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Saturday, 14 Feb 2004, 16:21:45pm Mood: Sleepy
Woke up at 7.50am, washed up and had a cup of coffee before going to school for 2hrs of lab session. Simply did nothing except chatted and surfed the net and did 2 question on Operating Systems tutorial cause I was too bored in the lab. That's the reason why the lesson starts at 8am but I woke up at 7.50am and reached at 8.40am. We had our lunch after that, no dai dee today because the cards are with Matthew, who was attending a make-up lecture.

Talked cock yet again with Chinese Food stall's auntie asking her if her business is better during this Nanyang Polytechnic's Open House. She told me that it's better than normal but she sounded jealous when she told me that Macdonalds easily had more than $7000 profit on the first day of Open House! Had Teh-O over lunch. After the operating systems tutorial ended, we accompanied Matthew to have his lunch while I had another glass of Kopi-O.

After that, Matthew and I walked over to Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC) together. I went for my practical test revision while he went there to book his bike lessons. After my driving lesson, went home straightaway. On my way home, jw called me to talk cock for over an hour!? Till I reached home still talking. After a long bath, went online to clear emails, and to do some changes to my website.

At the same time, I managed to find some interesting articles so I downloaded some of the PDF files over the net for reading when I'm free next time. Meanwhile, I read a few other articles / tutorials online. Had dinner while reading, nearly fell asleep, don't know why I felt a sudden sleepiness at 8+. Chit chatted on MSN, surfed a lot of net.

Especially on topics such as programming for best site optimization / performance, privacy and security. An interesting link to take note will be I've also downloaded a few freeware / sharewares to clear the junk Micro$oft left (purposely) on our computers (for what? Only they know themselves!). Just because I used Internet Explorer for my surfing experience? Anyway, I've switch to Mozilla's browser recently. I've been using both Internet Explorer and Mozilla at the same time, keeping usage of Internet Explorer to a minimum!

Now, I shall go to watch drama recorded on SCV earlier on. Oh, and the disc I burned last night can't be played on my Creative discman! I'm suspecting that the problem lies with the LOUSY CDRW disc which can write at a maximum of 4x only! I want to listen to that song before I sleep tonight... Anyway, I'm not switching off my computer later because my brother's game needed me to stay online in order for our home network connection to be up. Maybe I should leave my Winamp on with that song repeating throughout the night as well? hehe Friday the 13th had passed, it's already almost 3.5hrs into 2004's Valentine's Day! I believe it will just be a normal day to me.

Site updates: Archives now looked neater with a bold header showing the month and year, sorted monthly, of course, automatically by the server-side coding, PHP. I've also made minor changes to the 'About Me' and 'About Site' links.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 13 Feb 2004, 15:44:42pm Mood: Pleased
Went for driving revision at 8.35am. After driving lesson ended, I bumped into Kenneth Tan! As I was walking out of the driving school, he was walking in. I stared at this golden hair guy for quite some time before I can confirm that it's him! I guess he also took a little while to call out my name. Haha this is my unit's timer during our NCC days back in Secondary School! I went to the lab to meet Anthony, matthew and jayson then we had our lunch and dai dee at North Canteen. Then went for java lecture and Software Engineering tutorial.

Together with Aaron and matthew, we accompanied Daniel to Macdonalds for his meal after the tutorial. Matthew and I played a few rounds of Dai Dee before I treat them to ice-cream cones.

Then ningzi, peishi, wenlin, sally came to Nanyang Polytechnic with a few others from their batch for the Open House. For those considering going to Polytechnic or Junior College - I would recommend you to go with where your interest lies! Finally got the chance for ningzi to introduce her sister to me.. cause she was with her sister when I met them. Anyway, I accompanied them to stroll around the school for awhile before going for my lesson at 5.20pm. (suppose to start at 5pm)

Just spent quite a lot of time on burning less than 10 songs into my CD for playback before bedtime later. Strange CDRW disc gave me so much troubles! Before going to dreamland, I'll be thinking hard yet again and listening to these few songs in my newly burned CDRW disc.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 12 Feb 2004, 15:27:05pm Mood: Confused
In school, again I wrote lyrics during lecture. Again played dai dee after finishing our lunch, but today we went to Food Junction for our meal (we're rare customers at Food Junction). Got stopped by 2 female lecturers for playing cards, she saw coins on our table and thought we're gambling, also said that playing cards is considered gambling. Even asked us 'You mean no one catch you all till now?'. I replied her 'So far dont have leh..' The fact is that we have been playing for so long (not only today but almost everyday) and this is really the first time we got caught.

Anyway, lessons are supposed to end at 1pm today but I left for Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC) hurriedly at 12.35pm, almost forgetting that I had booked a revision session at 12.45pm! I walked at my fullest pace to SSDC, managed to reached there just minutes past 12.45pm. After a successful revision lesson, I went to Tanjong Pagar MRT to meet yl and jw for KTV. Finally after much conversations with xy, she finally made her apperance at about 5pm, together with nz. So yl extended the room for another hour until 7pm.

I do not know why but I was feeling very tired out of a sudden while singing. I already had this feeling in the afternoon while driving. Weird, I do not think it's due to lack of sleep, although I slept very little every night. I made my way home, feeling very hungry. But after taking a quick bath, my growling stomach can only take half of what I have for dinner normally. Weird again...

Chinese tea after dinner, chatted online, check emails, and chatted. I am logged in to the SSDC website to check for tommorrow's available practical lessons for booking. Kept refreshing that page in the past 2+hrs but failed to get a available afternoon slot. Did some updates according to requests after yesterday's meeting with Parents Resource.

Going to continue watching yesterday's Zhong Yi Da Ge Da' now. I've learnt yet another lesson today. I suppose I better understand this chinese phrase of Huo Dao Lao, Xue Dao Lao! Meaning, learn as you grow older, do not stop learning. What a lesson learnt! I think this experience made me feel useless, but the positive thing is that I've really learnt it! A confusing day... lots of deep thinking but still failed to come up with a conclusion...
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 11 Feb 2004, 14:05:47pm Mood: Bored
Went to school on time yet again today, late for 5min only! Only had an hour of break from 12-1pm, had a hard time finding a seat in North Canteen. After lunch was 2hrs of long Accounting tutorial. After that, had another 2 long hrs of lecture on Operating Systems. Our lecturer Jason Chung was on leave, so John Lim gave the lecture instead. What a long chapter on Scheduling.

We did not really pay attention in that lecture. Then I saw Matthew writing lyrics on the back of his notes and that inspired me to write as well! So we were busy writing for the last hr of the lecture. I wrote 2 full songs - << Ni Zhen Me She De Wo Nan Guo >> and << Xiao Wei >>, both by Huang Pin Yuan. I realised that by writing these chinese characters, the feeling is like writing chinese compo during the Secondary School days. Can improve chinese at the same time because we would check the unfamiliar chinese characters on the handphone's chinese message system.

Met up with Irene from Parents Resource after lesson at Food Junction to discuss about her website. After that, came home, had dinner, bathed, online, chat, TV, java... now going to finish watching Guess*3 continue with Zhong Yi Da Ge Da, which was recorded earlier tonight. Worrying and boring day.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 10 Feb 2004, 15:48:52pm Mood: Worried
It had been quite a while since the last time I was just in time to scan my Student Admin Card outside the lecture theatre! Today's lecture started at 10.10am and I managed to reach at 10.15am (we're given 10min grace period to scan our cards)! Anyway, we had our lunch at 11+, and played dai dee from 12-2pm to past time. Over the 2hrs, I drank Teh-O and Kopi-O, nothing to do except play cards and have some drinks. Also bumped into Jeryln and Germaine in the canteen, asked them over to talk cock, while Germaine played a couple of games of Dai Dee.

Just before the 2pm lecture started, I received news that made me worried till now. After the boring lecture in which I did not concentrate at all, not even sleeping, I have no idea what I did for that 45min as well. After that, went to the lab to print Java tutorial sheet, and checked email. Got this email from my Course Coordinator informing me that I am to have a 'Meet The Director Session' come next Wednesday. It's for the top 5% of the students from the whole cohort. I'm glad to know that I am maintaining the results that I had achieved in year 1. So next Wednesday, I shall attend that session with Marcus, who did very well in his cohort as well! Cheers bro!

Anyway, Jayson and I attended the java tutorial class an hour earlier, joining another class so that we do not have to wait for 1 more hour before our class's lesson starts. Went to Hougang Street 61's coffeeshop to take away 2 packets of Teh-Si, 1 for my mother, and 1 for myself on the way back home. Read chinese newspaper my mother bought till 5pm, then continue watching VCD Infernal Affairs 3. After finished watching the confusing movie, I took a quick bath and went out to Street 61's bank to meet Lenz. He deposited his cheque while I did some cash deposit.

He came up to my house to do nothing, play game, take my javascript. As if his own house can't play those weird but interesting flash games! I had my dinner after he went home. After dinner, logged online, chatted and chatted with a lot of people all the way till 1am!

I'm running out of VCDs to watch now. But it's still quite early, going to eat some new year ies and read some notes and start worrying again.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 9 Feb 2004, 15:07:15pm Mood: Glad
Woke up in the noon today, after sleeping at 4+ last night. I continued watching the Zhong Yi Da Ge Da CNY Special Edition. The show lasted 3hrs or more in total! After I've finished watching, the clock reads 4pm. I took a bath and went downstairs 4D outlet to collect money. Did not have my lunch, so ate a few biscuits at about 5pm while reading Straits Times Online. After that, touched a bit on java practical.

At night, went to Murray Terrace (near Tanjong Pagar Road or Maxwell Food Centre) for dinner. Together with my mother, we shared the costs to treat our family - father, mother, brother and myself. A delicious one!

Came back home at around 10pm, actually was supposed to meet Lenz but he fell asleep before I even reached home! So I came home, log online, chatted, checked soccer results, did another little bit of java practical for a while. I'm going to watch VCD, Infernal Affairs 3 now.
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 8 Feb 2004, 17:10:46pm Mood: Happy
Logged online after waking up this afternoon. My brother bought my lunch back for me but I only ate it at 3pm. After finishing my lunch, I went to Bishan, together with jw to meet up with yl, jessica, xinyin and daphne to catch movie - Along Came Polly. A very, very, very funny show to watch! Romantic comedy, and it really is comedic enough, it's real hilarious!

After movies, we went to nearby S-11 for coffee. After having a problem deciding on where to have our dinner, we finally went to Ang Mo Kio avenue 4, blk 453 market to have claypot, as suggested by me. Daphne did not join us for dinner. Anyway, by the time we found a seat (it was after a long wait), many of the claypots were sold out. Hence we decided not to dine there.

So we walked over to 409, where jw's cousins had zi char stalls there. I ordered 5 dishes from the zi char stall and everyone complained that it was too much. On top of that, jw's other cousin who was helping out at the other BBQ stall treated us to his Stingray. We struggled to finish a couple of dishes completely while there's a little left for the rest of the dishes. Everyone ate to their fullest, I guessed.. But maybe some did not? haha you know who you are! The ones who did not have any rice, eat a bit complain of full, still can go on but scare paiseh...!

After dinner, we (myself, jessica and jw) walked home from 409! Yes, yet another long walk back to Hougang from Ang Mo Kio! We took a break along the way back at Serangoon North's void deck on our long journey back. Then I had a toilet break at Hougang Point. Jessica reached her house first, then me and jw continued walking. At the junction before my house, jw took a bus back while I walked back home. Total time taken for the walk and breaks: 1hr 30min! I had lost count of how many times I had walked back home from all areas of Ang Mo Kio but this time was quite an achievement, considering my physical stamina now!

Had a bath upon reaching home, then online again. Updated and made changes to my this website while chatting till now. Going to watch recorded video tape (CNY version of Zhong Yi Da Ge Da) now before sleeping.

Website Updates: Changed the view for the show/hide boxes. Only 1 box can be expanded for viewing now, keeping the total height of the site limited and neater. Also, the blog contents will be expanded to suit the height of the expanded box. In the past, the height of the blog contents are not automatically extended whenever the show/hide boxes get expanded. I had a very difficult time figuring out how to do this!! Spent hours on it! Also changed site's top banner this morning, looking much fresher. Lastly, added current date (according to user's system time) on the top of the main page. Cheers!
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 8 Feb 2004, 01:10:20am Mood: Tired
Yesterday's lesson ended at 1pm. We (Zhihao, Matthew and myself) accompany Jayson to see his chinese 'sinseh'. While he's being treated by sinseh, we went over to a nearby 4D outlet to buy 4D and then to kopitiam for a coffee.

After he's out, we walked to Yio Chu Kang MRT station, took train to Somerset to Cuppage Plaza's Sunlight KTV. Upon reaching there, we asked if our booking of 3-6pm can be extended to 9pm, but our room had already been booked by other people, so we can't extend. So I called up Partyworld, another of their branch nearby to book for a 6-9pm time slot. Actually, already condemned Partyworld, but 3hrs is not enough for us, so we went to Partyworld from 6-9pm.

Jayson left at 8+, while the 3 of us left Partyworld at 9pm, saw a familiar face from NYP at the entrance. We were a little shocked to see the crowd on Friday night, 9pm at Orchard Road. Many were rushing in to the KTV, while there're really lots of people out in the streets! After boarding the train at Orchard MRT, I saw another familiar face, who was from my Secondary School last time. Good that we still smiled to each other, although she's 2yrs my junior. The MRT was packed with people!

We alight at Ang Mo Kio MRT and had our dinner at central's S-11. Of course I had my most favourite food of that S-11: Lamp Chop! Very, very nice! Took 159 back home after dinner, reached home at 11+. Had a bath, went online, then watched TV while leaving my computer on. I actually fell asleep while watching an old show by Hao Shao Wen. Maybe it's because that I'm too tired after the long day or I had already watched the show for many times. Anyway, I just woke up about an hour ago. What a nice day yesterday, 6hrs of KTV and had my lamp chop! hehe
- Chen Lim

Friday, 6 Feb 2004, 15:46:46pm Mood: Disappointed
Today had a long day in school, lesso from 9am-6pm! Came back home at 6+, turned on TV, watched the news which has 'live' telecast from Singapore Pools main branch at Paradiz Centre. They are conducting the draw for the ToTo Hongbao Draw - jackpot prize money of $10Million! After getting all 6 numbers and the additional numbers, my mother and I sat down to check the results against our bet slips.

I sat there for about half an hour to check the results, at the same time, hoping that one of the many rows of quickpicks will strike at least 4 digits out of 6. But after 30min of checking, I realised that NONE of the 170rows of ordinary quickpicks or 7rows of System 7 or a row of System 8 had 4numbers and above! The closest are many rows having 3 digits same as the draw results! (But we need at least 4 digits to strike.) Shared among relatives and family members, all our money are gone into the drain now. What disappointment! My brother and I still thought that out of the 120rows shared between the two of us and mother will at least strike a few, but now we learnt that Anything Is Possible!

After checking the ToTo results, I went to my room to watch TV and had a very short nap. Woke up at 8+, took a bath and dinner. After dinner, went online to clear emails and chat and read Straits Times online. Then worked on a website (will be meeting the client tomorrow if nothing goes wrong). After that, did my java practical, finally have some spare time for this! Till now, I think I'm off to bed now! What a disappointing results for ToTo... *shaking head in disbelief*
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 5 Feb 2004, 16:32:46pm Mood: Satisfied
Had 8am lesson today, late again. Lessons are way too early!!! Anyway, today last lesson ended at 1pm. We (me, matthew, zhihao and jayson) shared a cab to Blk 408, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 to buy ToTo at nearly 2pm. Surprisingly, the queue was not too long, considering the fact that this is also another lucky outlet which produced quite a number of jackpot winners for ToTo. When we walked out of the outlet after buying our ToTo, 4D, Strike!, the queue became much longer as compared to when we first reach! Luckily, we were there at the correct timing.

After that, we walked towards Zhihao and Matthew's house and I took 88 back home. Reached home at 3+, watched Infernal Affairs 2 VCD, disc 2. Again, fell asleep while watching. I do not know why I kept falling asleep while watching this part 2 of Infernal Affairs - maybe it's simply because I always watched it when I'm tired. I slept till 7+, woke up, had a quick bath and dinner. Checked my 4D results after my dinner, again missed by 1 digit in the Starters. I bought 3941 but it opened 3541. I got this number from Jean's Luo Han Fish. The other day we went to her house, I was observing numbers on the fish. Maybe the fish did not show the numbers clear enough on its body, maybe I can't see clearly because it's too blurrish! Hope by the next time I visit it again, it can give me an accurate number!

Anyway, after dinner, I logged online to chat and at around 11pm, started work on a Valentines' Day Dedication Messaging System. Got this project from Foley, hope that my this little prototype that I had rushed over the past few hours can help us clinch the deal. Actually I'm not tired after the nap this afternoon, but after working on this thing for the past few hours, I think I deserve and need a rest now. I shall finish watching disc 2 of Infernal Affairs 2 before going to sleep!
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 4 Feb 2004, 14:36:18pm Mood: Satisfied
Lesson starts at 10.10am today, I reached the lab at 10.15am - first time I'm so early for lesson this semester! Final lesson of the day is on Operating Systems. I went off before the lecture ends as my brother had already reached NYP to pick me up. We are supposed to buy ToTo together with mother.

My brother then drove home to change his clothes and fetch my mother as well. Then we went to Hougang Ave 8's Blk 684 kopitiam to have coffee while my brother had his lunch. After that, we drove to Yishun Ave 5's 7-Eleven's Singapore Pools outlet. This coming Thursday's ToTo is a special Hongbao Bonus draw with a whooping $10 million top prize for Group 1 winner! So we shared among ourselves, including my grandmother and uncle and auntie to buy quite a lot. Huat Ah! We queued for 1 hour and 15 minutes at the outlet!! Reason: This outlet gave its customers 13 times of jackpot prize since July 1997, a record number of times an outlet had produced winners of the jackpot prize!

After about 1hr of queuing, my brother realised that he can't get back to his camp for a function on time if he were to continue queuing. So he went off first, leaving me with my mother. After our job done, we went to a nearby coffeeshop for dinner. After dinner, we took a bus to Yishun Bus Interchange (brother had already drove off earlier), then changed to bus number 854 back to Yio Chu Kang road, then changed again to bus number 72 back home. Reached home slightly after 8pm, just in time to record Zhong Yi Da Ge Da on SCV. I'm going off to watch the recorded tape now. What a long and interesting queue today! Huat!
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 3 Feb 2004, 13:20:23pm Mood: Tired
Yesterday (Sunday) was Hari Raya Haji, so today is a public holiday. I woke up in the noon by Anthony's morning call, then had my lunch and went to Jean's house to bai nian with Matthew, Zhihao, Jayson and of course boss Anthony. Was surprised to see Anthony bring along his sister as well.. Boss, when are you going to introduce your sister to us? hahaha

We started our Mahjong session soon after reaching her house. After mahjong, sang a bit of KTV, and had our dinner. I wanted to wash the dishes after finishing our meals but Jean's mother refused to let me do the job! Using 'I wont do a job in washing' as an excuse, she stopped me from washing. Hey, I even cooked at home, washing merely the few dishes is nothing man! After dinner, I had a close look on the Luo Han fish for kang tao number on its body. Huat Ah!

Anthony and his sister went home after dinner, while the rest of us stayed on. They (Jean, Matthew, Zhihao and Jayson) played blackjack while I refused to play with them! I ate lots of new year ies while they were playing blackjack. Ate nuts till I'm extremly full, after eating, I actually felt like sleeping! haha In the end, we went off at 9.30pm.

Reached home at 10pm, took a shower, logged online to check emails and read Straits Times Interactive and chatted for a while. Watching TV now. After this TV programme, I shall watch some VCDs before going to bed.

Thanks Jean for the place to Mahjong and KTV and of course the dinner!
- Chen Lim

Monday, 2 Feb 2004, 16:57:20pm Mood: Delighted
This Is A Private And Confidential Entry... It Has Been Disabled For Viewing.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 2 Feb 2004, 16:49:16pm Mood: Glad
Woke up in the noon today, went to Yio Chu Kang 600+ market for lunch with my family. Then came back home after that to watch Infernal Affiars (part 2) VCD. Somehow I was feeling a little sleepy while watching, maybe it's because I slept at 6am this morning. So I think I was half awake while watching. After I finished watching Disc 1, I laid on my bed, resting my eyes and body.

Then my hp ring, Jessica called to ask me if I wanted to collect my slippers from her today. And after talking for a while, I found out that she was at Compass Point, so I asked her to wait there for me as I made me way down for coffee session with her. I also asked her to call jw down. After I reached, we went to Popular to find yl and Xinyin who are both working there. After which, we wanted to go to Starbucks but there's no seat available, so we went up to the foodcourt instead.

After Jessica finished her lunch there and we finished our drinks, we decided to go back to Starbucks to check if there's seats available. Went inside Starbucks to chit chat till 5+, when yl and xinyin had their dinner break. All 5 of us went in to Yabbe together, only yl and xinyin had their dinner.

Actually wanted to meet up with them again after their work for supper but ended up cancelling everything. They went back to work, jw walked back home while me and Jessica walked home as well. Yes, we walked to Hougang Point area (where she stayed) from Compass Point! This is the first time I walked there from Compass Point - normally I would turn in at the Hougang Green junction. I walked with her all the way till she entered the lift. Then I went up to Lenz's house which is just 2 blocks away, to collect my CDs back from him. After that, turned and walked back home again. Total time taken from Compass Point to Jessica's house to Lenz's house and back to my own house: 1 hour!

Upon reaching home, then I found out that we are not going out for dinner tonight. So I waited hungrily at home for tat, bin and hong to reach our usual kopitiam before going down to have my dinner there. Finally had my dinner at nearly 11pm! Listened to tat and hong's police force stories and talked cock till 12+ before coming back home.

Did a bit of Java Project's User Interface prototype earlier on. I'm going to watch Infernal Affairs 2 again now, before turning in for the night. By the way, I think Xinyin is not fierce afterall. haha previously kept saying her fierce and they were all saying that I'm wrong. Looks can be deceiving... Just like my own looks. hehe
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 1 Feb 2004, 17:15:13pm Mood: Satisfied
Woke up in the noon today, then went to Ang Mo Kio 453 S-11 to have Kuay Zhap for lunch with mother and brother. After that, reached back home at 3+ in the noon. Went out again at 6+ to have dinner with yl.

The poor 2 of us failed to get anyone else to join us at Bedok North, 85 Fengshan Hawker Centre for dinner. We had Ba Chor Mee, Singapore number 1 stall there, satays and Char Kuay! I had Teh-Si and Kopi-O. We sat there for almost 2hrs... seeing people around us come and go, while we were still eating and talking. We had a very full dinner, with a bit of Char Kway still left unfinished...

Then came back home at 10+. We reached Serangoon Central at 10.45pm, I wanted to change to bus number 147. But waited for more than 20mins! Then two 147s came... both are quite packed! The reason must be caused by Chingay 2004, which was held earlier tonight.

Back at home, chatted a little but did not do my project (which was what I had planned earlier). A bit more free now but the time is a bit late already. Going to watch VCD before sleeping.
- Chen Lim


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