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Sunday, 30 Jan 2005, 17:52:29pm Mood: Frustrated
Ten long days did not come to my own website. Well, I started to work a bit on my endless assignmentss since 1.5 week ago. Started slow, but realised that I had not much time left. Everything is piled up right now. So when I'm in the mood to touch school work, I will do it at full speed. Anyway, just cleared Mobile Application J2ME assignment. Internet Security also done. Semestral project is definitely struggling. Shall rush communication skills (the most time wasting module in poly) soon. Next up will be XML. Luckily advanced database assignment can be done in the lab this coming week. Oh since talking about school, next coming week also has got XML quiz to go. Haha tons of stuffs.. But still can take it! Only got a flu 2 days ago, but I'm feeling fit again right now.

Just reached home about an hour ago from Chinatown and Lavander Food Square. Had dinner at Bedok North Blk 85 just now, with gf. Met a Siao Za Bor at the hawker. Read on for story:

When we reached there, I saw an unoccupied table. So we went over and sat down. Then came this crazy auntie in her 30s, she walked to the table and said rudely, "Hey, this table is taken!" Immediately, I asked her back "Why is it taken?" Then she said tried to explain a whole lot of rubbish that what her kids are there. But obviously when we went over to the table, not a single soul is there. I am not a hooligan who will go and sit on a table when there is people sitting there. So I continued sitting down, ignoring her remarks. She was in an infinite loop, keep on repeating 2 sentences "Call yourself a gentleman." and "Shame on you.". Repeating at least 5 times. I kept quiet and started thinking what should I have for dinner, totally ignoring her. However, after she found a table at the other side, she purposely came near me and said loudly "We found a much BIGGER table at the other side." Nuts, who care about how big a table she had found. She bring the table home also none of my business. But why am I so is that after she sat down, she still go on and on and on. It's not that I want to fight over a table with her. It's just a matter of simple principle, and logic, and common sense. You go to a hawker centre, see an unoccupied table, sit down, order and eat. On normal circumstances, if I'm with my friends or family, I would almost confirm be asking her if she got her whole family's name written on the chairs and table.. sure 'tu' her back till she no way out. A frustrating dinner.

Anyway, enough of the siao kia. After that, I got no mood to eat much. Food also did not taste as as usual. I wonder if it's just my mood that's affecting me or the food is really a little off standard today. After dinner, actually wanted to go Chinatown, but she's feeling tired, so went back home instead. It was too early for me to be back home on a Saturday night, so I asked Weide out to Chinatown, followed by supper at Lavander Food Square. We reached Chinatown at almost before 1am, still got some stalls not closed yet. So strolled a bit before going off. Reached Lavander Food Square (S21) at about 2.15am. Watched the 2nd half match between Manchester Utd and Middlesborough. I only drank a glass of kopi-si and did not eat anything. That's uncommon for me. heh heh
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 19 Jan 2005, 16:07:58pm Mood: Injured
Just came back from supper with Weide at S11 beside Jalan Besar Stadium and a stroll at Mustafa Centre. Had 'Ah Long' pancake at S11. After that, went to Selegie Road, wanting to have beancurd but when we reached there, they had already knocked off. As it was still early, I decided to go to Kampong Java Road (near KK Hospital) to explore Kampong Java Park. This park was featured on SPI's site before, but I forgot for what. I was able to reach Kampong Java Road and we got off the car at a small road inside some semi detached houses. The roads we walked past are very dark and some eerie, with cool winds at night. And some unoccupied units, but almost all units has got windchimes hung right in front of their doors. I somehow remembered windchimes can ward of spirits or something... getting superstitious. I felt a little giddy as we walked back to the car. Since there's no park nearby, Weide helped me to browse the street directory for the exact location of the park. We manage to get there quite easily. It was just beside KK Hospital! We did not go into the park as it was dark, and the torch light which used to be in the car was brought back home by me last week, due to power failure at my block. Anyway, it's easy to go there now that I know where is it. Next place for exploring, but before that, I will need to go to SPI's website to check out why is it featured there before.

After that, we went to Mustafa Centre. I wanted to buy Adidas deodorant but the flavour which I always used was out of stock. As we were taking a look at another type (with glass bottle), I was thinking why it differs so much frm what I had at home. So I took out a brand new bottle from the box and take a closer look. As I was holding on to the bottle's cap, I felt it was a bit loose. Just before I wanted to tell Weide about it, the bottle dropped, with only the cap left in my hands! I quickly hit the bottle back onto the shelve, but it hit another 2 glass bottles on display beside it. The latter 2 glass bottles dropped onto the ground after a more few hits in a desperate attempt to save all 3 bottles from dropping. There's a slight crack on 1 of the bottles, but no leakage. In that moment of madness, I actually Injured my finger, smacking straight into the shelve, now a little skin was being peeled off.

The worse thing is that we tested on so many deodorants there, and the overall mixture of everything makes us smell weird. Somehow there's a 'smell of the indians' on us. With the earlier giddiness, this smell does not help. Instead this smell is like the feeling of 'adding oil to fire' to my earlier giddiness! On our way back in the car, I cannot stand it any further. Applied some medical oil onto both my hands. What a night, injured at Mustafa Centre.

Edited on Thursday, 20 Jan 2005, 22:02:44pm
- Chen Lim

Monday, 17 Jan 2005, 17:23:49pm Mood: Delighted
FIRST post of 2005! Welcome back! Welcome myself back, welcome everybody back. It took me so long to post since year 2005 due to many reasons.

1. Initially, I had thought of posting a long article, writing down memory lane 2004. But had no inspiration since then, maybe was too busy as well.
2. A lot of activities in January 2005, keeping me really busy.
3. Coding of my upcoming Food Directory / Application took up my very little free time.
4. Webhosting server was attacked by a worm a few days ago, till now, it was just back up.

Since this is my first post of 2005, I've launched a new User Interface for the site. Not a big drastic change, but there's still some changes, which I had completed in late 2004. Would be writing more stuffs in the coming few days. Stay tuned!

And also let me have more time to code my new applicatin - Food, food, food! Cheers!
- Chen Lim


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