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Friday, 30 Jan 2004, 15:51:14pm Mood: Moody
I did not go for the morning 9am Human Computer Interaction tutorial today. Continued sleeping till 11.30am. Last night after a very very very frustrating and night, I watched VCD - The Park till 5+ before sleeping.

Woke up this noon, had my lunch (bought back by my mother earlier) but was too frustrated to finish it. Ate slightly more than half the packet of rice, and passed it to my mother for her to finish up. Java lecture started at 12.05pm, I reached at 12.25pm. Sat at the far left of the lecture hall, failed to concentrate, still thinking about what happened last night. After the lecture, went to SBM with Anthony, Matthew and Zhihao for drinks while Zhihao had his lunch. Played a few games of Dai Dee there. Not winning as much as usual... no mood to concentrate on the games also.

Then went for Software Engineering tutorial. I'm beginning to think that the tutor Mr Tan Wee Juan is a very tutor. The way he tried to make such a dry module interesting. But I'm equally sure that there're people who won't appreciate it. I'm certainly starting to appreciate this module a little more than I do the past few weeks.

Went home with Daniel after the lesson ended at about 4pm. Tried to clear as much school work as possible back home. So far up till now, I've finished Operating System's online assessment, HCI practical, Software Engineering's requirement specifications. I also tried out Eudora software for sending / receiving emails but can't get the hang of it - does not seem too as user-friendly as I would like. It's 9th day of Lunar New Year after 12am, so again our house got pray to Ti Gong. Offered the joss-sticks and helped to burn incense paper. After that, offered joss-sticks to Dua Beh Gong back home... Am going to somemore VCDs again now!

Site enhancement added earlier this evening: Ability to hide private and confidential posts which I do not wished it to be displayed.
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 29 Jan 2004, 14:30:58pm Mood: Angry
This Is A Private And Confidential Entry... It Has Been Disabled For Viewing.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 28 Jan 2004, 14:58:25pm Mood: Satisfied
Last night, I finished watching the final box of anime, Inuyasha, finally finished the 54 discs! However the show has yet to finish, waiting for the next box to come out soon. Lesson today from 10am to 5pm. Bored day in school, dai dee as usual. After lesson, came home straight away. After taking a bath, I watched yet another VCD - Korean horror movie, Wishing Stairs. Not as nice as I had expected it to be, luckily did not catch this show in the cinemas late last year!

After watching the VCD, logged online and did nothing much. No mood to get into school work, hence school work shall wait now, since I'm still Chinese New Year mood now. After yesterday's Lao Yu Sheng session, I'm tempted for more! Tomorrow (or rather now) is Chu 7 - the 7th day of the Lunar New Year is known as Ren Ri which is the day most people Lao Yu Sheng. Most probably my brother and I will be joining my uncle, auntie and mother for another session later today!!

Now, I shall watch video tape, Zhong Yi Da Ge Da which was recorded earlier tonight.
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 27 Jan 2004, 13:06:29pm Mood: Delighted
Went back to school yesterday after a long 5 days of break! Can't concentrate in school because I'm still on Chinese New Year mood! Anyway, lesson ended at 5pm, I went home directly after that, to prepare for the 'Lao Yu Sheng' session later in the evening with friends.

Met yl at Ang Mo Kio Central and waited a long time for bus 265 to come. We reached Hup Seng Hng at 7+ and I saw my auntie and cousins there - what a coincidence! So we proceeded to order our Yu Sheng and fish, frog legs, and more for our dinner. The Lao Yu Sheng was served first and without hesitation, we started to 'lao'! I think we created quite a lot of commotion when doing it! haha But it was fun and hope will HUAT BIG after this session.

The 3 girls (wl, ps and Sally) went home early, while my, yl, jw and Lenz were still having our dinner. I was too full to continue. nz came down just after we pay the bill. Then me yl ordered another round of drinks while she also had hers. She went home a while later while we sat there till 9.40pm.

Total present for the 'Lao Yu Sheng' session: 8 (EIGHT, HUAT)
Cost of 'Yu Sheng': $26.80 (HUAT)!!!
- Chen Lim

Monday, 26 Jan 2004, 15:21:58pm Mood: Delighted
Went to Yew Hong's house to bai nian yesterday noon. Stayed at his house till 10pm before going to another friend's house last night for Mahjong. But at the very last minute, my friend's friend did not want to go over to her house because of heavy downpour. So the 3 of us were left stranded at 12+ in the night. In the end, we went to Junction 8 to catch a movie - "The Last Samurai". A very nice show which lasted for about 2.5hrs. After that, we went back to that friend's house to play 3 player mahjong till about 7+ in the morning. After that, we had our breakfast at a nearby coffeeshop before going home for a sleep.

My sleep was interrupted by phone calls after phone calls at around 1.30pm. I slept at around 10.30am, so only had around 3hours of sleep. After that, I could not get to sleep again, so I woke up and continued to watch my VCDs.

After that, went to friend's house at Toa Payoh to bai nian again. Her mother is so friendly, simply loved guests! Cooked lots of dishes after dishes for us to eat. We were almost eating from 4+ to 6+ in the evening! From noodles to crackers to longans to Abalone Porridge - Very Very Very STUNNING!!! This is the first time I ate abalone porridge! Thanks auntie! POWER!!!

After that, we went to have StarBucks Coffee at around 10.30pm. Sat there for almost an hour before going home again. I'm going to watch VCDs again now... had a fantastic time in the past 2 days! Wooo
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 24 Jan 2004, 14:06:02pm Mood: Delighted
Today slept from 6am to 11am. Waking up to see many relatives already at my house. I continued to lie on my bed to watch VCD before finally going out of my room to greet them at 12+. Haha Had a bowl of curry for lunch. Then went downstairs to accompany Lenz to have his lunch before going back home again.

Soon after reaching home, I played Dai Dee with my mother, cousin's husband and my brother. After our dai dee session ended, I went online to clear some emails before being called up for Mahjong session! Played with my auntie and uncles, at a superbly high pace! It's so exciting to play with them, no time wasting, fast and furious - POWER!!!

After that, my uncle went home with my grandparents, another uncle had his dinner. After his dinner, we continued for another round with my auntie and my mother. Yet again, fast paced, fun session! After that, my auntie and uncle went home, then I had my dinner.

After dinner, came online with the Kopi-O my mother brewed. I shall log off now to eat 'strips of grass' and have some beer along with it! The night is still young!!!
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 24 Jan 2004, 12:56:23pm Mood: Delighted
WoW! Chinese New Year 2004 is here!!! Huat Ah! Anyway, Wednesday is chu xi, I really cleaned my whole room - it's so much neater and cleaner and fresher now! At night, had reunion dinner (steamboat) at home with my family and my grandparents. After dinner, watched TV, then at 12am, prayed to Ti Gong. After that, prayed Dua Beh Gong at home. Did not really have a proper sleep that night, watched VCD and sometimes in half asleep mode.

On the first day of the lunar new year, at noon, my whole family went to my grandparents (father's side) house to bai nian. After that, we proceeded to my other grandparents (mother's side) to bai nian. Suddenly I had a heavy headache! So I slept on the dining table. After a while, at about 4pm, my father and my brother and myself went back home to take a sleep.

Then had a quick dinner before going out to Toa Payoh for movies with wq, yl and Lenz.

After movies, we went to Ang Mo Kio Central's S-11 to have supper / dinner. Then shared cab back home with Lenz and wq. Reached home at 1+ in the morning but refused to sleep until 6am! Read book and watched TV before finally sleeping just after 6am.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 21 Jan 2004, 12:58:18pm Mood: Tired
Our lessons ended at 12pm yesterday. At 1+, I went to AJC to return ws her book. Matthew and Zhihao came along with me. We took this opportunity to tour AJC. But the rain started to heavier after we left the school, so we had no choice but to take cab home.

In the evening, I went to friend's house to see his baby (one full month celebration) His baby is soo cute! wondering when is my turn... After that, I went to Hougang Plaza's K-Box to meet Matthew, Zhihao and Jayson. We sang from 8.30pm-3am. It had been a long time since I last went to K-Box, can't get used to the small TV screen they have. hehe

After our KTV session ended, we went to the 24hrs kopitiam at Hougang Plaza to have a glass of hot drink before taking cab to my house. Can't walk because Jayson sprained his foot earlier on.

So we started our Mahjong session just before 4am. Actually I wanted to turn on my computer to play some music (especially Chinese New Year Songs!) throughout the night, but somehow my computer can't seem to draw any electricity from the power supply. So unlucky that we have to make do with a few CDs I have in my room. From Cyndi Wang to Andy Lau to a CNY compilation.

We ended our mahjong session at 7+ in the morning. Then we went downstairs for breakfast before going home to sleep! What a long day! But enjoyable, especially seeing my friend's 1month old baby and K-Box and Mahjong!
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 20 Jan 2004, 05:55:35am Mood: Tired
Yesterday was Sunday. Woke up at around 11am and then went to Bukit Timah to have lunch with family. After lunch, me and my brother went to the VCD shop at Hougang Green to browse for new / nice VCDs. We ended up buying a lot from the auntie, who was so happy! I bought Infernal Affairs part 2 and 3 as well as wishing stairs and another HongKong horror movie, recommended by the auntie. My brother bought new Japanese anime - Naruto, 2 boxes.

Came back home, still havent found time to sit down in front of the TV to watch those movies. Maybe I shall watch them over the Chinese New Year period. I want to finish watching Inuyasha first - I'm now at the final box 6, with 7 pieces of VCD to go!

For dinner, I waited at home for my parents to da bao back for me, too lazy to go out. At night, continued watching Inuyasha. After watching 2 discs, the clock reads 2+. I was feeling a little tired, so I thought that I could close my eyes for a while to rest. But by the time I woke up, it's Monday morning already.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 19 Jan 2004, 03:46:09am Mood: Tired
Finally had a little more sleep this week, after merely 4hrs of sleep in 2 nights. Slept for about 6hrs on Friday night. Woke up at around 12pm on Saturday noon. Then went out to have lunch with brother and mother. After lunch, I asked my mother if she wants to head down to Chinatown for a walk. I was just asking for fun and she agreed! So we took North-East Line MRT from Hougang directly to Chinatown.

The very moment we stepped out of the train cabin, we could smell the fragrance of Ba Kua, which is outside the underground MRT! We came out from the New Bridge Road exit and started strolling and walking and looking. It was quite crowded considering it was 3pm in a Saturday afternoon. We spent almost 3hours there! Till around 6pm when the crowd really started flocking in! I started to get giddy upon seeing the mountains of people - Luckily we went earlier in the noon!

Anyway, we did not really buy anything there. The only thing we bought was the 'Taiwan Muah Chee' I was quite tempted to eat it to see if it's nice, but not really feel like buying, just wanted to try. So I asked the boss, 'Uncle, can I test 1?'. He asked me back if I wanted to buy. I replied him that I want to try first, and if it's nice, I will buy. so he opened up one for us to try. I shared with my mother and it really tasted nice. We ended up really buying from him!

After that, went home rested for a while before going to Ang Mo Kio Central with Lenz to watch soccer at a kopitiam. We were joined by YG and Kenny. After watching Wolves defeatede Manchester United by 1 goal to nil, we went to the S-11 beside Jubilee to have my dinner. The lamb chop is nice! But a little expensive at $6. Then we went back home together, while Lenz came up my house to take CDs from me.

What a match to watch Manchester United (1st in the EPL table) got defeated by Wolves (bottom of the EPL standings) What a day at Chinatown to gear up for Chinese New Year 2004. Anyway, it's only 4 days away. I had changed the banner on top to 'Da Ji Da Li', this piece of decoration is on the wall of my room for more than 1 week already! Now it's on the website! hehe
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 18 Jan 2004, 08:14:49am Mood: Tired
Did not post on Thursday and Friday night because I do not even have enough time to sleep! I only slept 2hrs per night for these 2 nights. In fact, I'm also not very sure what I am busy with. Maybe with a little on JSP practicals and TV. Went to Suntec yesterday with Lenz to collect his phone.

After that, met ps at Yio Chu Kang MRT to go to Yio Chu Kang Street 61's temple to pray together. Then we had our dinner at Hup Sng Hng at Blk 603. After that, listen to her talk cock with Sally before going home. I was extremely tired by the time I get home as I only slept for 2hours the previous night. I watched Channel 8's 9pm show and fell asleep for a few minutes during commercial break. After the show finish at 10pm, I was feeling a more awake. I went for my bath and no longer felt that tired after bathing. However, my eyes were still very dry - The feeling is like when I had sleepless nights after 2 days of chalet! Anyway, last night I slept at around 5am.
- Chen Lim

Friday, 16 Jan 2004, 08:27:26am Mood: Busy
Was busy last night with coding for the online catalogue, which I had paused works for 1 week. Suddenly, I thought of a more convenient, easy and straightforward way of implmenting the categorys and sub-categorys, etc. So I had to re-code the Admin Module for insert / edit / remove categorys or sub-categorys. This is the result of not having a proper design process! Poor design process which I just coded what I had in mind to solve the problem at the time of coding. Now I understand why there's this module that I have to take this semester call - Software Engineering which teaches us the process of the software development lifecycle, from analysis to design to implementation.

Anyway, lessons ended at 1pm yesterday. I was supposed to meet up with Lenz at City Hall but he cancelled it with me in the last minute. So I went to Hocky Pitch with Matthew to play soccer. There were more than 25 people, playing the FULL length and width of the hocky pitch! I played soccer with my Levis jeans and barefooted. I was gasping for air after about 30min. But this is an improvement from last time's 15-20min! haha

After 1hr of playing, it's the scheduled time for the hockey pitch to be sprinkled with water. So we have to stop our game for about 15min, according to the staff. We were standing by the side of the pitch when the sprinkler suddenly sprinkled water towards our direction! Hence, all of us grabbed our belongings and ran! Just at that moment, I felt that someone had stepped on my slippers. When I turned behind, there's no one behind me, and when I turned my head back forward, everyone was infront of me by then! The next thing I knew was that my slippers had broke because of that person who stepped on me. (Honestly, I still don't know who is the culprit by now.) It's very frustrating! This is the 2nd time my slippers broke in school!!

I asked my mother to drive me back home after that. Watched TV and took a nap in the evening. After waking up at 7pm, went online to check emails and cleared junk mails! After dinner, watched channel 8's 9pm show (as usual) before going back to face my computer. Watched the last disc of Box 5 of Inuyasha before I turned off my computer at 4.30am to do my tutorial. After doing tutorial, read book and went to bed at 5.30am (finally!).
- Chen Lim


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