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Friday, 27 Feb 2004, 15:57:02pm Mood: Sleepy
After watching soccer till almost 6am early this morning, I slept 2+ hrs till 8+. Lesson at 9am but only managed to reach the school at 9.45am! Really too tired to drag myself up from my bed. After 15min in class, the tutorial ended at 10am. I drove out to Ang Mo Kio Central for lunch, together with Anthony, Jean, Daniel and Jayson. Again we had the extra large Ice-Mountain at the market's hawker centre. Then went back for 1hr lecture, fell asleep after 30min in the lecture theatre.

After lecture, we accompanied Zhihao and Matthew to North Canteen for their lunch while I had Kopi-O, as well as our routine games of dai dee. Then went for 1.5hr of Software Engineering's tutorial before going home. I managed to catch up some sleep from 6pm to almost 10pm! Then went downstairs kopitiam to have dinner with family. Did not touch on semestral project today due to sleepiness and tiredness! BTH!

In about 12hrs time, the results of 2003 Olevel will be released. Hope all my friends collecting their results in less than 12hr time do well. Now I shall log off to do some revision for tomorrow's Java Enterprise Development quiz before sleeping.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 26 Feb 2004, 17:27:22pm Mood: Frustrated
Lesson ended at 1pm today but had to wait till 2pm for a briefing to start. There's a talk regarding our year 3 Specialisation Selection. Based on the 4 options given to us, I think I will have a headache choosing 3 out of the 4 (after striking out 1 already). I do not want to think about it at this moment, shall leave my thoughts till next week when we have our term break.

Came after the briefing, did a bit of work on Semestral Project. Had dinner after that, before going to Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre with Lenz and yl. Picked up Lenz and yl on the way before going in. Then went to Hougang Mall to accompany them for their dinner while I had kopi.

After that, went to Jessica's block to collect my slippers from me. I was quite shocked she actually paseed me 2 pairs because she had been insisting that I get only 1 pair for the past few weeks. hehe Thanks Jess! Next week then treat you your Jacks Place.. Anyway, just before going home, I got frustrated by a van! Upon reaching home, worked on Semestral Project till 3am, at least got some coding on Servlets and Java Beans now, finally! Chatted and watched soccer on TV till now. Going to log off now to dig for some food and enjoy the match!
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 26 Feb 2004, 08:15:09am Mood: Moody
Yesterday fell asleep after watching TV at 1.30am again. Ps wanted to pray, so I suggested to go to Ang Mo Kio Street 61's temple. Lesson ended at 5pm, since I drove to school yesterday, I picked her up after while I was on my way out of school at the bus stop in front of Jubilee. After praying, she was supposed to return me a treat she owed me, originally planned to go Hup Seng Hng but decided to proceed to Thomson Road for Mee Goreng and pratas instead.

After finishing our meal at Prata House, we went to Thomson Plaza's Swenson. Ended up I treat her ice-cream, equivalent to the meal she treated me earlier on. I guessed now it's still considered her still oweing me a meal!! Listened to her story for most of the time. When she asked me how about me, I can only be even more moody, on top of my the news of my lecturer's sacking. To make things worse, the Accounting tutorial in school also made me see stars! I would rather do programming and coding than to do Accounting! Really not in the best of mood last night. Sent her home and I reached home at 9+ myself.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 25 Feb 2004, 10:58:01am Mood: Sleepy
Yesterday was a boring and sleepy day. Worked a bit on Semestral Project from evening to night. After watching Shi Zi Lu Kou, I laid on my bed and fell asleep till this morning, without switching off my computer.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 23 Feb 2004, 16:09:02pm Mood: Pleased
It was 11am when I woke up on this lonely (no one was at home) Sunday morning. I continued watching VCD anime Naruto, Box 1, Disc 1. I was struggling to read the English sub-titles which were half covered up at the bottom of the screen! Nearly continued to sleep after finish watching the disc at 12pm but my mother's call woke me up again. So I woke up, took a bath, had a bun as breakfast / lunch. Don't know what to eat either. Then went downstairs to buy 4D.

After that, came back home to surf the net for information on my semestral project. Finally I had an idea for an additional feature for the Analysis Report that is due this coming week. This feature is also realistic enough to be implemented. I've already found a way to work this out! Anyway, waited for my father to come home before going out for dinner.

I drove to Bukit Timah for curry fish head, with my parents. Just now was the first time I broke the 110km/hr mark (along PIE), 5days after passing my driving test. hehe My mother even fell asleep at the back of the car while we were on our way home! Finally my parents can enjoy the journey back home, without having to drive.

Anyway, it is Jessica's birthday today. Jess, if you're reading this, Happy 17th Birthday To You! May All Your Dreams Come True! Cheers! I'm off to my video tape now. Just now recoreded an old vampire movie from SCV. And by the way, I'm still feeling frustrated and disturbed by the news my lecturer told me last night!
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 22 Feb 2004, 17:12:46pm Mood: Disappointed
Woke up in the noon today, finished up with watching Matthew's VCD. Then went to Sim Lim Square after lunch with my brother. We bought empty CDRs. Received Jessica's phone call while we were at Sim Lim, she invited me to her house for her birthday celebration. But those already at her house are mainly her female friends while I don't know the few guys who were there. yl did not go either, so I did not go as well, feeling a little shy. Next week then treat her to Jack's Place as her birthday present.

After Sim Lim Square, I went home to sleep until 8pm. Had my dinner after waking up, before going to Ang Mo Kio Central with Lenz to watch soccer. Upon reaching the coffeeshop, the 2nd half of the match was about to start. But I received a phone call from my lecturer, telling me that he was told to leave the school by his boss. I lend him my listening ear and he told me really a lot of things going on which were covered up by the school! We talked on the phone for exactly 45min so I only watched 5min of the game. But I would rather listen to him talk more than watching the game because this school really covered up too many things behind the back of their students! HE DOES NOT DESERVED TO BE TOLD TO LEAVE! There are many other lecturers out there who should get the boot but somehow for some politcal problems going on, my lecturer got sack. Really feeling sad for him right now because he really has been a great tutor to many of us. And frustrated with the school. For those who will be collecting your Olevel results very soon, I would not recommend you to my school's School of Information Technology! To my lecturer, he will always be a great tutor, the best I have met so far. I believe that he will make it BIG someday, no need to stay in such a farkup environment! I'll always be behind him in whatever he does after leaving the school at the end of this semester. Getting too emotional, anyway, yl joined us at around 11pm, we watched until 1am before going home. I sent yl and Lenz home before driving slowly back home.

What a disappointing day today, after receiving the sad news. And really frustrated with the School of IT. This is no way how an educational institude work! Hoping my lecturer will cool down, he's really hot while he talked to me just now. Ai Zai!!!
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 21 Feb 2004, 15:13:06pm Mood: Sleepy
I drove to school alone this morning. Then to Yio Chu Kang's gym after our lesson ended at 11am, together with Daniel, Matthew and Jayson. Worked out for 1+ hr. Then we went back to school's North Canteen for lunch. After that, I drove back home, dropping Daniel off just before I turned back to the multi-storey carpark. We stay so near to each other!

Anyway, I took a quick bath and went to my 7th aunt's house for Mahjong session with auntie, uncle and mother. Reached there at around 3.10pm and started our Mahjong immediately, cause the 3 of them were waiting for me. We played 2 rounds till around 8pm, inclusive of a 30min break in between. Getting so fast towards the final round of North wind. haha sheer excitment. After we finished with Mahjong, my mother and I waited for my father at my auntie's house.

At about 9pm, my father reached the bus-stop below my auntie's block. So my mother and I went down and I took over the driver's seat! Yeah.. Off we go to Toa Payoh for our dinner. Chit chatted with my father over my driving test 3days ago. I told him to feel proud of his son. And I drove back home after our dinner, really enjoying those drivings. My father somehow even encouraged me to drive around Singapore to know the roads and directions better. My reply to him was that he has got to allow me to use the car of course!

Anyway, did nothing much after coming home, feeling sleepy now. I'd just closed my eyes for the past 5mins to listen to song. I was already feeling a little sleepy this afternoon, but did not sleep. I guess I'm going to sleep real soon, such an early time for me to fall asleep! Maybe it's because of the gym session earlier this afternoon plus my merely 2+ hrs of sleep last night. Yawnzzz... going to finish watching the last part of Matthew's VCD before deciding to sleep or not.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 20 Feb 2004, 16:06:37pm Mood: Glad
Lessons from 9-5pm today. Yes, first time I drove to school! hehe and also drove back as well, in the evening. Anyway, had a great lunch at Ang Mo Kio Central's market / hawker centre. Had ba chor mee after which, the 5 of us, Anthony, Matthew, Jayson, Daniel and me shared a real giantic ice-kachang, or rather Ice-Mountain! Big and nice!

Came back home in the evening, did nothing much except surfing around, played MSN games - 3 games of minesweeper with Jayson at night. Also chatted a little online. Then started to help friends debug strange / weird problems with their work. Actually wanted to start a little work on Semestral project, but I guessed I would leave that for tomorrow. Also explained some java for Marcus, you're a great learner, bro! Time passes quickly, it's already past 3am now. It's time to watch the 2nd part of VCD from where I left off last night, before going to sleep.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 19 Feb 2004, 16:13:07pm Mood: Satisfied
Reached school at 8.30am for 8am lesson today. I did not drive to school even though my mother offered me the key. Anyway, I did drive back home after lesson ended at 1pm. She drove to school for me to switch over. Guessed I am getting used to the auto-gear car quite easily. It's even easier than driving a manual-gear one.

Back at home, continued watching Zhong Yi Da Ge Da before taking a 3hr afternoon nap. It had been really a long time since I last took an afternoon nap. After waking up, worked on Parents Resource website all the way till the night, till dinner, till a while after dinner. Lots of contents to be inserted into multiple pages!

Anyway, quite a relaxed day today, going to log off to watch VCD now. Japanese horror movie, borrowed from Matthew during Chinese New Year till now, almost forgetting about it totally!
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 18 Feb 2004, 16:22:25pm Mood: Delighted
What A Day To Remember - 17/02/2004 Yes, I passed my Traffic Police Class 3 Practical Driving Test today! Warm up session for the test at 12.50pm while the test starts at 1.50pm. I guessed I was too excited and worried that I did not manage to finish my lunch and Teh-O before going to Singapore Safety Driving Center (SSDC) for my warm-up and test. The warm-up was quite successful, completing every section in the circuit as well as on the main road without any problem.

After the warm-up, we (7 testees) were told to wait and then brought to a briefing room. Then the testers came into the room and we started drawing lots for our respective test routes. After a person's name was drawn, he/she will have to draw for another person. Out of a total of 7, my name was last in the box, therefore I had no chance to draw at all! Anyway, I was given test route 8. The test started at 1.50pm, I requested to go to the gents before starting the test, have my tester waiting for me in the car and starting the engine for me!

First item I was told to do in the circuit was the Direction Change. I almost fumbled, turning too early, rear wheel nearly hitting the kerb, hence I did an addtional reverse movement. Then I managed to turn in nicely. Next up was vertical parking, cleared! Then it's time for the narrow courses, 'S'-Course and 'Crank' Course. No problem with them except my left foot (controlling the half-clutch slow speed control) started to tremble a little. I've heard this from friends who already passed their tests that they did tremble also, so it was still okay. After this, it was the Slope, cleared easily! By then, I'm really struggling to keep my left leg from trembling! And the final item was Parallel Parking. The tester asked me to turn into the wrong lane, luckily we found out that it was wrong and managed to turn into the right section for the parallel parking. It was only after finishing this item that my left leg recovered a bit! Then, just before going out of the circuit, I did an Emergency Breaking without fail.

Then it was out on the main road for the actual test route 8. Left turn, right turn, U-turn, lane changing, blindspots, signals were all done nicely. Just before turning back to the circuit, on this wide road, there're vehicles stopping by the side of the kerb, I have to move a little to my right before able to steer clear of them. I failed to signal when steering clear of them, the tester said this to me: 'Hey, why didnt you signal? Earlier out on the main road, you did so well but now you refuse to signal? I fail you then you know.' Haha upon hearing this, I knew I had passed the test, if not he won't say 'fail you then you know'. Alright after this, back to the circuit, stopped the car, off engine, took my file from the back seat and followed him up to the debriefing room.

He go through some of the mistakes I made during the test and tallied up my points. I got a total of 10 points deducted our of a maximum of 18 points, which means PASSSED! Then, all those who passed (4 out of 7 in my group) went to a room to watch the compulsory short video clip. After that, just nice my mother reached SSDC to pass me my photograph (FOR MAKING MY DRIVING LICENSE OF COURSE!). Then I went to the traffic police department counter to make payment of $50 for the driving license (to be delivered via registered post soon). For now, I was issued a temporary license. After that, went back to Level 1 to collect back my SSDC's Student Booklet and $20.00 which was left in my student's account balance. I shall calculate how much I spent on everything from basic theory to driving license tomorrow.

The staffs at the service counters were so slow! Wasted lots of time there while waiting, if not I could have gone for my lecture back in school. Reached back school for last 10min of lecture. After lesson, went to temple to pray, together with my mother. Then I drove home! Yeah! The first time I drive on the road with a valid license!

At about 10.30pm in the night, I had a hard time persuading my parents to allow me to drive alone (they refused to let me drive alone cause I've only just passed). Anyway, I managed to drive to Hougang Street 91 to pick up Lenz, then we went to Hougang Avenue 8, Blk 644 for supper. He is the FIRST to sit beside me while I drive! First person is my mother, who went home with me after praying in the afternoon. But Lenz is the first friend to try out! I think he's a bit scared but in the end, he can't be not convinced by me! hehe

What a day to remember on the calendar for me! Anyway, thanks to all the instructors in SSDC who had taught me before - 2 Malay guys who always talk cock and joked but yet taught well. The instructor who took me for my 1st lesson for kicking off everything well for me. The instructor who like to speak in an 'unfriendly' manner, although sometimes I a little frustrated with him, but it's his harsh words which woke up my ideas. Also the instructor who had finished my final subject and had 3 out of 4 revisions with me. This entry is getting a little too long so I shall stop here! Today is Tuesday, so it's time for video tape - 'Zhong Yi Da Ge Da'! Great Day!
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 17 Feb 2004, 13:34:11pm Mood: Worried
Yesterday was Sunday, woke up in the noon, ate some Ba Zhangs for lunch. Meanwhile, I cooked a couple of dishes for dinner to go with Cai Xin and porridge. My mother told me that the fried egg is a little too plain, shall make improvements the next time I cook again.

Had a quick dinner, then went downstairs to meet xh and Eve, they went to their classmate's house which is near my house, so we met up in Macdonalds. Ended up helping Eve to solve her tuition student's Primary 6 maths problem. Those primary 6 maths questions were really very tough! And somehow I just can't think well in Macdonalds, so did not manage to solve any question for her. Then bump into Daniel, I asked him in for help as well, at least he managed to solve some questions! Thanks Daniel!

After xh and Eve went home, I took the questions with me back as well. So I started lying on my bed and thinking of ways to work out those questions. In the end, I finally managed to solve most of the questions due to my stubborness and determination. Felt a sense of achivement and satisfaction after that. But the problem is that I have a Accounting Test today which contributes 30% of the overall grade for this elective module. Worse is that I have no idea what is going on for this module! Anyway, I told myself to start studying at 1am when I shut down my computer but I switched on the TV and watched till 2am before falling asleep!

Today morning woke up at 8.30am and started to rush and browse through the notes, with half understand knowledge, went for the test. With Matthew's help, maybe I suppose I can pass the test. Anyway, after the test, we had our lunch and after lunch, I went straight to Singapore Safety Driving Center (SSDC) for my final revision before my actual traffic police practical test tomorrow! In fact, I'm feeling a little excited and worried about the test tomorrow! But anyway, really hope that I can clear it on my first attempt! Went back for lesson after the driving revision and to temple to pray after school.

All the best to jw, who's going to Tekong to enlist for National Service tomorrow, and to me for my traffic police driving test. In fact, I have another test for another module tomorrow, but I'm totally in no mood to revise for that. Anyway, it's only a minor 5% quiz. Maybe later shall read up a bit as bedtime story. For now, TV first.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 16 Feb 2004, 13:58:14pm Mood: Tired
Yesterday was Valentines Day, it was a normal Saturday for me. Had lunch with brother and mother at Ang Mo Kio Street 61 market. After that, came back home to pull cables for my swtich and computers, to organise them neatly. Went down to downstairs kopitiam to meet jw in the early evening. Then came back home, waited for my father to come home. Had dinner with parents at same kopitiam downstairs at night. Drank a bottle of beer over dinner. After dinner, my parents went back first, while I sat there to wati for Lenz to come. When he came, I ordered another bottle, he refuse to drink with me. So I drank alone. Emotions came when telling him latest stories and all, nearly vomit after the FULL dinner and the quick gulping of beer. Luckily never vomit, only keep going to the toilet for urine! I guessed I really drank too fast. Anyway, I've promised myself and told friends that I won't be drunk over relationship matters cause it won't help. After waking up from everything, you've got to face it again. Right Khing Tat? If you had the chance to read this.. hehe But whatever... After the drinking, Lenz came up my house to watch WWE - Royal Rumble. I even watch till fell asleep! That's all for Valentine Day 2004.
- Chen Lim


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