time.

Had my dinner just before 9pm, watched TV till 10pm. Then worked on Principles Of Accounting project while chatting and guiding xinyin with her blog's template. She left after a while, with no successful change being made since I guided her. There seems to be an error with the blog, not updating the latest published template, hence she left. But I refused to give up (as usual?), tried till it worked. hehe

Then started to concentrate to work on Principles of Accounting project while listening to Yes93.3, I think I concentrate more on the radio than the project, but nevertheless, I managed to finish my part eventually.

I shall log off now to watch either an old movie on computer, or Endless Love VCD or soccer in 30min time, or read the library book I borrowed on Monday, or listen to CD bought this afternoon, and the list goes on... Why am I wanting to do so many things at a go?! But I can't multitask at all these, it's either this or that! Movie has to watch and listen, CD has to listen, soccer has to watch with sound for atmosphere. Ahhh whatever! Maybe movie now, soccer WITH CD later.

Edited on Wednesday, 30 Jun 2004, 16:54:31pm
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 7 Apr 2004, 15:27:36pm Mood: Happy
I woke up at 9+ this morning and managed to reach school for lesson at 10.35am. Lesson ended at 12pm so we went to North Canteen to have our lunch. Next lesson is at 1pm - Principles of Accountings Tutorial. The tutorial ended early at about 2pm. As I drove to school today, my mother was at my grandmother's house, so I picked her up and we went home together.

It started raining cats and dogs a while after reaching home, so I slept for 2+ hours in the cool afternoon. Woke up in the evening, bathed and helped to cook again. A little spare time to spare this week. After that, I read Straits Times online and, watched TV, have dinner, watched TV again and chatted online till 10+. Then worked on the design for semestral project's main website. What I've done for the past weeks are for the Admin Control Panel, so I decided to have a general page for public access. Worked on it and watched TV at the same time till now. I shall continue tomorrow and as for now, it's back to TV again. A relaxing day.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 6 Apr 2004, 16:00:15pm Mood: Delighted
Woke up at 11+ this morning, to find out that my mother had already gone to the market without waiting for me. She attempts to wake me up at 10+ failed, hence she went out alone. I told her to wait for me at Meng Kiat Coffeeshop while I have a quick bath and walked over to meet her there at 12.10pm. It took me 5min to walk there. So we had our lunch togther there and we actually sat there for a while more after our lunch to chat! hehe

After that, I went home to watch VCD - Endless Love. Did not watch before sleeping last night, because I chose to watch The Eyes 2 at 4+ in the middle of the night. This noon continued watching Korean Drama, Endless Love till about 3pm. Then it started pouring just before I went out for library and school. Drove to Ang Mo Kio Library to return a book and borrowed 2 more. 1 on J2EE and another self-motivational book on stress. hehe Might be a little free to read these few weeks if I choose not to further enhance on my Semestral Project.

Reached school at 4.15pm for the one and only lesson of the day - Java Enterprise Development tutorial. Lesson ended at 5pm, discussed a bit of project with Jayson before leaving the school with him. I dropped him at Ang Mo Kio MRT before going back home. Took a bath and cooked dinner with mother's guidance. It's been quite some time since I last cook, so decided to continue with my learning this evening.

Helped Junxian with his school's project throughout the night before and after dinner and while watching TV. Just finished the project about 15min ago. Going to log off now to continue watching Endless Love again.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 5 Apr 2004, 15:05:15pm Mood: Sleepy
Saturday woke up at 12+ and had lunch and watched TV till 3+. Went online to chat a little before preparing to go to Jean's house to celebrate her 21st birthday. Waited for Matthew's call as he and Zhihao is coming over to my place first before going to Jean's place together. He called at 6+, and I went down to meet them. Then we bought a birthday cake for her at a bakery shop at Hougang Green. After that, I drove over to her house after a little search and luck. Terrace houses are always so difficult to locate!

We reached at 7.40pm, watched a bit of English FA Cup match between Manchester United and Arsenal at her house. Ate the buffet's food, a bit of BBQ food. There were so many people at her house, especially her relatives. So we were feeling kind of a stranger there. Talked mainly among ourselves and Anthony. She cut her the cakes just before the soccer match ended. Then we left at about 10+.

We then went to Serangoon Gardens to watch another soccer match. The same Japanese restaurant I went with Lenz about 2weeks ago - Momiji Japanese Restaurant. Ordered ice-creams and potato wedges while watching the match. Match ended just before 12am and we went to a nearby KTV till 2am. Then I drove Matthew and Zhihao back before reaching back home at 2.40am. I actually practised my Parallel Parking after the KTV session at the road beside Cofee Bean and the Japanese Restaurant. I have to admit I'm damn poor in Parallel Parking! LoL Matthew tried it as well, but he did a much better job than me. After that, I tried again for 3 times before leaving. A bit crazy...

Sunday is sleep and eat and TV day! Today is Qing Min Jie, so there's a quite a lot of food at home for a Sunday. I woke up at 12+, watched TV and lazed on bed till about 2pm before bathing and having my lunch. After lunch, I watched TV again and I think I fell asleep at 3+ again. Slept all the way till 7+ in the evening. I was awaken by my father who asked me to wake up to have my dinner. So I woke up, had my dinner at 8+. Watched TV till, eat chocolate till 11+. Read a book on EJB while continuing to watch TV till 1am. Went online to clear emails and read Straits Times Online till now. Chatting with a few friends at this moment. I think I'm going to log off now to watch VCD - Endless Love soon.

Very relaxing weekend! But I guessed it's fair as I've had way too little sleep on weekdays. This may not even be enough, but it's enough for me to enjoy life once a week. hehe How I hope to have this kind of lifestyle everyday!
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 4 Apr 2004, 07:19:04am Mood: Sleepy
Yesterday came home quite late, hence I was lazy and sleepy to turn on my computer to post before sleeping. Lesson ended at 11am yesterday and my initial plan was to go for a short swim before having my lunch. But lesson overshot till around 10.20am. At that time the sky was covered by dark clouds. So I went for lunch with Matthew and Jayson. Just as I was thinking that the past few days were very humid and warm and decided to swim, it started to rain! So I drove back home after lunch.

Slept almost immediately upon reaching home. Slept from 1+ to 3+. Then woke up, laze around before taking a bath and going out. Asked my mother to drive me to Hougang MRT as I was getting late to meet Daniel. But he was still at the bus-stop waiting for bus as I was about to leave my house. So I told him to hop into my mother's car and she drove us to Kovan MRT. We took train down to City Hall MRT to meet up with the rest for movie at Marina Square. Was supposed to meet at 5.30pm, but Matthew only left his house at 5.30 and reached City Hall at 6.15pm. I had my breadtalk at the MRT station while waiting. There's a promoter selling perfume there. So she came up to us telling us how great her product was, etc. Just when she was about to mention the price of it, I said it all out for her! Reason being I saw the same thing while having coffee at Tampines Mall's Coffee Bean some 3 weeks ago. She smiled and asked me to keep quiet, act cute. yucks. So I continued to have my bread.

After Matthew and Zhihao came, we walked to Marina Square to meet up with Jayson, Anthony and Jean. Movie we're watching - The Passion Of The Christ. A movie telling the story of Christ before his death and how he was crucified, directed by Mel Gibson. Tickets sponsored by Daniel who's from the rich City Harvest Church. Haha Thanks Daniel! Anyway, the movie had many disgusting scenes. As Zhihao phrased it, it's more horrific than watching a horror movie, especially when it came to the crucified part. The nails being knocked into Christ's palms and legs. And the part when he was being tortured. YuckS! Pui! But in the beginning 45min, I nearly fell asleep as it's a bit boring. My brother who also managed to get ticket to the show at another cinema from his campmate, also a City Harvest Church member. He agreed with me that it was a boring and disgusting show when he came back later in the night. We actually discussed about the show! haha

After the 2hr movie ended at 9+, Matthew, Zhihao, Jayson, Daniel and myself went to Ang Mo Kio Central's S11 to have our dinner. All of us had the Western Food. I had my favourite Lamp Chop! Actually I only wanted to accompany the rest for their dinner as there's dinner back home waiting for me. But I just can't resist the lamb chop! Zhihao bumped into his auntie in the train earlier on and his auntie gave him $50. He actually wanted to treat us for our meals, but I do not think it's nice. Haha so I told him that it's enough for him to pay for my Kopi-Si. I paid for my lamb chop myself. The rest followed suit. Thanks Zhihao for your drink!

After eating, we talked for a while till past 11.30pm before leaving, as Daniel and I have to catch the last bus 159 home. Reached home at 12+, bathed and watched the recorded 9pm show - Da Nu Ren, Xiao Nu Ren. My brother came back home while I was watching the tape, and we discussed about the movie! hahaha I also told my mother a little on the movie. LoL But too , we're not Christians and will not be one either. I have to say after watching the show, it somehow teaches me to respect other's religion. Because I used to dislike those Christians who keep on trying to pull people to join their church's activities. Luckily, no friend around me pester me with this. Anyway, they are very friendly people. Strangers with you, first time seeing you, but they are very open to intro themselves to you, no matter male or females. Maybe this is their way of being friendly at first so that it will be easy for them to pull you into their church. But I won't buy that... hehe My mother was somehow afraid that I will join them for their activity when I told her that they celebrate Easter Day at Indoor Stadium. But I assured her that she don't even have to discourage me, NO WAY I will go! haha Yah that City Harvest Church is rich to the extent that they celebrate Easter Day at the Indoor Stadium! And they even set up their own Information Counter outside the cinema for their members, just in case they are lost or have any queries at the cinema area. A little exagaratting! Aiya, whatever, enough of church and City Harvest.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 2 Apr 2004, 14:33:45pm Mood: Glad
Dragged myself up lazily early in the morning at 8+. Reached school at 9.20am, tutorial ended at 10am. Then went to North Canteen to have lunch, but before that, Jayson, wx and myself went to a nearby pull-up bar to pull as the time was still early for lunch. After lunch, Dai Dee all the way till 11.50pm, then went for our lectures.

Lecture ended at 1pm, after which, went to North Canteen again, this time for Kopi-O and dai dee. Before we went for our 2pm Software Engineering tutorial, I bought Yan Yan to the tutorial room, so that I can eat and not fall asleep so easily for the looong 2hrs tutorial session. After tutorial was directly a lab till 5pm.

Left school in mother's car slightly after 5pm, then went to our house downstair's Shop N Save with her to do some grocery shopping and ice-cream and choclate (for myself). Came home, watched TV, bath, project, dinner. After dinner, it's time to watch channel 8's 9pm show - Da Nu Ren, Xiao Nu Ren. Continued with project and chats online till now.

Going to shutdown now for TV or more chat! Done a real chunk of work on Semestral Project these couple of days. I guessed I'm almost done. Time for rest...
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 1 Apr 2004, 16:36:52pm Mood: Delighted
Reached school at around 8.35am today. Last lesson for the day ended at 11am. So I had lunch at Ang Mo Kio Street 61 with my mother. Big plate of Wanton Mee from the stall my auntie is helping out at! She treated us for the meal.. Thanks 4th auntie! Came back home after that to watch recorded Zhong Yi Da Ge Da. After that, I took an afternoon nap from 2pm-4pm as I only slept less than 3hr last night.

Woke up sweating in the hot and humid afternoon! Took a cool shower and read Straits Times Online after that. Then went downstairs at 5pm to buy 4D. My mother's system roll reached the maximum ledger amount, so can't buy. I went back home, asking her if she wanted to write out 1 by 1 instead of system roll the number. So she wrote them out 1 by 1, total of 12 combinations. I went down again to buy for her. Surprisingly, all 12 are in! But earlier on the system roll can't be bought. Strange. Anyway, bought 2 packets of Kopi-O back for our afternoon tea.

I worked on my Semestral Project with the packet of Kopi-O beside me. Then had my dinner just before 8pm. After dinner, sit glued in front of TV to watch World Cup Qualifier match between Singapore and Japan. We lost 2-1 to the visiting Japanese but it is considered a result considering Japan is the champions of Asia. Finally seeing effort being put in by our National Team. The 2nd half of the match only started at 9+, so from 9pm onwards, I have to switch back and forth between soccer match and channel 8's 9pm show!

After everything ended at 10+, I went back to work on my project. Done quite a lot today. At 12+, chatted with Kuan Min on MSN while coding, but of course chatted more than work. We told each other stories. haha Also chatted with a friend whom used to be very close to me... reminiscing of our past... the Muah Chee, late night chats, etc.. Back to current time now, 3.40am! Going to watch VCD - Endless Love now.
- Chen Lim


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Driving Advance Theory Test - 19/11/03 (Passed!)

Removal Of 6 Stitches Off My Back - 04/12/03

BBQ At East Coast Park With Secondary School Friends - 13/12/03 (2nd annivesary)

Yulun's 19th Birthday Celebration - 31/12/03

Class 2/5'99 Gathering - 11/01/04

Chinese New Year 2004 - 22/01/04 - 05/02/04

Class 3 Driving Practical Test - 17/02/04 (Passed!)

1 Week Term Break - 01/03/04 - 08/03/04

Class Chalet - 02/03/04 - 03/03/04

BBQ At East Coast Park With Poly Friends - 06/03/04

3 Days 2 Nights Thailand Trip with family - 23/04/04 - 25/04/04

Year 2 Sem 2 Semestral Exams - 03/05/04 - 11/05/04

12 Weeks Industrial Placement Project At PSA - 24/05/04 - 14/08/04

12 Weeks Final Year Project In School - 16/08/04 - 06/11/04

Lunar 7th Month Ge Tai at Hougang Green - 22/08/04

My Birthday - 11/10/04

BBQ At East Coast Park With Secondary School Friends (3rd annivesary) - 18/12/04

Medical Checkup at CMPB for NS 28/12/04

Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.4 Exam - 18/03/05 (Passed!)

Sun Certified Web Component Developer Enterprise Edition 1.4 Exam - 01/06/05 (Passed!)

National Service Enlistment - 11/06/05

My Wish List []
New Desktop Computer
Class 3 Driving Licence
Wireless Network at Home
− Class 4 Driving Licence
Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.4
Sun Certified Web Component Developer Enterprise Edition 1.4

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