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Tuesday, 13 Jan 2004, 16:35:09pm Mood: Tired
Had 10am lesson this morning. It was a boring 2hr lecture for elective module - Principles of Accounting. I can't help but fall asleep. We had our lunch after that at North Canteen. After lunch, we followed our usual daily routine without fail - Dai Dee! After that, there's another 1hr lecture, after the lecture, we continued to Dai Dee outside our tutorial room. This time the loser (with the most number of cards left) had to do a forfeit of 5push-ups per card. This was quite fun.

After the final lesson, I went to Specialist Centre to meet a client regarding her website. Need to rush a little for this website, we (both parties) still have quite a lot to do.

What a tiring and long day. It's nearly 4am already, I still have to catch up on a few episodes of VCD before sleeping.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 12 Jan 2004, 15:32:31pm Mood: Glad
Went out for lunch with family this afternoon. After lunch, came home online for a while before waking Lenz up at 5+. We were supposed to meet up to go for our Secondary School's class gathering together. In the end, it was my brother who drove us to our friend's house for the gathering.

We headed to the bus-stop outside Veronica's bungalow along Jalan Kayu to meet Weiren and jw. As we were sitting at the bus-stop, suddenly a 86 came by and we saw our Secondary 2 classmates alighting from the bus! What a coincidence. So Veronica led the way to her house for BBQ.

A few others were already in her house when we reached. We played a East Wind of Mahjong before going out of the guest room to interact with the others ex-classmates. Then came more people, a total of 21 were present. This attendance can be considered not too as we were informed of the date and time of the gathering less than 1 week in advance. I am quite surprised so many turned up. Overall, the gathering was better than I had expected it to be. Anyway, Eric was already driving a Toyota Corolla! I'm wondering when will be my turn to drive out on the roads alone... next month is my chance! hehe

We left her house at around 11.30pm. Thanks to Veronica for her house and BBQ pit and Mahjong and TV and poker cards. Thanks to those who served food for us! I do enjoy myself. Except that did not really talk to a few of them...
- Chen Lim

Monday, 12 Jan 2004, 07:08:09am Mood: Pleased
Did not post last night as my computer hanged while I'm using halfway, so I never bother to turn it on again. Yesterday woke up at 12+, then went to Ang Mo Kio Central to meet yl and jw. Together, we passed the long overdue birthday gifts to nz. After passing to her, she went back to Jacks Place to have her lunch while we went to market's hawker centre for a drink and for my lunch.

After drinking and talking, actually we wanted to go somewhere else as yl wanted to buy his Chinese New Year clothes. But we bumped into Chee Hua at S-11. Then we sat down for a drink again. After Chee Hua left, we were still sitting there drinking and chatting away.

After that, we decided to walk 1 round in Ang Mo Kio Central. Just outside Hang Ten, we saw a Malay uncle and a crowd looking up at a tree. There was a cat stucked on the tree and it did not dare to jump down. The Malay uncle was using some cat food to tempt it to jump down, but to no avail. Finally, the uncle climbed up vertically by the tree trunk to catch the cat and helped it down! Malay Uncle POWER! Some people from the crowd clapped lightly, and I said loudly "Ho Ah, Ho Ah!" and clapped as well. Then a louder applause was heard from the 20+ people surrounding the tree. Power and stunning malay uncle!

After watching the great 'performance', I went to my grandmother house, it is my grandfather's birthday. Ate a slice of the cake and watched my mother and aunties played mahjong before going back home at 7+. Did not go out for dinner, so cooked instant noodles mixed with some meat and egg at 11+ late at night. Helped a friend troubleshoot internet connection problem before bathing and cooking. And as usual, watched TV (VCD) before sleeping.
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 10 Jan 2004, 17:41:29pm Mood: Sleepy
Slept only for just more than 2 hours last night only, then went to school for 8am lesson early in the morning. Lesson ended at 10am for today. After my lesson, I went to Hougang Point with my mother to purchase some Chinese New year gooodies, which I helped her to carry. After buying, we went to Hougang Avenue 8 to have lunch with my uncle.

After lunch, I went home to take my passport as well as some money to bring into Mayalsia later in the afternoon. My mother drove me to Ang Mo Kio Central for me to meet up with a few friends before I meet Jayson to accompany him for his lunch with another friend. Just before we were about to leave Breeks, Matthew came in. While waiting for Jayson, who went home to take his passport and Matthew, I went to the Ang Mo Kio Community Library to borrow a book. No time wasted!

We finally reached Johor at about 5pm. Went to the same places, again. Ocean, The Store, dinner (yet another superb dinner!), Holiday Plaza, and lastly to City Square before going back home. Jayson had a great time buying his Chinese New Year clothes! I bought some food, as usual again. At the end of the day, we reached back Ang Mo Kio MRT station at 11pm. My brother came to drive me back and then off he goes to his Athar Eating House again!

Unpacked a little upon reaching home, chatted a bit online as well, before going to bath. After a quick shower, I came back online to solve a problem with Internet Information Server (IIS in short). Marcus told me about this problem yesterday, it was then that I knew that I had this same problem as well. Despite spending almost the whole of last night searching for solution, it was to no avail. I simply would not give up, hence I continued searching and reading articles on how to solve this issue with the ASP engine. After a long, long time, I came across 2 Micro$oft articles explaining about how 'cock-up' their product is. Then after much trying and testing out, I've finally get ASP to work on IIS now!

I'm very tired and sleepy right now, lack of sleep - only 2+ hours last night and it had been a long day for me today! I shall take a rest now...
- Chen Lim

Friday, 9 Jan 2004, 16:01:10pm Mood: Tired
I was extremely tired to post yesterday night. I only had 2 hours of sleep the previous night, and there's lesson at 8am morning. After lesson, together with 3 other friends, we went to Party World KTV in Orchard. Then we were joined by Jayson's friends. Don't know them at all and yet we sang in the same room, feeling very weird.

Anyway, there was a sudden blackout, which affected the whole KTV while we were singing. Very coincidently, I bumped into yl when I was going to the restroom! He was there with Lenz and a few other classmates! After that, we went back together. Tthis will be my first and last time I will go to Party World KTV at Orchard! The service is poor and they have blackout! The cashier who served yl and friends showed attitude problem as well! All 3 of us agreed that we shall not go back there again!

I fell asleep while watching TV at 10pm. Today had lesson at 12pm, so I think I have got sufficient rest. That's why till now, 3am and I'm still awake! Anyway, after lesson, I came home to do the cooking (again)! I felt that I'm improving after each time I cook! Cheers! TV time now.
- Chen Lim

Wednesday, 7 Jan 2004, 16:42:56pm Mood: Busy
Lesson in the noon at 1pm today, so I had lunch with my mother at Yio Chu Kang Street 61 market. Had 2hrs of tutorial for Principles of Accounting which is boring. After that, followed by 2hrs of lecture by our course coordinator, teaching us Operating Systems. He told us this is the first time he's teaching this module. And he really made me fall asleep in his lecture. Other than sleeping and talking with Matthew, there's nothing much in that lecture.

Came home, had a bath, then cooked dinner with my mother's supervison (again). After that, I logged online to clear emails and to chat for a while before having my dinner. As I am the last to eat and the last to finish, so I washed the dishes and etc. Dinner tonight fixed by me, ate it, and do the dishes! More days of dinner fixing ahead...

I watched channel 8 after dinner. Then it's back to the computer again, keeping myself busy programming an online catalogue which will be converted into a shopping cart in the near future. Really coded quite a lot tonight! I was chatting and coding at the same time till about 1+. After which, there's no one to chat with, so I concentrated on the coding till now. I think it's time to sleep, lesson on at 8am tomorrow morning!

Anyway, now is the 7th January 2004, Happy Birthday to Ning Zi!
- Chen Lim

Tuesday, 6 Jan 2004, 16:02:20pm Mood: Tired
Woke up at 9+ in the morning to prepare to go back to school after the holidays. First lesson started at 10.10am, my mother drove me to school, but something cropped up on the road while on the way, so I was delayed for about 20min. Nevertheless, the lecture is boring as usual. Then we had a 2 hours break where we had our lunch and chatted in the canteen and also played dai dee.

We wanted to buy our notes for the new semester but the queue in front of the print shop is just like queuing to pay during the Great Singapore Sales! So we went for another lecture before buying our notes. After that, still had a tutorial whereby the tutor gave a 20min introduction on the module and off we go to join in the queues again. What a frustrating and boring day in school!

After taking a bath back home, I cooked dinner under the supervison of my mother. The food tastes especially delicious again tonight! hehe Anyway, it's time for VCDs again now.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 5 Jan 2004, 15:04:05pm Mood: Satisfied
Woke up at 11am today, went out for lunch with family. Then came back home, bought VCD - The Gathering at the VCD shop below my house. Logged online for a while in the noon before making my way to Kranji MRT to meet up with cl and fergy to Johor Bahru.

We went to Ocean and The Store. I bought Butter Cookies and peanuts at The Store and also a black long sleeve T-Shirt at Ocean. Then we proceed to Taman Seri Tebrau for our dinner. A mouth-watering dinner we had! Prawns with cereal, Kangkong, Pork Ribs, Stingray, Carlsberg! After we cleared all the dishes and beer, we an additional dish of cockles and another 2 cans of Carlsberg to go with it. It's getting more delicious at the stall I always had my dinner. Total cost for the food? RM$60. Total cost for the 'buy 3 get 2 free' beer? RM$16.50. hehe

After the whooping dinner, we walked to Holiday Plaza. However, upon reaching there, cl suddenly suggested that we take a cab to City Square, so we walked the 15min to Holiday Plaza for nothing. At City Square, I bought another T-Shirt, an orange colour, original Nike new arrival.

After that, we continued to stroll around City Square till 9+. It reminded me of the pair of earrings I purchased about 1 year ago, also with fergy and cl at City Square. The pair of earrings is somehow still with me... Shall give it to the person whom I meant to give but forgot to last year. The best thing is that both fergy and cl still remembered I did buy a pair of earrings while I was at City Square with them last year! How amazing!

Anyway, we left City Square at 9+, the immigration counter at Malaysia was jammed with long queues! After we cleared the Malaysia custom, we walked across the causeway to the Singapore custom. A fast 20min walk. Then we took 170 back to Kranji MRT after clearing the Singapore custom. And I took 74 back home from Ang Mo Kio MRT eventually.

I think I've buy enough clothes for the coming Chinese New Year, I shall not buy anymore. A half day in Johor, maybe the food there is the greatest cure so far for my lousy mood these few days... But I'm satisfied enough already, on top of that, I got a couple of crazy T-Shirts, especially the bright orange Nike. Going to my VCDs now before sleeping.
- Chen Lim

Monday, 5 Jan 2004, 04:14:33am Mood: Sleepy
Simply sleep a lot these few days. Yesterday noon woke up at 1pm, watched VCD till 3+. Had my lunch and continued watching VCD and I think I fell asleep at 5pm again. Slept till 7pm, then went out for dinner with my parents. Came back home, logged online, chatted and surfed the net. Till 2.30am, had ice-cream, watched video tape - Anita Mui's show which was recorded earlier in the night. Then, it's back to sleep again! What a boring Saturday!
- Chen Lim

Sunday, 4 Jan 2004, 09:54:19am Mood: Sad
Yesterday slept till 1pm. Then went to Ave 8 for lunch with my mother. After that, we went up to grandmother's house for Mahjong with my cousin and auntie. I drank all kinds of hot drinks in the noon. Kopi-si, teh-si, kopi-O and at night teh-O.

I thought that playing mahjong will allow my mind to fully concentrate on the tiles but that can't be 100% true. Still something else occupied my mind while playing. Nevertheless, I do feel better after the mahjong session.

At about 1.30am in the night, I walked over to Hougang Point to meet up with Lenz for supper and to tell him story. Finally went back home at 3+.
Entry posted via GPRS
- Chen Lim

Saturday, 3 Jan 2004, 12:56:49pm Mood: Sad
Just as I expected... the happy moments in the first 30min of year 2004 will not last long. The conclusion is out. The dream and wait is all but over. No one to blame, but myself for my slow response. Some things that are lost means that it will be lost forever. No matter how hard you try to capture it back, it will NEVER come back. Do not wish to comment or elaborate much in here. This fairytale (with a sad ending) will be in my heart forever. 3 years of wound will take time to heal. How much time? I really do not know. 02/01/2004 the date. Life has to go on...
- Chen Lim

Friday, 2 Jan 2004, 06:15:55am Mood: Delighted
Last night was the eve of New Year 2004. Together with a few friends, 12 of us went to Lao Ba Sat to celebrate yl's birthday in advance. His birthday falls on 2nd January, so we celebrated for him on the 31st. After cutting and eating cake, we had our dinner. After which 10 of us went to Boat Quay / Clarke Quay. Then at 11+, we were left with 9 persons.

Then after much hesitation, me and nz went to for the G-Max Bungee jump at Clarke Quay. We were the 3rd to go on board in year 2004. Before us was the countdown to 2004, once it's 12.00am sharp, the first jump went up! Followed by fireworks from the Esplanade which we are able to see at Clarke Quay. Superb scene! Then it was our turn for the Bungee. Feeling a little exicted when we were all ready to fly. The operator still asked us whether we want a surprise shot or a countdown before we are being sent flying up. We told him to be quick and there we go! That moment I will not forget in my life. High up in the sky, spinning in the air... Words can't describe it, so I think I would keep it in my memory forever for . 2003 is not a year for me, but the first 20mins of year 2004 will remain in my heart for a long time to come. Hopefully this exciting and start will last... but I am actually very, very afraid that it will not last any longer than a couple of weeks. Whatever it is, life must go on and the moment I am up there will still remain in my heart and soul for the many years to come...

Anyway, after the jump, we treated yl an ice-cream. Then we were left with 6 persons. We went to sit by the river-side at Clarke Quay. At around 1+, 4 called a cab and went home. Left with yl and myself now at 2am. We booked a cab as well. And while calling, we walked towards Chinatown area. After a successful booking, we managed to hail a taxi on the road. So we board that cab and I cancelled the booking. We went to Athar Eating House for roti pratas and kambing soup.

My brother was there as well. After supper, my brother drove me home together, reaching home at 4.30am. It's year 2004 now. Hope to have a great year 2004 ahead, although I'm really feeling scared now...
- Chen Lim

Thursday, 1 Jan 2004, 05:18:42am Mood: Satisfied
Had 2 driving lessons yesterday. After lesson, came back home and got my new albums! Liang Jing Ru's Lian Ai De Li Liang, Channel U's Chinese New Year Album, and more... Went online and chatted with many people, especially Rai. Haha now then we know that we shared a common dream in business! Cheers!

In the evening, with the guidance of my mother, I cooked dinner! hehe Not difficult at all! I shall cook again very soon! Dinner tasted especially nice last night! At night watched Zhong Yi Da Ge Da on video tape till fell asleep.
- Chen Lim


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