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Sunday, 14 Mar 2004, 19:25:36pm Mood: Busy
Woke up at 10am this morning, took a bath and quickly drove to school to attend a makeup lecture which starts from 10am-11am. I was hoping I can only be a little late but I reached school at 10.45am - the time lecture had just ended. But there's another same lecture from 11am-12pm, so I went to the lab for 15min before going back to lecture theatre again. However, after checking all the lecture theatres, my lecturer is nowhere in sight. Then I bumped into wx. We checked for the lecturer's line extension and I called him up to check.

He asked the 2 of us to look for him at a discussion table outside the labs. And he actually gave the lecture at that small table and bench, for the 2 of us only! Initially, we were feeling awkward but who cares, we're there to listen to him anyway. Then Jayson called to ask the location, and he joined us, 3men now. Then Kuan Ming called me, he joined us for the last 20min. So at the end of the 40min ?lecture / discussion?, total strength: 4. We thanked him and left.

After dropping Kuan Ming at Ang Mo Kio MRT, I went back home to wait for my mother to come back before going out for lunch with her and my brother. Had Kway Zhap at AMK Ave 4's S-11. We went home after that. I started a little on my semestral project - phase 2 this time! Was doing it at quite a slow speed as compared to last week.

Anyway, went out for dinner at Lao Ba Sat with family at night. I did not go home after that, took over driver seat from my father, and off I go to Serangoon Garden to watch soccer. Picked up Lenz along the way. I was thinking of having CoffeeBean while watching but we sat outside a Japanese Restaurant. So we just ordered drinks from there instead. Blackburn vs Arsenal - What a boring game! So we decided to leave after halftime. We went to Blk 644, Hougang Ave 8 for supper. Tasty Char Kway (Fried Carrot Cake) there. Continued to watch the match at the coffeeshop till around 80min before going back home.

Watched wrestling on TV upon reaching home. After that, continued coding for my Semester Project Phase 2. Wow and the time reads 6.30am now!
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 13 Mar 2004, 17:18:47pm Mood: Sleepy
Slept at 5+ last night and woke up at 7+. Lesson supposed to start at 8am, but I woke up at 8am in the end. Reached school at 8.45am, prepared to present my part of the semestral project to Ms Phoon. This will be the first system demo for phase 1, only 2.5 out of 5 features were integrated successfully into the system. The rest are incomplete or not ready from other group members. Helped debug a few errors for my group member before presenting. And yes, I cleared my phase 1. For my individual part, I'm going on strong and steady... hope my other group members join me in phase 2 soon.

Went for Operating Systems tutorial after the lab session ends at 10am. Then to canteen for lunch and Dai Dee after our meals. All lessons for today had ended by the way, so we headed to the lab whereby I integrated my group's semestral project into neater and correct packages. Went back home after that.

Surfed the net, chatted online in the afternoon, then worked on a couple of updates for my SGFootball.Com. Till 9pm, I had my dinner and watched TV at the same time. It had been a long time, more than a month or two that I had not met up with my regular kopitiam SK. Our meetings get lessen after Ah Hong and Ah Tat went into the Police Academy. So today finally got a chance to meet up!

I went downstairs to kopitiam to meet Ah Hong (and his wife) and Ah Bin. We chatted and listened to a lot of stories from Ah Hong, who is having his stint in Police Academy now. At the same time, we were waiting for Ah Tat, who only reached at 12am! Upon reaching, he and ah hong started talking away and discussing about their stints in the Police Academy. They got never ending stories and camp mates and instructors and stuffs to talk! Ah Bin and I could only listened and not comment much as we can get lost sometimes. Till 2am, I cannot take it anymore, furthermore I only had 2hr of sleep last night and no afternoon nap earlier today. So I suggested to go back home.

Came home, surfed the net for a few articles regarding OOP in PHP as I wanted to try implementing OOP for the new updates in SGFootball.Com. But I am really too tired and sleepy to go on, eyes closing. Shall get a sleep now before continuing tomorrow.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 12 Mar 2004, 17:34:06pm Mood: Satisfied
My effort to go for Human Computer Interaction tutorial on time improved a little as I reached school at about 9.30am for the 9am lesson. The previous time I attend this tutorial, I reached at 9.45am. Went to North Canteen to revise for Software Engineering test. Then had lunch, and of course talked cock with the vegetable rice auntie. Went for Java Enterprise lecture after lunch. Then accompanied Zhihao back to North Canteen for his lunch, again auntie saw me walked past, so she asked me why am I walking around.

Went for Software Engineering test at 2pm, very 'dry' stuffs in this module. So I took a rest for about 5min halfway through the paper as there is more than enough time for the paper. After that, I took 72 back home for a quick bath before rushing out immediately after my bath. Drove back to school to catch the ENERGY's campus concert.

Their fans, especially 99% are girls, screamed and shouted like thunder and crazy when they saw their idols perform. Throughout the 1hr performance, they gave me the feeling that I'm watching 10 Lion Dance groups perform right in front of me. No, I think they are even louder than compared to 10 lion dance performances at the same time! Unbelievable! But then again, ENERGY is not a lousy boy band / group. Their dancing is really , but singing can be improved though.

After the concert, as I made my way to the carpark, I saw at least 5 MaxiCabs, those taxis with the size of a van. They were hired (for the whole day I believe) by some of the really crazy and die-hard fans. They were getting ready to follow their idols to their next destination in Bishan. Unbelievable... I went home after that. Had my dinner, watched TV, chatted online, while waiting for my group members to send me their completed parts for semestral project so that I can integrate them together.

But I waited till 12+ nearly 1am then I got Min Hui's copy. Thanks for the job done! Waited for the others, but I believe most had gone to bed except Jayson who is still working on it now. Good job for staying up so late to try to finish it up. Anyway, I've successfully integrated Min Hui's and my own parts into the whole project, and also included part of Jayson's work. Going to bed now, I can't be waiting for 24hrs standby. Tomorrow first demo, should I be thinking before I sleep later that how are we going to demo a system with only half or even less than half of the functions in!
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 11 Mar 2004, 15:41:51pm Mood: Tired
Was supposed to present our semestral project first demo this morning. But some of my group members were not ready and due to time constrain, our tutor decided that my group is to present to her on Friday. Went to Food Junction to buy Honey Lemon bubble tea, hoping that after drinking it, I can feel better and stop the coughing which has been with me these few days. Honey + Lemon both are very rich in vitamin C, thats why. Anyway, the drink was on Jayson, Thanks Jayson! At least you appreciate my help, unlike others who simply took it for granted. :]

We went over to our regular North Canteen to have our lunch. As we were walking into the canteen, the auntie from vegetable rice stall greeted us. LoL I heard "Hosay Bo? Buy this kind of drink also never buy 1 extra cup for me.", in Hokkien of course, because I always communicate with her in Hokkien. I continued to talk cock a bit with her before we go for our lunch.

Studied and revised for upcoming Operating System's test after our meal, then went for an hour lab, then to the 'Meet the director session'. When I reached the conference room, everybody was already seated and the deputy director was talking. So I grabbed a chair and sit comfortably beside Marcus. We talked cock behind at the corner of the room. We made a couple of remarks, guailan ones of course. Anyway, from what I experience, this kind of sessions are always discussing the same things semester after semester. The issues being discussed were very similar to what had been discussed a year ago.

After that, went to library to meet wx they all and after a last minute final reading of lecture notes, we went to take our test. A short one, but we spent the full 50min in there! Discussing answers? hehe As it was raining after the test, I called my mother to fetch me, but I decided to take the driver seat instead. Watched 'Zhong Yi Da Ge Da' recorded from last night back home and had Kopi-O and took an evening nap from 6+ to 8pm.

Bathed, dinner, TV, study (for tomorrow's Software Engineering test), walking around the house (to keep myself awake), had a 20min sleep, had bread, had pear, trying all sorts of way forcing myself not to sleep while reading those boring lecture notes. This module is too theortical based, that's why it's very dry. Anyway, I'm taking a break after hours of reading now. Shall watch a TV now and go back to my notes later while watching soccer.

What a disappointing day, as I continue to notice today that a few people around me seemed to be taking turns to take me for granted... Am I really too helpful? Or I don't know how to reject?
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 10 Mar 2004, 13:17:37pm Mood: Frustrated
Went to school for Human Computer Interaction lab this morning. But the same thing happened, became a debugger for people's Java Enterprise Development projecet. Practical for HCI did not do, almsot everyone in the lab were coding for the project. Anyway, had lunch after that and went for 2hr tutorial, followed by 1.5hr lecture.

Unable to take it anymore, I went home straightaway after the last lecture for a sleep. Last night only slept for less than 3hrs. Woke up, watched TV, had dinner, watched TV, read Operating System notes (there's a test coming up tomorrow). Anyway, going off to continue revision and watch TV now. No longer want to stay online, if not I won't be able to do my own things. I can't be always so helpful. But I also don't know how to reject people's request for help. So the best thing to do is to keep clear.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 9 Mar 2004, 14:32:53pm Mood: Busy
Been busy since the first minute I reach school today! Everybody seemed to ask me tons of questions regarding projects and stuffs? I'm still not feeling very well, can't really finish my lunch today. Only time I'm a little more relax is the dai dee session after lunch.

Skipped the last lesson for the day and went home. Was feeling tired because I'm really not feeling well. But the questions on semestral projects just kept on flooding in. From my own group to other groups, to other classes! Even up till this minute I'm still trying to help solve people's problems with the project. Am I really too helpful?

Anyway, I've just sent out the longest email since a long time to all my group members informing them of what's going on. Hope everyone in my group can finish doing their individual codings. This is the first time I've done my project early and then giving out instructions and explaination as a group leader! Those who had grouped with me for the past few semesters should know I've never done this kind of thing! I also don't know why am I doing it this time round.

Really feeling very very very very tired now. Not tired because of doing my own project, but tired of helping other people debug their problems and partly because I'm not feeling 100% fit. I shall log off early tonight. What a tiring and busy day!!! Nonstop questions flooding in from all directions... argh!
- Chen Lim

Monday, 8 Mar 2004, 16:46:49pm Mood: Tired
I woke up once at 12+ this afternoon but decided to go back to my dreamland as I was having a dream. Instead of continuing the dream (which I forgot what is it about), I slept till 3pm! Watched a little TV after waking up, then went to bath. Had a little tiny cake for as my breakfast / lunch. Then did a little bit of semestral project till 6pm.

I was supposed to meet cheowlin and weiliang at the S-11 beside Jalan Besar Stadium at 6.30pm. So I drove off from my house here at 6.15pm. But I simply can't find the way to turn into the Stadium. I knew I had to turn into a little street before I can reach the stadium but I don't know exactly where to turn in. Regret not checking the street directory before setting off. I nearly reach Sim Lim Square. I went past New Bridge road, and even went into a carpark near the army market at Beach Road area to flip the Street Directory. After about 5min in the carpark, I still could not locate 100% the way to go, so I just turn anywhere I could! In the end I turned into the carpark at ICA Building to check street directory and call my mother to ask for directions. After my mother passed the phone to my uncle who guided me, I agar agar know the way.

But after hanging up the phone, I got confused again. So from Lavendar MRT (beside ICA Building), I got to Kallang MRT (1 station away). Then I made a big turn to Lavendar Street. And from there, turning into King George's street brought me to Jalan Besar Stadium! Taking a bus and then walking in to the stadium is totally different from driving in itself! Time check when I reached the S-11: 7.30pm!

So sorry to cheowlin and weiliang! They were drinking beer when I reach. So we quickly ordered food and had our dinner! Always made you all waited for me for so long whenever we meet! I promise there will be no next time! After our dinner and a chat, we left Jalan Besar at 10+. Upon reaching home, after taking a shower, I started work on Semestral Project yet again, but with lots of concentration this time! From about 11+ till 3.30am! Feeling sick yet again, I've had this feeling since the chalet ended at Wednesday. Wanted to sleep earlier, but simply can't due to the amount of work piling up!

Yet another day driving around in the same area. Straight road up from Potong Pasir MRT, passed by Lavendar Food Square (there's nice food here), nearly passed by Sim Lim. When I flipped the Street Directory on these 2 occasions, there were actually on the SAME PAGE! Boon Keng MRT on Friday and Jalan Besar Stadium on Sunday, both locations are on the same page in the street directory! I guessed I really know that area very well now! :] Off to watch recorded video tape and sleep now! What a 1 week term break, what a week doing project, what a week driving to some strange locations.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 7 Mar 2004, 16:54:51pm Mood: Glad
Woke up in the noon today, continued watching anime VCD, Naruto, only finished disc 2 till now. Been too busy to watch, but at least catch a bit daily. Went to Compass Point to meet jw at 3+. Then weiren joined us at about 4pm, we had kopi-o at the foodcourt and talked about their NS story. :]

After that, went to Ang Mo Kio Central NTUC to meet Matthew, Zhihao and Kuan Ming who were buying our BBQ stuffs there. Then I drove all of us with the BBQ stuffs to East Coast Park. We reached there at 6+ in the evening. I first went over to the kiosk for booking BBQ pits as I had told ps that I will help her to book if the kiosk havent close when I reach. So I called her to ask the date and location but she said she will confirm with me later.

So I went back to our own BBQ pit, settled down and started BBQ-ing. We only used half of the double pit as we only had 4 of us. Where are the rest!!! Don't wanna mention about it. Anyway, I received call from wl at 7+ asking me to book the pit as per requested by ps earlier on. So I walked all the way back to the booking kiosk but too , they were only opened until 7pm! Am I being too helpful? Maybe I should just stay out of this but I had told them earlier that I will book for them if it's still open when I reach. So well, whatever. Things are being taken granted for now...

Anyway, we were joined by Daniel and Xiaohui later in the night. Xiaohui did not eat the food due to sorethroat but she did help us to cook! Thanks for coming and thanks for helping to BBQ! Meanwhile, Daniel just ate and ate from start to end! We ended at about 11+, clearing almost all the food we bought.

After that, we went to CoffeeBean for coffee. Thanks Daniel for the treat on the drinks at CoffeeBean! Left East Coast Park at 1+, dropped Matthew and Zhihao off at Ang Mo Kio before dropping Kuan Ming at Thomson, then turning back home after dropping Daniel, a few blocks away from me. Took a bath, went online to continue our chats left unfinished at the BBQ. Matthew gave us a news online! So congrats to you brother and all the best! Going to watch TV, VCD now. Shall leave semestral project for tomorrow.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 6 Mar 2004, 18:06:35pm Mood: Happy
Frustrated mood seemed to have calm down tonight. Anyway, I can't be bothered about such things. I have got tons of other more important things to think about. Last night finished watching Ju-On 2 disc 1 before sleeping. Woke up this morning to continue with disc 2. Overall, I don't really catch what is new in this show. It's still the same curse that people die one after another one.

Anyway, I left for school at 5.15pm. Reached the computer lab to help Zhihao debug his java practical at about 5.30pm and was quite surprised to see so many students back in the lab during our 1 week term break. At 6+, we went to the Auditorium for Angela Chang (Zhang Shao Han) school concert. As she's a newcomer, this was the first time I heard her song at the concert, sounds not . After the concert, Zhihao suggested having fish head at Boon Keng for dinner. So together with Matthew and Kuan Ming, off we go to Boon Keng

As Zhihao said the stall is quite near Boon Keng MRT, so I decided to drive to somewhere near the MRT Station so that we can locate the stall. I remembered wrongly that Boon Keng MRT is on the same stretch of road after Potong Pasir MRT, so I went straight all the way till we reached Jalan Besar and further up to Sim Lim! Before turning to Rocher road. I stopped at a petrol station, Matthew went to ask the staffs there while me and Kuan Ming flipped the street directory. We somehow found the road back to Boon Keng MRT, so I drove past Newton Circus Hawker Centre and make a U-Turn at Newton Circus roundabout. From there, I followed Kuan Ming's directions which he had figured out from the street directory, and finally we reached Boon Keng MRT exit C!

Zhihao only know how to walk to the Fish Head stall from the other exit, so we entered the MRT station and came out from Exit B. After walking for about 5min, we realised that there's a carpark nearer to the stall, so we went all the way back to where I parked the car earlier on and drove to this carpark. However, I decided not to enter that carpark as I saw another HDB carpark a little more ahead. As I can't get in time to the left lane due to the short distance ahead, I made a left turn from the 2nd lane into the carpark! They were shocked in the car! :]

After about a 10min walk from the carpark, we finally reached our destination! However, we waited more than 30min for our food to be served because there were a lot of people there! By the time we finished our dinner and a little chat, it was nearly 11pm! Then we walked the long journey back to the carpark and went home. What a search for the fish head! Luckily it was quite tasty and delicious! Quite worthwhile.

Came home, had a bath, chatted online and did a bit of project. It's now past 5am already. VCD and bedtime! An exciting day searching for fish head stall and driving past all those roads especially Little India where the Indians thought that it was their road judging by the way they crossed the road there!
- Chen Lim

Friday, 5 Mar 2004, 16:55:00pm Mood: Frustrated
Had lunch with my mother at Hougang South this afternoon. Then I drove back to Hougang Ave 8 NTUC as needed to buy something. Then went back home after that. I started working on a website upon reaching home at about 3pm. Sweated and typed and coded all the way till the night before having my dinner. After dinner, continued working on the same site again. Poh, you must thank me for these hard work!

So I finally managed to finish this site, to be launch soon about 30min ago. All final tests by myself are cleared when I tried the web application earlier on, so I believe there should not be any bugs so far.

Anyway, today jw booked out from his BMT's Physical Training Phase as he's collecting his 'A'Level results tomorrow. All the best to all friends who will be collecting their results in less than 12hrs time! Chatted with him a little on MSN, it has been more than 2 weeks since we last chatted on MSN. He missed out a lot of stuffs. Next time free then I update you more. You will know why I'm so frustrated tonight! Anyway, an advice for everyone out there: Do not take things for granted in life. You never know you may ruin a person's day in doing so..

I don't know what pushed me today to code out that whole website in a single day. Anger? Frustration? Disappointment? Whatever, it's completed now. Maybe tomorrow frustrate again, then I will be able to finish my individual part for the semestral project!

Going to watch Ju-On 2 now... 4am atmosphere might be more scary.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 4 Mar 2004, 16:53:26pm Mood: Satisfied
This morning slept at 7.30am. I did wake up once at 3pm, but I went back to my dreamland all the way till 6.30pm. Finally had a rest and sleep. It had been a long long time since I last slept for more than 10hrs! I think this is the first time in 2004 that I had more than 10hrs of sleep!

I took a bath immediately. Decided to continue working on Semestral Project after my bath. I did not really work on it till after my dinner at 8+. Helped a couple of friends debug their problem while I was coding for my own project after dinner. Also chatted online at the same time. This goes on till about 2+. Then I had some cakes for supper and surfed the net. Just spent quite a lot of time to type out and an important email for all my group members.

What a night, seeing so much lines of codes after codes and more codes on the computer screen! My mouth is feeling a little itchy now, so I shall dig somemore food and eat while watching TV later. Recorded tape of 'Zhong Yi Da Ge Da' is waiting for me in my video player. And there's 'Ju-On 2' on top of my VCD player.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 4 Mar 2004, 08:35:18am Mood: Happy
Yesterday went to class chalet at Pasir Ris Downtown East. Matthew fetch Zhihao and Jayson, then drove to my house here to meet up with me and Daniel. Then he followed my car behind me as he is not sure of the way to the chalet. We reached there at about 5pm. Took a walk outside the chalet, went back for BBQ food. The food was great and there's a lot! It started to rain at about 7pm, so the BBQ had to stop. Luckily, the rain went away about an hr later. So the BBQ continued... Matthew and myself went to fetch the girls from Pasir Ris MRT at about 8+.

Upon reaching back at the chalet, I started to eat again because I only ate a little earlier on. This time really ate to my full! Very nice. Played Dai Dee and Mahjong. At 11+, Kuan Ming, Huixiong, Han Boon and myself went out in Matthew's car to 7-eleven to buy some kopi and beer for the others. Jeremy cut his birthday cake after we went back to the chalet. His actual birthday was last week though. The guys played 'Heart-Attack' back at the chalet, with the loser drinking beer as penalty. I did not play as I can't drink beer, if not I can't drive back later in the night. So I can only have peanuts with Matthew.

When the 1 small packet of peanuts finished within a while, Matthew decided to go out to buy somemore. So the both of us together with Zhihao, went out to 7-eleven again. Came back, chit chatted, had peanuts. Matthew wanted to go home at about 3am but he fell asleep! And the rest stopped the Mahjong session at 3+. Jeremey was also sleeping by then. Left with Huixiong, Han Boon, Kuan Ming, Daniel, Zhihao and myself awake as Jayson went for a sleep. Huixiong and Han Boon went out for a puff and did not come back for quite some time.

So Daniel, Kuan Ming, Zhihao and me decided to tell ghost stories. We switched off the lights and started telling stories. It is always interesting to listen to ghost stories. But Daniel tried to be funny to tell a joke, which I heard before! Anyway, we drifted from ghost stories to all kinds of stories, to school's lecturers, etc. There's a short period of time when we were talking about BGRs. I somehow had wet eyes (due to tiredness of not sleeping the whole night as it was about 6am at that time) when I mentioned about my story. I just told them 3-4 sentences only.

Anyway, we woke Matthew up at 6.15am to get ready to go home. Matthew sent Kuan Ming (Thomson), Jayson (Yio Chu Kang) and Zhihao (Ang Mo Kio) back, while I sent Daniel (Hougang) back. At 100km/hr on TPE, we managed to reach home at 7am. I took a bath and watched VCD (for a short 15min) before sleeping. What a great chalet, thanks to all organisers especially Waixiong. The food was really nice!
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 3 Mar 2004, 01:12:27am Mood: Tired
Term break starts yesterday. I picked up Jessica at Hougang Mall before going to Jacks Place for lunch together with yl. I treated Jessica for her birthday and she treated yl for his birthday.? Anyway, the steak and chicken combo set lunch was very nice. We had a dozen of escargot (edible snails). I learnt something new yet again, snails can be eaten! . And these 12 snails come with their shells still on them. We have to use a complicated utensil to hold the shell and then dig out the edible part from inside the shell. The overall bill is very very expensive. I felt I paid too much! Jessica bluff me ah! Use voucher to pay for yl's meal. And I have to pay for her and my meal as well as the escargots!

After that, we went to Compass Point for Starbucks - Rhumba. Jess knew that she had cheated me, so she paid for my Rhumba while I paid for yl's. Then Daphene and xinyin joined us, but a while after they came, me and yl left.

I took a short 30min nap back at home, woke up at 6.45pm. Had a quick dinner and bath before going to Hougang's K-Box. Me and Jayson went up first at 7+ and were joined by Matthew and Zhihao at 10+. Our package allows us to sing till they close at 2am but we left at 12+ because I need to be home earlier. I wanted to leave myself first while the rest continue but Matthew decided to go off together with me. But then he and Zhihao were only there for 2hrs. Felt guilty. Because I have to leave, I somehow deprieved of their singing time. paiseh!!! So I got a ride home from Matthew at 12.40am. Sorry and Thanks bro! Came home watched TV till fell asleep just before 2am.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 1 Mar 2004, 18:32:10pm Mood: Tired
Last night I watched a concert VCD before sleeping. It was a very nice VCD with great songs by some singers. Title Ai Qin Pu Gong Yin Yan Chang Hui. I woke up at around 12pm today. Then went to Hougang Avenue 8 for lunch with my mother and brother. Came back home to watch disc 2 of the concert VCD for about 30min before preparing to go Sentosa! I was the first to reach HarbourFront MRT where we (Matthew, Zhihao, Eve, Xiaohui) are supposed to meet at 1.30pm. Then came Matthew and Zhihao. The other 2 told us that they will be late, so we went in first without them. On our way in to Sentosa, Elgene called Zhihao, and upon knowing that we're making our way to Siloso Beach, he wanted to join us.

We played beach soccer at Siolso Beach, so difficult to control the ball! Then Eve and xh reached, then came Elgene with his Volleyball. We also played Volleyball while waiting for our turn for next team in soccer. Switching of these 2 sports really made me gasp for air! Struggling throughout the soccer games. Then in the early evening, it started to drizzle and rain heavily, so we left.

Went to hawker centre beside bus terminal for dinner before going back home while the rest proceeded to Elgene's place for Mahjong. I met Lenz and drove to Serangoon Circus to watch soccer but the channel they are tuning in to is not the match that we wanted to watch. So we made our way down to Ang Mo Kio Central to watch at the usual coffeeshop. It's beginning to become a regular weekly activity - watching soccer at that particular coffeeshop for us.

After the match, we went to Hougang Ave 8, Blk 644 for supper, had some tasty and delicious Char Kway! After that, came back home, wanted to work on Semestral Project but received a call from a friend and chatted for almost 1.5hr over the phone. It had been a long time since we last talked. After hanging up, I did a little of project, now I'm very tired. Really have to sleep, it had been a long day, in Sentosa, soccer, volleyball, running in the rain, etc... But an interesting one!
- Chen Lim


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