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Tuesday, 30 Mar 2004, 07:03:36am Mood: Satisfied
Yesterday watched TV back home till fell asleep. Anyway, woke up at 10am in the morning and went to Ang Mo Kio to have Bah Kut Teh for breakfast with family. Then went up to grandmother's house for a while before coming back home to watch VCD. After finished watching Inuyasha Box 7 last week, I've decided to start watching Korean drama - Qiu Tian De Tong Hua (Endless Love) this time round. Watched disc 1 for an hour before taking an afternoon nap.

Woke up in the late evening, went to Old Airport Road for dinner with my parents. It's been quite some time since the last time I went there, great food! Came back home for an hour, then went out again at 10+. This time heading to Ang Mo Kio Central with Lenz to watch English Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester United. What an exiciting game which ended 1-1. Also bumped into Diwei who was there watching with his friend as well.

Then came back home at 1+, watched TV and sleep. Lazy Sunday!
- Chen Lim

Monday, 29 Mar 2004, 04:30:32am Mood: Satisfied
Yesterday was supposed to reach school at 7.30am for helping out in Great Singapore Sales. But want me to reach school so early on a Saturday morning? No way! I reached at 8+. But can't find the person in charge. So at 9+, me, wx and Jayson went to have breakfast and kopi in the canteen. At 10am, we managed to find the person in charge, but Jayson has to go for his makeup quiz at 10am. So we told the person in charge that all 3 of us have to go for quiz and it will end at 12pm. He told us to go for a briefing at 2pm then. We said 'ok ok' and left the canteen.

After Jayson went for his quiz, wx and me were stranded in school with nothing to do. So I asked him want to go anywhere to take a walk. And we finally decided to head down to Paragon's Ding Tai Fung for some Dim Sum as breakfast/lunch. It was our first time eating at this chinese restaurant at Orchard. We've walked past a few times, looking in from the outside only. The Xiao Long Bao they served are of superb quality! First class! The mouth-watering juices will be all over in your mouth when you bite it! Words can't describe how nice it is... you simply have to try it out yourself! RECOMMENDED!

After eating 20 over baos, which costs us $30.95, we went to Lucky Plaza to buy 4-D and stroll around Orchard road. We went to Wisma, Takashimaya, chatted and talked our hearts out while walking. About 3hrs later, we decided to go to Bugis Junction, so we went back to my car, parked at the public carpark beside Cenileisure. As I was about to start the engine, Matthew suddenly pointed to my windscreen, and there it was.. Summon Coupon! Luckily got fined $6 only as my parking coupon expired by less than an hour when the carpark attendent came.

After reaching Bugis for a while, xh called to say she saw us. So we went to say hi and left as we can't really find what we wanted to buy at Bugis Junction. I suggested Junction 8 and off we go to Junction 8! Bought 4-D again before going in to J8. Got too many kangtao numbers to buy yesterday. Surprisingly, we managed to find our stuffs in Popular, bought it and went home in the late evening. Bumped into Jinfu while on my way to carpark at J8.

I did not join my parents for dinner at night as I had eaten some Tang Yuans when I reached home. Waited for them to da bao back. Had my dinner at 10+, went out for supper with Lenz at 12+. Initially I suggested Prata Point off Upper Thomson Road but the fucked up indians there refused to take our orders. So we left. Do not go to Prata Point if you want to have pratas at Thomson area. I would recommend Prata House at Thomson Road and Casuarina at Upper Thomson Road instead. Prata Point stinks! When I'm free, I think I will compile the nice food in Singapore into a database for recommendation to friends, right here at ChenLim.Com. It's my hobby and interest to search for great food all over the town.

In the end, I drove all the way back to Hougang, off Serangoon Road for our meal. We had Midnight Curry Rice, a simple vegetable rice stall which only open for business after midnight 12am. The special thing about them is their rice with curry sauce. The curry is not hot at all, not sweet at all, just special I guess. But it's very popular stalls with the people staying around that area, the side of the road was parked with so many cars that almost 2 lanes are taken up for parking. Inside the stall, it's also quite crowded, and there is a long queue for people taking away.

Reached home at 2+, watched a bit of TV before falling asleep. A tired, long and interesting day! Supposed to help out in school for Great Singapore Surf, but went to enjoy life, had food at Paragon's chinese restaurant. Strolled around Orchard, Bugis and Junction 8 with wx, from 12+ to like 6pm! Stunning. And the crap attitude at Prata Point and finally the strange but special Midnight Curry Rice. Oh, and 2 of the 4D numbers I bought, missed by a digit yet again.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 28 Mar 2004, 10:42:08am Mood: Sleepy
I was too tired and sleepy last night to blog. Only had 3hrs of sleep the previous night, reached school at 8+. Lesson ended at 11am. We had lunch and I went back home after that. Learnt a bit of Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) before going out at 3.20pm. I'm meeting chin how and jia wei at 4pm Tanjong Pagar MRT. We reached the nearby KTV at 4+. Then Yulun joined us at 5+. We sang till 9pm. After which, I walked over to Lao Ba Sat and I accompanied them for dinner. Then went home together.

Got a surprise call from Matthew while I was at Lao Ba Sat, asking me to join him and another friend at Bishan's kopitiam for a chat and drink. But I only reached home at 11+ and after I finished my dinner, it was past 12am already. So I did not join them, stayed at home to watch the recorded 9pm show instead.

As I was lying on my bed while watching the show, I fell asleep right after the show ended! But was woken up by the air-conditioner in my room! The dripping noise actually woke me up! And I looked up, the air-con was leaking away!! Frustrated... in the end, my mother helped my to settle it and I went back to my dreamland...
- Chen Lim

Friday, 26 Mar 2004, 16:08:57pm Mood: Tired
Just reached home after kopi session. I reached school at 9.20am this morning, lesson ended at 10am. Then met ah bin who came to my school to join me for Blood Donation Drive. So we donated blood, this is my 3rd time donating. After that, went for lunch and then to lecture.

After lecture, went back to North Canteen to slack for an hour before buying M&M sweets and prawn crackers to tutorial room for lesson. Bought all those tidbits so that I can keep myself awake when I feel sleepy during the lesson. After that tutorial which ended early, we played dai dee for a while before going for Software Engineering's practical session.

Went back home after that, watched VCD till 6+ and had a sleep till 7+. After dinner, went back to TV again to watch channel 8's 9pm show, followed by VCD. Then went online for about an hour before going to S-11 just before 12am with my friends till 2+. Going to watch the last disc of Inuyasha now before going to bed. A meaningful day, feeling and satisfied after the blood donation.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 25 Mar 2004, 14:47:32pm Mood: Confused
Reached school at 8.40am for 8am's lesson. Today all lessons ended at 11am. I had lunch with my mother at about 1pm at Ang Mo Kio Street 61 (again). Had my Wantoon Noodles at the stall which my 4th auntie is helping out at. After we finished our meals, my auntie sat down and chatted with us, telling us stories. It's always interesting to hear stories from aunties and uncles.

Went home to watch VCD - Inuyasha in the noon. Nearly fell asleep while watching but managed to clear 3 discs at a go! Then took a shower, and on the computer, wanting to work on semestral project. It had been more than 1 week since I touched on this project. Finally managed to sit down in front of the computer and do some coding.

Worked on it until 8+, then had my dinner. After dinner, as per normal, switched on TV, watched channel 8's 9pm show till 10pm. Actually wanted to have supper with Lenz, but I don't know what happen to him. He said he would call me back when I called him at 11+, wanting to confirm a time with him. But till now, he failed to call. Message him online, also no reply. Shall not blame him this time as he's not in a moood. But I'm no much better myself, in a confused mood.

Just as I was about to log off, ah bin came online! It has been quite a while since I last chatted with him online... although we chat more at kopitiam. I think it's time now to watch the recorded Zhong Yi Da Ge Da and continue VCD later on in the night.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004, 14:53:13pm Mood: Sleepy
Went home at 3pm with Daniel this afternoon after our Principles of Accountings tutorial. We skipped the Operating Systems lecture as it was way too boring! Bumped into jw on the bus. I intended to watch VCD - Inuyasha upon reaching home but fell asleep halfway while watching. Slept from 4+ till 8+.

Had my dinner and watched TV till 10.30pm. Then went online to read ghost stories on Singapore Paranormal Investigators website. Read and watched TV at the same time till now. Going back to Inuyasha VCD now. I've been wondering why am I sleeping so much lately! and also not been doing much work, always glued to VCDs and TV.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004, 14:17:59pm Mood: Pleased
Went to school for Principles of Accounting test at 10am this morning. Finished at 11+, then walked over to Ang Mo Kio Street 61's market to meet up with my mother for lunch. After lunch, we went up to my auntie's house for a while. Then I was considering to go back to school for an hour lecture and tutorial or not. In the end, I decided to skip the Human Computer Interaction's lecture and Java Enterprise Development tutorial.

So I went home with my mother at 1+. Watched VCD - Inuyasha disc 57 and took a nap after that. Woke up about an hour later to continue watching disc 58. It's getting very exciting to stop watching! After that, my mother drove me to Hougang Bus Terminal to meet wx and zhihao as we're taking 153 to Queenstown Stadium to watch S.League match between Tanjong Pagar and Young Lions.

The match ended at about 9.30pm and we took 51 back to Hougang. Then I walked home from there. Had my dinner upon reaching home while watching the recorded channel 8's 9pm show. Now watching Shi Zi Lu Kou on channel U. Will continue to watch VCD Inuyasha later. What a relaxing day! hehe
- Chen Lim

Monday, 22 Mar 2004, 14:35:55pm Mood: Confused
Woke up in the noon today and went to Jurong to have curry fish head for lunch with family. Then we went to Ang Mo Kio Street 61's temple to pray. After that, my brother and I went to the VCD shop at Hougang Green. He bought Inuyasha box 7 and of course I watched it immediately when we went home (because I had waited for quite some time after finished watching Box 6 a couple of months ago).

Took an afternoon nap after finished watching 1 disc. Woke up in the evening, online for a while. Added in a new method in my java class, 1 only! Then had to go out again. This time to Ang Mo Kio for dinner with family. Watched a bit of TV after coming home, then studied for tomorrow's boring Principles of Accountings test. I really got no interest in this kind of elective module! Of course, as usual, read the lecture notes till fell asleep. Then continued revision in a brief.

At 12am sharp, went to Sengkang to pick up jw for supper. We had Char Kway at 644. Just reached home not long ago. Going to watch TV and VCD and listen to Elva's songs now. Whenever I'm confused or down, I tend to want to listen to Elva's songs. Simply love the lyrics for some of her songs. Anyway, today nearly strike 4D consolation prize. I bought 2635 but it opened 2639. Time to off computer now!
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 21 Mar 2004, 16:02:03pm Mood: Delighted
Woke up in the noon today and went to Causeway Point's Nokia Care with my uncle. Then had lunch at a nearby coffeeshop with my mother, brother and uncle. After that, I went home to transfer my previous phone's data (already backed up in my laptop) to new phone Nokia 6100. 6100 is an old model but it's a new phone for me though. After that, went to my grandma's house to fetch my mother back home. At about 6.30pm, I went to Compass Point in jw's brother's van.

I had my dinner at Yabbe, this is the first time I ate at Yabbe. Then talked cock and walked around Compass Point for a place to sit down to have coffee but we failed to find any available seats. So in the end, we bought Soya Bean from Mr Bean and sat just outside Compass Point. I was supposed to meet my friends at Clarke Quay station at 8.30pm but at 8pm, they are all not ready yet. So I bought some breads from BreadTalk home for my mother's dinner first, before going to Kovan MRT to meet wx and Zhihao.

We reached Clarke Quay at about 9.15pm but only managed to meet up with Kuan Min at almost 10pm due to miscommunication. Anyway, we were searching for a peaceful place in Boat Quay for drinks and live soccer telecast but I think it's almost impossible to find such a location along Boat Quay!! In the end, we ended up at Hendrix Bar which was sooo noisy! Vodka free flow till 12am for $25 but the Vodka Coke and Vodka 7-up had way more soft drinks than alochol! It was so gaseous, especially for me who do not like to drink softdrinks. I would rather have the 3jugs Beer for $50!

Kuan Min saw his friends there and they went out near the river to chit chat while wx, Zhihao and myself stayed inside to watch live telecast soccer. The environment is not what I would like to have... it's way too noisy + no beer + high percentage of softdrinks in Vodka + a lot of malays. I think next time we should just go for 3jugs $50! We shared cab back home at 1+, I reached home at 2am. What a relaxing night!

Going to watch VCD - Naruto now. Daniel put us aeroplane, not making his appearance at Clarke Quay! Next week you will get it from us back in school.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 21 Mar 2004, 06:00:16am Mood: Pleased
Yet again fell asleep before I post my entry last night. I woke up at 8am, reached school just before 9am yesterday. Lesson by right starts at 8am, so my lecturer asked me what time MY lesson start. So I told her 8+. hehe Anyway, lesson ended at 11am. Went to canteen to have lunch and dai dee. Also picked up a magic trick using poker cards. A very interesting and fascinated one!

Skipped a briefing session (2nd time for the same briefing) and went home for an afternoon nap because I only slept for like 3hrs the night before. Woke up at 5+, backed up my phone data and everything into my laptop via infrarred. Then drove to East Coast Park at 7.45pm for BBQ. Reached there quite hungry but upon seeing the food, I don't feel like eating anymore as this is the 3rd time in as many weeks that I been to a BBQ.

Anyway, left quite early at 10+. Came back home, chatted a little online before lying on my bed to watch movie from my computer. As I did not have dinner, I steamed a bun and had bread and chinese tea while watching. Then somehow fell asleep at 2+, not yet finished watching the movie. I'm now wondering why do I sleep so much these 3 days. As compared to the past few weeks, it's like 2-3times more sleep!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 19 Mar 2004, 17:21:50pm Mood: Glad
For the first time this semester, I entered the Human Computer Interaction module's tutorial only 15min late! Normally for this tutorial, I will be late by 30min and above or not present at all. Quite an achivement, the reason is very simple - I slept at 9.30pm last night and easily woke up at 8.20am this morning! Actually I did wake up at 12+ midnight but I told myself to GO BACK TO SLEEP! If not, I think I will be late by a worse margin!

Lesson ended at 10am, we went to North Canteen to have our lunch and daidee. I had a bowl of dou hua as well. Nice food Then went for lecture between 12-1pm. After lecture, went back to North Canteen to have Kopi-O while accompanying Zhihao to have his lunch. Read up my lecture notes on Enterprise Java Beans in the canteen to revise or for my interest? Anyway, saw nz's sister in the canteen, I'm wondering if she recognised me, which I don't think so.

Next up is 3hrs lesson from 2-5pm. Software Engineering tutorial and practical. Then I rushed home for a quick bath and tea break before heading to Hougang Stadium for the match between Sinchi and Geylang United FC. As Sinchi recently just changed their home games to be played at Hougang Stadium, they do not know how to operate the electronic scoreboard at the stadium. So they called Sengkang Marine's manager for assistance, who in turned called me. Reason being I had operated that scoreboard before when it was just launched some 3 years ago! Got paid by a very reasonable sum of money by Sinchi. Good Lobang! Also got my S.League staff pass from Dilwant (Sengkang Marine's manager). Feel now at S.League matches! hehe

Anyway, Jayson joined me for the match which ended in a 1-nil win for Geylang United FC. I went back home directly after the match for my dinner. Then went online to chat, and continued work on SGFootball.Com. The automatically generated league table, fixtures, results system is now fully integrated together! And there're quite a number of new features I added in over the past few nights! Finally, it's completed! What a sense of achivement! Off to bed now!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 19 Mar 2004, 12:46:23pm Mood: Delighted
Did not post yesterday because I was too sleepy. In fact, I slept at 9.30pm! Unbelievable! Anyway, morning 8am lesson, I met Daniel and we reached school at about 8.20am. Then had a lecture and lunch at 11am. 12-1pm was Operating System's practical test, we were tested on some basic Linux Shell Programming. I managed to finish with 5min to spare, but I'm meeting js for a movie at Tampines Mall at 1.50pm. So I need to rush a little from Ang Mo Kio to Hougang to pick her up, then go up TPE to Tampines.

We reached Tampines Mall at about 1.30pm. I had printed out the movie tickets which I booked online on AXN Machine late last night, so there's no need to collect our tickets.

Butterfly Effect - what a nice movie, about a guy, who like his father, could change his past. But whenever he made a slightest change, it would affect his current life, especially those loved ones around him. He tried on many occassions to change to a perfect past and present, but failed on the many occasions. In the end... go to the cinema to watch yourself!

After movie, we had a chat at coffeebean, luckily sat outside in the open, because I was already feeling very cold in the cinema. Haha sometimes going out and have a chat and drink with an old friend can easily build up a better relationship. Enjoyed the movie and the coffee. Anyway, the carpark at Tampines Mall stinks! It deducted a whooping $5.00 from my cashcard when I made my way out!

Went online for a while after reaching home and suddenly I felt very very sleepy. Maybe it was because of the talk at coffeebean earlier that made me realised that I had been sleeping way too little in recent months! I had my dinner just before 9pm. After dinner, watched TV and fell asleep at 9.30pm. Such an early night for me till this morning 8.15am! It had been a long time since I had such long hours of sleep. And this is the first time in 2004 that I slept so early!
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 17 Mar 2004, 17:20:14pm Mood: Pleased
Woke up late yet again. 10.10am lesson but I woke up at 10.10am. So I took a bath and get ready to go to school. Took a cab to school, reaching at about 11am. Had lunch after the lesson ended at 12pm. Then went for 2hours tutorial and another 2hrs of lecture. Took bus back home, together with Daniel at 4+.

I continued work on SGFootball.Com and have dinner and watched TV from evening onwards. Successfully tested out my league table generation system according to the match results updated. Now coding for other parts of the website. Everything is going smoothly right now.

I went over to Daniel house at 12+ as Matthew was there to borrow Daniel's computer to do his project. We all agreed to go for supper earlier in the day. Before going to his house, I went to AXN Machine at Hougang Green to print out the movie tickets which I had just booked online a couple of hours ago. This is the first time that I collected my tickets at an AXN Machine after an online booking. The ticket seemed weird.

Anyway after watching Guess, Guess Guess at Daniel's place, we went to Blk 400+, Hougang Avenue 8 for supper. Fishaball noodles still as nice as it was many years back when I went there quite often for my meals. We sat there and chatted for awhile after our supper. Then I drove Matthew back home to Ang Mo Kio before going back to Hougang. Came back continued a bit of coding for SGFootball and I'm heading to my bed right now.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 16 Mar 2004, 17:20:09pm Mood: Satisfied
Was supposed to meet Daniel to go to school together this morning but his morning call only manage to wake me up at 9.50am. Our first lecture for the day starts at 10.10am. So I asked him to go without me first. I then went back to sleep till 12pm. Finished watching another disc of Naruto before preparing to go to school (Next lesson at 2pm). So I took my own sweet time to get prepared, went downstairs kopitiam for my lunch and Teh, before finally going to school - reaching at 2pm sharp.

The lecture ended at 2pm, I went to the lab to be debugger for my friend's coding (again as usual!). Then went for tutorial at 4pm. Talked to Miss Phoon regarding our project and felt more at ease after that. Anyway, I had called my mother earlier, telling her to bring the car to school. I drove her back first before going for my haircut. Wanted to cut Botak but the uncle refused, asking me questions before cutting for me. He still left a certain length in front for me. Haha This barber shop I have been there since I was a baby more than 18 years ago. Today is their last day at their shop at Seletar, they are shifting to Ang Mo Kio Street 61 because HDB wants back that piece of land in Seletar.

Short hair now, feeling cool! Anyway, after bathing back home, I went to Hougang Mall's Library to meet Lenz. Borrowed a book on Enterprise Java Bean... sounds interesting but complicated! Went out for dinner with family after leaving the library. Then came home at night, watched TV and do some coding for SGFootball.Com for the new 2004 S.League season. I was coding a system for the fixtures / results which will then automatically generate the league table on its own. This should be up and running by the end of this week. Bedtime now! If not, I can't wake up tomorrow morning again!
- Chen Lim


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